Old Personal News

(starting with the week ending 7-18-04)

Sunday 8-8-04

Never made said grocery run. Girlfriend gave me her stash of medicines to help me combat my not well-ness. Soon after this she verbally blew up at me, and later she also apologized; hey, I'm just happy to be in the loop here. I got to say "Thank you for the drugs." to my girlfriend today--who could have seen that coming? Somewhere during Sunday afternoon I took a yummy warm shower. Problem is, that made me lazy. I don't HAVE to make a grocery run; the only thing I'm going to run out of today is Live Wire--and I have a Mountain Dew stash for just such emergencies. I stayed in. Got online and caught that damn worm virus, again, that's the 3rd time. Downloaded some more Fred columns, hey look--my free anti-virus just kicked on by itself at midnight, thanks again to my (yummy) FCP. So it turns out that it was my Dad who turned me on to the Fred rantings last Summer. Dad also threw out some political insight that, if true, is beyond scary. War is big business. So I'm just in some kind of weird limbo right here. And I went to bed fairly early. Up
Monday for a big day at work. Really. Lots of calls, too. It took awhile, but I eventually got one. Yay. Started feeling much better about my abilities, and was monitored by a couple of veterans who say I sound really good. That helps. Ran by the grocery after work, then home to my tired girlfriend. We watched a decent episode of SG-1, and then had soft snuggle after 8 pm. Nice. Then I started playing on the computer. Wound up going to all of these conspiracy websites; Illuminati and hybrids. Humans are a slave race (at least I knew that one), and other insights. That's alot to go to sleep on. Sure. Then I'm up
Tuesday with an hour to kill before work. Or less. Static Girl came home to take Tess to the Vet again, I wish she was doing better. And then I'm at work. Coming out of the big office was "A", another manager from MIC; there must be some kind of mass exodus going on there. I'm still not trained to go all the way through the script, but the first couple of questionable people have been let go. I learn new bits and pieces everyday, in fact I learned some good stuff today--they let me sit in the main room with the veterans . No sale, though. I've got to start really producing soon. Lost in all of this was that I am almost over my sniffles--which is great news. Poor Tess is not doing well; cancel that, Tess is no longer with us--she died Tuesday evening. Damn. Then the phone rang at 9 pm. It's Pool Guy's last day as a free man, and he's at the bar. I was warned (by my girlfriend) that going to party would make for an unfriendly Wednesday in the home life. I'll deal with it. So I went up there. It was fun, yes, although I felt really weird about partying when I wasn't completely well yet. I wondered what this would do to the recovery process. Closed it down, then came home to do a dance, and then race some Gran Turismo. It was kind of like a blowout--now that I look back at it. What was I thinking? Crashed. Up
and groggy for Wednesday. Had to go early for big training. My throat hardly hurts at all--this is lucky! No more sneezes either, wow. Good training; they want us to be more assertive now. Okay. I only got a few calls, and no sales again, but it's obvious that they like me. I was the last person off of the phone, after 6, a long day. Got ice cream on the way home, but came home to eat nachos (I'm not wasting any more money). Static Girl wouldn't talk to me at all; who could blame her? She even went to bed without saying goodnight. I'm torn between wondering if I'm still living, or just existing anymore. Perhaps I'm lucky that I still have a job and a girlfriend (do I?). Sure. Life would be much harder without them. So I went to bed. After some snoozing, I got up
at 9ish Thursday. Showed up at work at 11; it's too bad that there was a meeting AT 11, so I was 3 minutes late. A small group was fired today, but not me. I fought hard through many phone calls, but did not get a sale. However, I am still employed. They're changing up the hours on us, too. I now work from 7 am till 5--or something like that. I'll do it, though, because I want to break into commissions. Stayed until 6, and then I came home to make macaroni. Wanted to hug on my girlfriend too, but she's still not speaking to me. Okay. I asked for an explanation, but got nothing. I'm sure I deserve it; I just don't know why. So I watched some X-Games. Yes, babies, I want to go drinking. But I won't, because I'm going to kick some ass at work tomorrow. I hope to get many sales, and get my girlfriend back tomorrow. But let's not split hairs; I'm going drinking tomorrow night--regardless. Ha. So; after setting my alarm to awaken at 6 am, I forgot to turn it on. Oops. So I woke up
