Racial Mixing...A Few Years Later

A 5 Paragraph Do-Over

6-6-05 (roughly 3 years after the first commentary): It's been really loud here lately, and I'm not just talking about all the great new music. I've never objected to inter-racial dating, experiment all you want; my objection was to racial mixing. (Read this next sentence slowly--this is the place where people get lost) Pride would SEEM to dictate that any person would want to perpetuate HIS OWN (got it?); how was I to know that everybody dumb enough to breed apparently wants to breed with a different race? Aren't people...interesting? And I have NO pre-formed dislike of the actual mixed race children (they didn't ask for this); my concern is with the mentality of the parents who choose to "create" a mixed race child. Nobody knows what I saw in public schools back in the 70's, except for the few who were there with me. And I'm not here to explain things that you're not going to believe anyway. Whatever.

Here's my new stance; are you ready? Mix 'em, match 'em, make 'em polka dots and plaid. Shit out all the little shivering babies of any and every color out there, and do NOT stop until you have NEW colors for kids. I want to see circus fucking stripes before you even think about stopping. I want every girl pregnant by the age of 18, dropping out a different-colored baby from a different daddy once a year until she's 40. Why? I don't know. I have NO IDEA why intelligent people would want to breed. That's just what women want to do, right?

How did I get to my new stance? Rather than do any research on a restructured (conglomerated) immune system, before any discussions of a family unit or happy home, previews to what course of action is going to work best in any individualized situation, women are still convinced that breeding is their right. Any type of breeding, at any age; it's a woman's choice to breed or cross-breed. So; breed away, baby. And have fun. They'd "inter-species" if they could. Women; ha. Women would make real, live "horse-people" if they could. Aren't those "Centaurs"?

So this is the new me. It was wrong of me to even SUGGEST any considerations before mixing races. My opinions have even infuriated males of good education; what the hell was I thinking? I grew up in a different world; WE did not date outside our race, and had NO desire to date outside our race--because of things we saw AT school back then (this was all pre-college). WE did not have soda, junk food, or fast food on campus in high school, either. Everything changed with the intellectual approach in college; NONE of the mixed race kids I knew from lower school made it to ANY college--THAT was part of my point.

Adult life has shown that the early parts of my perspective were not a representative sampling. I was absolutely wrong to form the complete conclusions that I held; I see now that my experience was extremely limited. I apologize to any and all who may have been offended by my words against racial mixing. Now let's get back to our train wreck of an existence; honestly, if my personal preference for racial purity is the worst problem in your life right now, then you're doing okay. Thank you.

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