Old Personal News

(Starting 6-1-2003)

Sunday, June 15th, 2003

(Actually, I will only work 9 days straight--and then my throat will give out; here, watch) While still in productive mode Sunday, I took apart the vaccum cleaner--hoping to figure out why the fan belt sometimes stinks. Instead, the smart one (that's my girlfriend) explained it to me. So I put the vaccum back together, it might even still work--you never know. I couldn't believe that I was still upright and awake on Sunday evening, so I figured that I should head for the bar. Hey; what if Al needs more drugs (he does)? What if my Jurassic Park is gone (it's not)? I am glad that I went, it was fun; I scored a billion, and have all 6 Jurassic high scores now. Home and to bed by 11.
Monday: Up before 5 am, left at 10 after, and got to work at 5:30 again; oops. But this day would prove to be a tricky run, and I ended as a zero. Oh well; it's not like I was the only zero in the room--or even in my Sector. However, the Tower played classic rock for most of the day--and that was nice. Paid car insurance on the way home, then got ready for girlfriend. She had a long day, too. We watched Highlander; she didn't want to watch Real tv because a guy broke his finger. Hey; I'll watch Jackass, and watch other shows with Jackasses on them, but I won't be doing ANY of that jackass shit. Good snuggle, and I didn't even pass out. Then I did laundry--apparently I went a little heavy on the bleach--oh well. Got to bed before 11, reasonably early, and up for work...
Tuesday morning my throat hurt pretty bad. I started rationalizing that work cannot EXPECT people to work 6-day work weeks--they can only recommend them. But I felt better after the shower and some cough syrup, so I went for it. Good move. I was the first or second person to get 3. I kept hitting the throat spray and hard candies; I COULDN'T believe that I made it through the whole day--much less tied for the lead. Got my first evaluation at work--and this is while sick (you have got to be kidding me); it looks pretty good! After the shift, we had a monthly meeting; cool. Throat hurts too bad for pocket money. Supervisor says that I have earned a day off, and since we're heading for the bar now (we are?)--that day off might be tomorrow. Groceries, and came home to call Al. Al thinks I have a wonderful idea. Took the camera to the bar--and lost it (great). But the golf was good. There was a drunk lady at the bar with her 10 yr. old daughter; I disapproved. Home before 9 pm to eat lasagna, and go to bed early. The sleep helped but...
Wednesday morning I could tell that I was in bad shape. I showered anyway, and kept trying to talk. No good. Went and drank some cough syrup; still no good. Damn. Salt water gargle; no help. 2 spoons of honey were yummy, but I still can't talk. Okay; you know what? I have made the attempt; a solid hour-long investment in trying to talk just barely, and it ain't there. I'm taking today off. This is not laziness; this is ineffectiveness. And the bigger picture says that I need to start thinking about tomorrow. I'm not speaking metaphorically; I mean literally tomorrow morning. Cooked breakfast for, and fed the guinea pigs--that was fun. Girlfriend heard my voice, and understands why I'm still at home. I'm drinking coffee for the first time in days. Productive misery; went and bought checks, a camera (to replace the lost one), and started taking pictures. I'm even keeping a record of them! Wiped out some leftovers, and went to check on Jurassic Park. This therapy was a good idea; but I'm too sick to enjoy it--we needed the pictures though. Got home around 6 pm and went to bed. Woke up on my own...
