In 2003 my FCP (fan club president) sent me a great e-mail of Zen-type Thoughts, and they were extremely entertaining. Here's the very first one:

"Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me the hell alone."

By surrounding myself with computer-literate people (exactly 1 computer-literate person now--my girlfriend--that's all), I am able to have this pretty purple website of personal expression. Even IF this front page is (almost) clean, there are links to only-child, American female-bashing, and common sense RANTS that most certainly are meant to offend 80% of all males--and definitely 90% of all females. If this type of website is entertaining to you, then GOOD, and perhaps you will benefit from it. You will have to scroll down in order to experience it. And by scrolling down, YOU ACCEPT that you are about to embark on a journey filled with apexes of "political incorrectness" that may cause you to question your own ideals...Screw it already; you've been warned here, and there are 3 other disclaimers to follow. You are already immersed in a bad idea; do you understand that?

Keep scrolling, you moron.

The Overnight Guy--W.C.'s Domain:

If you are looking for something specific, then this little guide may help:

Hey you dumbass. This is my webpage. It serves to entertain me. If other people are entertained by it, then good for them. If I had my way, you would all be dead by now. So; I hope that this webpage upsets you to the point that you want to commit suicide. Other than that, kiss my ass. Perhaps I should keep my old disclaimer, too.

A disclaimer? Really? Okay; here we go. You are an idiot; so is your entire family; in fact, you are a mistake. Everything about you is pathetic and unnecessary. You should commit suicide now. Die. Get sick, get sicker, and then die. Quickly. Are you dead yet? You moron. On this webpage are many disappointed and insightful ramblings. If you read enough of it, it should really upset you. There! You've been warned.
Something, anything, many things--on this webpage RIGHT HERE, right where you are now, right now; lots of stuff here is going to upset you.
Got it?

Why are you still alive?


Hang on, hang on. I heard that the government is getting tighter about security on the internet; well it's about fuckin' time. And directly to you little fudge-packing government agents I would like to say this:
I offered my help; I offered to be a government agent, you know, all patriotic and stuff--and YOU said 'no'. Screw you. Then I offered to be a teacher because YOU said a whole bunch of stuff about how we need school teachers. And YOU said 'no', again, so screw you. I also offered to be a border patrol agent (because we obviously need thousands more)--and I offered to do it for minimum wage, and YOU said 'no'. Screw you again. YOU lied, because you don't want agents, don't want teachers, and you don't want to secure the border. I AM a patriot, and it pisses me off that you ask for help and then won't let me. So I will be very clear as I say this to you, because I don't want to appear evasive:


--W. C. Davis (thank you very much)


Welcome to My Cool and Dark Home Page!

It's all fun and games! This is now my paid domain. PAID. This was a no-cost site until late February of 2007, but it was anything but "free". I didn't even know about some of the rules I was breaking! I got bitched at by the host internet provider, also got bitched at by the internet social club I made appearances in; I got bitched at by everybody. But that's all over now!

By clicking links and scrolling through disclaimers, do you even know what all you've agreed to at this point? Bend over! This is MY world here, and I will do it any way I want. I will threaten to kill, and eat, well, pretty much everybody. You, too. "Bar-B-Que; it's the ultimate solution to overpopulation!" Fuck you! Die! Or; be cooked alive! I've been a little scared of getting shut down, since I almost got shut down back in 2005. Who fucking knew that all I had to do was buy my own domain? Some other guy got "The Overnight Guy"; well, good for him. Maybe I'll kill, cook, and eat him this year. My 2nd choice was "Overnight Guy W C"; and BOOM, it's mine! How fucking cool is this? I will have to go back and insert so many deleted cuss words now. I might bring back Newspaper News; I SHOULD bring back Personal News, too. Commentaries are going to be; well, less quotable. Oh, and the woman-bashing; this shit is going to be like "Chauvinist Central" now, mutherfucker. Guys; if you let some dumb bitch rule your life, then you deserve my wrath; sorry. Those entitled, elitist snooty-assed cunts of recognition should spend more time sucking dick--MY dick. Let those chat room cows complain now; "moo" like the heffer you are, Rosebud! "Have another doughnut!" Fuck. Where was I? I gotta go...

