Summer 2004:
Why Aren't We Writing?

Hello? It's July already. What a difference a year makes, huh? We'll hit some details, surely, but let's look at a few MAJOR differences we have here and now from last Summer: the old job, with the interest rates dropping--making sales easy, is gone. The desire to play games (no more Jurassic Park pinball, and A-13 is iffy) in the usual bar is also gone. The thrill of a new business venture is gone, mostly due to a friendship that is at least "MIA", if not gone (not my fault). The old "Pool Guy" party buddy that was in the neighborhood is now gone. Last Summer I still weighed 220, and was in the big drive to get down near 200, which I have done, so that's pretty much gone.

There are some other factors that have dropped or drizzled, as well, but these are the highlights; these are the things that have deteriorated. I make no excuses; much of the fault here is mine (It is?). As my Mom has said; 'this is what you get from trusting people'. And she's absolutely correct, y'all. The cold, loner, cowboy approach to doing it on your own is NOT an Overnight Guy original after all; it comes from a silly, round woman in Florida--a woman I maybe haven't given enough credit to. And she deserves her own tribute somewhere else, I am actually building to a point here.

We had to make some changes...and we did! Not only do I have a new bed, a new ear, and new computer, but I also (finally) went and got a new job! And THIS job is different--it doesn't "waller around" (Georgia term) with the economy or interest rates. This here new job is all about (1) common sense and (2) closing the deal; 2 things that I shouldn't have any trouble with, ever. I still have some more learning to do (procedure), and another couple of sales books to read (performance), but I'm going to get promoted for real at this new place.

New subject; instead of any mental state of chance, all my mental states are now going to be of choice. I'm talking about the writing season directly now. If there was/is/might be any doubt in any person's mind anywhere, let me scream at you that:


I already know it, and she knows I know it, and it's just not really a news flash for us here anymore, okay? I have completely ruined her for other men, and after 6 years I have written many wonderful things for her that cannot/will not be topped by anybody else because she is (pay attention) completely ruined for other men. I no longer have to prove anything to her with creative wordplay. If I feel a soaring need to dedicate praise to her beyond my normal actions, then I'll go wash her car or something.

My entire world has changed over the last 7 months--OF COURSE the "writing season" (that I created 20 years ago--by the way) is going to do a new dance, as well. There is no foul language here; there is no detail. This, however, is the first piece of a brand new puzzle. I suggest that you have read too much already, and should not read any more. Ever.

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