October 2002

Reading: Finished my Lewis Grizzard book; it will now go live in TPG's bathroom for awhile. Back to Tenner's technology and the revenge of unintended consequences.
In the Sunday paper magazine, I read an article about Beck; he has a new CD out. I might buy it; I like Beck--he is definitely atypical.

Watching: The new tv season looks pretty dumb; gee, imagine.
No more baseball. Fuck the Diamondbacks, fuck the Braves; fuck 'em all. I had foolishly forgotten that baseball ended in 1994; I will not make that mistake again. Go football; I don't even care who. Bledsoe's a Bill, Vick will break out in Atlanta, the Cardinals will win a few games, and don't count the Patriots out just because they're defending. Plus; the Raiders, Rams, and Bucs all have dark clouds (from last year) over them. Concussions, fights, foul weather, and choreographed cheerleaders; God bless football.
The new HBO season began with this household not involved; bummer.
On VH-1 there's a show called "Headliners", and there was one on Peter Gabriel, and they went back and showed all of his ground-breaking videos from the 80's, and talked about his new video with Sean Penn, and his new album coming out, and other stuff. Cool.
From the realm of reading and watching, I got a chance to look at (the June issue of) Entertainment magazine's preview of movies coming for the rest of the year; starting with the summer now. Okay; I have said it, and you know it, and nobody can prove otherwise; movies suck corporate ass. Who is coming up with this bullshit? If this is our entertainment future, then thank God for Gran Turismo1, 2, and 3. Hollywood now needs a true version of the Saturn company to come in and show them what they have obviously forgotten.

Hearing: At home I've been digging through 80's music, because like it or not--that's my decade. My artsy side pulled out the Yes Highlights CD; that's probably in direct relation to my being so happy with the Crooked Sky poem.
And; my old writing music! Yes' "Close to the Edge", and the Cure's "Wish".

What I want today: I'm trying to figure out if I want my job to really matter--like almost a career thing, or if I just want b.s. employment to pay bills and provide drinking money. How much am I supposed to care? How much faith am I supposed to have in this west nile-mad cow-mold covered-SUV world that's about to go to war with some sick psycho fuck that we should have killed 12 years ago? Check with me next month when the rest of the world's time changes and we go back to that crappy dress-code.

New stuff this month or so: 2 words; back pain. My bed, my couch, both chairs I sit in; it's all a back pain carnival; a parade with bulging disk floats and synovial fluid confetti. Ooo, descriptive with the pain he is. Did we buy a bed yet? If so, then we're probably sleeping better now. Yes; the new bed was bought in the last week of September, and we are sleeping better.

What's different here than in college town: The neighborhood Del Taco is okay, but I have 3 words for you; are you ready?


See, I could have said 'the Taco Stand', or I could have said 'the #5 combo', or I could have said 'that cool restaurant Kurt Wood manages', but I didn't have to. Those 3 words were more than enough.

Life with Static Girl: Every day she amazes me even more; I am so lucky to get to hug her as often as I do. Do you hear that silence in the background? Yeah, that's the sound of a lucky guy who doesn't have some stupid-assed girl bitching at him all the time about wanting marriage or children, or whatever else those dumbass trailer cunts THINK they want. I am Mr. Happy Guy.
For a new hobby, Static Girl now knows how to make books; she uses some cool graphic arts equipment; stitches together pages and ends, and creates fabric covers for them, too. It's a really neat little creativity investment; me? I play Gran Turismo and scratch alot.

A thought to take with you: What? I'm supposed to be thinking, too? Kiss my ass. Scratch. Scratch. "Parking Lot Smog" would be a cool band name.


November 2002

Reading: There's a local independent newspaper with conspiracy articles and sex ads; it's called "The Beat", and I like it, duh. Did you know that lemon juice kills HIV? Funny how nobody tells us that here in America. I'll be reading more of the 'Beat', baby!
I am STILL reading Tenner's Technology book; it's 6 years old, and it is some powerful reading.

