Human Conditioning Experiment

Human Conditioning Experiment


Maintaining Society

(5 Paragraphs from my old dial-up internet brain...)

I was re-introduced to conspiracy theory last summer (2018). It is always good to understand the NOT YOUR side of an argument, because that keeps YOUR side of the argument fresh and relevant in your head. So now I have old conspiracy thoughts from childhood mixing with current conspiracy thoughts in my 50's, and my brain is a 4-decade, gold-plated trainwreck now...It is infuriating (also, hilarious) talking to "intelligent" people who can only see things one way. So I am about to go fully ROGUE on all of you. Let's try out an idea that I ACTUALLY CAME UP WITH; me and me alone, in Phoenix, in the year 2000. Nobody else says this; there is no backing/following of it, it has no specific source material. You cannot verify it. It is just 'crazy, from crazy'. Never mind its truth, and never mind applying it. Just read some insanity; here:

On its OLDEST day; here, the United States is LESS THAN 250 years old. There are swaths of land in other countries that have been worked by the same families for over 500 years. Some church buildings in Europe are nearly 1000 years old (the Milan Cathedral was started in the 1300's and finished in the 1960's, for example). But there is no 'building'; church or otherwise, that is over 200 years old in the U S; and most are less than 100. YOU have, at the very most, 10 generations of your family in North America. But; before 10 generations ago, you do not know anything. And; you never will. You can read historical books, speculate/project/hope and conclude; you can play the "23 And Me" game, and/or you can hire the best genetics specialists on Amazon. But; before that first generation of Americans in your family history, the ENTIRE past of EVERY American is unknown. It is a disconnection; by definition--a void.

People at the top; the 1%, or the 10%, or the upper 1/10th of the top 1%; however you determine the peak of this money/power pyramid scheme that we scurry around the base of; the ELITES are conducting a Human Conditioning Experiment (HCE) on us Americans. (There; I said it. And you can go now.) It is easy for conspiracy theorists to prove this HCE truth after WW2; as that is when the REAL New World Order became obvious. It is also easy to show that we (Americans) didn't know MUCH between 1776 and 1945--as 'coming to America' was a fresh start/conclusion of a previous terror. A new world! MOST people changed their names, and ALL people changed their histories! Duh! You would have, too! What I am saying is: we may not know any real truth, of any kind, from before 1800. How so? (Here comes the "government control" paragraph:)

Everything that you've learned in school (since 1945) comes from an EDUCATION that is controlled by the government. Every bit of commerce that you do is done in an ECONOMY that is controlled by the government. Everything you see or read is MEDIA that is controlled by the government (Sinclair media alone owns 90%+ of all tv stations in the U S). So; if the Elites re-write history, at any time/for any reason, then we minions would never know. We have NOTHING to disprove THEIR lying textbooks with. If they control the past, then they control the present. And since they control the present, then they do control everything. Who would stop their experiment?

"History is a set of lies told by the winners of war." is what you were taught in school--yet that is "forgotten" as we learn lots of false histories in school. The point I am trying to make here is obvious to me; duh. Maybe I'm not saying it well? Originally I wanted for you to consider how "young" our America is; how infantile your entire world is, and how you know nothing before 1776 (the void). Also; I want for you to understand how it would be incredibly easy NOT ONLY to "form" the minds of a brand new "society" that began in 1776, BUT ALSO it would be incredibly dumb for a new government NOT to "form" those minds of said 'new society'. (1) So; even if Americans are NOT massively misinformed on history starting 75 years ago, Americans are completely ignorant of ALL history before 240 years ago. (2) The hardest part of maintaining a society is tricking the controlled masses into believing that they are actually "free", while also flooding said masses with things to fear. (3) They want us to be buying things because we're scared; they do not want us to be scared of buying things. Because; if ambition does not motivate you, then maybe fear will. I've already said too much. Good luck out there.

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