Thursday morning. Very rough. But with the shower and cough syrup, maybe I can do this. Girlfriend (brilliant, awesome, wonderful, and this just in: she likes me) left me 2 Drixoral cold pills. Thank God I snagged one of them on the way to work. This is the worst my throat has hurt as an adult--while trying to talk for a living. When I finally got a lead, sick, I missed the applause because I was in the bathroom--blowing my nose. Then they made a big fuss about me when I came back. Sick and blushing? The schedule has now been tweaked to give me Friday and Saturday off, back-to-back, so that I can heal (this just in: work likes me). To Walgreens for some more cough syrup, then came home and cooked dinner for my excellent woman. I'm going to hope that the Tylenol Cold and Sinus works as well as it did last time--but I would not have made it through work today without girlfriend's Drixoral, okay? SHE saved my ass, again. She deserves everything I can do for her, and more (and now I've said the same thing, 3 different ways, just like an effective Overnight DJ). I napped, got up, napped, got up; now it's almost 10 pm. Hmmm. My throat hurts, but I feel so much better...Yes I did. I went for some more pinball therapy. 3 more high scores; you now need 845 million to knock off my lowest score (#6); good luck. Have you ever seen a 3-ball Jurassic Park machine with 844 million as the (#6) lowest score? I hadn't, until "I made this!". Crashed and woke up
Friday at 11 am. I don't feel too horrible. Voice is a tad better. I'm going to do some easy chores, and go play more pinball (5 hours?). I could brag about saving lives. Hours of therapy. I was there when Al showed up at 5; how many hours is that? Then it's time for a nap. Got up, napped. Now it's 4:30 am; coughing a little, but not hacking. Wow, did you see that? Back to bed.
Now we woke up at 10 am Saturday. The throat feels better; not perfect, but well-improved (We need more here...okay, my throat no longer hurts all by itself--good. Talking brings a little pain, but bearable. I should be fine by 7 am Sunday.). Maybe I can even kiss on my ninja-stealth-alien-goddess girlfriend later today. Perhaps you are wondering where that ninja-stealth-alien-goddess description comes from. When we were awake at 4:30 am this morning, it was very dark. Static Girl went to use her bathroom. When she exited said bathroom, I turned to her and said 'hey baby'. In the dim and fuzzy light of the hallway, I watched this silent, NAKED angel quickly float back into her room--before I could react. I said to myself; "Was that a ninja, was that an alien, was that a goddess? Naaa, that was my girlfriend." Cool. Hope she likes it, too, because that nickname "ninja-stealth-alien-goddess" might stick. Subject change, and we're due for a priority check. Wow; and what a priority check that was; you may want to go read 6 Days in the Park, then again--it might just piss you off, ha! We do feel alot better today. Perhaps I will even shave. 6 pm now; I shaved, did laundry, even offered to cook; hey, how about a little kiss, but Static Girl would have none of it--she still calls me "Germ Boy", and I don't think I deserve that. Oh well. After 28.5 hours of pinball in the last 10 days, I am proud to say that "I don't want to go to the bar." Checked again; yes, I'm still "Germ Boy". Damn; no bar, and no snuggle. Guess I'll write some more; here's 2 More Women you can roll your eyes at. And I want to talk to TPG; it's been days. Yes, we talked to TPG; he's doing okay--he wants to go to Utah this weekend. Gus was blocked in by a U-Haul, so girlfriend took me to Safeway to get more cough syrup, and pictures! I have pictures of Oregano! And the first day of my new bed (11-02, that was when I weighed about 300 lbs.) This was an old roll of film, that's for sure. Raccoon-eyed girlfriend, and haircut girlfriend, that's a year and 4 months ago (2-2002). I'm a little slow with film-development. But it was good to get out and sweat a little. 9 pm Saturday night; I've got money and supplies (you sure do!), but I'm not going out (what's wrong with you?). We've got to kick this throat problem. Look; you know, I know, we all know I could have played 5 hours of pinball today, or more, just to keep the whole world ending-cold beer-Jurassic Park Girlfriend thing going, but I'm worn out. I've been a busy drunk for like, what, 2 weeks now? And that first round of "Quiet Storm King" at 5:30 am Sunday morning isn't going to be making friendly with the new neighbors anyway. Maybe I need to be semi-coherent enough to get up the first time. Look at me, being all rational and shit. With the old job; yes, I'd be at the bar right now; drunk and broke, and weighing 300 lbs. Things change. It's close to midnight now, and I finished my 3rd commentary of the day; Speaking of Speaking. It started weak, and then it got better; maybe I had help. It's almost bedtime; I'm dreaming of a smooth voice tonight--mine. Up on my own at 5 am
Sunday, so no Fig Dish woke up the new neighbors. I wrote 3 commentaries yesterday--wow. My throat feels a little more improved, but I'm still coughing, so it's one more day of healing. Today should go better than Thursday. Yes! It did. I kicked some butt. They were impressed. I almost ended the day with a sale, too; that would have been something. And then I passed 2 wrecks on the way home. Now I'm home on Father's Day. Tried to call dad, but no answer. Talked to mom; she's sick, too. Boring. Maybe it's time to load all this up now.

