9/11--Almost Three Years Later

I swear, I'm not shitting you, okay? On Headline News today, 7-22-04, they showed the actual airport security wanding of a couple of the terrorists that got on 1 of the planes that eventually crashed into the Trade Center. Yawn. Those skinny little Saudis didn't look all that intimidating to me, mother fucker. And by the way, I own 20 box cutters; I stole 'em all from a little nazi grocery I used to work at in Athens, Georgia.

You remember the story, right? Muhammed, Sinbad, and a couple of other stereotypical towel-heads TOOK OVER airplane flights with fucking grocery store box cutters. They announced 'we are taking over your plane now, we are going to crash it, and you are all going to die'. Fuck. I'd have paid every penny I ever had to be on a plane with that happening.

"Yo, Osama, we're all going to die? Okay, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm going back to the flight fridge, and I'm gonna start chugging every little 2-ounce bottle of booze I can find. And if you don't like it, then you and your big, scary boxcutter (snicker) can come back here--and we'll boogie. Somebody gimme a cigarette, too. Fuck." And I'd head back for the fridge, waiting to be intercepted by a camel jockey, and we'd tango. Period.

But that's all it would have taken to stop them. If I started to lose the confrontation, somebody would jump in and help me. And then we'd have a true, airborne, shrilling riot. And I wouldn't stop until I cut off a few ears, and cut out a few tongues; I might even pull down the pants of a terrorist and butt-fuck him right there in front of all the other passengers--you know, it just depends on what kind of mood I was in.

Bottom-line; no more pussy-ing around. I barely give a fuck about Blacks (although they do sort of have a historical argument), and I DON'T give a fuck about foreigners, poor people, and children. And as far as I'm concerned, those god-damned radical fucking feminists can just drop to their knees and suck the mercy right out of me--those fucking cunts. I'm done being all nice and apologetic about shit.

I can't wait to get involved.

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