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January + February 2018

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WTF Is Hollywood Up To Now?

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Hearing: The Orb "Metallic Spheres",

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Musical Purchases this month from the Tom Tucker discount wall at Skip's Records And CDWorld; my future place of employment, and permanent Barbie Dream Home:

Out and About:

Singing: "Grey Cell Green"--Ned's Atomic Dustbin, "Carnival"--Natalie Merchant (held-over from last month's purchases), "Sound of Winter"--Bush, "Night Flight"--Led Zeppelin, more "In The Flesh"--Pink Floyd,

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Personal shit for my own memory banks this month (My Journal): This is only going to go till 12-13-17, then we're in middle earth for 2 weeks.

Came back, and now Mom needs me in Florida. Did that, but Mom will need me more. And again; a couple of times in February. Great.

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My trials and trib.s as a critical believer in the concept of God:

What's different here than in college town:

What's different here than dumbass Arizona:

What is so cool about Oregon?

Yes, Oregon's cool and all. Isn't weed also legal?

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New words?

Well, well; that went well. I kept some paper journals in December and January (trying to get that old rhythm) that I might transfer over, but probably not. Fuck you kindly, though. I LOVE the holidays, and dealing with stupid fuckers, and children; and my own crew drunk-calling the land line after hours. Life's so rad.


In some type of extremely mature ranting style, and with healthy sleep habits clearly evident, I may have posted the following right after getting back FROM, or getting ready to go back TO the state of Florida. My guess is that this was early April, 2018. One would think that I'd be keeping track of all this "functional fluidity" somewhere.


January + February 2018

(...last month we were...)

Aww, that's just so cute, with the 'last month we were' bullshit from 1999. It's April of 2018 now, and I have family stuff that I am attending to. So go play in your own traffic until Summer 2018, you lazy mouth-breathers. There won't be anything new here until May, and it certainly won't be pretty. So just keep on thinking whatever it is that you think is going on; with me, with you, with us, and with them. Apply your little cute versions of logic, and come to your own little conclusions. You're all certainly so much smarter than I am. Right?


April, August? Fuck. Is it still 2018?

(...last month we were...)

Yeah; so there are/were at least 3 of these Sidebar 232's. 4? How in the FUCK were there FOUR Sidebar 232's? Oh yeah; March. I found SOME/most maybe of the important shit, and I'm just doing a spray-and-pray here. OH FUCK. I'm trying to delete some of the super arrogance, CROSS-CONTAMINATION, and most of the direct threats, but FUCK ALL OF YOU IN THE ASS. BLOOD-RAPE THE CUNT, PIMP STYLE. YOU CAME HERE TO SUCK MY BIG WHITE DICK--THAT IS WHY YOU ARE HERE, SUNSHINE, AND THANK YOU FOR KNOWING YOUR ROLE. SO USE ONE OF YOUR PRETTY HANDS TO KEEP YOUR HAIR OUT OF THE WAY, SMART GIRL, AND START BOBBING YOUR LITTLE “LIBRARIAN" HEAD. NICE.

Reading: fuck, I haven't read a newspaper in weeks. Ehhh; then I read 3 newspapers at once--to shut the voices up.

Watching: fuck, I have seen 3 Kenny Mayne Sportscenters (total) in 6 weeks--and that's it! I had to delete like, 50 Sportscenters...Oh; and we stomped downstairs in a huff one night and deleted 30 hours of Ancient Aliens, too. It was a very mature shit-fit where I theorizeded 'Fuck them and fuck their fake fucking aliens, too.' Awww. I am a very entertaining loner!..I'm not even watching my daily 'yelling sports shows'.

Class Projects: John Oliver, Full Frontal, Eighties Documentaries, and I make her watch funny moments from Tosh.0.

movies together: We've been sitting on the Alien prequel DVD for over 3 years, and Looper, and Inception, and a dozen other REAL sci-fi DVD movies with links to the past AND present. We also have full use of Comcast On Demand, with many more movie options. What we don't have is 2 hours to watch, and an hour to discuss--ANYTHING. Thank you.