Sunday, June 8th, 2003

So I got everything up, and then I forgot about the new Sidebar; crap. So I went back and put that up. And then I had a few online job thingies to respond to, and then hot women started e-mailing me, and then I woke up. Next thing I knew, it was after midnight, and I couldn't sleep. I was excited for the new job. Got up and called in sick to Infinite; then got ready to go to the new shrine. It was a traffic nightmare--just as expected. But this is a real company; donuts, soda, a free pizza lunch, too. Trainer Gerrit is sharp; and everything else looks great, too. I can't wait to get on the phone tomorrow. They even have those things, those extra money doo-dads, those uh, COMMISSIONS! Yeah, that's it. I ain't seen a fruggiluggin commision in 9 months now (fruggi-what?). So it went okay, until I left down the crowded staircase--I won't make that mistake again; trust me. On the drive home; up I-17, I passed former co-worker Nino, then passed former co-worker Lenno; both of them saw me wearing a tie. So I had to come home, call Infinite Marketing and officially quit. No Joe, though. I had to say "bye" to Patrick. So I come home and start trying to call people. I calmed down a little, but not much. There will also be many IBO prospects at the new job, too; many. Cooked machoroni AND broccoli for the Queen of Static; then put a good snuggle on her, and then we watched Pet Psychic together on the warped tour. Life was good. Then I played e-mail, and all of a sudden it was 11 pm. 4:30 am comes early, so we had to go to sleep...
Tuesday: up at the first alarm, and pretty damn dark, too. Jeez. Shower, and NO, SORRY, we are not wearing a tie 2 days in a row for anybody. No coffee, and to work. Left at 4:55. Went 70 the whole way, barely any traffic. Got to work at 5:10; oops, so we were a little early (a little?). No coffee. It's a big loud room; one of my sales got put on the intercom. I did not lead all the new people--and that's a good thing--because I need to be trying to get better, instead of trying to show off (yeah; this ain't a live mike on the radio here). They GIVE us, and I want to stress this; they fucking GIVE new employees a brand new 2003 set of GN Netcom 2125 "NC" headphones (now this probably means nothing to you). These are $75 headphones; and not available in stores yet. Their attitude is (the new job): "to perform your best, you're going to need to perform with the best equipment--so here; have some headphones that you can't even buy until August of this year". These gorgeous black headphones WILL NOT be wasted on me. I got 3 "sales" on my first day; and I'l take it. But there's more news. One of my enablers from my old job, last year, is now also working at my new job with me. Cool! It was a pretty good first day. Then we go to pocket money. Before I tell you what I weighed today; they made me go through new paperwork. Why? USUALLY when a person loses 12 lbs. in 4 weeks it's because they've quit eating; they're living on ephedrine, they have a new coke dealer, or, all of the above. I'm just eating better and exercising. Oh yeah; I was hoping to break into the 2-teens this week. That's apparently not enough of a goal though, considering I weighed 218.1 on the new digital scale today. I might be a little bit more vivacious, lively, effervescent even, but I haven't had any fucking caffeine yet today. So I came home and chugged some Live Wire, ate some broccomachoroni (yeah I'm just making shit up now), and I feel better. And I might even have to go drink a beer or 2, with the plan to go to bed WAY early, but not necessarily to leave so early tomorrow morning. My plan was to go drink 2 beers and come home. My plan failed miserably; but only because I had so much fun playing Jurassic Park. Never mind that I'm a pinball wizard, and never mind the writing idea I came up with; I stayed out too late, and tried to get up at 4:30 am ...
