In 2003 my FCP (fan club president) sent me a great e-mail of Zen-type Thoughts, and they were extremely entertaining. Here's the very first one:

"Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me the hell alone."

By surrounding myself with computer-literate people (exactly 1 computer-literate person now--my girlfriend--that's all), I am able to have this pretty purple website of personal expression. Even IF this front page is (almost) clean, there are links to only-child, American female-bashing, and common sense RANTS that most certainly are meant to offend 80% of all males--and definitely 90% of all females. If this type of website is entertaining to you, then GOOD, and perhaps you will benefit from it. You will have to scroll down in order to experience it. And by scrolling down, YOU ACCEPT that you are about to embark on a journey filled with apexes of "political incorrectness" that may cause you to question your own ideals...Screw it already; you've been warned here, and there are 3 other disclaimers to follow. You are already immersed in a bad idea; do you understand that?

Keep scrolling, you moron.

The Overnight Guy--W.C.'s Domain:

If you are looking for something specific, then this little guide may help:

Hey you dumbass. This is my webpage. It serves to entertain me. If other people are entertained by it, then good for them. If I had my way, you would all be dead by now. So; I hope that this webpage upsets you to the point that you want to commit suicide. Other than that, kiss my ass. Perhaps I should keep my old disclaimer, too.

A disclaimer? Really? Okay; here we go. You are an idiot; so is your entire family; in fact, you are a mistake. Everything about you is pathetic and unnecessary. You should commit suicide now. Die. Get sick, get sicker, and then die. Quickly. Are you dead yet? You moron. On this webpage are many disappointed and insightful ramblings. If you read enough of it, it should really upset you. There! You've been warned.
Something, anything, many things--on this webpage RIGHT HERE, right where you are now, right now; lots of stuff here is going to upset you.
Got it?

Why are you still alive?


Hang on, hang on. I heard that the government is getting tighter about security on the internet; well it's about fuckin' time. And directly to you little fudge-packing government agents I would like to say this:
I offered my help; I offered to be a government agent, you know, all patriotic and stuff--and YOU said 'no'. Screw you. Then I offered to be a teacher because YOU said a whole bunch of stuff about how we need school teachers. And YOU said 'no', again, so screw you. I also offered to be a border patrol agent (because we obviously need thousands more)--and I offered to do it for minimum wage, and YOU said 'no'. Screw you again. YOU lied, because you don't want agents, don't want teachers, and you don't want to secure the border. I AM a patriot, and it pisses me off that you ask for help and then won't let me. So I will be very clear as I say this to you, because I don't want to appear evasive:


--W. C. Davis (thank you very much)


Welcome to My Cool and Dark Home Page!

It's all fun and games! This is now my paid domain. PAID. This was a no-cost site until late February of 2007, but it was anything but "free". I didn't even know about some of the rules I was breaking! I got bitched at by the host internet provider, also got bitched at by the internet social club I made appearances in; I got bitched at by everybody. But that's all over now!

By clicking links and scrolling through disclaimers, do you even know what all you've agreed to at this point? Bend over! This is MY world here, and I will do it any way I want. I will threaten to kill, and eat, well, pretty much everybody. You, too. "Bar-B-Que; it's the ultimate solution to overpopulation!" Fuck you! Die! Or; be cooked alive! I've been a little scared of getting shut down, since I almost got shut down back in 2005. Who fucking knew that all I had to do was buy my own domain? Some other guy got "The Overnight Guy"; well, good for him. Maybe I'll kill, cook, and eat him this year. My 2nd choice was "Overnight Guy W C"; and BOOM, it's mine! How fucking cool is this? I will have to go back and insert so many deleted cuss words now. I might bring back Newspaper News; I SHOULD bring back Personal News, too. Commentaries are going to be; well, less quotable. Oh, and the woman-bashing; this shit is going to be like "Chauvinist Central" now, mutherfucker. Guys; if you let some dumb bitch rule your life, then you deserve my wrath; sorry. Those entitled, elitist snooty-assed cunts of recognition should spend more time sucking dick--MY dick. Let those chat room cows complain now; "moo" like the heffer you are, Rosebud! "Have another doughnut!" Fuck. Where was I? I gotta go...