Friday morn at 7 am--need to be at work by 7:30; it's not gonna happen. Called in late on my first morning shift; bad. But I showed up and fit right in with the program. Long story short; we were told to get 2 deals today, or we might not be back on Monday. I've never gotten 2 deals in a day. Great. But I went and got 2 deals today. Woo. They all seem to be happy with me, and things aren't as bad AT WORK as they might be. So I get all done with my day, happy, ready to come home and share with my Static Girlfriend that I got 2 deals today...and her car's not here. Huh? She's BEEN home, but she's no longer home now. Okay. I haven't talked to her in 2 days, and now it's looking like 3. So I ate some leftovers and watched some X-Games. She came home around 7, or maybe 7:30; who's watching a clock here? Asked her if she was okay, and she nodded yes. I don't know what's going on. All I know is that I had a good day at work, and I'd like to celebrate. Stay tuned...Okay. We all know that it was wrong of me to go out Tuesday night, after Tess died. Turns out that my girlfriend expected more from me than I showed, and she was really pissed--much more so than we figured. I did get to talk to her some on Friday evening, and there was a hug, so maybe we can get through this dark time. Let's hope so. Then I went to the bar; of course. Pool Guy was there, and he claimed to be poor again, but he funded most of the evening. I came home and ate everything in the house, and then crashed nicely. Up
on Saturday around 11 or so. Tv is pathetic, except for the X-Games. Made some nachos and took the trash out. Watched a little Mexican boy throw 4 phone books into the dumpster, and I said nothing. It's not my problem. Grrr. Forced laziness; since I don't really have any money, then I don't have to/get to go anywhere. A full day of, well, nothing. I would have done anything with my girlfriend, or for her, or TO her (I'm dreaming now--she's still pissed at me), but it was just a nothing day. Later I taped and watched some Blue Collar tv; Ron White is definitely my hero. And at 3:30 am, I have completed a commentary about last summer. Then I went and watched some more Blue Collar Comedy. It's been a long time since I was still awake from the night before when the Sunday paper got here--that was pretty cool. So I pulled it in, and then it was about bedtime. Set my alarm for 11, too. Up
Sunday morning with only 4 or 5 hours of sleep. Good. Maybe I'll be tired tonight. Coffee, and a shower. Then I'm plotting and planning my errand run. Lunch, 99cent store, gas, and the grocery, and back home before the end of the Brickyard 400. Now we have to talk to people on the phone, and open birthday boxes. Okay. I got some nice shirts and a few $. Yay. Now I'm going to upload this mess.

Sunday 8-1-04

"D'''s house, yeah. Yes. In fact, we loaded up the webpage early, decided to not call any family, and headed down to the old job to pick up Dale. He was happy to see me, and they had a crap day at work--what a shock. Hurting on money, we headed over to his house. The pool is beautiful (yes I back-flipped), and there's good shade on the deck; I could do a couple of back exercises on his standing gym, too. We threw electronic darts until the batteries died (I rule). I even got a load of laundry done. No alcohol, and no smoke. It had an edge of boring--with no drugs, but it was fun. He loaned me "15 Minutes" to watch with Static Girl. Came home, and I was hungry. Oh it's ramen + crumbles time. Yum, and the movie. I liked it, because I like the revelation of how the media are a bunch of whores; Static Girl was not impressed, but she sat through the whole thing with me. Then she went to bed, and I'm planning my next Commentary. Now that I can (again) cuss and rant anyway I deem necessary, I'm excited. The updated newspaper news has a couple of stories about our water shortage. Maybe it's time to do energy again. Yes it was. I finished The Arizona Solar Project before 1 am. Then I tried to go to sleep. Up
slowly at 9 am Monday. I was getting ready for a big day at the new job. But it was not to be. We're still really slow on calls. But they let us out at 5 again. I went 99cent store shopping, and drove thrus DMS to see why there have been so few cars there lately--um, they're closing next week. So much for that potential job in the neighborhood. Speaking of the neighborhood, a lady got strangled yesterday right across the park from us at 12th st. and Bell. Ho hum. Finally home, to a jury duty girlfriend, where we ate ramen and then snuggled nicely. Now I'm torn. No; I'm at the bar. And I did the self-party thing again. It's like masturbating--you got a problem with that? Raining when I came home, and I apparently got creative with my parking space; okay. At least I didn't come inside and play "Look I'm a fountain", which I have done a few times. 2 hours of snooze button boogie, and I'm up
Tuesday at 9 am. Got out of here and went to work--I even took my workout clothes. Another slow as dirt day at the new grind. Eventually it would be payday. They pulled us into the office one at a time and asked us how we could improve our numbers. I suggested rapid-fire roleplay, and they liked it. My check was as nice as I could have hoped for 1 week. And I got to leave 15 minutes early. But instead of rushing to a bar or bar-b-que, I raced for my old gym, got there at 6:30--and worked out. Yay! Only 2 circuits, because I was rushing (and I'm old). My weight is good, too. Happy. Came home to change clothes; I was going to go eat ribs. Girlfriend suggested that I stay in, so then I got lazy, and made killer nachos instead. Yum. Then I was just watching lots of taped tv. Did some work in the kitchen, and now I'm back here at the computer. E-mail and updates. I need to get some sleep and get out of here early 2maro. Sleep, yes. Out early? No. Up