Wednesday. On the third song of my Fig Dish Toaster wake-up music (that would be "Down"), Static Hottie had to come in and inform me that my alarm had woken her up. She was very unhappy, and who could blame her? I immediately hit the shower, and got ready for work, even though something felt strange--like somehow everything would be okay. Got to work early again, too. It was a slower day, different, but we had excellent supervision. I'm learning alot, and this is going to be a good thing. I took my lunch, and thought about my writing idea from Tuesday night; I might have something; might not, but it does involve the 2 favorite things I can get my "hands on" right now. I was thinking about how I would try to please my Static Girl this evening. Went to the grocery and got some stuff--like frozen okra Also got a new air conditioning filter (and heard the new Filter on the radio, and the new Janes Addiction, but I'm getting sidetracked). Came home to find on my answering machine that Discover Card officially hired me (insert either "it's about time", or "too little too late" here). I called the lady back and told her about my 2nd interview, and how HER girl killed off all of my desire to work there. It was at this point that I understood the weird feeling from this morning--it WAS going to be okay. I cooked incredible okra for my girlfriend who said that I made her tired today. Bummer. But we made up, snuggled and then I passed out until 10 pm. Glad I missed Al's call, or I would have gone to the bar. And here we are. I want to go back to bed soon, but maybe I'll check on a couple of things first. Nobody e-mailed me; nobody called me. So I started writing. Wound up with a pretty good little paired theme commentary deal; Jurassic Park Girlfriend. Unfortunately I had to stay up until 3 am to get it nailed down--there was no easy path. So I took a short nap, and then got up for work.
Thursday I was tired as hell, not surprisingly, but made it until lunch. Lunch went well, and then after lunch something in my head "clicked" into place about this new job. I'm going to be okay, and maybe even really good at this. Pretty soon we're done, and I have multiple sales. Then it's off to pocket money. Fluke; Tuesday, weighing 218--that was in lightweight pants and dress shoes, not my regular street-hikers. I weigh between 220-221, and that's okay for now. At the end of pocket money, I had to go talk to Dr. Marcus privately. Turns out that 1 new girl didn't apppreciate my asking her if she was married--married? that fucking CUNT--and although most of my humor and antics are appreciated, Captain Marcus politely asked me to tone it down a little. I politely agreed to, while I was thinking...A little? Screw them; they'll get nothing from me now--they weren't paying me enough to be me anyway. (By the way, at work I am "W.", and at pocket money I am "W."; "C." has left the building. And this is good; it's all about growing, improving and changing.) Came home, very tired, but took my awesome girlfriend and bought her a yummy Subway dinner (bragged about her, too). Came home and tried to get in touch with people, could not, and fell asleep on the couch. So I went to bed at 7 pm--no meeting. Woke up on my own, thank goodness, at 4:30 am. My first
Friday at work. They split us up, all over the room--to listen to new people. Good move! I benefitted from listening to other good speakers. It wound up being my best day yet, and I have been assigned to Sector 5. Compromise; work wanted me to work at 6 am Saturday morning--that's just the way it goes. I suggested that I work Saturday evening, just this once, and then I'd go back to AM shift--so as to not break my party plans. They like me, so they agreed, and now I get to party Friday night. Came home and tried to find wisdom teeth Al; no luck. Cooked "premium" ricey deluxe for my awesome woman, snuggled, and then sat her on my knee and presented "Jurassic Park Girlfriend" to her. It was good, and I didn't cry or anything. I think she liked it; but we'll never know, now will we? She did call me a good cook during dinner, and that's enough for me. Eventually I hooked up with Al, and we had a blast. Up at 10
Saturday, on my own--no alarm. Apparently I had a "blast" last night. I remember crawling around on the floor alot, and giggling; let's hope that was here, and not at the bar. Oh yeah; and I cut my thumb open--maybe I was cooking something. God I hope so. I deserved a good party night--OH!--and I was "the man" playing Jurassic Park pinball. I was talking smack to it, and calling shots, pretty damn mature--if I do say so myself. I scared some kids...So I go to work Saturday at 1:30. I got first lead, first to 2, and the only one to get 3 in the first hour. Then we fell apart. Learned alot from supervisor Steve, and master salesman/motorcycle mechanic Eric. It was a good day/evening. Then home to kiss my woman (I've been writing, and it looks like that has inspired her to do some drawings, yay! She says that a wake-up from her will cost me at least $20 from now on, uh-oh.), and rush out to play Jurassic Park pinball. Got the new high score before breaking the game, 2wice; made friends with Dad Brett, 6th grade Kyle, 9th grade Sean, Steve, and Skylar playing Southpark pinball...Very hard to get to sleep; in fact we didn't. We just laid in bed for a couple of hours, and then the alarm's going off for...