Wait; a couple more jabs first: Imagine; no, no, no, shhhh. Shut the fuck up for a minute. Imagine that...God is on MY side here. Ha ha ha. How does that make you feel, you fudge-sucking sea cow? Shouldn't you be reading a tabloid and eating some fast-food somewhere? Attach another fish hook through your nose, and go swim in the ocean--perhaps the sharks will find you "attractive"; what the fuck are you doing here? Maybe I should learn how to scratch tattoos and inject botox into your fat ass. Show me just how close to your face you can mash your brain-distorting cell phone--you're an excellent driver. Sorry; I'm all out of $4 cups of coffee. Maybe I'll start a new business selling yesterday's COLD coffee; I'll call it "Sushi-Java", and charge $6 a cup. I'm a fucking genius over here. Mooooo.

This is MY website.

Enjoy your visit...

Would you like to learn some stuff about me? Don't Bother. But I do these stupid surveys much better than most people, and perhaps you deserve a chance to be entertained. And if any of them appeal to you; then copy, paste, fill in with your own answers, and send it on to a new group of self-absorbed losers. Oop; I mean, send it on to your friends. And some of these may still be in other places on this website--so what? I like the big "grouping" thing here:

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This is Your Warning
5 Pissy Paragraphs (October 2002)

Here in Hell, and below, a "Sidebar" is a monthly update type of thing (usually). It gives me a chance to vent, and pretend that people care about what's on my mind. It has a loose structure, with headings, so that it almost makes sense to me. You, however, are definitely on your own. Just in case...

I have enjoyed the creation and continuation of these little "Sidebars". My "blood" as a writer needed and still needs new ways to drip, clot, stain, and scab. After roughly 12(!) years of these loosely structured journal accountings, I feel that the end justifies the means. Many passing thoughts have been addressed well with this medium, and lots of former "dead ends" have been given a chance to detour back into prominence.

In a life (such as mine) spent wishing that I could create my own game (with my own rules), let the record show that I did; here, with these. Thank you very much...

WTF is a "Sidebar"?

Watch out for the current centered Sidebar:



November 2017

(...last month we were...)

Reading: Here's a happy family story:

Watching: The original reason for the first Ancient Aliens show (in 2010) was the binary code remembered/recorded by Sgt. Jim Penniston at the Rendlesham Forest Incident in 1980:

Class Projects: Full Frontal, some nature shit

movies together: no time, I'm busy

Shit I watch alone: New shit--"Loudermilk" on AUD is okay...You're The Worst, The Robot Chicken 'Walking Dead' Special,

Comedians: about 10 of them

Crappy cable movies: Phantasm Ravager (2016? Angus Scrimm is still alive?), Now You See Me 2, Return To House On Haunted Hill, Apollo 18 (ehhh),

Play it Again's: Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, pinball DVD's, Shakes the Clown DVD (10-22-17 DVD purchase, also Bladerunner Final Cut),

WTF Is Hollywood Up To Now?

Watching and Hearing: Did we know about Phantasm IV in 1998 with the haunting orchestral music?

Now with faster than dial-up internet; Youtubing: Phantasm Theme (Orchestral Version),

Hearing: lots

New on the radio;

Musical Purchases this month from the Tom Tucker discount wall at Skip's Records And CDWorld; my future place of employment, and permanent Barbie Dream Home:

Out and About:

Singing: "I Want To Touch You"--Catherine Wheel (10-4-17 shower), Maggie's Farm--Rage Against the Machine (old man screams at jukebox that no longer takes cash, below), Mr. Blue Sky--ELO, "Pictures Of You"--the Cure,

What I want today: To find my $...

New stuff this month or so: The jukebox at L U does not take money anymore; you need a debit card. I am too old for this shit...Our newspaper comics changed. Boggle is okay. The "Frazz" comic is fun, too...

This Month of bargain-shopping (Dollar Tree, Cash King, Big Lots, etc.): 2 Coke glasses for Static Girl...