at 9 am Wednesday, hump day if you're scoring at home. Everything I have still hurts from working out yesterday. I went by the bank, and the computers were down. I may regret making a deposit anyway, but I did it. And to work for our special training session. I had my first call where I let some bitch take control from me--it should have been a sale, instead I got hung up on. I was upset all day for that one. Oh well. Then they let us out a few minutes early. I rushed home to try to call my Mom, but her phone is messed up. So then we had nice snuggle here, and dinner for me was another clam chowder masterpiece. I did a load of laundry, and am now ahead on laundry for the first time in awhile; cool. Boy, time sure flies when you're just sitting at the computer and looking at shit. I can see how my girlfriend can spend so much time here now--and I've only begun to discover the internet media. Then my computer died. Did indie news sites slide me a virus? That'd suck.
Thursday? Yeah, I remember Thursday. Okay; no I don't. Bummer. Went to work, and had lots of not useful revelations about how the world works--but made no sales. We were excited about the catered company dinner Thursday evening. It was at a nearby hotel. I had 2 beers. That's all. Really. But then I decided to go ahead and trash the night. Came home and Pool Guy had called to say he was at the bar! So I went, and let him buy mass quantities of beer for us. He made me promise to come back Friday night, too. What a fun night! I won every golf game, too. Home way after midnight to crash and get up
for work Friday (you gotta love going to work at 11 am). Lousy day at work, though. They let us leave early, and I came home to thank girlfriend for fixing my computer. She asked for Subway, so I went and got her good food. Then I tried to use my first Bic shaver in years; single blade. I cut my lip in such a way that it bled for an hour--it was like a shark bite. My sink looked like a horror movie. And I'm glad for mirrors--because I didn't even know I HAD cut myself. After cleaning most of the blood up, hours later, there finally was some snuggle in our house. My girlfriend, the witch, jinxed me into being sick--by asking me why I was coughing and sniffling. She could tell that I was trying to get-R-done so that I could go back to the bar; I wasn't clever enough. Pool Guy was supposed to be there, but he was not. I should have left and come back here immediately, but I gave in to beer pressure. Southpark pinball went well, and I'm learning a new level of disappointment in the A-13 game that still isn't fixed. And there was a ride with ACE and his chick. Then I won all the golf again. Ho hum. Home late, why would I party so late (?) when we're getting up
early Saturday to be at work at 7 am. Girlfriend was awake and ready for the assist if I needed it, but I got up in good time. That was fun, going to work in jeans. I got a sale early, yay. And my throat isn't hurting, but I'm sniffling and coughing alot. Boo. Home around 1:30, and I'm not too tired, but still sniffling. No bar tonight. Oh well. The tired and lazy finally caught up with me, and I almost gave in. At the last second I prevailed by going and getting an oil change, then doing some big 99cent store shopping. At the oil change--true record time--it was done in 5 minutes...Then I had to stand around and wait 15 minutes for the printer to print my receipt (manual labor--good, technology--bad). Bought my witch girlfriend some cool purple shampoo. The bar has been whispering for me all day, but to go surely guarantees my getting sick. I still may not get totally sick, which would help. I'm staying in and drinking the evening coffee that my yummy FCP sent me. Hmmm. I was actually trying to say that the coffee is yummy, but the shoe fits. Then me and my witchgirl watched the Lion King here, and I finished off 3 days of newspapers. Now I'm back at my desk with live Peter Gabriel, playing on a fixed computer, and contemplating Gran Turismo. Wasn't I tired? Didn't I want to go to bed early enough to get some good sleep? Well, after Static Girl called it a night, I kept going. I was playing online, watched some tv, and talked to myself for awhile. All of a sudden it was after 1 am. Crashed, still sniffling, and got sleep. Woke up
once at 7 am, and at 8, and at 9, but I wasn't getting up. Finally around 11 am our phone rang. I missed it, but it was my Dad. So I got up and called him back. He's doing okay, and I may have inherited an adult life of sinus trouble from him; great. 3 cups of coffee later, I decided that I needed to go win a purple racing Cerbera in the old Gran Turismo. I still love that game, and I got the car on my first try. Then I called Mom, and talked to her for about an hour. She wants to come and visit; and that's cool. Now I'm just in the twilight that is being "I'm not sick, but I'm not well." I should make a grocery run...