Sunday. I'm up, and we're going to work at 6:30. Stay tuned...Man was I tired. And it started rough. I had a feeling that trying to do in-depth conversational telemarketing at 10 am Sunday morning was going to be a bad idea. Boy, was I right! Other people did okay, but I got some unhappy campers. I was a zero until the final power hour; then I got 2. So we ended today like we started yesterday; on fire. Got groceries and checked tire pressure on the way home. Cooked machoroni, and now I'm even more tired. I will work 11 days straight before I get a day off.

Sunday, June 1st, 2003

I started feeling anxious Sunday afternoon, so I decided to go get a Sunday paper, maybe some gas, groceries--I have stuff to do. I even assured Static Girl that I was not going out drinking yet. Right. So I drove STRAIGHT to Famous Sam's, and Al is already there. Uh-oh. Al's in trouble with his woman, then Alex showed up--saying that he was in trouble with his, and then (2 hours later) I came home smelling like beer--with no Sunday paper, so now I'm in trouble with my woman, too. So we go back to the bar (snicker), and well, you probably get the overall idea. Al lost MY $5 playing pool, and never won a golf game. After 6 hours out, I DID come home with a Sunday paper.
Monday: Went to sleep relatively early Sunday night, and woke up way early Monday morn--like 7 am. It was a lazy day; I never left the apartment. Why bother? I am thankful for all the veterans who have died for my freedom, and skeptical of the governments who required their use.
Went to bed early Monday night, and was up early for work.
Tuesday: What a bunch of crap it was. Slow as dirt, bad calls; when I LEAD the room AND have a rotten shift AT the same time, that's a pretty crappy day (I said shift, right?). Thank God for pocket money; I was hilarious. 220 lbs. is good; that's close to 14 lbs lost since the first of April. Even with a tire losing air, I was good until the gridlock on Greenway home. Almost got run over at Safeway, but that's no big deal. Groceries; then daring the heartburn with peanut butter and bananas. Um, excuse me, where did Mr. Heartburn go? There should have been some kind of acid geyser erupturing out of my navel (oh yeah, like e-mail; e-rupturing; I get it). What? I made up a word totally by accident? It is definitely the writing season. No heartburn; not even a sympathy biscuit. Seriously; I am as amazed as you are. Tuesday night Ghost Stories with Static Girl on the warped tour. Went to get online. Later we learned that it was his sense of smell that brought coma-guy out of his coma--and I AM directly/indirectly responsible. Very cool. I felt like part of the solution--and that's a good feeling. Why can't I sleep? Sober, but groggily up...
