2018 Mandela Effect To A Fake Moon Landing Update Part 2

Fake Moon Landing Update

To Flat Earth In July 2019:

When we last left our story in early July 2018, I was still pretty smug about the Mandela Effect, Superstation Kids, and believed in the Ancient Aliens explanations of moon-discovery and space (mostly). All NASA had to do was admit that the ONE televised 1969 moon-landing (of 6 total) was just for "show". Duh. Many of us figured out on our own that it (the first moon landing) wasn't real.


Is a 'fake moon landing' too big a conspiracy to pull off? Or; are you just too smart to fall for anything so crazy?

(NASA's new moon story:) Humans cannot get past low-earth orbit since 1972. Sincerely, NASA. But we'll certainly go back to space soon enough! Nobody can go to (or back to) the moon because the USA destroyed all of the telemetry data that took us to the moon--we had to re-use those tapes for other things (budget problems). Someday we'll be able to go to the moon, Mars, and anywhere else we can imagine. Have you heard those new NASA promises yet? Hide in plain sight, people.

Please do not say that 'many thousands of people could not keep such a secret'. The total number of people it would have taken to pull off the fake moon landing is less than 50. With 12 people in power, the 12 astronauts, and a 25-person movie/production crew (in 1969), it would have been 'teenager simple' to fake ALL the film that has been shown on the History channel so far. Even President Nixon might not have known that the moon landing was faked; Nixon may have believed in both phone calls he made with the astronauts--talking on a land line (?), with no sound delay, from 237,000 miles away. (Reminder: the speed of sound is only 761 miles per hour) Seriously; if you still believe in the moon landings, then NOBODY can help you. Okay? The possibly 'too big of a conspiracy' is Flat Earth (that's a Rob Skiba reference). But; good luck with your lunar explorations. Maybe you can ride up to the moon in Elon's Tesla!

Poisonous cheap food makes for a moody "mad cow" mentality here in Zombieland; and current humans are not that bright anyway. Never mind the premise of Operation Paperclip, or the intent behind the Anne Frank Foundation; just try to tell your friends that the "education" they possess was arranged by Nazis in the late 1940's, and see what kind of reaction you get. People are too eager to argue now; nobody wants to admit that they might have been duped from the start. Even me? Especially me; and I'm an 80's conspiracy freak--you can't shock me...So wtf is this flat-earth bullshit anyway? Didn't science prove the bible was wrong about the earth being "flat with a roof"? Firmament was the original "glass-ceiling", right? Maybe we should all take a breath now. Why?

Because THIS is huge; right here. Whisper this to yourself slowly: The bible is the "Word of God", as humans understand the 'words of God' (earth is fixed--with a firmament). Then; science proves the bible wrong, with their scientific proof that; 'We're a spinning ball, not a snow-globe'. So "Science" is the new God, and "scientific theory" is the new bible, post WW2. And that's huge.

Wait; hang on. "And that's huge." Right.

World Government comes in after WW2 and says 'God wants us humans to be more scientific, and therefore science is Our God now. But unlike old wrong God, science can never be questioned. So; government-backed science will tell humans all they need to know, and humans will believe science fully.' Bully.

Also; yes, "Science" is now a bully. How? Well here are 4 easy ways: 1. Science kicked God off the top of the hill. 2. Science created the atomic bomb that ended WW2. 3. Social Scientists dictated your post-WW2 education. 4. Science can not be rebelled against, ever. So; how do you define "bully"? Science is the purple-robed Master Pimp of reality who expects your full obedience. Science is your boss; science will never be your friend.

The powers that be will say: "How dare you question this universe that we worked so hard to create for you!" Ha. That's clearly a scientific Mom-bomb. Mom/Science did all the thinking, building, and creating of this reality FOR you; all you need to do now is maintain it. With your 'current education possibilities' you can successfully acquire a mall job, get high on consumerism, and go into debt. So just work it, hook yourself, and set up a payment plan. Remember: Don't question your existence; just be thankful for such great advice from these fake lab coats, as "Science" always knows what's best for you. Amen.

2019 is going to be remembered for so many things; mainly my starting the year flattened out/promising to be a problem for both sides of earth's shape debate. The curvature equation is imperfect, but '8 inches per mile squared' is probably just an oversimplification. Plus; I need to see how it caps out with a 25K mile ball (earth). The curvature question is not finished (for me). But I am more concerned with the (one) stationary North Star, and there may be an easy enough explanation for that, too. Start with these 2 related points:

1. With 4 different motions the planet earth travels, there can be no single (North) star in the sky that remains permanently fixed. Not one. Period.

2. Never mind the FOUR motions, just do this ONE: If the heliocentric earth moves 186 million miles in 6 months (to the other side of the sun), we should see a completely different night sky from 6 months ago. Not one star should be visible year-round. Period.

I don't know anything about YOUR globe; but MY realm is geocentric, and stationary.

I'm going to stay here on this nice, flat plane. You can go to the moon and probe yourself.

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