Sunday 7-25-04

The rest of Sunday the 18th was spent tucked away at home; quiet and air-conditioned. I wanted to go out and sweat, wanted to get some things done, but lazy took root. I dreaded calling my Mom, always do, but somehow today's chat went well. I actually felt better after talking to her; wow, huh? She helped with insight into my current disappointment, and enlightened with stories of vacations coming. Then I also talked to my FCP; she's still crazy about me. Cool and dark all day, with a couple episodes of "I Love the 90's" under me now. I made some messy chili, too. It may have also been on Sunday that I got an e-mail about the band 3 Penny Needle coming out with a new CD. I so wanted to be well-rested for Monday at work. Got some sleep, and was up
Monday morning, getting ready. At work, I felt good. It showed, apparently, and I got my first sale ever. Yay. Tried to take it in stride, the room overall did not have a good day. Oh well. On the ride home, it seemed like Gus was making some extra noise, ticking, like he needs oil. After work, I was racing home to see my yummy girlfriend. She's not in the kitchen, cooking for me in her underwear (like I am for her), but it's still a thrill to see her. I chose to snuggle before dinner; I'm celebrating my first sale. It was good, as always. I decided that beer was in my future. Went and checked out a new bar at 32nd st and Greenway; this bar has everything. It's too bad that their T2 pinball is so stiff. Back to my Sam's; Gus is still ticking. Stayed till midnight, and came home to eat more of that chili mess from earlier. Sleep was difficult--this is apparently what I wanted. Okay. Up
Tuesday morning after 2 hours of snooze button boogie. Imagine this hangover with only 4 hours of sleep; erugh. On the ride to work Gus was not a happy vehicle; this stressed me out. So I had a tricky day at work Tuesday; I'm still learning with every phone call. No sales. The day ends. To the parking lot to check some oil; the dipstick is dry. Great. Well, at least I found the problem. Drove slowly to a different Checker Auto Parts. The cool guy calmed me down and told me what to do. I will go back and thank him later. Bought some oil, put it in, and drove (quietly, yay) to the grocery. Got some stuff, and came home. Now I was feeling better; me--the big mechanic, fix-it-all guy. Yeah. Static Girl was proud of me. Decided to change clothes and go down to my Checker and get more oil. It looks like the gasket may be leaking--because the plug is tight. Back home to cook nachos, make lunch, and create 2maro's salad. Now I'm the chef guy, too. I finally get to eat after 8 pm, heck, girlfriend went to bed before I was done eating. She's really liking the less time we have together now; that kind of bothers me, but maybe it's okay. So now I finally get back here to my room for an update. I'm so behind. Listening to the Gran Turismo soundtrack on the computer. Soon enough it would be bedtime. Up
Wednesday morning by 9. Meant to get up a little earlier. Gathered and headed for work. It was another very slow day; I only had 2 calls. But, 1 of them was a sale for me. Yay. Some people were asked if they wanted to leave at 5; I stayed. No big puddles under Gus, good, and we headed home. Tess is doing much better, even if she has a little guinea piggie brain damage--she's still going. In a mail-check, we got another package from S. Cackalackey. Kill Bill for me, and Splash for Static Girl. My garlic salad made a nice dinner. Then there was our usual great snuggle. I would watch Bill before bed; interesting movie--and enjoyable. Taped the Denis Leary "Rescue Me" premier; I'll watch it on Thursday. Went to bed before midnight for a change. Slept pretty well, too. I like not being rushed in the morning to wake up