Shit I watch alone: ha, that's cute. Is this more 'cutting edge shit' from 1998?

Comedians: oh, nice, we like them. Bill Burr Makes me giggle; I must have a crush on him...“I want to crush the way you alternate realities here.” (dimensional, comedy-bar joke; ha). Illuminati jokes? FEMA Camp jokes? Fat girls with baggage jokes? Hello? What's with this bit-release bullshit?

Crappy cable movies: No. Talk more about "fluff" and "wasting time"

Play it Again's: really? You sit and knowingly watch something over--rather than go do something new. Is this a human thing; the random re-watch? Did you "miss" something again?

WTF Is Hollywood Up To Now? $5 Tuesdays at the mall movies! Yes; why did we stop doing that? Oh yeah; March.

Watching and Hearing: NIN on Austin City Limits, from 2014 (my DVR is set to record anything NIN, duh)...Are you fuckers watching me in my computer screen yet? I'll get a webcam for you. No, this is You Tube shit. Like how the current NASA wormhole links to 3DT, too. And my head is going to burst 3 different ways. And I don't care. I hope that the spray from my exloding face blows sacred geometry all over a FEMA Camp Walmart sign. G'night everybody. ?

Now with faster than dial-up internet; Youtubing: 5-26-18 I discovered some cool shit after some other good enough UniverseInsideYou videos; Tesla, and Austin Doughty... Pineal gland, Dr. Steven Greer stuff; "Aliens" May 2018 (it is still so innocent), and then I asked the WRONG question out loud:
What's the current status of that first faked moon landing in 1969? (Please stay tuned--later, like at the end of August when I get back. So far it is a 2-part commentary. Shhh. This is an odd evening.)

Hearing: I'll need to do a whole big thing about the first music I put on my first cell phone, to carry around and listen to while playing pinball (3 Rage Against the Machine albums, duh). And remember; it was on a quest to hear Rage's version of "Maggie's Farm" at L U when I found out that jukeboxes in 2017 don't take dolla dolla bills no mo (just debit cards). And, by far, the single song I have listened to the most times on my phone is Rage's "Renegades of Funk". My first long song in traffic (after Maggie's Farm) was Zep's Carouselambra; perhaps Zep's "In Through The Out Door" was the first complete album listened to (yes). Both Asia albums, both Angels and Airwaves albums, tons of NIN, 3 or 4 Tool albums, Deep Purple + Depeche Mode, and I may have gotten tired of Rush in 2018 (weird, huh?). Who is this guy?

More Hearing: wifi changes everything (airports, malls, Covenant), as long as you have access. But I still like my CD's more. What kind of music will exist after the Yellowstone Pulse-ruption?

New on the radio; "We evolved past a need for superstition. The need for a God and other myths. If one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, if its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will provide the answer."--Confucius

Musical Purchases this month from the Tom Tucker discount wall at Skip's Records And CDWorld; my future place of employment, and permanent Barbie Dream Home: no. I went and gave Ian some vegan Kicking Horse coffee, though. How did such Horse Kicking upset my girlfriend so? Hmmm.

Out and About: "Don't Bring Me Down"--ELO and "Good Loving Gone Bad"--Bad Company (on consecutive June Walmart trips)... music out in public, ha. Okay. So I was at Fred Meyer, remembering that one time in 2013 when I heard "500 Miles" by the Proclaimers there, ha. And I hadn't heard that song in quite a while, maybe since then. Right? So OBVIOUSLY; duh, "500 MIles" came on next at 8-ish pm 7-26-18. Cool; and perfectly normal...

Singing: Ha. Not for you. New Order, Meatloaf, Roger Hodgson, and Ozzy.