Watching: Games 6 and 7 of the World Series were on at the bar and I watched them. New tv season for the networks, yawn. Girlfriend asks me "Why do people spend their lives in front of the tv?" I answer "It's what we've been programmed to do since childhood.". I will watch Charles Barkley's new show on TNT (missed the first one).
At the movies, the whole concept of the "Jackass" movie is fantastic, and I'm glad I went.

Hearing: Smashing Pumpkins "Gish" that I stole from Bulldog 103.7, some Tool, and all the usuals. New Peter Gabriel and Beck are coming in the mail. I've read good things about Tom Petty's "The Last DJ".
On the drive to work I heard Dave Matthews' "Crash Into Me" on both the hard alternative station and the classic rock station--at the same time. 'Crash' is neither classic rock, nor hard alternative, but I'm guessing that ol' Dave likes the attention. What would you say?

What I want today: I want to rule the universe (that's a pinball reference--I want some new pinball machines).

New stuff this month or so: Rain! We have weather, kind of. And it's chilly in the morning, too. And we start work at 7 am once again--instead of 6.
At work, they want us to do their work for them, and then hand them a done deal--while we sit in the arctic westside with ZERO commission. I want to point out that SHE makes thousand$ off of every contract; I also want to point out that Infinite Marketing makes thousand$ off of her; and still we worker bees run the hive in our frigid florescence for less than $10 an hour--and NO commission. Captain Obvious says: This shit ain't right.

What's different here than in college town: A case of Keystone beer is only $9 at WalGreens (we're going to have to make some room in the fridge here). Athens, GA is the only metro area in GA where the unemployment rate dropped in October; it's down to 2.9%. Can you imagine living in a city where over 97% of the workforce is working? I miss the 3-piece wings, 50 inch Zenith, and Addam's Family pinball at Steverino's; need to send them a card.

Life with Static Girl: She has the softest skin ever, and I can still make her laugh after 4 years. I really am the perfect guy for her, and she tolerates me because of it. You wouldn't understand.

A thought to take with you: Did the American government "create" the AIDS virus to kill off black people? If this "picture" from 1971 is true, then our government is really messed up and incompetent. Hey, wait a second...


December 2002

Reading: Here we are, in the "reading" section of another sidebar, and I haven't read shit in the past month. And then I get all depressed.

Watching: Watching lots of stuff on the tv, with lots of pillows underneath me. GT2 has made another comeback in my life. On Sci-Fi, the October 2002 dig in Roswell, New Mexico was really good; a picture with words is quite revealing, huh? The X-Files is/are on like, 3 or 4 channels now, cool. (We like Sci-Fi)

Hearing: If I hadn't have heard it myself I would not believe it, but Volkswagon has a non-Jeff Lynne-singing version of ELO's Mr. Blue Sky in a new commercial; part of me likes the exposure, and part of me is pissed about the trashing of an ELO song. On my big monster stereo I have gone back to the compilations from '96 and '97 (Goo, GLU, Matthew Sweet, etc.).

What I want today: A bigger, fatter sack of money and painkillers. Is that it? Yes, money and painkillers; I'm pretty easy to please this month.

New stuff this month or so: Perhaps you've heard, I broke my ass during Thanksgiving week. UGA finishes the year ranked #4? Shit. War zone; we're all over the Persian Gulf, trading fire with Iraqi outskirts. When will the REAL blood be shed? Seriously, I'm tired of hearing about how the food banks are empty, and how all these single moms with 3 children aren't going to make it. Dead people don't complain; see my point? Die!

What's different here than in college town: Apparently many of the old Steverino's workers are now Blind Pig workers. Okay, but Jerry can't run Steverino's by himself. Wait, no, what's different HERE? Well, most of the stupid people here are not native Americans, so it's easier to hate them.

Life with Static Girl: I am still the perfect guy for her, and she's still the ideal woman for me. The rest of you little cockroaches can keep scurrying around and looking for temporary complacency.

A thought to take with you: "Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid."--Frank Zappa


January 2003

Reading: I was reading all of these books: Hairy Pot, Lord of the Flies/Rings/Dance, and then I...never mind. I think I still know how to read. Hell, I want some porn. I'll read, sure, but I want some GOOD pictures to go with it. I read the newspaper, sometimes.