Thursday and go go go. I rolled out and had 2 cups of coffee. I was hungry; and it dawned on me that I haven't eaten myself full in a long time. And this is smart, too. It's the "working out" attitude, even if I haven't been working out for the past couple of weeks. But I decided that I could eat a nice brunch thing. So I went and had 2 daytime Whoppers, and a multivitamin. Tried to get a sales book at Waldenbooks, but they didn't have it. The girl sent me to Bookstar, which is about 2 rock throws west from where I work on Camelback. Okay. Turns out that this store is also a B+N affiliate, and I can use my gift card there. Cool. I got a book that's real close to the sales book I wanted; mine is "The Art of Closing Any Deal" by J. W. Pickens. Mine. It was already a decent day; the weather was cool and dark; well, as cool and dark as it can get in the July desert. I even felt a few rain drops; hey, bring it on. Decided that I need to wash Gus--to wet the front brakes, even the air pressure out, and prepare for a transmission flush. At work, it's deathly slow again. I liked the 'one more training day' approach, but it would have been nice to take some phone calls. Some people got to, but not all of us. I read some in my new book, and we discussed controlling the conversation in our training. I'm not just blowing smoke; some of today's training was really good. They threw us out an hour early, which was cool, because I wanted to get some stuff done. Got some tire air, washed my buddy, and came home to hug on my girlfriend and make a tamale dinner. Also did a load of laundry. The new job has to let us all try to get it going, and I think they will. I've never worked at a place where it's all so loose in the beginning. There is money to be made here--that's for sure. Oh yeah; "Rescue Me". Post 9/11 New York Firefighters meet "6 Feet Under"; with wit, sarcasm and foul language. I didn't think it would fly--with Denis Leary as the lead character. Boy am I glad to be wrong. That was a good show. Stay tuned. 2maro is Friday, and I'm guessing that we will do more at work than just kill time. I'm hearing quiet Crystal method on the computer; unlike the neighbors who believe they have to blast their music after 10 pm. Okay; I read some in my new book, and tried to go to sleep around 12. At 1 am, I got out of bed and wrote about The 2004 Writing Season, which is a cute little commentary. It's 2 am, and I have another one in mind, too. Yeah, yeah, happy 3 am; just finished 9/11--Three Years Later.I'm making progress. Kiss my ass. Went back to sleep, a little, and got up
Friday morning for work. Got to use my new parking deck key, and Gus' driver's power window motor is dying, booo. At work, it's very quiet again. I took a couple of calls, but got nowhere. Bummer. But they're giving us Saturday and Sunday off, which is nice. I came home and ate some yummy salad--girlfriend called it the best ever. Then it was snuggle time. Then my FCP called, too, and soon enough it was bar time. Pool Guy was there, and he funded the adventure, of course. I should've asked him for money, but didn't. I rule all games, as usual. Then I came home and crashed. Up
at noon on Saturday. Coffee, and then we're watching "Splash" with girlfriend. Good movie. Pretty soon I'm feeling anxious; maybe I want some crab legs. Decided to go find some--at the Great Wall buffet. Yum. Then I went 99cent store shopping and got some gas. Now I'm back at home trying to think of a reason to go to the bar. Maybe. Girlfriend went to bed at 10, and I was out of here. Improvised A-13 pinball, and some solo golf. Fun. Home at 1. Couldn't sleep, and the downstairs neighbors were having another party. Grrr. Lots of time just lying in bed. Can't even tell you if there was measurable sleep. Woke up
on my own at 10:30 Sunday morning. Coffee. Today could have going to "D'''s house for working out and back flips.