Wait; a couple more jabs first: Imagine; no, no, no, shhhh. Shut the fuck up for a minute. Imagine that...God is on MY side here. Ha ha ha. How does that make you feel, you fudge-sucking sea cow? Shouldn't you be reading a tabloid and eating some fast-food somewhere? Attach another fish hook through your nose, and go swim in the ocean--perhaps the sharks will find you "attractive"; what the fuck are you doing here? Maybe I should learn how to scratch tattoos and inject botox into your fat ass. Show me just how close to your face you can mash your brain-distorting cell phone--you're an excellent driver. Sorry; I'm all out of $4 cups of coffee. Maybe I'll start a new business selling yesterday's COLD coffee; I'll call it "Sushi-Java", and charge $6 a cup. I'm a fucking genius over here. Mooooo.

This is MY website.

Enjoy your visit...

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5 Pissy Paragraphs (October 2002)

Here in Hell, and below, a "Sidebar" is a monthly update type of thing (usually). It gives me a chance to vent, and pretend that people care about what's on my mind. It has a loose structure, with headings, so that it almost makes sense to me. You, however, are definitely on your own. Just in case...

I have enjoyed the creation and continuation of these little "Sidebars". My "blood" as a writer needed and still needs new ways to drip, clot, stain, and scab. After roughly 18 (!) years of these loosely structured journal accountings, I feel that the end justifies the means. Many passing thoughts have been addressed well with this medium, and lots of former "dead ends" have been given a chance to detour back into prominence.

In a life (such as mine) spent wishing that I could create my own game (with my own rules), let the record show that I did; here, with these. Thank you very much...

WTF is a "Sidebar"?

Watch out for the current centered Sidebar:



Jan/Feb 2019 (and) Final 2018 Entry

(...over the last 4 months we were...)

Reading: The stack of newspapers is about to piss me off (10-12). So on 10-13 I wiped out half of them. I have been reading a little newspaper, just not daily. Jumbles. Eat me...Finished newspaper pile on 12-8-18, and I can't let it get that big again...

Watching: Since July; very little tv (sports and comedy)...There are hundreds of alternative media sites online for me to peruse...

Class Projects: Dr. Who is finally back (10-7)! Last week with Jon Oliver (gone now--no mo movie channels), Full Frontal; just the usuals. Those are the only things she will watch...

movies together: she has asked for this new "Solo" thing with Danny Glover's Dad. It may have become Redbox-able before 10-11-18, but I will seek it out now. She does not care 1 bit about The Shining, Inception, Ghost in the Shell, or either new-ish Alien flick; Prometheus/Covenant.

Shit I watch alone: Go fuck yourself, ClownDick...Wait; I mean, after 40 minutes of Inception I was bored. And Whitney Cummings 'Girlfriend' bored me, too. Am I being pissy?

Comedians: I am all over Bill Burr's You Tube stuff...

Crappy cable movies: My "Savages" DVD, free "Smartass"

Play it Again's: Resident Evil (2002) and/or Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004), The Cabin In The Woods (Mandela!),

WTF Is Hollywood Up To Now? $9 "Mandy" on 10-2-18 TU, alone in the back row of the 15-seat downtown Metro Claustrophobic (Great theater/ehhh movie)...I drove out to the mall 2wice on TU's (10-9 and 10-16) to check for ANYTHING worthy of $5. Nope. And what is Hell Fest?...11-6 Bohemian Rhapsody made me cry. The movie was good, too...

Watching and Hearing: (20 years late, but) "Push It"--Garbage halftime performance on MNF (Packers/49er's) 10-15-18...

Now with faster than dial-up internet; Youtubing: so much flat earth; so little time.