Watching: With lots of extra time on my hands, I get to gaze at the idiot box more; however, tv is still highly unimpressive. On this "You Gotta See This" show, I saw a guy lay down a motorcycle at 70 mph, and then he and the bike were both driven over by a car; the guy not only lived, but didn't break any major bones--wow. Comedy Central does excellent daytime comedian half-hour blocks, and Insomniac rules. It's not really porn, though. (Comedy Central and Sci-Fi are very enjoyable.)
Channel 98 here is the local Arizona channel, and that has TONS of potential.

Hearing: Lots of Christmas music, and I was enlightening the guinea pigs to Pink Floyd, the Cure, and NIN. And Asia; they seemed to like Asia's first album. They didn't appreciate the first Fig Dish enough; wonder if they'd like the Toaster more.

What I want today: Last month I asked for money and more painkillers, and got BOTH. So...this month I want a black Porsche 911 turbo, some porn, and a "Getaway" pinball machine.

New stuff this month or so: Hopefully my girlfriend came back (she did). Got my first SCA check; yay. Perhaps you've heard; with Twilight Zone sitting beside Junkyard, I have 2 TOP-20 pinball machines of all time in my neighborhood. Gus turned over 200,000 miles right before 2003; and I don't want to LOSE Gus--I just want to have a black Porsche 911 turbo to cross-train with.

What's different here than in college town: How is it that the nudey bars in the bible belt (GA) show more skin than the ones in the desert (AZ)?

Life with Static Girl: If she comes back from Iowa, my girlfriend is NEVER leaving me again; I'm going to hug her until my arms fall off. What? Something profound and sweet? From me? Okay; she deserves that much: She CHOOSES to be with me because I make her duties entertaining and enjoyable; and I never stop finding ways to make her life less painful.

A thought to take with you: Bill Hicks said that people are "A virus with shoes." That works, except for the people who are too poor to have shoes--so they have more children. We need to quickly eradicate some humans; a war, hunting season, or something. Tick tock.


February 2003

Reading: I keep forgetting to pick up a "Beat", but I read the newspaper everyday. Did you know that the U.S. is the only country on this planet where EBE's (intelligent alien life forms) are still referred to as science fiction? (#1) Consider the irony; OUR government has the most "contact" with the aliens (because the U.S. runs this dismal planet), but IN our own country "little green men" are still a joke. (#2) And THAT, my friends, is the entire conspiracy sequence--in 2 sentences.
Thank you.

Watching: On AMC, I saw the Who's "Tommy" rock opera, cried twice, and it was excellent. I tape/watch PTI everyday. History channel is going nutty with Alien shows--it's too bad that I've seen most of them. I don't remember hearing about the 1997 movie "Volcano", but it was on FX and I liked watching lots of death in California. Fox Sports is the network that has "You Gotta See This"; I learned about "surf-rage".

Hearing: Waking up to Fig Dish, then playing lots of single songs from the mid to late 90's (Fat Boy Slim, Stabbing Westward, Filter, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, etc).
Footnote to the "hearing" section; since I am old as dirt now, I'm going to leave some space at the bottom of it for when I am impressed by a song on the classic rock station here. I could call it something cool like
"Classic Rock Wet Spots": 2 from this week; an early 70's Charlie Daniels' Band song that I used to sing some of at day care--it had been 25-30 years since I heard it--it might be called "Easy Rider". A Friday lost classic was the vastly under-rated "Wouldn't Want to be Like You" by the Alan Parsons Project. I am an OLD man.

What I want today: I want to see huge numbers of "innocent" people dying slowly, and with much agony (and Tyson Foods supervisors need to die painfully). We need a real, live volcano here. Somewhere soon, I'm going to get into detail about the back pain; the shivering and staggering that it takes me to get to the bathroom. Right; so I want some goddamned morphine and percocet. If I'm going to be hooked on painkillers, then I want some REAL fucking pain killers--like the war veterans and professional stuntmen take, okay? I'm about tired of this politically correct and 'kid-tested' darvocet, half-strength xanax, and tripled up ibuprofen bullshit. I don't have a headache here. Maybe I should crush some Doan's pills and snort them up through an asbestos-laden copper straw. I'm open for suggestions; and, still available for children's parties.