Sunday 7-18-04

The rest of Sunday the 11th was spent looking over my new sales job info, and figuring out how to make it work best. I downloaded some more Fred stuff, and was trying to get to sleep at a decent hour, but I was excited. Choosing between the 2; being too excited too sleep, or being depressed about going to a boring and unfulfilling job that's glory days are behind it, I'll take the excitement. So I had trouble sleeping. Got up, got back online and downloaded some more Fred, and then finally got to sleep after 2. The alarm tricked me, but I was up
just after 10 am Monday. I ran a few minutes late, yes, but something told me it would all be okay. I was right. This is a young company, and they are expanding right now. I like this place, and the people are sharp. They ran a couple of newbies off today, but the rest of us got hired AND they let us go early. A guy at the new job said something about how guns are better than children becasue you can clean them, admire them/use them, then put them away and they're quiet. He's good. 2maro should be interesting; monitoring, and some role play. I drove by the old job and dropped off my headphones. Day Manager asks me 'so what happened?' Rather than tell him they were all full of shit, I just said that my back hurt. Got to shake a couple of hands, and that was that. Bye. Pick your allegiances. You don't see me on the phone here at home, calling old roommates/best friends or family members to discuss stuff. Anybody who needs to know already knows. The rest will find out when they are told. I will only get a couple of hours with my girlfriend in the evening now, so I cherish them more. We sat on the warped tour after snuggling and watched a little tv. I hope to never forget how nice it feels to sit beside my girlfriend, barely touching her. She rocks. Then she goes to bed, and I am forced to be quiet as I read more, compute, and try to figure out where life went so wrong. Midnight should be bedtime, but it's hard to sleep during a mental summer vacation. That's where I am; running through wheated fields, alone, wishing there was more to do and more time to do it. Got to sleep, maybe, around 1. Up
with the alarm on Tuesday at 8--I like sleeping into the morning just a bit. My back hurts a little, but that may just be adjustment to the new schedule. I'm alone, and it's quiet here in the morning. Coffee, bananas, and calmness here. I have a few minutes left before I need to shower and go; this is very nice. Yes. And a day at work it was. We monitored others on the phone; ehhh. A little role-play, too. Not very exciting. Some of these night people won't be here long, but I like this new job. I'm feeling like a beer or 2. So guess where I wound up? It was fun, too. Home around midnight, and then some yummy sleep. Up
before 10 here on Wednesday, and we're getting ready for work. I like having time in the morning; wish I had a little more today. I'm going to work in a great mood. On the phone, not much happened. I only got 1 call, and she was already a customer. Oh well. There is much good to be accomplished here though. Home to eat a banana and kiss on my woman. That led to real live snuggle, and then Tess ate some of my yummy ramen dinner (yay). Talked to my spiritual advisor "X"; he's not loving the old job either. Then I washed clothes, took out trash, did dishes and changed sheets. Then girlfriend goes to bed, and it's all quiet here. Shhh. Wow, I did get to bed fairly early, and up
before 9 am Thursday. Prepping up for a big day at the new job; I WILL get a sale today. Or not. Maybe I'll only get 4 phone calls the whole day, and maybe 2 of them will hang up on me. Shit. Still, there is something very good here. It will get busier next week. On a personal note, maybe I just need to get firm with the morons who owe me $. If they were responsible idiots, then they would have paid me back already. Okay; that was easy. 2 weeks is plenty of time; I'll let 'em know. After work we're shopping at the 99cent store, and heading home for tamales and over-ripe bananas. A little tv, a little virus-scan, and it's already 9 pm--Static Girl is heading for bed. Tess is still messed up, but she appears to have decided to enjoy her limited time left on earth. She's bouncing around (with her head sideways), and eating well; she seems to be happy. We could all learn a lesson from Tess. There was some sleep. Up
and ready to go for Friday. Cooked some ricey deluxe on my way out. I really want to get a sale before the weekend; we are to have Saturday and Sunday off. Well, we were. A spontaneous meeting called for work Saturday. I opted out; they let me. On the phone, I finally got some calls! We have to get some of these butterflies out of the way, and we did! I also got some good advice from veterans of the show, and this stuff is going to start kicking on Monday. I left Friday thinking I had accomplished much--even without a sale. Cool. Came home to a tired girlfriend; I left my tie on so she could see me all dressed up. She wants me. She liked having dinner ready when she got home. There was super snuggle for her, and then I'm getting ready for a Friday night. I broke A-13 pinball--even while scoring 2.8 billion on a broken game. Then I put the whammy on Southpark; 3 games of golf went well, too. Ran out of money at midnight, so I came home. After eating everything in the house, sleep was nice. Woke up
before 11 am Saturday. Girlfriend and I are going to go eat somewhere. Yes, Sweet Tomatos. It was yummy as usual. Then we went to Fry's Electronics to get me 3 DVD's. Got 'em, and then we're to Big Lots and Walgreen's, too. Finally home, and then I walked up to the Community Center for the first time ever. They have a weight room, and other stuff. Now I'm back home, and a little tired. I could watch a movie. 20 years ago I wrote a poem about "The Interesting Girl"; where is it? I want to do an update of it. Even if I can't write much new, I can still write something. Convinced Static Girl to watch "The Core" with me, and that was a great movie. Girlfriend isn't sure she wants to watch "Little Big Man"--I'll have to convince her (another time). Then it was after 8 pm, and I started stirring for the bar. Darts, anyone? TPG showed, and I was civil. I am so much better than all of those people. Ha. Drunk nachos, or drunk chowder? When I came home, it became clam chowder time. Yum. Then to crash in my big beautiful bed. Up
near 11 am Sunday. Lots of coffee.

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