Hearing: after the new NIN in the CD drive, back to MARRS "Pump Up The Volume" in the CD drive by 10-1, because I am old school...10-20-18 SA night, the 1993 No Alternative CD is in my computer now. Wow...

New on the radio; Ha! You should combine THIS shit with that other 'occupational hazards' bullshit. Wait. Was this a 1998 plan to get back on some meaningful radio someday? Aww; that's just so cute.

Musical Purchases this month from the Tom Tucker discount wall at Skip's Records And CDWorld; my future place of employment, and permanent Barbie Dream Home: "The Atlas Underground" by Tom Morello (and friends), learned about from Skip's excellent monthly emails...

Out and About: Queen on the 3rd shift Walmart service (they close at 12 midnight now), "Praise You"--Fatboy Slim, and "Jump"--Van Halen 10-13-18 at Fred Meyer, "Ballroom Blitz"--Sweet (just for me) 10-16-18 at Fred Meyer, 'Sedated' and 'Blitzkrieg Pop' Ramones at Fred Meyer, ELO with Boss Steve at Postal Stop, C + C Music Factory "Sweat" at Fred Meyer, "Until I Fall Away"--Gin Blossoms at Fred Meyer,

Singing: "Bye Bye Love" and "Think It Over"--The Cars, "Push It"--Garbage (duh), "Everybody's Fool"--Evanescence, "New Jack Hustler"--Ice T, "Sink To The Bottom"--Fountains of Wayne,

What I want today: A cloaking device...Be careful what you think you want; as these new eyes bring new questions.

New stuff this month or so: 10-3-18; it is cold now. The high today will be under 70; the high on FR 10-5-18 will be under 60. Brrr...10-7-18 we remembered why we don't eat spoiled rice with jalapeno dust on it (sick for 2 days)...I saw part of the U of O's 'Freshman Strut' (sorority walk) of all the 18 yr. old girls (I saw about 100) wearing short skirts and heels (they all looked 10--and I need for women to look at least 16)...10-13-18 I wrote a few jokes, on different subjects; I was in very good energy, channeling some GA Mindy...3 sizes of Freezer/Microwave back pouches at BiMart; I bought a mid-size; Mom wants one, also. Very nice...

This Month of bargain-shopping (Dollar Tree, Cash King, Big Lots, etc.): I finally broke a pair of reading glasses...I went with my Mom to Dollar Tree.

Occupational Hazards: Ha ha ha ha...First week of December; I have a Portland disability lawyer now.

Personal shit for my own memory banks this month (My Journal): Did we already do the thing about how we have to redo everything? Yes; coating our world with some new sticky rice conspiracy shit. I should explain how I NEVER intended to end up on Team Flat-Earth--I just stormed into some chat room conversation screaming that I knew the moon landings were faked. My internet maturity level is weak...I had to buy notebook paper during a good Walmart run on 10-14; a short burst of possibility...11-5-18: One day the body pain is just going to be too much for me; I will snap, and create my own flood. Shhh...

Closing Thoughts, and Final Summaries for the month: Yes! I am giving credit to Stanton Friedman on a Larry King UFO tv show from Roswell, NM back in 1997 ('98?) where Stan says something like 'We can prove a U S government conspiracy, we just cannot prove what they are hiding.' That is some seriously profound shit right there; Stan may have already been done with aliens before 1999...(paraphrased from Alex Jones) Rather than find God, humans will build something (Nearly divine?) that destroys humanity. The process is in place by inter-dimensional beings; to compel us to destroy ourselves so they don't have to waste their own ammo, or make any effort in exterminating us...