New stuff this month or so: Pain, and lots of it. I'm supposed to be getting better, see, and what I'm really doing is finding different ways to try to lessen the pain. I joke about how cool it is to have all these different pain pills, but I'm eating more and more of them. I look like a really old guy who can barely walk--trying to NOT make faces--to make it look like walking is no big deal. I'm broke, with left leg nerve damage, short-tempered; this isn't exactly a great time to be me. I have pain and frustration that takes me to the edge of releasing on Static Girl and TPG; this is no longer a minor injury, okay? My sense of humor helps me get through this; but just because I CAN laugh does not make this a pleasant vacation. Oh yeah, I've gained 7 lbs, too. Back-to-back $35 long distance phone bills? From now on you people can call me. Physical therapy is helping, but not fast enough. The diet has begun, along with food stamps.

What's different here than in college town: The new Mexican food place (with no name) is really good, but it just makes me miss the Taco Stand. And I need access to an Addam's Family pinball game out here.

Life with Static Girl: She is wonderful; she is NOT the cause of my current discontent, and she deserves more from me. I will do better. When I lose my focus is when I should remember how lucky I am to have her. Sometime in February is our 5-year anniversary of knowing each other; you'd think that at least ONE of us would remember the day we met.

A thought to take with you: Fuck you; die already (oops, that must be my pain/anger "painger"). Wait; in a forward from TPG, I got this:

"The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right time, but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment."


March 2003

Reading: Politician Stephen Bassett's website: Disclosure 2003, is pretty interesing; the newspaper is laughable. Would you believe I read Fortune magazine? I wouldn't pay for it or anything, but it comes in the mail, and I read it.

Watching: the Shield, West Wing, and no basketball--except for highlights. TV sucks (even more than its regular sucking) in February and March. Apparently there are so many sheep watching reality shows that tv has no desire to "invest" in real entertainment with writers, actors, and budgets. Thank God for hockey on ESPN; and I think the Coyotes are unbeaten in 6 games.

Hearing: On a Thursday at noon, on Edge 103.9, I heard Smashing Pumpkins' "Mayonaise", and I was impressed. Later the same day, I heard Tool's "Opiate". MY radio station!
Mix 96 is the radio station that is on at physical therapy, so I can't change it; it's fun to listen to DJ's screw up stingers and talk over cold intros with their little corporate auto-radio machines that are supposed to be "perfect".
Classic Rock Wet Spot: "Fire on High", by ELO, which prompted me to come home and play "Do Ya", "Can't Get it Out of My Head", and "Fire on High" again.
Our neighborhood K-Mart is closing, and I like to browse in there; while buying jeans, on the music service I heard REO Speedwagon's "Don't Let Him Go", backed by Meatloaf's "All Revved Up and No Place to Go". Meatloaf at K-Mart; K-Mart Meatloaf...there is definitely something brewing right there, but I'm going to leave it alone.

What I want today: To top out Southpark pinball (400 million), and for my wrist to stop hurting. I also want to see Gus appreciate all the things we've done for him lately. I want TPG's new Arby's to have a killer sales increase, and for his wife to get promoted. And I want to see some death; hopefully, somebody will FAIL in a real assassination attempt on President Bush, and Bush'll go totally bonkers and bomb all the peace-niks and pro-lifers.

New stuff this month or so: Um, how about 4 days of rain in a row? Scratch that; how about 18 days with rain over a 24-day period? And this is a desert? Even with 200,000 troops in the mid-east we still haven't gone to war yet, but the world IS ending, as a large piece of our living room ceiling fell to the floor early on Valentines Day. Junkyard pinball is out, Jurassic Park is in; speaking of pinball--584 (and later 670) million on Southpark. And a -23 on Kiwi Springs golf--with a hurt wrist. In the last week of February I gained a new sharp pain in my left heel; and I did not ask for this.