Wednesday morning (What the fuck is groggily? Are you a frog now?) to go to...one more day in the real life "Boiler Room" (we've had no air-conditioning for a week now). Stupid people everywhere...you know what? I fucking lost it. No, I didn't scream or kill anybody or get fired or anything; but that good mood we've been faking in telemarket hell for a month? It went buh-bye. You were all fucked today. I was snide and sarcastic; mean even, cussing out children, patronizing old people, and hanging up on any excuse. I was daring to be monitored (fire me you fuckers!); but they would have just laughed at me. Today was not a good day to have me call you, bitch. Then I ate lunch and felt better. Dillard's customers make good IBO prospects; who'd have thunk it? Pretty soon I realized that even amidst my 2 hours of "telemarket terrorism" today (nice alliteration--it must be the writing season), I STILL led my program, and JUST MISSED having 4 sales an hour (3.5). I'm ready to KILL innocent people, and they're all patting me on the back and saying "good job". Okay, people, and yes, all of these highs and lows, with no emotional control, it's just like the radio; yes, and it is DEFINITELY the writing season. Thank you. So I tried to get my tire plugged; no chance. More groceries, and came home to cook what LOOKED like awesome veggie Hamburger Helper, but it made girlfriend sick; boo. But that's later. Came home and called TPG, to rant about losing the attitude, and how Dillard's may work for us. Then I went phone-hunting for a job. Angels sang as I was talking to Mortgage Carl, so I said to sign me up for it. I start Monday. Then I had to call people and tell them about my new job; and I'm not in such a bad mood anymore. In fact, except for my girlfriend feeling sick because of MY cooking (boo), it's a good evening. I'm going to be nice, and go drinking, so she can get some sleep. And IF I call in sick tomorrow, what are they gonna do? Fire me? Hey; there's some kind of replacement pinball for the dead Jurassic Park up at Sam's. It's been there since Monday; so I NEED to go find out what it is. Thank you...Turns out that instead of switching out Jurassic Park--they fixed it! Kick ass! So I played and won a few; I have the top 3 scores now. So we move 3 feet to the left, for Southpark pinball. My 423 million is still #1, so I feel good. And I continued to feel good as I scored 495 million, so now I have the top 2 on Southpark, too. Went to play golf, and there were these 2 guys getting ready to play it; they asked me to join. We played, I taught, things were going well. I decided to bring them with me for a ride around the block. It turns out that one is a club DJ, supposedly with his own studio; cool. They liked me, obviously, so let's hope we run into them again soon. We closed down the bar; yay us! Came home to crash after giggling for awhile about the THOUGHT of going to work, hungover, in a hated job--with no air conditioning. Like an idiot, I actually set my alarm.
Thursday: Unforunately I did not think about the negative effects Thursday morning might have on my girlfriend. SHE had to make breakfast for the guinea pigs, and she had to waste time coming in to try and wake me up. I was in rough shape; and she left while being VERY DISAPPOINTED with me. I got up at 9:30 and started kicking ass. I called and GOT a lawyer; then I gathered stuff up to mail to S. Carolina. I even remembered to confirm the address I had--which was wrong--by the way. Tire check, and off to pocket money (221 lbs.--with no exercise) where I was my usual "life of the party", then to Zia records to pick up Everclear's "Good Time for a Bad Attitude" (Also ordered "World of Noise", and dropped off a resume at Zia, 'coz that IS where I want to have my 2nd childhood/mid-life crisis/whateverclear). Then we're to Walgreens to pick up some mail goodies, then we're mailing, then we picked up a Jamocha shake for my still unhappy girlfriend. This was the best day I could have EVER taken to blow off. I am almost proud of me. Me, me, me, me, me and uh, oh yeah; me. Just so you know; this is my last week with a whole big load of free time. There won't be any "paid" paper-reading starting next week, and I doubt that there will be time for such personal attention, and there WON'T be anymore going out during the week. You'd better pray that things go well with my 2nd childhood plans if you rely on me for your entertainment.