What I want today: I asked God/the universe a yes or no question, but got a discussion answer. Sweet...Or; maybe the ignorance drought is over...Oh fuck then; show us what you are so proud of: What I want? "Have we gone to Midway yet?" Wow; how can we totally ruin the whole premise; in just 6 words, today? I was thinking about solitude--I want some. Where would YOU go to be as alone as possible? I'd buy Midway island; mid-Pacific ocean. Or just visit it, and kick everybody off for a few days. Then sit out there and do mushrooms, all alone, and "talk out some issues". Nothing but water visible in every direction. Alone. No human noise. NONE. Ever. Here; take my money. How long is the waiting list? Does Midway Island offer a time-share opportunity for busy Asians who might like to "disconnect" for 2 weeks at a time? You know; maybe a business guy in Japan wears big internet headphones for 12 hours a day, then he goes home to a LOUD family. You think I couldn't interest HIM in 2 weeks of "eye-high water, and quiet"? HOW DO YOU SPELL THE SOUND OF CHA-CHING WITHOUT OFFENDING ASIANS? $$$...I want some Anne Frank/ex-girlfriend/Mom toilet paper; more $$$. Bring us a pic, any pic/any lady, and we'll make you a nice quilted roll of face-painting canvas for your special memories of that amazing woman. Yayeah. That's also a dumb idea that no guy would ever do; no $$$ there, unemployed only child. No guy would want to wipe his butt with a smug woman's face--that's dumb!..I'm not saying that you're an unemployable Mama's Boy; I'm saying that you can't even get work spooning out soup to FEMA Camp slaves. Right. Then go outside the Big Box to say 'I'm not saying that you're a disgrace to your species, but Walmart saw you coming for an employment application, and they immediately stopped hiring humans.'...

New stuff this month or so: 2-2-18 FR night cell phone purchase at Walmart (Steven rocks!); another Galaxy 3 Samsung (like my tablet). I don't call many people. I will load this fucker up with Rage Against The Machine, though...
4-1-18, I already have a new 9 inch fan...7-3-18; 226 lbs. at the Dr...Mom totally infuriates me; how obviously is it on purpose?..Oh fuck. I found some of the missing paper journal; it helped with the early 2018 flashbacks, and then was "misplaced" when I got lost again in March. The flashes are not all active; therefore they cannot all be real. What did Simon say?..Learning to focus on better distractions is important; salvage this house...This "completion of a circuit" lacks luster for humanity's historical record (What will the final update look like, and what will the last message be?)...7-31-18 continuation from "Life With Static Girl" below; internet is partially down, forcing me to finish a Sidebar; because I must not know how to live without my 'Tube', or watch DVD's. I've only checked the interweb hookup a couple of times since the first hour. I'm over it...Um, it's now 4 am. Everything is fine. Almost boring here; with a 2-hour, in-journal, time-slip (very normal). Yay life. Is this the fun part?..Yeah yeah, here is an 8-2-18 final update note; "Do Not Panic: You Are Already Dead." Thank you.

This Month of bargain-shopping (Dollar Tree, Cash King, Big Lots, etc.): no. I drive by Dollar Tree everyday, and wonder; is this the day I go in there and just...

Occupational Hazards: oh, and are we so proud of our little selves for this? No, wait. This is a long holdover from telemarketing rooms, collections, and vacation-planning, all before the new gay lunchroom. So it's only...10 years overdue for a refresh? Noice.

Personal shit for my own memory banks this month (My Journal): Stubbed my toe on 4-18; that takes talent...On a You Tube binge; by 6-23-18 I had enough information to go fully cray cray up in this bitch. Not yet...I get it now; stubbed toe/You Tube binge (little layers that trickle down)...It takes chaos to find order; or at least it did this time...

Closing Thoughts, and Final Summaries for the month: ha. Oh, that's funny. Okay: WTFever it takes, people. I have real, written comedy now; I'm thinking about/already living through humor objectively; the broad introspect, or, I FINALLY got outside!, whatever. Thank you Seth and Kyle for reminding me to look at every angle, even the bottle's perspective!..The "silence" in my head was burning; now new "static" flames make for better art.