What's different here than in college town: Here there are very few street drains for water. Also; Phoenix is really spread out over a great distance--like Jacksonville, FL, or even Atlanta (90-120 miles across); Athens can be circled by car in like, 20 minutes.

Life with Static Girl: I can't brag about her enough. We've been together for 5 years now, and she agrees with me that our relationship still has a freshness; a feeling of being "new". "New" is good. Our worst day is still pretty sweet. Hey; we signed another lease--according to Static Girl that means we have renewed our vows for another year. That's good, right?

A thought to take with you: Since many of Nostradamus' and (my hero) Edgar Cayce's predictions of things after the year 2000 have turned out to be vague or mis-timed, it can be hard to take any predictions seriously. But for the moment, and for this point, we'll go back to the year 1555, when Nostradamus (may have) said "Come the millennium month 12, In the home of the greatest power, The village idiot will come forth to be acclaimed the leader." And that, my friends, is some scary, accurate shit.

A nap needs to be at least 2 hours long; 3 hours of sleep can save your life, 1 hour of sleep can kill you.--W. C. Davis

Dax V put up a few paragraphs of Bill Hicks on his improved website, and it definitely works. I always liked what Bill said about the anti-abortionist argument; 'Let's take all the babies that women have, and then leave to die in trash cans, and put them all on the steps that lead up to Congress. This (anti-abortion) argument is over. Over!'


April 2003

Reading: Didn't we talk about this already? Wait, yes, I read my new Calvin and Hobbes book. It's a book; it's got pages and everything. Shut up.

Watching: Movies like "Pentagon Papers", "Brave New World", "The Rookie", "One Hour Photo", and "Changing Lanes". TV is losing its holding power; look at the concern on my face. How many hours stacked on top of hours of bullshit war coverage can a person watch? And quit (um, sorry, this is to the Fox network) dropping Bill O'Reilly to do more hours of war coverage. VH1 does these "I love the 80's" shows; what a guilty pleasure those are. MSNBC has Keith Olbermann again--he quit 5 years ago because he was forced to talk endlessly about Monica fucking Lewinsky--I think he's back now in the recently emptied Phil Donahue spot, and (big Bill Hicks fan) Keith O. is one of the best natural speakers in my lifetime. God Damn I wish I was on tv; I'm ready for a new kind of news show; the OGC (Overnight Guy's Conspiracy) Network.

Hearing: Man, I go off on these little "journeys" that require specific songs in specific orders, and then I take a break from playing DJ to let a full-length play, like both discs of NIN's The Fragile, Tool, Underworld, or a Crow soundtrack. Also, being the cool radio veteran I am, I have this disc of remixes of Depeche Mode's song "Barrel of a Gun"--I love it. Yes' "Close to the Edge" used to be my writing music, back in the days of vinyl. Now I own it on disc; I could the hear the whole thing without having to flip the record, and yet I hardly ever play it. Well, until now. Because now it's embedded in my brain, and I don't even have a choice anymore--I HAVE to play it. Ooo, and then maybe the Yes "Drama" CD. Well, at least we know what I'll be doing for the next hour. Bye!

What I want today: How about some money from the chair company that has put me through all this hell for the last 4 months. How about some better exercises, more effective food management, and some frisbee?

New stuff this month or so: Steroids in my ass; no really, and it might have helped. Baseball season started--which is really good for my old best friend STT back in GA--because he's a big baseball fan. I still trust neither the owners nor the players, so they can just play for funsies.

What's different here than in college town: A case of Natural Light beer is $10. Math time; divide, carry over, round up; that's like 42 cents a can for above average beer. Oh shit; Keystone is $10, too. Luckily, we don't have to do any more math.

Life with Static Girl: You should hear me brag about her to strangers; "Dude, she lets me do ALL the talking; no, I mean ALL the talking. As soon as I shut up, BOOM; there's dead fucking silence. I couldn't have dreamed up a better deal. And she appreciates all the little silly, dorky romantic things I try to do for her, and she loves that I cook. And (like me) she thinks that all people are stupid, but she doesn't have to say it because I do all the talking. She just stands there and looks bored. She's great; I'm crazy about her."

