WTF is a "Sidebar"?

A "Sidebar" is a collection of info about the past month; what we did, events, experiences, thoughts, readings/writings, etc. These sidebars help me keep track of my life, somewhat, since I don't keep a paper journal anymore. It all seems pretty self-explanatory to me. But since most people are stupid, and defiant that they are not so, an explanation of what a sidebar is may be necessary. Here it is.

Wait; a bit more. I don't "blog", I don't "tweet", and I don't own a cell phone. Currently on, but soon to be dumping both MySpace and Facebook. I have had this website since 1999, thank you Static Girl, and this is my outlet. THIS is where people will keep up with me, and me alone. This is MY place. This website is my "bathroom", and these Sidebars are last month's "toilet". Consider doing your own version of this "crap".

It all starts with the current month, and sidebar #. Woo, exciting. Then we just jump in:

Reading: Books I am currently reading, or maybe a cool book I just heard about, or a book that I plan on reading. This is important, perhaps, because I am NOT normally a book person.

Watching: the next 8 headings here are for television, and that's pretty pathetic. I watch way too much television--even though it is an easy enough habit to break. I put "new" shows in here, or things that I may be checking out soon.

Class Projects: shows that I watch with my girlfriend.

movies together: movies with my girlfriend.

Shit I watch alone: not to be explained.

Comedians: good enough comedy I watched last month.

Crappy cable movies: movies I finally saw.

Play it Again's: movies I watched again.

Watching and Hearing: (on tv) talk-bed music from commercials, and songs used to link aural to visual, etc. Do you know most of the songs used in "CSI" episodes? Songs from the first 3 years of "Scrubs"? Can you name the songs used in local, national, or worldwide ads? I usually can. Because I am all about 'background noise', I pay more attention to this than the common idiot. And I get thank-you e-mails from people all the time.

Hearing: What music was I playing on my 9 CD players last month?

New on the radio; not to be explained

Musical Purchases this month from the Tom Tucker discount wall at CDWorld, my Barbie Dream Home: I used to buy lots of CD's when I had employment and a music budget. Not so much, now.

Out and About: music I hear out in businesses around here; usually restaurants, groceries, and Dollar stores.

Singing: This is a biggie. I break into song all the time--it's not just for showers anymore! I mix different forms of rock into others, crossing (and closing) all boundaries and decades. I was on the radio, actually "mixing" classic into alt rock back in 1994; you're welcome. Sometimes I am "triggered" into singing something, and sometimes my brain just makes up stuff on its own. Right. And because I actually write songs/poetry, I mix and match lyrics with the already-layered multiple songs in my head. And I would LOVE to give you a few examples, but we're already off-subject. Let's just say that: My brain is a scary place with a really good soundtrack.

What I want today: this used to be a trick topic. I don't know how else to explain it. Usually I will "want" something for months before I actually "get" it.

New stuff this month or so: New in the world, last month. What has changed? What is dumb?

This Month of bargain-shopping (Dollar Tree, Cash King, Big Lots, etc.): cheap shopping--life is good.

Occupational Hazards: Ha. I used to work. Most of my work is in call centers/telemarketing rooms. These can be very interesting places--trust me. Someday I will work again, and this may become relevant again.

Personal shit for my own memory banks this month: What is new in MY world last month? Did I finally "get" something I wanted?

Pinball and Golden Tee stuff: As if anybody cares that I am (usually) the best pinball player in a given place, or that my Golden Tee handicap is 15.84 as of August, 2010.

Grammar: New (2010) this year! As journalism and grammar already have been outsourced to people using English as a 2nd language, I feel it is necessary to rant about some things. You should see how mad I get when I am WRONG about something; hoo-boy.

New foods this month: Cooking for a vegan woman is not easy. But I do occasionally come up with some good ideas. I love and frequently use my Magic Bullet (gotten in 2007). I've also had a version of the 'slap-chop' since 2002. I try to make food interesting.

This month of Blues Jamming: My bar, The Overtime, where I spend way too much of my life, has a Thursday night Blues Jam. I've been the mascot for over 4 years. 8-19-10 was the 8-year anniversary of the Westside Blues Jam. I try to list the musicians through the 4 sets of music. The "House Band" is run by:
(Z-Bass) Zane Heifner (the host) on bass,
(JP) John Powell does keyboards and is the house sound technician,
(Ri) Ricky Johnson and
(Ra) Ralph Novak are the regular house guitarists,
(Mark the Harp) Mark Hibbard is the house harmonica player, and
(Jimmy D) Jimmy Dupree is the house drummer.
Some of the actual equipment used in the Jam belongs to Mike Tracey, who used to be the house harmonica player, and still shows up sometimes. Every week there are many extra musicians, and some "trends" that may go (or new people who show up) for months at a time. Very often there are more musicians in the bar than actual customers--which sucks for the musicians, but it's great for me! (Since Mike Tracey left) For 2010, my biggest Blues Jam interest is Brian Chevalier, the one-man band. He has multiple CD's for sale ($5 each), covering 15 years of music so far.

My trials and trib.s as a critical believer in the concept of God: I believe in God more than I don't believe in God--which is weird enough. Some people don't believe in God; many smart people are atheists. But I don't just blindly follow any organized religion; I think critically. I have questions and concerns. In fact, I have some constructive criticism for God about this 'monkeys with brains' experiment that we call "humans".

What's different here than in college town: My hometown is Athens, GA (1985-2000)

What's different here than dumbass Arizona: With Static Girl, I spent 5 years in Phoenix, AZ (2000-2005). BTW; "here" is Oregon now (2005-?).

How Does Your Garden Grow? (Tales from our community garden plot): already explained.

Life with Static Girl: the best girlfriend, ever. Gorgeous. Quiet. Subtle. Dark. Complicated, and opinionated. We have been together since roughly 1998, and I have a crush on her like I just met her! We are unique people, and we have a unique relationship.

My FCP has this for me: the path not taken, and (as of 2009) my long-distance girlfriend, then, as of January 2011 she is my "Girlfriend 2.0". I've "known" her since 1993. We never got the timing right for a relationship back in the 90's. Then we lost touch when I moved out west. Then she "found" me online years later. Fate brought us back together--how cool is that?

Comments From The Peanut Gallery: Basic news items from last month. I make mention of the big ones, usually.

A thought to take with you: Quotes and quotables. Sometimes it's even stuff that I say/said. These can even be verbal versions of "singing"; as in, what thoughts were important to me last month? What the hell was I thinking?

Band names: I come up with 'em, and sometimes they get pointed out on PTI, Countdown, or the Daily Show. Sometimes they're real Oregon bands, too. Ooo, and sometimes I do t-shirts or bumper stickers down here.

There ya go; now you know wtf a Sidebar is.

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