Old Personal News

(Starting with the week ending 5-22-05)

Here's the week ending...

Sunday 6-19-05

Monday morning, 6-13 started slowly. I would get up and make some calls, but nobody wanted to deal with me. Bummer. But I did not sit around depressed; although there wasn't much accomplishment either. Did some more conspiracy web-surfing; that's always fun. Some of the employers phones are not being answered today--what's up with that? Oh well. Tried to load a crate of CD's to sell; that's going to be tough. Wound up staying in completely. There was good snuggle, and some tv. I could have made more out of this day, but it was what it was. Trouble sleeping, and we're up
Tuesday in the am. Lots of phone calls; good things set up for Wednesday. But I still need to do some stuff today. I will. Way behind on computer crap here, too. I almost don't have time to be pitiful. Sheeit. Okay. It was alot to do; we looked for work in a few places--impressed the close-by phone room lady, sold some CD's, tried to get Mom a motel room, then came back and did more. I am the operator. Mom's cheapest motel room will be our old Courtesy Inn place--nice. Cooked some great ramen for me and my girl, talked to more parents, and then gave up on it. Actually, I got her done. Yay. Big C wants to go play later, and I can. Wow; I was actually productive. More later. Big C wants to meet up and go play Twilight Zone pinball--oh I can do that. So we did. I still haven't broken the billion barrier, but I got 900 mil. Then it's back to our neighborhood poker cluster fuck. Lost my first $10, but got back in with a borrowed 5 and cleaned up $70. Woo. That's a solo burger breakfast for me. Then home to strut like a peacock. Crash time. Up
Wednesday to phones ringing at 9 am; it's that close-by phone room wanting to interview me and see if I'm half as cool as I look on paper. That's what I'm talking about; yeah. 2maro we'll go blow them away. So I went and bought some gas and groceries--all of a sudden I'm broke again. Oh well. But I will meet up with big C and we'll play some pinball. Back to the Machine; I got another billionaire, #7, and then back to the poker tourney. Lost my $10, but then my final $10 earned me a $4 profit. And big C wants to buy me breakfast. Colossal burger time. Home to pass out at 4 am. Up
for life at what? 10 am? Sure. And this would be a televisual catch-up day. House, and the Shield finale, 1 PTI. Yay. It rained. Had a nice long chat with my FCP, yay. Big C said we would go and play our pinball/poker thing. Cool. Off to Springtuckey for early Monster Bash, and then my Twilight Zone tutorial. 2 bil, Lost in the Zone, new high score. That was fun. And then we're back to the neighborhood poker. I can't do shit with it, but it's a social fun thing. Home to eat all the macaroni in the fridge, and pass out. Now I'm broke, and done with invested entertainment until further notice. Up
at noon Friday. Girlfriend says that it is not Friday--I don't know what that means. We watch a little tv, but she's all "Blah" about life. I started another bean soaking. A little later we did snuggle prep, and then came a happy surprise of 3-way combo snuggle. Woo. Then I'm heading down to the poker tourney--with my chess set. D was doing well; we would eventually trade hook ups. 2 walks. And D played chess with me. Still learning, I won one and lost one. That's a cool game--tons of thought. We closed it down, and I came home to eat all the ramen in the house. Crash. Up
at noon Saturday. Today could be the market with big C. Yes it was. No college kids right now--it was all locals. Lots of cool produce and plants. Drummers and hackey sackers. Then we're off to catch back up on Twilight Zone pinball. Met the bar owner BRY, he's very cool, and he gave us a few credits. I would have another Lost in the Zone billion game. Woo. Big C stomped me in a game of chess; I still have much to learn. C bought me a few beers, too. Then we're heading back to our neighborhood poker tourney. I borrowed $10 and lost 5 of it. Then lost the other 5. Big C then offers me a final $5, and I turned that into $40. Cool. One of the new card dealer guys, B J, is my new location boss at the work I'll be starting on Monday. Great. So I fired him a few times--getting ready for next week. What a fun night! Home at 3 to cook and eat a whole box of macaroni. My beans look okay, too. Crash. Up
at noonish Sunday. Girlfriend is cleaning house, and has already been to the grocery. Wow. I miss alot sometimes. I tried to vaccum, and broke the thing. Great. Let's play with my beans! I'm going to take the excess water and create my own vegan dirty rice--because I'm a fucking genius. Yes! It's good. Then I'm talking on the phone to Dad's and Mom's of 2 kinds; trying to get a big visit organized for late July. Work with me, or don't; I no longer care. Let's get 'em all here together, at the same time--spread the suffering. I might be working, Static Girl might not; let's do this.