A thought to take with you: As basketball great Wilt Chamberlin once said, "Nobody roots for Goliath.". (Referenced by Mitch Albom, of Tribune Media Services)

I was considering including the first verse of my far-above-average "hangover" poem from 1985; lucky for me I found that Wilt quote referenced by Mitch. So you can all kiss my ass.


May 2003

Reading: "The Magic of Thinking Big" by Dr. D. J. Schwartz. This book kicks ass. The ONLY problem is that the book is 15 years old, so some of his actual business applications are sort of "pre-corporate greed", but the personal applications are brilliant. Finished it; now we're re-reading "The Perfect Sales Presentation", and have ordered "Basic People Skills"; to be followed by "Opportunity Knocks". I'm serious about becoming the best salesman I can be.

Watching: Movies like "The Glimmer Man", tv shows like Pet Psychic (the greatest show ever), Scrubs, and Croc Hunter (I also tape PTI, and watch it alone.).
The announcer guy on that "Maximum Exposure" tv show reminds me of me; especially when he's being playful and/or doing the sarcasm.

Hearing: "Lost Highway" soundtrack, I pulled down the Lost Downtrodden tape again, too. With "Altered Beast" waiting, and not just for "Girlfriend", I listened to all of "Sweet in Low" by Matthew Sweet; another curveball was "Live to tape" by Throwing Muses, so was Knapsack's "Day 3 of My New Life". Crumb's "Romance is a Slowdance" might be a curveball to you, but it's a staple for me. From the standard 5, we traded out the Depeche Mode Tribute CD for Depeche Mode's "Violater" CD, and that seems to be working nicely.

What I want today: A gazillion dollars (that's a "Dr. Dude" pinball reference--thank you), so I can make the 2 movies, and buy my girlfriend the biggest laptop computer there is. I want to build the Recreation Arena--for my regular house. Also, I want a bus; kind of like John Madden's--big enough to live in (kitchen, shower, toilet, big-screen tv) for months at a time--while I'm traveling. Eventually I want to have a low-profile hybrid-engine car, too. (I fully expect for mass-produced, high-powered, hybrid engines to be made available for ALL vehicles--maybe we'll keep Gus, and drop one in him.).

New stuff this month or so: Attitude; bigger and better than ever. A new job (not yet), and a new home business (soon). I did go back to work at Infinite in mid-April; it was (and still is) tough, but the new attitude kept (and still keeps) me going. Even if the office management doesn't like me, my location manager (Joe) still does; and that helps alot (I've now had 2 "little boss"'s named Joe, and they've both been very cool.) The biggest news from April that bleeds into May is back in Cordele, Georgia; where my former co-worker, capital "T" Total babe, and fellow star DJ "LoriMac" (now LoriJobe) has become the GM of a nice little 6000 watt AM radio station.

What's different here than in college town: A 12-pack of cold Heineken is only $10.99 at Circle K; $9.99 at Fry's and Safeway. And, we were being ripped off on our gas prices out here--and it was really bad--and then our gas prices just dropped like, 20 cents a gallon in a couple of days.

Life with Static Girl: Mine mine mine mine. I never forget how lucky I am. I would cook for her everyday if I could. She has been very helpful with my new attitude and stuff. She is quite proud of me. I'd like to write her another poem, but she understands--and she's just happy that I'm writing at all.

A (couple of) thought(s) to take with you: "Life is too short to be little."--Disraeli

"Life's too short to hunt with an ugly dog"(bumper sticker)

"Water pipes save lives" (patch on a Harley jacket)

I'm having fun here, so let me throw an extremely fine quote at you; the late Richard Feynman once said: "Scientists have come up with a fantastic invention for looking through solid walls.
It's called a window."


June 2003

Reading: "Think And Grow Rich", by Napolean Hill. It's been 15 years since I read it, so it's fresh again.