Pinball and Golden Tee stuff: yeah, this is just my personal accounting, before I had a cell phone to take pics of crazy -25 golf scores, stucky pinballs, and other odd things. My relationship with the L U Dr. Who pinball machine is going very well--we are mutually seeing other people, yes, but we know what's real...Reminder; I do not play pinball for others. It is personal therapy, and nothing more. I was lucky to earn some praise when I mixed...

Pinball Knights last month: no, but I wish B's tournaments well.

Poker stuff: not down here, no, but I wish O's poker games well.

Grammar: no

New foods this month: Daiya has new-ish crumbles that are decent; that led to 2 or 3 nights in a row of vegan blue tortilla nacho dinner snacks over Memorial Indy 500 Crusade Weekend 2018...Califia vegan soy milk and cold coffee drink is good.

This month of Blues Jamming: Blues Jam was cancelled years ago. Now it is, what?..Does anybody actually maintain this webpage, or is it just late ideas done badly? I used to like to go hear live music, and yell.

My trials and trib.s as a critical believer in the concept of God: God shines in so many ways, and on so many levels. Love is all around you. Can you smell it?

What's different here than in college town: Athens misses me so much.

What's different here than dumbass Arizona: I'm gon go find TPG out there, and we're gonna Waffle House, Candy Store, and Castle-Coast (not in that order). Then we'll take naps.

What is so cool about Oregon? 94 degrees, 5 days straight in July, is not "cool"...Until the hungry people eat all the invasive nutria around here; that's just a solution waiting to happen...

Yes, Oregon's cool and all. Isn't weed also legal? New joke line: "I'm not saying that I dab a lot, but..." so let's try one:
BLACK: I'm not saying that I dab a lot, but I fully blacken and fatally clog a new nectar collector every week...That's not the color black; I have nectar collector's darker than that.
Not saying I dab too much, but I do currently have bleeding drip stains on both my thighs. (Gross! That's like having crack sores on BOTH sides of your face. No. Bad crackho.)

How Does Your Garden Grow? (Tales from our community garden plot): 5 of my 6 basil plants died quickly from neglect. Or maybe 1 ate the other 5...7-2018; Squash everyday. Melons coming in, too; cucumbers are about to explode. The snap peas also were delicious; I am paying much more attention to garden stuff now.

Life with Static Girl: Romance abounds! (Well; it is sort of sometimes, mainly, always one-sided "romance" of me trying to find new ways to appreciate her, without also annoying her much more furtherly-ish, as I am oft to do. I have the rare ability of being able to both appreciate her, and annoy her at the same time; mad skillz.) I tell her to come down off of her pedestal because she is ONLY the 2nd or 3rd greatest thing since Sliced Bread...(2-2018) Nobody has ever heard her voice--much less heard her actually complain about anything. Cheri is like Kawhi Leonard over there (she likes being compared to sports, too) ...Cheri doesn't want to be touched, or looked at; and she especially doesn't want any extra attention. She just wants to quietly get through another day without her head exploding. Cheri is like my broken toe (4-18)...Of course we need to clone her now. And after she dies, Dr.'s will need to cut her open and try to find out what was so right about her...Does it hurt her to roll her eyes so hard underneath her eyelids at me? I make that woman STRETCH her damn eye muscles; she could turn pro...I'm not saying that My Girlfriend is better than Sliced Bread and Noah's Ark. I am saying that Noah's Ark and Sliced Bread sit around, looking at my Girlfriend with their mouths open, drooling. And so do I!..Here's her: "Firetruck; no glasses, boy." In related news; she immediately dismisses all of my good UFO sightings...Her new black + white flannel shirt is gorgeous! Even a black-and-white Cheri is better than women in living color...Cheri does not hear the smoke alarm battery warning beeps. She's going to say that I am crazy, and that there is no beeping...And then; 7-25-18; smoke alarms gone wild, ours went BOOM 4 times in an hour at 10 pm and I am to blame for everything, of course. It is now in many pieces on the floor, which is probably also my fault...7-31-18 My GENIUS level goddess Girlfriend of Sliced Bread and Noah's Ark fame has outdone me again! She has taken away my corded desktop computer internet for the evening, forcing me to (possibly leave my room, and) complete ONE Sidebar this year in a timely fashion. Tomorrow is August; I need to be ready for it. Old me is unappreciative as fuck. Look at now me go! I'm getting this shit done. Even if I can't UPLOAD this bitch tonight, it'll be ready to go! So; in one respect, I am taking a night off from You Tube. I'll be fine; right? I'm not going to go check the internet every 90 seconds, am I? Well; maybe for the first hour, but certainly no more...How about a quickie pair from the morning of 8-2-18, huh? My morning note to her said 'Thank you for my internet, and your butt!' at 5:30 am, which is ehhh. I mean; it's okay--in a rush--on a cold day, but still kinda weak. So I came back upstairs and tried again:

I'm not saying that my Girlfriend has many layers; but
Vidalia Onions think she is unique, deep, and intoxicating;
Dali paintings gaze at her, and get lost, and
Stanley Kubrick films have less symbolism than My "Shining" Static Girl does.

My FCP has this for me: We hardly ever talk anymore. Then again; I don't even know what year it is. And now she knows I have a cell phone. She'll be mad. Oh well.

My Crystal Method: She started apologizing again; we'll be fine. Shock the Monkey. Brain Salad Surgery. She is getting some help.

Comments From The Peanut Gallery: Trump is president, FFS. Pick a comment--ANY comment! It's like fucking Christmas Day, everyday, on FOX News...Laws, huh? I'm about to win a $10 bet here: Hey look--it's one more year that the 'keepers of vagina' haven't figured out why we gave them the right to vote yet! Aww, ladies. Why start researching states rights now; right?

Many thoughts to take with you: "Anti-social behavior is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists."--Nikola Tesla

"Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed."--Friederich Nietzsche

“Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy toward the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.”--Henry Kissenger (But I cannot confirm when he said this. And "when" he said this is very relevant now. And he's a little foo-foo arrogant fuck, anyway. Ooo ooo ooo; I hope he's Jewish, and related to that dumb, dead, misrepresented little Anne Frank cunt, too. Why did I post Kissenger talk? Probably because my Mom thinks he is a really good and smart man.)

My father's email ending tag line is now better than mine:

Blah blah, I'm a Rock Star and you're not. Then "Sincerely, Daddy D. Whose final wishes are to have his remains scattered at Disneyworld and also not to be cremated." I approve! I may steal it and dirty it down a little. In fact--I'm on it! Remember folks; anything that my Dad can do really well, I can do much worse. And I'm talking "stupid-worse".

Welcome to the chick movie comments part of the website (let's talk about feelings):

1. I am a spiritual being having a human experience.
2. I give meaning to things in life (otherwise things are neutral).
3. I agreed to go down a hallway, and to find myself.

Oregon Bumper Stickers: Imagine if I could remember half of the freak-ass, La La La La grumble grumble. I mean, uh; whoa, and those Oregon bumper stickers are quite the liberal giggle for my noggin too, I tell ya. Yes they are: "I brake for bees." (Mindy will like this!)

Band names: "Spam Recall", "Late Ideas Done Badly", Pythagorean Theorems/Nometrigetry, "Underground Scuba Midgets" (short Reptilians who play sax),

New words? <*>? No. 3DT? No. AQV theory? No. (Good, actually.) This section is about new words I use to describe my current situation. That's...funny? Are they funny words? I'll give you some new words.