Sunday 6-12-05

The rest of 6-5 is sketchy at best. I cleaned well, sweated, and finally talked to Mom. Mom wants to get all authoritative with me, and try to twist my words around--like a police therapist or some shit. Maybe I shouldn't have called her on an empty stomach. She's over there sitting on a headline, and yet she wants to tear my words up. Is it women in general that are screwed up, or just my Mom? Our friend Andy died, and that's a bummer. Does my mother just enjoy riling me up? And, are her fat fingers broken--she can't call me? I don't get it, don't want to get it, don't want it, etc. My mind is fried because of the time. As I said; imagine if I sobered up for a couple of days. Not tonight, though. Back down to the bar. I lost; lost again, and lost more. I'm done. That was my wake-up call. Home for a sandwich, and then bed. So; let's stop the bleeding. One more sleep-in, and then it's back to smart work and exercise. Good.
Up at 10 am Monday; not feeling my best here. But it's okay. The writing season is upon me--I never stop talking to myself now. Everything is sequenced; everything's a trigger--I even think in couplets. No; it's not cool. It's forced and tricky. How much of my brain have I wasted on distraction from harsh reality? Not my fucking problem, true, but don't I choose how to react? Yeah, sure. Imagine how bitter I COULD be. I'm tired; I'm hyper. Tired. No, hyper. More e-mails from people asking how dare I say anything bad about racial-mixing. I just grew up in a different world, I guess. Can't sleep, so let's take a walk. Yes. 'The change is here now.' I tell my girlfriend. Try the faces; good. Off to my big business meeting; it went well. She's not buying today, but may later. Home to fry very yummy rice to go with the beans; yay. Superior snuggle, and now I'm typing here while taping UFO's. Down to watch UFO's; tonight's History Channel show was about Kecksburg, PA in 1965. Good story. So then I watched the other Unsolved Mysteries show, too. Then a little online skate time, tried to type to my FCP, and back to talking to myself (imaginary yelling at idiots I've been linked to) when I should be sleeping. Sleep around 3, maybe. Up
at 9 am Tuesday to start organizing. Coffee; the ultimate organizer. Scatterbrain. I'm supposed to know how to work with this. But there's a new twist-tie on this old bag of trash. Panic and desperation have not set in yet; and I'm not threatening to kill myself either, yet. Made a few business phone calls; it's always fun to talk to people who already (think they) know more than me. Whatever. Finished my new commentary do-over on Racial Mixing. Still wanting to squeeze the suds from the sponge here...Right. So I've been swilling Code Red for weeks. Take a break. Dollar store apple juice; nice idea. Except; it's gone in 1 day--just like the soda. Girlfriend is doing some excellent upkeep on my computer; I'm downloading all kinds of extra stuff. Went out and visited a couple of businesses (no sales today), then did a little shopping--very little, and came home to start on some dinner. Cutting potatos. Okay. I've sliced off halves of fingers before, and they grow back because of how fast my finger skin regenerates--especially where I chew on them. Today was a new one; a big-assed slice to the left thumb--it even had pain. Nice skin flap, too. This is going to be a good one. Waiting on the blood. Hello? No blood? That slice wasn't deep enough? I'm over here, ready to start singing 'Bleed Like Me' lyrics, and there's no blood. Sure. And my implant knot has completely disappeared, too. Freaky. Dinner was good, and warped tour time was fantastic. Read some newspapers. Watched "House"--that's one of my shows now. Can't stay awake, and can't sleep. Shit. Up
at 10 on Wednesday. I feel like crap. This is not going to go well. The best thing I can do is to exercise. Can't get an answer from my furniture store. There would be some good snuggle, and then I would hibernate. This depression is weird. Up late, online, looking at all kinds of pessimitic crap. Great. So then we'll get to
Thursday, up at 10 again. I'm not a happy camper. Did my depressed talk with both of my girls (later); both girls suggest some changes. That's a good plan. Still no answer on that sale, but I turned a no back into a maybe. So; that's a baby positive, right? Minimalist grocery shopping, and back home. This is going to be a strange weekend. In the evening, I would talk to my national sales guy, and he helped, too. I have been given the freedom to low-ball, and that's good. Bed...Up
Friday to try to get things going. Beware; things get weird until at least Tuesday of next week. Friday's screwed. Went out Friday night, I think, for a little while; not comfortable.
Saturday turned into...I don't know early. The big Texas Indy car race was my evening entertainment. Tyson lost his boxing match. Stayed in Saturday night to get ready for a road trip
Sunday road trip! Going with my girl to Portland; gon meet up with her Static Daddy and (with great rides on their incredible city train system) go to church, a huge bookstore, the big rose festival, and a walk through their version of Sunday's "Saturday Market". We ate 2 great meals; one at the Pita Pit, and another at the Old Wives Tale. We walked for miles, my feet hurt, but it was excellent. Perhaps my depression is lifting! That's my plan, anyway. Get home at 11 Sunday night. Big C and D have found a 5-ball, quarter game of Twilight Zone pinball over in Springtucky. Oh, I think I'll go and check it out. Fun. Then I'm back home to get ready for a motivated Monday. Maybe...