Watching: "Tuesday night Disclosure" is good conspiracy stuff; I have a tape of 2 hours of KGB alien secret files (I like the live mass-abduction on videotape--there's something you don't see everyday.). West Wing (all over now), Gilmore Girls is my soap opera (buh-bye), and a couple reruns of "Dharma and Greg" were great. Also; a few "Pretender"'s were really good, too. (Static Girl doesn't like it, but...) GMC (yay GMC!) and Chevy are BOTH using "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" in commercials right now (Meatloaf for President!). But the big news on tv is that different versions of ME are in 2, 3, (4?)commercials; I am the old, pissed off uncle who's getting film developed in an American Express commercial. And I'm a guy who wants a blimp in a Goodyear tires commercial. I may even be in a Snickers commercial; that would be 3. And there's a woman standing on the street, talking to herself; I think it's a Bally Fitness commercial--yeah, that's me too. I'm all over the damn tv right now; I'm a busy, busy guy.

Hearing: I'm in the midst of an Evercleargasm; Static Girl does not have a problem with that either--she accepts Everclear as decent Alternative music (yay Everclear, and yay Static Girl!). "World of Noise" is apparently the name of the Everclear CD I didn't know about.
Also listened to the "Angus" movie soundtrack, and Peter Gabriel's "Passion".
On MY independent radio station (103.9), a few weeks ago I heard a song called "My United States of Whatever" by Liam Lynch on the ska punk show--I loved it. Let's just say that it has gained some momentum over the last 3 weeks--with over 100 different versions on the internet.
At the last possible moment, I bought the Androids CD (my 2nd CD purchase this week from Zia) because I cannot get that song "Do It With Madonna" out of my head. The CD got a good review in the Ziazine, the magazine also had an interview with Liam Lynch.

What I want today: I want some shit explained to me; or is it really just all about who you know--and who you blow? I'd rather work in a record store and wear concert shirts than put up with the morons in charge; that's why I dropped off a resume at Zia.

New stuff this month or so: Code Red, meet Live Wire (what a great radio commercial); Mountain Dew now comes in cherry and orange (citrussy) flavors. Orange at lunch, Red at dinner; it's my fruity Mountain Duty. And I was SUPPOSED to be cutting back on soda; OH WELL.
Even with the soda situation, I am losing weight. By not going out during the week, I have been saving money, too. The new attitude has had a couple of hiccups (As in; dumbass job with dumbass people, and did I mention the faulty equipment?), but overall it is a success. Kiss my ass.
A full report will follow soon enough, but we are starting a new job on June 2nd (tomorrow), and we already have some prospects for the new business. It is time to get past this money "issue".

What's different here than in college town: A 12-pack of PTI's Smirnoff Ice is $11 at Safeway; I need to try that stuff. Wait a second; why is this always about alcohol? I'm like a short-attention-span drunk when it comes to comparing Phoenix to Athens.

Life with Static Girl: Finally wrote her a poem, and at the start of the writing season, too. Look at me being timely. Instead of getting me frustrated, the fact that she is so hard to impress just makes me try that much harder.

(Many) Thoughts to take with you: (My idea that would make a great bumper sticker:)
"Expect Incompetence"

(After the introduction of $200 blue jeans for women) "Women's jeans cost so much because there's a sucker born every minute. Sean John had $500 jeans that sold like hotcakes last year."--David Wolfe, fashion industry observer

"Imagine the Creator as a low comedian, and at once the world becomes explicable."--H. L. Mencken (Bill Hicks also mentioned that 'God might be fucking with us', and referred to the real Commander in Chief as a "Prankster God".)

(From the Speech "Empire") "...Free elections, a free press, and an independent judiciary mean little when the free market has reduced them to commodities on sale to the highest bidder..."--Arundhati Roy

"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful."--Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Local band name: "Poison the Well". (And, as a guy who sits around and dreams up band names, let me tell you that "Poison the Well" is a fine one.)
Band name; sort of...On PTI, T. K. refers to the kids who compete in spelling Bee's as...
"Twitching Little Freaks"

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