You Gotta Love Women
2 More Women

Let's do a last job/new job thing here. At my last job, there was a first week employee there named...names are not important here. So let's call this girl "Last job". What did she do? It's no big deal--and I certainly can't point a finger at her for doing it--but she locked her keys in her car. It happens, okay? It has even happened to me twice, in Gus, and I've only had him for 6 years. Maybe we all lock our keys in there at some point; I'm willing to concede that. The measure of intelligence is what we do after the problem is realized. Since she was AT work (she's not dumb yet), she figured to go ahead and work her shift, and throughout the day she would ask other workers for their assistance and advice. This is where the story gets interesting.

We learn that this girl has no "spare key" for her car; these are "special" keys that cost about $30 to make copies of, and she BOUGHT the car with only one key to the ENTIRE car (who does that?). And this is HER car; her husband is too poor to have a car, so she does all the driving (and she can keep tabs on him by ALWAYS knowing where he is, sure). And she's not too concerned about the situation; she's putting on her daily make-up, and talking to somebody on her cell phone. Not only is she not concerned about the immediate future, she doesn't even seem concerned about the immediate present. She's asking around for a slim-jim (you know, like the ones they have NEXT DOOR--at the auto glass shop). It's kind of amusing to me how lackadaisical she is to the fact that she only has one key to her car, and no way into it right now. When she finds out that somebody in the room is going to make a "purchase" from somebody else in the room, Lastjob asks the "customer" if he would break her off a little something-something from his purchase for her.

This happened right in front of me; and I almost snapped, but did not. I thought then, and still think now, that she is a classic example of female adulthood. Here's a dumb bitch; she's locked herself out of her car. She assumes that somebody else will take care of it for her, and she has no plans to waste (or "invest") $30 in a spare key. And at the first mention of drug-related news, she wants a sympathy sample of something that is only going to make her even DUMBER, and probably hungrier, too. In fact, she is clearly more interested in getting high, than getting into her car. There is a little more to this story, but you get the idea.

New job. After training, we had our first day of "fake it till you make it". Most people were concerned about getting a "sale" on their first day. The Other Top Dog and I were already competing for the "most sales" on the first day (he won--he got 4; I got 3). Toward the end of the day, the little zero girl sitting next to me saw that I was about to make another sale. Apparently this girl hasn't quite mastered the "magic" of velcro, because she starts to "accidentally" interere with my conversation, and hits me in the head a few times with my own flag (that she should not be touching anyway). I did not get the sale, and she apologized; I figured she was done messing around.

Later, she would get a difficult customer on the phone. Understand that on our first day, they don't want us new people trying to deal with too much adversity--and this is a good idea. She calls for a supervisor, and we'll stay name-less but this supervisor is one of my new heroes; and this supervisor is positively charged. He twists, nudges, and ABC's like a true champion, then turns this difficult customer into a sale! Remember that I'm over here, with my own calls, still trying to make sales. Then I look at zero girl; she has picked up my pen off of my desk (that she should not be touching anyway), and is drawing little flowers on her day-planner calender. She is (supposed to be, but) not even listening to the brilliance that is happening on her own phone line. I mean, the supervisor earned that sale FOR HER; the least she could do would be to ACT like she's paying attention. When he was done, I thanked the supervisor, met him, and like I said--he's one of my new heroes. Zero girl is not allowed to sit near me anymore. I like the new job.

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