Sunday 6-5-05

Sunday 5-29, Danica finishes 4th at Indy Day winds up later with my heading down to my neighborhood poker tourney. Big C will show later. It looked like a pretty good night going, but then there was the knife fight out in the main room. 3 blades, but somehow there was no blood, and it was resolved semi-peacefully. Loudly--but peacefully. J + G, the jackyls showed; J gave me a pack of my smokes with a prize. We would glug and puff like college kids; well, they are college kids. Whatever. It's almost funny--how we party in there. I never got a stack going, but I had fun. Big C did well. I convinced him to buy me breakfast. I had a fajita omlette and a chocolate malt, baby. It's an addiction; no, it's a hobby; it's an addiction; no, it's a hobby. Maybe there's another tourney 2maro, maybe not, it's all a fucking blur now. They should already make a movie about this small crowd of people. Home with a really full belly at 4 am. I'll be shitting 8 times 2maro. Sleep. Up
at 10 am Monday Memorial Day. Coffee, and Playstation pinball. Girlfriend is looking at me funny. Maybe "prettily". Does she know I'll be leaving her later? Heck, I'm already planning my next attack with big C on the phone right now at 2 pm. 2 bars today; 2 visits? Wait; I have to make the play for snuggle here. Yes! Life is good. Then she's (talking prettily) telling me how I'm not doing enough cleaning and stuff here. True. Then she made me this cool list of shit I need to do. Some guys might be offended--I am not! I now have a list of shit to do! Except...I'm leaving her to go play. Snicker. I'm at negative $ here. Fuckin'...laundry change to go play cards. I should feel so much more guilty than I do. Ha. First room; J's Monday marathon, in the neighborhood here--I sucked. That's $10 of laundry I'll never get to do. Oh well. So I'm sitting and waiting to go to the Cooler with big C. We go. The Cooler is a pretty cool place. Big C bought me a burger and a beer, 2 , 3 beers, and bought my way in to the tourney. He's cool. 2 Dave's and some familiar faces are there. Golden Tee in the smoking room. Lady Luck was with me on 5 all-in's; through 2 breaks, all the way to the final table, all the way into the money, and all the way to...3rd place. Wow. $150 for me. Cool. We left. Gave big C back my $20 buy-in, for sure! Back to win another $30 here in the neighborhood again. Wow. I like winning. Home at 3 am to do dishes (they're on my list!). Now I'm stirring. And shaken; I'm every martini possible. G'night. Up
and groggy around noon Tuesday. Did some of the stuff on my list. Read some sales stuff, and listened to a few sales calls. Called my FCP, too. Soon it will be recycling time, shopping time, and then decision time about tonight. Got some stuff done--no wasted money. Good sales call in the afternoon. Decision time; ha. More like; hangover medicine. Stayed in until 10:30, but then went down to play. I don't even remember--it must've been great. Home to crash. Up
Wednesday to get out and stir up some business. 2 possibilities are looking nice. Might even be able to help J; that would be so cool. There would be snuggle. Now things are looking so good that I might have to play again tonight. Mmm. So I head down. Frustrated now; I was up big, and then got bitten in the butt. Big C and D and I went for some breakfast next door. Stupid. Then I'm home and crashing. Up
