5 Pissy Paragraphs

Every day I see more people who have compound-complex-complicated lives. Some people have had these lives thrust upon them, and some have chosen to live this way. There are people who have jobs that are 24 hour ordeals (like radio); others have families that need constant attention. Some people have both.

I have chosen to not have such an "involved" life. I have opted for a minimum of distractions. I don't have an active cell phone that can be called "in case of emergency". Nobody from my current place of employment is going to wake me up with a phone call about a work-related issue. I'm neither married nor singular, so I have zero social obligations; and I have no intent to start a family.

I choose to lead a quiet life; out of the spotlight (now) and off the main road. I must be able to go home and have "alone time". I need to be able to quietly sit and write, or stand in the mirror and talk to myself. I WILL HAVE my alone time; this is what I am. It is not my concern how every person who comes near me wants to know me and be in my life. This actually shows how pathetic most people really are--wanting to be exactly where they are not wanted.

I am lucky, perhaps blessed, to have (accidentally) found a woman who feels almost the same way. We work our little low-impact jobs, and spend the rest of our time quietly secluded. And you should be happy that I at least wrote out this narrative, because she certainly wouldn't have.

(I guess that this is now the BIG finish...) YOU can go and have your 80-hour work weeks. YOU can try to imagine how you deserve to be alive by becoming completely immersed in details that you create for yourself. There are billions of simple-minded people out there who are easily amused, just like this, and good for them (Hey; somebody's watching those "reality tv" shows.). But I do not wish to have a full-time or fully engaged life of either personal or social interaction. I will deal with this stupid world on my own terms, or I will not deal with this stupid world at all.
Bite me.

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