Old Personal News

(Starting with the week ending 11-28-04)

Sunday 12-12-04

What a great lazy day the rest of 12-5 was. I rolled around, and cooked beans as my big activity, and cleaned absolutely nothing. Talked to Mom, but other than that...Totally lazy. I did send my first couple of business e-mails out, and the harsh one to STT in GA. What has he done for me lately? Now I may go watch the 2nd half of the night game up at the bar. Ha! I did! Go me! A good football game, golfed to Caviar, and then went across the street when they threw me out. More golf, and then home to dance on the balcony, and then crash. This was a medium party night now--and we needed to, because sleep is hard to get. But we did get some sleep, and we're up
and ready for a Monday. More rain; this is like, a week of rain now. Enough already. I was wide awake early. Then I had some technical difficulties related to the beans, and that's always fun. It's been awhile. Okay. So I won't be working out today. And at break I got a breakfast burrito--trying to settle the stomach. Smart; except that a full tummy can make me tired. Decided to have a good attitude while I was still awake; only fell asleep a few times on the phone. I'm so tired; why? It was a weak hat trick, but a hat trick nonetheless. Hat trick would be a good nickname. Post-work with no workout, I headed to the bread store, and then home. Gonna cook up some potatoes to mix with the beans--good choice. Soon after it would be nap time for me. Woke up at 7 to T calling from GA; she seems to be doing okay. Then it became excellent snuggle under covers. Showers, and now laundry. I may clean my CD crates tonight, just so I can say that I did something. Nope; Static Babe has gone to bed, so we won't be making any extra noise here. Looks like football and newspapers for Monday night. And taped tv. My spiritual advisor "X" called, and he wants me to come to some personal growth thing on Wednesday. I said maybe. And now, at 12:30 am, I must prepare for bed. Hard to sleep. Up
and kicking for Tuesday. Busy day. I would hat trick, barely, and then skip the offers of the gym to come home and get ready for my personal business sit-down at 4. My business kit came by UPS just minutes before leaving the house. The business sit-down was good. I am in good company here. No wonder I appear to be throwing out so much right now; this is a major closet-cleaning. And there's more cleaning to do before Mom gets here (that's a triple meaning, thanks). Then I'm home to get ready for the regular Tuesday business meeting. Back to that, and it was another good one, then I went to let off a little steam. You'll now need 585 million to top my #6 score on LAH pinball. Ha. And I golfed, too. In fact, I stayed too long. Should have known better--I have to get up and go to work 2maro. So I come home...and balcony dance. What? Yes; on a skool night. He's crazy. So then I somehow got up
for work Wednesday. No way. But there I was. As if I could stay awake all day, I even took clothes to workout. Ha. Sure. And without joking, I will admit that it was tough, very tough, but I made it through the day with relatively few problems. Being so out of it also made me more thankful. Sure; I wanted to cry, fall down and pass out for a few hours, but I didn't. I fell asleep on the phone at least 3 times an hour, every hour that I worked. I even fell asleep standing up once, and that's only happened a handful of times in my life. Made it to lunch, and that was the key; eat and breathe. Wound up getting the single biggest $ call of my life after lunch, and that turned this day into a winner. Tears of joy. Oh stop crying you fucking baby. We are all a little impressed that we pulled off a complete + productive workday after 3 hours of drunk sleep. To celebrate? We went to the gym. I was running on adrenaline and chills--sweating like Albert Brooks; no way can I...2 complete circuits? I felt better. Now I'm going home to worship my woman. She informed me that I was taking her to the Olive Garden. Sure. She has no idea what I've been through, and I feel almost normal after all that sweating. Yes; is it a medical term to "overstay exhaustion"? But I felt almost normal--this wasn't a second wind or anything. Whatever. We ate well, and then left the leftovers on the table. Home to get ready for snuggle. Called "X" to back out of the seminar thing, and it turns out that his cool job may be ending, AND he's getting kicked out of his apartment at the end of the week. Hey, I used to live like that. I told him to come work with me, and there're apartments surrounding the building we work in. He felt better, and I was glad to help him out for a change. Nice. And then it's an hour of tv and some newspaper, while I try to figure out what has happened to me today. There may be a crowd at the bar, and maybe some e-mails to answer, but they can all kiss my ass right now. I'm thinking about...never mind this perversity which runs nekkid through my smile--I'm going to bed. Maybe. Wait, what did I just say?...Perhaps I should have kept writing, but bedtime came around 11. Up