at 9 Thursday to get ready for sales presentations. One lady wants some time to compare; decision on Monday. Came back home because my stomach and head hurt. I didn't even walk with my girl. Took a nap. No love here. J can't do a meeting today. It turns into warped tour tv with my girlfriend. Funds are low. One more blowout? Sure. It was ugly early, and then I came back and finished up about $50. Yay. Home to wash dishes and eat a small sandwich. Crash. Alarms are set. Up
at 9 on Friday. I feel okay. Moving a little slow maybe. Thanked my girlfriend for my excellent computer. Now I'm typing and listening to Caviar. Talked to my business boss; he's doing okay. I cooked the most wonderful fried garlic tater tots ever, sided by some good ricey deluxe. Tv on the warped tour. My FCP called and wished me luck with snuggle. Then I inflated the love doll and went to town on it. She loved it. Then I talked to big C, and he'll be joining us at cards later, I hope. I'm thinking about a little Twilight Zone pinball appetizer. Sure. Dog new tricks. Twilight Zone pinball has become Bride of Pinbot pinball--which is okay. It has much better flippers. Then down to my neighborhood for some more cards. Tonight I would not do so well, so I got out. Hung around and watched for awhile. Woo. Home to wash dishes and eat a sandwich. Crash with no alarm. Up
at noonish Saturday, for coffee and a crock pot bean batch. Girlfriend is appreciative but she's not going to shut up until I clean something. Sure. Well I was just hanging out, moving slow, setting up, doing my new Garbage review; then big C calls and says we're going to go play pinball. Okay. So we go hit the Bride of Pinbot for all she's worth. I wound up with the 2nd best score on the machine ever, and big C did okay. He convinced me to go with thim to another poker tourney, so we did. Bada Bing's was the place. 1.50 bottles of Miller, and good music service; obscure Rush, Bob Seger, and Animals Pink Floyd. Strangers are handing out pain pills--thank you very much. More? Okay; but be ready to call the paramedics. I made it for a couple of hours--with my head swimming in the clouds, then crumpled like a fat girl on stilts. Ouch. Thank goodness I felt too good to care. Big C lasted another hour; I had to eat handfuls of pretzels because (it's dark now, and) I hadn't had food yet--and now we're about to go drinking! Damn. Down to my neighborhood. Everybody wants me to walk with them; 4 trips. Little D gave me $10 to play with. I turned it into almost $60 before coming back down to finish with $14. It's okay; big D wants to buy me breakfast. Sure. It was fun. 4 of us, all ranting and raving about shit; social commentaries and suggestions. I ate pretty much everything in sight--get outta my way. Later we learned about 'nice parting gifts'. So I'm home at 4 am to wash dishes and pass out. Up
with no alarms after 1 on Sunday. I'm finishing my Garbage review, eating my yummy bean surprize, cleaning bathrooms, trying to talk to Mom, and getting ready for something here--even if I don't know exactly what. Happy writing season everybody! Imagine if I were to sober up for a day or 2...