Occupational Hazards: Work is for people who can't fish...In other news; how fortunate that I am easily polygamous with my arcades...Imagine if I held people accountable!..

Personal shit for my own memory banks this month (My Journal):

Closing Thoughts, and Final Summaries for the month: 10-17: I was reminded of the ground ball that bounced up and hit my nose at 13, while warming up to play 3rd base for the Mustangs. The first ball hit by the coach, the first inning, for the 1st time our team takes the field, in the bottom of the first inning. And I got sucker-punched by a baseball! The SMACK bright-lighted my eyes, and I went totally blank for what felt like 2 seconds, and then 'woke up' on my knees with with my hands full of blood. And I was too embarassed to question anything, and just trying not to cry. I was mortified. How did I not get my hand up in front of a simple ground ball. (I may be lazy, but I'd still raise a glove to save my face!) I guess that was an Alien check-up on me, huh?..

Pinball and Golden Tee stuff: ECPL MO 10-9-17; I showed up at Blairally at 8 pm, and won all 5 games--for the first perfect score of this season. Woo...10-10-17 TU pinball at L U. Dr. Who Combo Therapy was good to me. After a couple of games, I started looping consecutively. Got to 186 loops, and I'll crush that later, too. Another 4 bil score today...10-22-17 Pinball Sunday at L U! Another 4 bil on Dr. Who, and 193 loops. Then a 2 bil on new Star Wars. Woo...10-30-17 ECPL Finals at Blairally. I will start as the 6th seed, of 16...and end in 4th place w/$60...

Pinball Knights last month: 10-11-17; 13 people, I was 6th...10-18-17; there will be too many people there; so fuck it, fuck them, and fuck you. I stayed home...10-25-17; 21 people, I was 3rd...

Poker stuff: The O/T has not called me yet.

Grammar: 2 examples of "one of those" taking a plural verb exception!

New foods this month:

This month of Blues Jamming:

My trials and trib.s as a critical believer in the concept of God:

What's different here than in college town:

What's different here than dumbass Arizona:

What is so cool about Oregon?

Yes, Oregon's cool and all. Isn't weed also legal? By 10-17-17 I am dabbing from the updated, and now rubber-coated plastic CBDiscovery containers. Nice...

How Does Your Garden Grow? (Tales from our community garden plot): I did some good work there on a Sunday, maybe 10-29-17; dumped 15 loads of leaves. Cheri witched me into it. She is very manipulative. Speaking of...

Life with Static Girl: I am so lucky to get to gaze at her underwear on the drying rack. That's some visual therapy...'We do not have a $250 cell phone bill.', and somehow this pleases my girlfriend...The SNL skit of Anderson Cooper talking to Kate McKinnon's Pennywise/Hillary in the sewer was so good, and I explained some of the layers to her. But since she didn't like the first IT movie, she now says "bah" to anything involving IT--even this great 'Coopy' spoof. Oh well...My 80's CD liner notes are correct, but the disc reads a different list of songs. I told her 'Look; this is CLEARLY a glitch in the time stream.' She disagreed with me, but on faulty logic; so I mocked her and started asking her if the earth was also flat, and calling her a 'Flat-earther'...We were ready for trick-or-treater's, but our apartments look poor...

My FCP has this for me: I made one of my best pizzas ever for her late-Thursday-night birthday! And EVERY Thursday since, also! I take pictures, send them to her, and she tells me 'what a good boy' I am. And she says I need to make nachos. Wait. Is that a sex thing?..

My Crystal Method: She keeps it all together, just barely hinged, and it's an honor to be a part of her world...The girl is working! She can act, too...MY PICTURES OF YOU!..

Comments From The Peanut Gallery: The Miami Dolphins line coach who recorded himself snorting a white powdery substance and professing his love for a Vegas dancer with a great ass for doing blow off of! This was all revealed, by her, in the name of "activism".

Confirmed sonic assaults on U S Embassy workers in Havana.

AOL's instant messenger is being deleted.