Pinball and Golden Tee stuff: Life without Dr. Who pinball is as empty as I thought it would be...Then Creature From The Flat Lagoon also went down 10-10...10-13-18; 399 mil on Creature during UGA's loss to LSU (today was also the 2018 NWOP; it is the first OP I've missed)...GEO for pinball initials. Hmmm...10-16-18 TU 'best 2-player game of Creature yet (330, 415)'...Yes; 10-16 was the first 2 of 6 consecutive winning 2-player Creature starts over 3 days...10-21-18; new personal Eugene best of 629 mil GEO on Creature, walked away from 5 credits...10-26-18 FR; kicked out of L U for a private party. To FB2: after leaving 14 credits on FB2 in 45 minutes at Barn Light, I went back to L U and got 822 mil on Creature, also in less than an hour. Blah blah pinball...11-2-18 FR afternoon Dan brought Dr. Who back on the floor at L U. One game; 2.7 bil., "GEO" #4 score. Nice...11-4-18 SU was my second 6 billion game on Batman '66 "GEOCENTRIC"...11-6-18 Voter Day was my first 7 bil game of Batman '66 "GEOCENTRIC"...11-7-18 WE was my 618 million G C on Wrestlemania "GEOCENTRIC" (I am liking my new initials "GEO", and the full word)...Perhaps I can flashback to old pinball tricks; great. 800+ on Creature now; dreams of 2 bil games back in Phoenix..By December; I went back to UUC, or maybe I'll try out FML, because this all started with a Fake Moon Landing. Flat earth needs a pinball machine cross-over; you're not a spinning ball--you're a geocentric playfield!..I have at least 3 different initial sets on Monster Bash as of 12-7-18; UUC at 260 mil.
The 541's own Andy Stubbs took 2nd place in a big September Portland pinball tournament (to Mindy B.); THUMBS UP to both (Eugene's) Stubbs and (Portland's) Mindy B.!..

Grammar: I hate finding errors on my own website; shit. And I already forgot where they were...

New foods this month: Drink A Coke! No...We re-found some slightly different "lemon poppyseed" L + L vegan cookies. They are fine and dandy...From a year ago; Black Label Mountain Dew is "crafted dark berry" and a "deeper darker Dew". Okay. I will drink a few thousand of them and feel darker.

This month of live music: Live music is a great way to do this heading now! Did I see any bands play this month?..I could have another heading of 'Things I left the house for other than movies or pinball':, or 'Do you own 16 DVD movies so new that they still have shrink wrap on them?' or 'Why couldn't I make it through 40 minutes of "Inception" before I threw a bored hissy fit?'. And--right after that; is Whitney Cummings dull now? Is it my attention span?..Wait; live music is the heading here.

My trials and trib.s as a critical believer in the concept of God: God is a flat earth/firmamenter! Or; God is My Firmamentor. Eat a dick, humans. Wait, no. God probably would not say 'Eat a dick.' In related news; I am not God...

What's different here than in college town: The 1995 Freshman Strut in Athens was incredible; I remember it vividly...Dr. H. distracted me from them in '96 and '97...

What's different here than dumbass Arizona: TPG left AZ, so do we have any links back to Phoenix? Glendale? Tempe? MV? We may be almost done with that part of the desert as a base, for now.

What is so cool about Oregon? If only...10-27-18 SA, I didn't get out of bed until after 3 pm; true, but it was ALREADY dark outside--with just a HINT of daytime in it. Huh. I make depression and immobility sound so relaxing...

Yes, Oregon's cool and all. Isn't weed also legal? Dabsolutely...Ethan at Oregon Cannabis Outlet is good...

How Does Your Garden Grow? (Tales from our community garden plot): I need to get back there. We'll get it ready for Winter at the last possible second.