Okay. I will have to re-orient and get kicked out of FL again to fully bring this webpage into something (Winter is Coming) more current--wanna see me sound old? "20 years ago this webpage was some CUTTING EDGE SHIT!" (Sure it was, Grandpa '93 Buick.). Yes; and it is confirmed that there will be a new, ENTIRE "chick movie comments section"; you know, some touchy-feely, feminine-sided liberal arts bullshit, probably called "Let's Talk About Feelings"--as seen above.

Also; I have had some good people helping me through a very difficult 2018. My thanks goes out to them. They know who they are.

And finally: Much of our crew are having their own personal, differing issues. We knew this was inevitable, and all part of our journey. Stay aware of your surroundings; as MOST PRISONS ARE SELF-ORDAINED. Please assist others when possible, and try to be appreciative. Good luck.


October 2018

(...over the last 6 weeks we were...)

Reading: not a damn thing. 2 days a week I kill a word jumble. I read in the shadows sometimes.

Watching: Do I call out Ancient Aliens, or do I thank them for their end-around enlightenment? Football reference; wow. Thank you Ancient Aliens; crazy-assed David Childress has been my hero since the late 80's...

Class Projects: Last Week w/Jon Oliver, Full Frontal,

movies together: I Amazon'd a Kubrick 4-pack with The Shining, but she has no time. The order list of films for us will be: The Shining (1980), Inception, and Ghost In The Shell--if we can find time to watch movies.

Shit I watch alone: all of it, she doesn't watch tv.

Comedians: The Drew Michael thing was half great; I liked the shock, and he had plenty for 30 minutes...

Crappy cable movies: yeah, a couple.

Play it Again's: Life is just one big 'play it again'.

WTF Is Hollywood Up To Now? I want to go see "Mandy"; Nic Cage as a snapped killer. Saw it 10-2-18 (ehhh).

Watching and Hearing: A Band Called Death (wow),

Now with faster than dial-up internet; Youtubing: All the cool conspiracy freaks have their own You Tube channels!

'...Meanwhile our country's turned into a Flee State (?),
Caught up in a nineteen eighty four remake,
And everybody's at the mall eating chesecake,
Or partyin' and drinkin' 'til they can't even think straight...'
--(lyrics from the "Living In Hell" Mixtape) ODD TV Rules!

Jordan Peterson videos also are amazing. He's the guy who is saying that modern people are too mommed up to tackle real life. He is so right.

Hearing: The "Gasolina"--Five Eight CD was in my computer drawer (Shut Me Off!), until 9-5-18; then the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Remixes, until 9-24-18 it's the maxi-single of MARRS "Pump Up The Volume" (also Anitina!)...Then it was new NIN on 9-28-18; sigh...Red's got me checking out this band "Ghost" (80's art rock)...Also: I listen to complete Tool and NIN albums while watching the boring audio of flat earth videos (genius).

I made a pizza on the last night of August to "Aenima"--Tool in earbuds so as to not disturb my girlfriend...and 2 in September.

New on the radio; um. Man: If I still worked 3rd shift...

Musical Purchases this month from the Tom Tucker discount wall at Skip's Records And CDWorld; my future place of employment, and permanent Barbie Dream Home: I LOVE having that place so close to me! 2 copies of the new "Bad Witch" NIN on FR 9-28-18...

Out and About: 4 Steve Miller songs in 2 trips to Level Up, and Walmart, 8-19 and 8-21...9-9-18; mental build-up to music at Fred Meyer; "Since You're Gone"--Cars...9-22-18 Fred Meyer "Desert Moon"--Dennis DeYoung,

Singing: oh fuck. What was life like before 8-23-18? "Murder"--David Gilmour, "Where Is Everybody"--NIN, "Too Late For Love"--Def Lep, multiple Rage lyrics, 9-22 shower had verses and choruses of "Child In Time"--Deep Purple (and that's messed up), 9-23-18 "When I Come Around"--Greenday, "Love Triangle"--Ibeam (IBM),

What I want today: SSDD

New stuff this month or so: Next up; FOR REAL claims that MOONLIGHT is actually COLDER than regular nightshade. Yes (yawn); and welcome to 3rd shift, Dickface--MANY things are different here...8-23 started a 3 strange day writing binge (insult comedy is different from poetry, but still has a sense of accomplishment)...221 lbs. at the doc 9-21-18 (5 less than last time)...Open-Sourced Huffing? Yes; we have a frisbee bowl filled with rubbing alcohol right beside my desk now (How can there be a legitimate reason for this?). So now I can just lean over and get a little 'nasal bouquet' whenever I want to. How did I not invent this 35 years ago?..