for work Thursday. I'm not feeling the magic early. Yeah; this is going to be a fairly quiet day. And I'm tired again; falling asleep in between calls. What gives? On my team, we had pumpkin cheesecake; yum. Big thanks to "J"; she's our own little fashion Gwen Stefani, too. I would eat lunch with 3 cool girls later; go me. Only 2 out of 3 today. Post work, I tried to shop for Dad stuff; not much luck. Then I came home to talk to my FCP, and cook potatos. Girlfriend came home after her Dr.'s appointment; we ate on the couch. I was debating all the things I should be doing, and that made me tired. so I went to bed at 6:30 pm. Thought I could sleep all the way through, but now I'm up at 11. Wide awake at midnight; this is like the old me. But not for long; I went back to bed before 1 and slept fairly well. Up
Friday to continue this adventure. To work in jeans; yay. Heard our (Static Girl's and mine) favorite Van Halen, "Why Can't This Be Love" on the work's music service. I would sit alone for most of the day (cool), and be amusing in small doses. Another hat trick, and 4 people in my group now have business DVD's. M is going to wind up in Cali this weekend, so there will be no big business stuff. I'm looking forward to my last 2 consecutive days off before the big Mom visit. It's that time of day; we're heading to the empty gym (people aren't so motivated to workout on Fridays--go figure). I start to lose interest myself, but that just means I need to strain more! 2 full circuits again, and then I'm home to cook up all the leftovers with even more garlic; brilliant! 2 episodes of Will and Grace with my baby, then it's snuggle time. She requested the Cliff Notes short version--no problem. It was excellent. Then I'm heading over to Barney's to check in. He has furniture and high speed internet; wow. Then it's time to scurry up to the bar. Everybody's there; all bitching about their jobs, women and duties. No wonder I feel so superior. I would win the first 2 rounds of golf; no pinball until the end, where I won a game walking out. Cool. Home for jalapeno tamales; they were just about perfect. Then I would crash smiling; hoping to wake up before noon, but not really caring either way. Up
first on Saturday around 11 am, so I set the alarm for nearly noon ("nearly noon" would be a good band/CD/song title). Coffee, and it's a 3 Penny Needle/Dream Life Misery kind of music day; where I feel all superior and stuff. Playing with web files, and planning the shopping and cleaning binges. Finally threw out the broken van seat; that's the symbolism which proves I'm doing some cleaning. Gotta go shop, it's 3 pm already. Back home, it's 7 pm now. Went and spent $50 (mailing, grocery, 99cent) at some stores, then came home to cook burritos for me and my girl. She appreciates me. Now I don't feel like doing major dusting because it's already dark. Hell, I might have to go and play the pinball that I didn't play last night. And I would. Got to the bar around 8:30. They're asking me to play poker again. I played lots of good pinball up to 10 pm, then sat in for an hour of cards. Lost. Shit. Back to pinball, and we broke the right flipper. Golf was okay. Home after 1; I danced, scrubbed, crashed, couldn't sleep, got up, tried to get hands-on, couldn't, then ate ice cream and banana chips until around 4 am. Ha! Call it a vacation! And we're up
for the Patriots game Sunday. Made g/j/v/machoroni burritos for breakfast; yum. The Bengals looked good, but my Pats were just a tad better. Then my FCP called; nice. Now I'm staring at the massive cleaning adventures--and feeling lazy. Got over it, cleaned out my CD collection--we're down to 16 boxes now, vaccumed, living room dust, more 'cum, more g/j/v/macho burritos, too. Offered to cook for, and did kiss on my girlfriend. Talked to Mom, and then talked to TPG, too. The panic has not hit yet. It's pushing midnight; perhaps I should put this up.