Life with Static Girl: She is so tolerant...I used to call her a 'skinny, non-smoking vegetarian' in 2003. She is NOW in late 2018 a 'skinny, non-smoking, vegan, atheist, evolutionist'. And I would STILL do it all over again!..She is mood-altering, and performance-enhancing; "Static Girl" is my daily habit, and drug of choice...She uses extra large coffee mugs so as to fill them to the top--and have more COFFEE. I use extra large coffee mugs so as to NOT fill them to the top, and have more ROOM to be clumsy--but not spill. This is a major thought separation between us, as I do not know how to "fill" a coffee mug. My girl has more gooder balance than I do...She has never owned/used a brush. For 20 years I've known this. Bald man still owns 3 brushes--in case he starts GROWING locks again; crazy-haired girlfriend does not own even one brush. And ALL OF THIS is perfectly normal...Like the Pink Floyd song "Time" (also my favorite); I study her frequently to make sure she is the greatest thing ever. Yup...She is one of those psychos who can consolidate rubber bands into art models, with specific form; which is past any creative conformance. And she has diligence. I don't just mean she can draw graph papered art; she IS living clay. I'm pretty sure she shape-shifts, too. Oh, and that hair. Silver streaked spiderwebs; now, in the babe librarian's hair is a new fantasy I get to live through daily. Thank you...With her ninja night vision, she takes her bedtime shower in the dark. She's like a silent, underground bat-lizard. I think she could pretty much just live in a dark bathroom...And she's mocking me; constantly, almost daily, with her abilities. And she haunts me. I did scream 'Get out of my head, woman!' a couple of times so far this month. Maybe I'll do it again; stay tuned...11-9-18 was a brilliant Pizza Friday at home with my girl...She says my home computer is almost dead. Great.

MARRS needs women; I only need one. You other silly girls don't know what you want. I am just about DONE with my free therapy. Oh my. It's not GO time; it's GO AWAY time.

Comments From The Peanut Gallery: Not corporate news, no. You want me to list some alternative news sites? "Drink a Coke!"

Some thoughts to take with you: "The people will not revolt, they will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what's happening."--straight outta "1984", George Orwell (writ in 1949, people)

"Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses."--Plato

"The Ultimate Ignorance is rejecting something you know nothing about yet refuse to investigate." and "Truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth." Two flat earth memes by Mark Sargent.

Let's Talk About Feelings: The negative/positive vocal words > to > plant growth experiments are incredible!..Also; I concentrate on negative too often--my words have cost me dearly.

Oregon Bumper Stickers: "Baby up in this bitch"

Band names: Curvasive, Galactic Roadkill (Travis Walton), Geneticly Modified Chemtrails, Twitter Storm Troopers (David Icke), Mobile Pig Virus (humans in space), Quality White Trash,

New words? Troublems (10-2),

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Some people believe how their lives are so cool that they deserve to have a camera on them; a tv show to glamorize their own personal "Anna Nicole Smith"--ness (rest in peace). Yeah, whatever. I ALREADY HAVE a narrator's voice, I'm not ugly, and I make weird little fun, entertaining shit happen everywhere I go, everyday. I hope the aliens are recording it, too, because I wouldn't LET a tv camera follow around to watch me scratch and mumble at the stupid and selfish humans. All you get here is a typed account of my back pain and bar trials; maybe YOU need a new hobby. Bite me; baby; and what the hell are you lookin' at?

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And that's pretty much it, folks. In my youth I wanted to: save the world, be a famous poet/songwriter, invent things, make a lot of money, and help motivate the common person (ah, the idealistic dreams of naive innocence). Some things don't work out for a reason.

By the age of 22 I had applications for alternative energy, perpetual motion, and a vision of a massive "Recreation Arena" (sportsbar); nobody cared. By the age of 25 I had written the perfect poem, and was churning out songs and poems for the masses; nobody cared. By the age of 30 I was a professional pinball player, and was redefining Overnight Radio presentation in 3 states. Some people cared, but not the bottom-feeding corporates who took over.

Please remember this; I did not ask to be born. But since I was, I would have been more than happy to help out this pathetic world. However, this pathetic world did not want my help. So; screw the world, and screw the people of the world. You can't die fast enough to please me. But there may be some good news...

The world is long overdue for some massive changes; changes that are going to completely revolutionize your sense of importance. They will be very interesting. It has been so said by many elders of many different cultures:

"May you live in interesting times".

W C thanks you for coming to Hell.

Get drunk and come back soon.