Here's the week ending...

Sunday 5-29-05; Indy 500 Day 2005--Go Danica!

5-22 continued, it's 5 pm here. 2maro starts at 6 am for me. Yick. And that actually means my day will begin at 5 am 2maro. Great. Sunday evening had some tv time on the warped tour with my girl, and I typed out a response to Racism in big O. That took most of my time and energy. Girlfriend goes to bed, and then I'm fighting to try to sleep. Why wake up now? I've been tired all day. So I had to get up and compute a little. Back to bed for a little nap. Up
at 5:30 am Monday for the big sales call. It lasted like, 10 minutes. Okay. Now I'm debating to sleep, or go out way early here. Phone book. Got me a presentation set up. Back to sleep for now. Went and did the thing at 2; turns out that they already have our equipment. Shit. Then to Target to get girlfriend some Cokes; I'm cool. Back home to plan the next assault. Staying in tonight. Grrr. I'm tired. I can't sleep. I'm tired. I can't sleep. I feel such a rush of all emotions; maybe in another world I'd be writing poetry. Oh well. Try to sleep. Try to get up. I'm like a fucking yo-yo over here. Here's hoping that the people who should be missing me are suffering. That's not very nice. Yeah, well fuck them--and fuck you, too. Nice talk. So Tuesday is not going to start well, or start early. Up
finally around noon. Hard to get it going. So I wind up staying in and doing background. Big sales phone call at 4. Cool. Bigger phone call--to my FCP, at 4:30. Turns out that "prettily" is a word; sheeit. I feel better. Stayed in for good tv this evening, pulled a do-over on my old School Problems commentary, and made it School Problems 2005, and now I'm hibernating quietly in my room. Whee. Sleep. Up
for a Wednesday. This would not go well, either. I got out and did a little presenting, but nothing came from it. Later on, big C would call and convince me to come out and play poker downtown. I did surprisingly well, and made it to the final table--just no money for me. I was hilarious for a broke drunk. Then me and big C would head seperately down here to the neighborhood bar. I am so poor, but still entertaining. Then, late, big C and I head to the O bar--looking for pinball. No luck. But then we head down to this other place that IS still open, and they have a Golden Tee. C wants to learn, and he's a fine student. That was fun. Then it's 3 am, and time for Jumbo Jacks. Ha. I'm having a blast. Then I get dropped off and head home. Crash time. Up
and strung out Thursday morning--I don't feel good. Tried for a nap--no luck. Lazy. GT2, and then I pulled out the "Singles" movie--nice. What a wasted day. No exercise--no nothing. Worthless. The news shows a new killer virus in Asia that could wipe out the planet; yay. Mars rocks could bring us a new ELE virus too; cool. A new faultline in CA could also blow at any time; keep hope. Tv is downright evil; now you know. Won both of my first 2 hands at Yahoo Hold 'em. I'm talking to myself like crazy, but not writing. Went to my first Yahoo big O chat room and promptly got into a pissing contest with some wrestling guy. Whatever. This dip into brokedom is a strange yet electrifying challenge; let's do something with it. Can't sleep, can't stay awake. Fuck. Bed for good around 5 am. Up
by 10 am Friday. My stomach won't stop churning; remember when we accidentally ate that bug on the first California trip? This is like that. Static Girl thinks I should go to the hospital--she should talk. My tummy won't shut up--it growls as the bug walks around. And I'm betting that there is no sympathy to be found around here. Gonna go walk with my baby here in a minute; a walk will be nice. It's 100 degrees here; what the fuck is this shit? Maybe it's only 92, but it's damn hot. Where is the perfect gloomy cool cloud cover? No snuggle; girlfriend is concerned that I have germs. Okay. Ate my last sandwich, and got ready to go meet big C down at Elvira pinball. It took 2 trips to get my 2 free packs of smokes. At the bar; met guitarist Todd of the band Silas; cool guy, great band. My influence helped big C to get his highest score ever; 23 mil. I did okay, at best. Then we head back down to my neighborhood bar for some Hold 'em. They gave me some sympathy money to start with, and I lost it. Then I took a little break. Came back, changed seats, and had $15 in front of me. And I turned that into the chip leader. By the time it was done I had paid back everybody, and was up over $170. And I have a business appointment 2maro at 3--trying to nail down J as my first sale. Perhaps my brush with brokedom is done--let's hope so. Home and smiling at 3 am. Static girl made great pasta. And there's chocolate. Did a little dance. Bed.
Up around noon Saturnday. Last cup of Static parents' hazelnut praline coffee--in my new Mt. Rushmore mug that they got me; yum. Did that almost rhyme? Coz I am NOT writing--yeah, but that is a nice trigger. Shit. I was a pretty good boy today; went to the grocery, shaved, offered to cook. I thought there might be some snuggle to have, but I was wrong. It's weird how I can get oopsidentally selfish and not see things. Emotions are starting to churn for the big Indy weekend + possible writing season--I forgot to be paying good attention to my woman. So I start my journey down to my neighborhood poker tourney. $100 later, and I still can't pick my winning spots. In fact, I got bitched at by far too many people this night. People here are going to need to remember that I don't put up with too much shit. So I got out a few minutes before closing--I didn't want to be left with 2 bitchy people at the end. Bye. So I come home and eat bagels and a sandwich; then crash to get up
Sunday before 9 for the race. Rooting for Danica, who did very well; she finished 4th. Yay; in fact, she had the most incredible rookie debut--with every sort of complication imaginable. Details to follow. And I talked to Dad. Maybe I'll go out later--like a Swan Song kamikazee pilot. Maybe not. I'm an emotional wreck. Get away from me.

Here's the week ending...