This Month of bargain-shopping (Dollar Tree, Cash King, Big Lots, etc.): I used to go there so often.

Occupational Hazards: residuals make money. I need to work from home. MARRS needs women.

Personal shit for my own memory banks this month (My Journal): 8-23-18 was...unemployed, voted off Facebook, and kicked out of another bar. Or as I like to call it; Thursday morning (in early 90's westside Athens, GA). Then I applied some Clark-logic to my own writing. (The Trump Moon welcome.) Interesting (and I'm still wrecked on 9-7-18)...

Closing Thoughts, and Final Summaries for the month: New interest in world navigation (duh): the moon is 2159 miles wide. Not 2160, and not 2158, but 2159 miles wide. Why the F?..Q: Why have sailors used the same stars to navigate the oceans for thousands of years? A: Because the star positions never change...A plane travelling at 37000 feet is roughly 7 miles up; can we breathe that air? How high can we breathe air? I mean; fuck going to "space", let's just take our human virus up in a Led Zeppelin. We can balconize/monetize the visual airwaves of low earth orbit; we are not confined to the ground we poison....

Pinball and Golden Tee stuff: What about Motionless Pizza Dome (MPD)? Flat Earth Eugene (FEE)? FLT? RTH?I may need some new pinball initials soon...The L U Dr. Who pinball machine wants more quality from me (all women do)...And yummy little Batman '66 knows her role as my first back-up (a GOOD first back-up is hard to find)...Okay; is everybody gone yet?..Pinball is the ultimate cross from globe earth to flat earth. (How is that, Dr. PizzaDome?) Well; either you are on a spinning ball, OR you are on the flat playfield; but both are enclosed environments we will never escape from. There is NO escape. Yawn...9-30-18; the L U Dr. Who pinball machine will have to be retired for a while; somebody was playing the shit out of it until a week ago...

Poker stuff: oooo, poker games. Remember "Alien Poker" pinball at the Odyssey, 1985? And; why can't a 'poker bar' have a row of card-game pinball machines?

Grammar: it used to matter

New foods this month: Foods! She ate an L + L Lemon cookie in July, and I found the empty wrapper while I was stalking her trash in August. I asked her if she liked the lemon--because I had not yet seen this flavor, and I'm already intrigued. She nodded approvingly; so later I "discovered" lemon Lenny + Larry cookies all by myself, and they are the new house favorite!..We ate mutually exclusive lemon cookies on SA 9-8-18. Romantic and efficient, we are...The lemon juice bottle in the door of the fridge expired in 2014; I have proof of our sickness now...My pizza on 9-14-18 was excellent. I will keep making more of them!..Yes; more pizza on SA 9-29-18. Look at me cooking stuff...

This month of Blues Jamming: nope. Live music may not need me anymore. Oh well. I hope they're all happy.

My trials and trib.s as a critical believer in the concept of God: God Bless Darwin...This has been an interesting Summer. I am very lucky to have so much...Thank You pinball!--for many reasons I haven't fully grasped yet...

What's different here than in college town: I bet Athens looks really young right about now.

What's different here than dumbass Arizona: TPG ran screaming from the desert to start a new career elsewhere.

What is so cool about Oregon? Cool; and dark, too.

Yes, Oregon's cool and all. Isn't weed also legal? Dabba Do.

How Does Your Garden Grow? (Tales from our community garden plot): welcome to the jungle.

