The Medical Community Conspiracy Continues...

(All by myself I figured out why none of the brilliant tactics used my mother to pull me out of my coma in 1982 have been made into standard operating procedure. A comatose kid with good insurance and rich parents is the IDEAL low-maintenance hospital patient. If it were my hospital, or, if he were my patient, then I wouldn't want him to wake up either; hey, the room's occupied and the bills are being paid--let the kid get some sleep...Sometimes I don't need 5 paragraphs to make my point.)

The true medical conspiracy started innocently enough back in the 1970's, yes I said "innocently enough". Hospitals are businesses, lunkhead, and if you own a hospital, then you want as many rooms of that hospital full of people. And if you get a wealthy person into your hospital, then you might "discover" a few extra things wrong with that person--because you would prefer to just keep that wealthy person in your hospital--rather than go through the paperwork of releasing him, and putting somebody else in there (Auto mechanics are also famous for finding "other" things wrong with cars before releasing them back to their owners.).

People generally accept these terms because doctors DO go through many years of expensive education, and (after all) the doctor is the "expert" in these matters. Doctors are allowed by law to prescribe medicine, too; and doctors are highly respected professionals in their communities. I am not suggesting that any doctors "manipulate" their own work to create more expense for patients either--although this has been done to me, and probably to you, too (Auto mechanics often call this "preventative maintenance", and much of it is legitimite). I'm just saying that a hospital (or a garage) is a business, and a doctor (or a mechanic) is a business man. See?

AIDS research back in the mid to late 1980's revealed some interesting realities. Astonishingly (not really), there weren't ANY hospitals with many unoccupied rooms, and most doctors had full case loads. AIDS research had to be done privately, or "quietly" (depending on your point of view), because the first thing discovered about hospitals was that half (or more) of the people filling up the rooms DIDN'T NEED TO BE THERE. And I would just like to say "duh". More natural foods, limited exercise, and the strengthening of individual immune systems would allow MOST hospital patients to walk out; shhh.

Quickie background check--for anybody who's having trouble following this: Until AIDS / HIV, the only super scary disease we humans had not yet conquered was cancer. Cancer is treatable, but not curable; and I do want you to remember that little factoid. You know somebody who has cancer and is NOT in the hospital; you know somebody who has cancer and is IN the hospital, and you know somebody who has died from cancer; that's just the way it is. Cancer is the problem that brought forth the profound statement 'you cannot cure an incurable disease'. Have you ever heard of "funding for cancer research"? Not in the last 20 years you haven't, because (pay attention) you cannot cure an incurable disease...
AIDS is similar to cancer in many ways; in fact one type of cancerous growth, "kaposi's sarcoma", is studied side-by-side with AIDS because of all the similarities. Here's what's messed up; are you ready? AIDS is incurable--we know this. Do you still hear about "funding for AIDS research"? Yes you do; it strarted in 1986 and goes on today. In fact YOUR president Bushie (in May 2003) just signed over $15 billion for AIDS research in Africa (that's $15,000,000,000). Can you cure an incurable disease? No you cannot.

We're almost done. Back in the 1980's, all of that "quiet" AIDS research brought out 2 facts you are not ready for. But here you go; AIDS degeneration is stoppable, and HIV (just like cancer) is treatable. There are HIV people who DO get better, and there are people with AIDS who live long lives. Now you haven't seen any mention of this in the news, and you never will, certainly not while the leader of the free world is dumping $15 billion of the government's drug money on a dead issue. Maybe it looks like I'm ragging on Bushie again, but I'm not. I WILL insult him again; I DON'T like the little pussy, and if he ever comes within 20 feet of me I will FIND a way to kick his ass, yes. But today I throw the "thumbs-up" sign to Mr. Bush. Why? Because the United States has tons of drug money that has to be hidden; and like the doctor, hospital owner or mechanic, the "President" is a business man. Thank you very much.

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