Sunday 5-22-05

Monday 5-16 did not start well. I got up around 9 am, but almost puked, and went back to sleep at 10 am. Around 1 pm Fed Ex came. Yay. I'm still tyring to piece together what, who, and how long last night was. It's not pretty. In fact I may have set a new endurance personal party record (you did). Let's just remind everyone that once in 1985 and again in 1986 I opened the Odyssey at 4 pm; first person in there, and was the last person escorted out at 2 am that night. 10 hours of bar time should be enough for anybody, right? So let's not even go through what I did yesterday. I deserve whatever tummy troubles I have. Later I would talk to my FCP on the phone. Girlfriend's back is still hurting her; there will be no snuggle today. I ate a yummy monster sandwich with cucumbers, and am feeling better. Gonna do some of my new stuff now. Been hearing all 3 Tool CD's today. Yum. Told my bad-backed Blahgirl that we will be walking 2maro (limping). Then I watched a business DVD, and went to the bar. Gee, imagine. Won $20 at poker, woo. Home, and having trouble getting to sleep now. Hey look; it starts getting light around here at 5 am. Boy that sucks. Sheeit. Up
at 11 am Tuesday, study day. I have not done so well with study days in the past, but this one is going well. Went and took a nice walk with my girl; then I came home and did a few exercises. Sweaty. A short exercise run; we're not trying to get all crazy. Watching all my videos, and my tummy tingles a little. Big C called; maybe I'll go out. But I still have to get up early. So I went out, and it was a low key poker night. Again I won $20. Yay. Home to be pretty excited for sleep, but I got some. Up
for my Wednesday morning cram session, and the 2-hour phone call. I remember telling girlfriend to enjoy our current hassle of dial-up, because that will all be changing soon. Then I would head out, full of steam, looking to go talk to business owners. I wanted to get my teeth kicked in, but couldn't find anybody willing to hear a presentation. Whatever. Lunch was pulled pork and collard greens at Papa's Soul Food (yum). At CDWorld I dropped off some info; Eddie Mac is still playing at 5, and I found a used copy of the 2003 Ramones tribute--very cool. But it's already after 3, and I have afternoon delight on the brain (priorities). Home to watch last night's "House", and cook up some good leftovers for my girl. Then it's one-track mind time for the couple with back pain (us). And I am so tired. After 6; so there's no live Edwin Mcain for me. Going to kick back a little now, but I want to make a sale. I don't even remember Wednesday night--wait, yes I do. It would become a Chaser night, and we headed down the street. If I recall, won $20. Woo. Home to crash. Up
for big plans Thursday. Coffee. Lunch. A bautiful walk with my yummy girlfriend, and then I exercised a little. It would take a little time, but I got out and got going. Disappointment would come and host me. I got my teeth kicked, face slapped, head-butted, and...did not make a sale. Damn. Okay. But I'm learning. So...why can't I nail down a sale while I'm learning? Grumble. So I quit at 4, then got home at 5. Ate a whole box of dollar store macaroni. And then I made the decision; I'm going drinking! But not regular drinking; no, this will be networking and drinking. Sure. No, really. I nailed down a few set-ups for next week. Yay. I'm a 'sponsible drunk. Sure. No, really. And then I came home, broke, but with hope. I ate everything; it was going to be a sandwich, then nachos, then...I don't know. It was just piles of garlic and cheese droolings while crying jalapenos. It was fuckin' great. Then it was crash time. Tried to get up
at 9 Friday. It didn't happen. Sorry. But I was up by 11. Coffee. Sandwich. Tv. Then I'm plotting my attack. Not much to attack. Called my sales guy. Then I would talk to J and big C. J wants me to head down and run the tourney at 7 pm. We may party again tonight. Wow. My mind has 2 tracks now? Maybe. Happy Accident. 'Day 3' Knapsack sounds good here. Talked to my FCP, and she's doing well. There would be limited snuggle of back pain proportions; we'll take it. Then it's 7, and I'm heading down to run a little game. I got loaned $10, and would be up big for a little while. Wound up $40 ahead at 2 am. Cool. Then we're stealing furniture from the bar, to go break into a restaurant to hear Tool CD's and play more poker until...well, I left at 7:30 am. 3 were still going strong. Wow. Hey look; it's been daylight for 2 hours. It's been awhile since I've done this. Cool. So I came home and crashed at 8 am. Man. Up
at 3 Saturday to big C calling. He says we should do it all again. I'm a wreck. Hours in front of the tv may have helped a little. Maybe not. Watched the Q. T. CSI finale; not bad at all. How is it 8:30 already? Did I stay up all night and sleep all day? Gonna go hook up with big C and maybe play some pinball. That was the plan. But it became another poker adventure. Luckily, I had very little money to lose. Big C did great. Home at 3 to eat another huge sandwich--with jalapenos. Hot. And we're getting ready for some kind of Sunday. Up
at noon on Sunday. Coffee. Bagel. The "Outbreak" movie on tv. Bah. I should do laundry and study sales literature. But I'm lazy. It's Bump Day at Indy. I feel rough. Talked to my Mom; she's doing well. Talked to my FCP; she says that I have to try for the shadow of productivity. Okay. So I'm doing laundry. I will eat some food later, too. It's 5 pm here. 2maro starts at 6 am for me. Yick.

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