Sunday 12-5-04

The rest of Sunday 11-28 was pretty boring. Tried to call Barney. Loaded my page up at 7 pm our time. Yawn. Not much here; machoroni alone and a grumpy girlfriend. This as boring as it gets. And I was frozen while in bed; had to get up and put warm socks on. Hard to get up
for work Monday when it's under 60 degrees in your room. But I did. And I made me a warm breakfast, too. I was setting up for a good day at work, and then a workout. Almost. Got to work, and it started slow; no calls for the 1st hour. Then it picked up a little. Wondered why I couldn't get any money--everybody else could. Whatever. I was talking to some really dumb people; imagine that. So I'm telling M that we'll workout, and do business 2maro night. I was really ready to be done with work, and headed to the gym. M starts to tell me that time may be of the essence; we may need to sign me up before 2maro night. I should have stayed in my workout (only did half); it was a circus trying to get a computer to work for us. But I got to see his new car, and then I had to do a little shopping. Bread, apples and lunchmeat. Home to find girlfriend on the phone with her parents, and I cooked potatos. UNEX tv from last night, then some Maximum X (ha), and that's the lead-in for snuggle. Effective, if boring, under covers. Then I watched some football, and my 2 and a Half Men. Now I'm back here at 10:40 doing another Caviar lesson. I need some sleep; we need some heat. What?
Tuesday? Woke up to loud music downstairs; the story is that Overdose drummer boy moved out, so maybe it was just ghosts. Or could this noise be coming from next door? It was the last day of the month; very laid back at work. Our team had hit all of its goals--we didn't have to be there. We WERE there, of course, so as to get paid for it and stuff, but we didn't have to prove anything. However, I did my usual of getting great #2's, but lousy on #1's. My boss is all like 'but we don't need anymore 2's; we need 1's'. My brain CORRECTLY summarized the problem; it turns out that LOGIC has left the building for this equation--but it's okay; really. This is how business works--which also explains why I'm not a screaming success in the business world. Turns out that what they want from us sales peeps is to adhere to a monthly gameplan; this month it was #1's. I did not know this, and you would think that maybe somebody would let us know what the gameplan is, right? I say it to women, and I say it to business; tell me what you fucking want, okay? I was told to "produce", and I produced. Period; we're done--I did everything I was supposed to do. It ain't my fucking fault if I don't do it in their neat little packages. But it wasn't a big deal; in fact, I learned alot from this little adventure. I will start asking, on the first day of the month, what they want from us now; stupid fucking business people. Grrr. Post-work, I came home and called my FCP. Then my horoscope said to avoid people (gee, imagine); I took that to mean I should take a nap. So I did. Then I got up for my business meeting! Woo-hoo! I am in business, baby! Details to follow; maybe. Post business, the pinball bugs bit me hard. Wow. You will now need 550 million just to get my #6 score on LAH pinball. This was fun. Hoping the nap would save me, I stayed way too long. Home to crash, and then I got up
In decent shape for work Wednesday. Good mood, almost with some focus, not too hungover. Wow. I'm the man, I guess. At work, um, I am the man. I would wind up having a day that compares with the best ever. Wow again. A very impressive hat trick, thank you. Then we're in the gym. This would be my first full workout since Monday of last week, and it hurt. But I did it. And I would leave with trembling arms, cool. Home to eat leftovers and talk to dad. Then it was ghosts on tv, and snuggle time! We like snuggle time. Now it's music to make my girlfriend smile, and I'll be going out soon. Wait; girlfriend closed her door. Was this 'music to piss my girlfriend off'? Maybe she just didn't want to hear any right now. It's all about communication. Later. So I went out to beat up on the still broken LAH pinball. Ha. TPG and Pool Guy showed; this would become a drunken golf adventure. I did well, except for one game. Home to crash, with some snooze button boogie, we're not up
until noon on Thursday! Still a little groggy; I needed a ghetto grilled cheese to ghet me going. 2 days of tv, and some newspapers, too. Our subscription ran out a month ago, but we still get the paper. I should have set up a dentist appointment for today. It's 2 pm. Now my plan is to play on the computer, update, and check out my new business site. Almost. I need girlfriend's help to set up my e-mail account. So the plans changed a little. I called and signed up for the business meeting on Saturday. Here; it became a Crystal Method-o-thon in my CD player. Cooked up some ramen for my baby. Later on she would help me set up my business e-mail. Tested it out first on my FCP; she says that it all came through okay. Good. And so we are awake here after 9 pm, sort of excited, and not tired. It's cold, too. Rather than go to the bar, I decided to type; came up with Brave New World / Slave New World. Now it's almost midnight, and I feel better. And hungry; didn't eat much today...Laid in bed for most of the night awake, which always sucks. Then the alarms go off at
5:30 am Friday, and I have to get up for work. No shower. I have issues, but I would ask for another good day on the ride in. Well; the phones were very unfriendly for all od us early. My upper back started hurting; now that's new and shitty. I got much better as the time dragged on. I did get the hat trick before lunch, and that was pretty cool. Talked to M at lunch; we're excited about the business. I keep feeling that there is some personal train wreck coming soon; my body is all jittery. My teeth are starting to hurt again, too. Great. But the day ends with my giving out a couple of business DVD's, and we're heading to the gym with H. Changing shirts, I find that most of my back pain is probably linked to this huge zit in the dead center of my back; can't reach it. And the lack of sleep is really catching up with me now; yawning in between sets. Can already tell that I won't be going out tonight; early bedtime seems like a good idea. So I somehow put in a good full workout, and then head home. Started cooking up a yummy dinner for me and my girl. Told girlfriend that I would need her help with a little something later. Dinner was great, and then I washed all the dishes, too. Then I would not get any help with my back situation, and then also be punished with no snuggle. I threw a small fit, and then she went to bed. So I also try to go to bed early; like 7 pm. No chance. I'm laying there with a stinging back, grinding hurt teeth, pissed off, uncomfortable, and I'm just glad that there's no gun in this house. So I got up at 10; now I have a headache, too. The fun just won't stop here. I wonder how many of my pain pills I can eat. No suicide; just deeply asleep...I went with 2. Felt really tired, but still had trouble getting to sleep. Whatever. And then I'm up
early for work Saturday. I didn't feel bad; just not as good as I should've. Sure. My voice would come around early. There's no money to be found today, so I worked on 2's and 3's. Okay; and that went well. I would leave at 1 to rush home in the rain, change clothes and head for the business meeting. Good move. I met lots of people and got good information. Set up another sit-down with M and W for Tuesday, too. Cool. So then I'm heading home to make veggie chili-macaroni; yum. And then I'm heading out to play. Turns out that they're having a poker tournament. I was winning early, but then got shot down. No money to play. Then it was 11:30, and I hadn't played my games. LAH pinball is broken, but golf was working. Caviar! Finished up by 1; the bar was going to stay open till 2--not me. Home for more chili, and then the chocolate feast. Imagine my low weight if I could avoid drunk chocolate. Passed out after a balcony trip and an hour of GT2. Fun. Alarms are going off at 11. Up
Sunday before noon. Coffee and another ghetto grilled cheese. No Pats on tv today. I should be cleaning, but I'm lazy. Need to shop, too. I'm just sitting here with the Caviar from 2000. Good music.