Friday; I'm up and going to work--like nothing is amiss. I kept wondering HOW would I let them know that today was my last day; who would I tell first, and how would I do it? I didn't say a word to Lenno on Thursday at pocket money--I was doing very well in the keeping of my secret. As I walked in to work, I realized that the biggest problem had been eliminated--there was air-conditioning. Ahhh. I mumbled "too little, too late" as I set up in my cubicle. I'm surrounded by babes, again, and I noticed a new girl in class today. Met her and got her e-mail address, too (she wants me). In fact, this gorgeous, freckled, blonde college girl (who wants me) was the ONLY person to out-sell me on our program--proving that this is pretty easy work after all. I read the paper--knowing that this is the last daily paper I'll be reading for awhile. Lunch time. I was GOING to tell Joe that this was my last day, just to give him the heads-up; we still like Joe. Oh well. I got back on the phone after a few minutes of sitting with Gloria--didn't tell her anything either. So it's afternoon, and then it's the home-stretch, and I still haven't told anybody that they're never going to see me again. I am amazing. I started reading the "Ziazine" that I got with my new Everclear CD on Wednesday; what a magazine! Articles on Liam Lynch, Killer Mike from Atlanta, White Stripes, and a review of the Androids CD--and the CD costs only $7.99. Looks like I'll be going back to Zia records again today, duh. I SO want to be Andy Kaufman--working at that diner; except I would be the Overnight Guy--working at Zia records. I bought 2 CD's this week; 2! It's all about priorities, baby! I'm also glad that half of my afternoon calls were back to Georgia; it's fun to be nice to people in my old state. Back to the room, there are a couple of people here I am going to miss. But some of the stupid smoking mothers, the dirty street element, and the overall "flava" of the room; no, it will not be missed. Oh well. The day ends; it's payday, and I'm just hanging around in a daze. I've worn ties to this place before; can you believe that bullshit? I'll be wearing a tie on Monday, that's for damn sure. I walked out to Gus; he couldn't believe I kept the secret all day, too. In fact it was my Gus who reminded me that 'Infinite doesn't deserve the effort it would take to EXPLAIN to them that you're not coming back'. Shit; good point, Gus. So I go to Zia to buy the Androids CD and tell the manager that I'll be working there in about a year; he was cool with that. To the bank; didn't get in any fights in the parking lot today. Groceries, gas, and then we're home to tell girlfriend about my day, the Ziazine, and play the "Do It With Madonna" song that I can't get out of my head. She gave it a double-shrug (yay); that's stellar praise from Static Girl. Of course I cooked veggie machoroni in my underwear, served her, and cleaned up afterwards; I AM the perfect guy for her. Snuggle, and then I'm getting ready to go rule pinball at the bar. I LOVE Jurassic Park by the way--if I haven't said that before. A very good Al-less night it was, thank you. Home to crash; wake up at 10 am;
Saturday: we started by typing out the Continuing Medical Conspiracy, now we're over here trying to catch up the news while we listen to the whole Androids CD. It's good; these 4 guys from the outback have a clue; and there's no rap on the CD through 10 tracks. I might have to do a full review. Will we go see "Finding Nemo" today? I don't know; hell, I don't even know when people go to church out here. But since we do get to party with Al tonight, maybe we should go to the movies today. Nope; girlfriend said there will be no movie today, so I guess we'll go find Nemo while we're good and hungover tomorrow morning. Hey; there'll be lots of kids to "accidentally" kick and (oops) puke on. Hell, I love kids. 4 cups of coffee, screw the 2-cup limit. Feeling moderately productive, and then Al calls at 4 pm, and says we're going to trash the day early. I'm cool with that. So we did. I took 2 brothers around the block 2 different times, 'coz I'm a generous drunk. Al wants to come see Quixtar, too, and that's great. It was a fun early evening, and we got home early, and to sleep early, and up before 10 am on
Sunday: girlfriend has just informed me that we will be going to the movie at 11 am, 'coz she's a take-charge girlfriend. We Found Nemo! And that's a good movie, too. Go and see it; just be prepared for a bunch of loud children. Now it's 3 pm, and I'm just getting my stuff organized.
And I hope that you have enjoyed the long versions of bloggie style; you won't be seeing nearly as much starting tomorrow. In fact, you can all kiss my hairy white ass. Bye.

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