A thought to take with you: "It's a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning."--Senator Bob Corker, and then Bobby C. also said something about how the president 'lacks the desire to be competent'.

"Keep your eye on the doughnut, and not on the hole"--Charlie Lutes (from Billy D.'s Facebook page)

'Even a blind rat is right twice a day.' and "You're pretty. You're like, 'herpes medicine commercial' pretty."--Loudermilk

Oregon Bumper Stickers:

Band names: 'Angry Alien Algae' in the Raleigh sewer, 'Motorboat Slow Drag', 'Fake Grape Nuts', 'Fake Twitter Account',

New words? Shut-introvert.

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Slow down, or you're going to miss it!

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is a list of favorites and opinions--as well as a constant work in progress. It exists as a temptation for you to create your own musical section, and to remind you of how important music (and its presentation) is in your life.

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Here are some links to pages of other people who might actually admit to knowing me. However, don't come whining to me if you get "tagged", or the world (as you know it) ends. Perhaps you should remember my motto:

Play at your own risk, BABY!

From the "you are here" part of the map, I am W C (also known as TH2, the Overnight Guy, and the cute one). I have a pretty cool voice, I love music, and I belong on the radio.
This is my site.

TPG (also known as narul, TH1, my good twin, the light side, the responsible part) is the ideal male; a hard worker, a fantastic friend; the type of person who restores your faith in humanity.

Static Girl (also known as Static Queen, rift, the smart one, my girlfriend/roommate, and psycho) is amazing. She's the thin, pretty, intellectual, mystery girl that everybody wants to know--but nobody does.

Dax V (also known as Mr. Pissy, and the artist formerly known as donut boy, now Captain Beach Bum) is the friendly, cool, drunk little buddy that I always wanted. He and I share comedy, philosophy, and writing.


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(Last update: Halloween, October 31st, 2004)

Current and Old Newspaper News Files


Some people believe how their lives are so cool that they deserve to have a camera on them; a tv show to glamorize their own personal "Anna Nicole Smith"--ness (rest in peace). Yeah, whatever. I ALREADY HAVE a narrator's voice, I'm not ugly, and I make weird little fun, entertaining shit happen everywhere I go, everyday. I hope the aliens are recording it, too, because I wouldn't LET a tv camera follow around to watch me scratch and mumble at the stupid and selfish humans. All you get here is a typed account of my back pain and bar trials; maybe YOU need a new hobby. Bite me; baby; and what the hell are you lookin' at?

Personal News

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Would you care if there were a way to get to some of the older personal news items? Be forewarned that part of my point in having a webpage is to have harsh language. Maybe you don't want to go check out my (2005):

Old Personal News File

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A GREAT site of independent music and other cool stuff:
They call it: "The CD store with the best independent music."

A site dedicated to the silver ball:
Pinball News

Silent Bob (and Jay) have a website! Let the record show that I put a link up to it on the day that I found out about it:
Kevin "Silent Bob" Smith

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News of the Weird


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Parting is such Sweet Sorrow

And that's pretty much it, folks. In my youth I wanted to: save the world, be a famous poet/songwriter, invent things, make a lot of money, and help motivate the common person (ah, the idealistic dreams of naive innocence). Some things don't work out for a reason.

By the age of 22 I had applications for alternative energy, perpetual motion, and a vision of a massive "Recreation Arena" (sportsbar); nobody cared. By the age of 25 I had written the perfect poem, and was churning out songs and poems for the masses; nobody cared. By the age of 30 I was a professional pinball player, and was redefining Overnight Radio presentation in 3 states. Some people cared, but not the bottom-feeding corporates who took over.

Please remember this; I did not ask to be born. But since I was, I would have been more than happy to help out this pathetic world. However, this pathetic world did not want my help. So; screw the world, and screw the people of the world. You can't die fast enough to please me. But there may be some good news...

The world is long overdue for some massive changes; changes that are going to completely revolutionize your sense of importance. They will be very interesting. It has been so said by many elders of many different cultures:

"May you live in interesting times".

W C thanks you for coming to Hell.

Get drunk and come back soon.