Life with Static Girl: My "Dinners with a Dali painting" attempts are very fine meals, indeed..."Ethical Reasoning" wonders why there are not more humans like Static Girl. And; 'Other Atheists' do not appreciate her ability to empathize (MY Girl pisses off some off her own Elders--I respect that!)...I have named the yummy little sweet garden tomatos "Cheri Butts"; she is not amused...Speaking of garden, and little birdie boyfriends; birds LOVE my girl. She has a hummingbird boyfriend who perches and serenades her at the garden plot, and multiple little brown bird admirers who sing for her--like birdie paparrazzi, it's seriously cool as shit!..She is a good listener, but not a very good visual responder...God Bless Darwin...FR 9-21-18 night at midnight: I cleaned the kitchen/brewed coffee; so it's orderly and smells good. My girlfriend also is orderly and smells good. My girlfriend is like a clean kitchen...I asked her 'Are any of your other boyfriends as directly responsible for your drinking problem as I am?'...I have a computer nerd, sci-fi babe girlfriend; and life is good...Well; she's getting sick of me by the end of the month. This is bad.

My FCP has this for me; MCM stuff, and an army of eager ex's; FFS; I have used my new cell phone to break up with better women (THIS YEAR) than most men will ever know. Date for quality, people. This category needs to stop...

Comments From The Peanut Gallery: News headlines? "It's all Pizza and Milkshakes, people." (In this skin-deep love society!)...

A thought to take with you: "Remember everything is right until it's wrong. You'll know when it's wrong."--Ernest Hemingway

“History would be a wonderful thing – if it were only true.”--Leo Tolstoy

"The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naive and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched. He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair."--H.L. Mencken (SBC)

"The first computers had humans wandering around inside them!" (from "One Ring To Rule Them All...Technology My Precious" Nicholson 1968; YouTube)...this is worth noting as it is an indirect early/first "mixing" of iron and clay. Did nobody notice? This "evolving" human battle (we exist in) was lost in the 1960's, okay? So don't act dumb NOW when you realize that computer metals are inside us, and We Are The Final Mixing Of Iron And Clay. Or; we are on the last step before the final mixing of iron and clay. Now we should be given a choice between a 'Christ cookie', or, a 'smart-dust cannibal soup of our own design'. "Death by Christ cookie" is the true completion of the human circuit; not "eternal human life through ingested technology". Layers. Words with new meanings are going to be used against distracted humans. I should write more science fiction, too. Ha. Sleep tight.

Let's Talk About Feelings: I am a Spiritual Being, working within an enclosed system...All snowglobes are enclosed by glass (like Mom's old house). Got it? Covered By Glass...Nothing is "new"; this is just "awareness". It's like a Differing New Awareness...How many opposing ways do we need to approach this; and we are not talking about feelings anymore...Feelings: whoa whoa whoa, feelings...Yes; THIS is what I needed! I needed a NEW way to feel even more disconnected from reality; I was getting way too comfortable with the current levels of painful instabilities and fuzzy wave receptions. Thank God I am only this aware.

Oregon Bumper Stickers: "Fish Fear Me",

Band names: "Fossilized Frauds" (Jeranism), Self-Proclaimed Genius, "Molting Goldfinches" (Static Girl's website), Tesselated Hexagons (graphene), Fibrous Chemtrails, "Hotwired Prius" (Bill Burr), "Permanent Time-Slip" 9-26-18,

New words? "Docillate" is the descriptive word I used talking to Static Girl about the sub-plot of the Serenity movie where a 'less aggressive individual mentality' was the desire, but the resulting 1% of Reavers "ate" the 99% of the docile. Ha. I understand the humor in going back to watch it again; I'm very lucky to have such hi-tech learning outlets (and a computer nerd/sci-fi babe girlfriend)...With vegan cold coffee, and other nourishing liquid chick movies to enjoy while watching remade videos on the true nature of the soylent green we drink.

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