Sunday 11-28-04

Sunday 11-21, I loaded this bad boy up at like, 7 am here. Downstairs music kept me going until about 9. I was dizzy and hazy; exhausted but not too tired. Maybe I should have been writing, but I didn't feel the burn for it. I miss that burn, but if it ain't there...? So the groggyness continued. I could have started the big cleaning here in my room, but did not. Cooked some more pantry wipe out, cheesey hashbrowns from 2000; how am I still hungry? I read all of the newspapers and got caught up on the sports fights highlights: Note to fans of sports--stop going to those stupid events! Go to a bar; with sports on many tv's, drink cheaper, eat better, don't wait in line for the bathroom, and be happy about it. I will stop now. Decided to take a nap around 1. Got up around 3, and felt great. Watched some football, and started cooking pasta. Sure; pasta. You know, I haven't been eating enough lately. Shit. I would wash dishes 3 times today--now that's alot of cooking. Also did a good deal of mumbling to myself today--I feel like Lewis Black. If I had more hair I might even look like him. Talked to 2 Mom's today. My Mom is ready to go get a house with me. And soon it's night time, and I'm not going out for anything. Watching Green Bay come back and win, and we're taping alien abductees on Unexpained Mysteries right now. Cool. I'm not too tired, but must go to bed soon. Maybe I should eat some more. To bed! Up
to the sounds of downstairs music Monday morning. Happy bass thump everybody! With a grain of salt, it is took. Sure. So I wore my old jeans, the ones that barely fit, and they fit better than ever. I feel good about that. On the way in I had this superior attitude. Good prayers, and I asked for another hat trick. There's some confidence coming through here--I feel like we're close to a better place. The new business also keeps running through my head; I can do it alone--I may want to. So there was some noise in my head this morning! I'm just happy to have some dancing. Fuck. So I get to work, and I'm all fake-happy early. It's cool. Got a couple of good calls, and then turned a couple of calls into good calls, and then I was on! It wound up being a fine day; H and I essentially tied for the group lead. Then it was workout time. Man. I'm doing 3 tricep exercises now. We talked about the motivation of seeing results in yourself, and that links right over to the new business too, where M signed up our 2nd team leader to the service today. That's $125 for M (aka: Crackboy). I should be getting in on some of that. So we worked out; my arms hurt. Then I came home to pick up my honey and take her to the Sprouts grocery. Nice. Came home to call in 1 more noise complaint; turns out that Drummer Boy is moving out 2maro. Aww. Then for some leftover dinner here, and then some short snuggle. Am I tired? I can't tell. But I know the Patriots are going to crush the Chiefs tonight. Let's go have a look; 17-13, early 3rd quarter. Hey; maybe the Chiefs have a chance...Ha! I'm funny; did you see that? Shit; I need to slow down. There's also some amusing crap in the paper today, and the alien abduction stuff from last night's tv was excellent, too. Static Girl has gone to bed. I'm sitting here wondering what the hell happened to my last 2 best friends; glad I can get past trying to make sense of it. Whatever, dudes. I'm so jaded. I need a nap. Sleep. Up
under cold covers for Tuesday morning. It was hard to get out of bed for this. But I did. Thought I was doing fine, but maybe I needed some help. Staggered prayers on the way in. On the phone, hey--why's my throat hurting, I foolishly let some dumb people get to me--not unlike some pro basketball players recently--but I won't be charging the stands. 4 days of rain and cold are trying to rile up our healed left ear, dumbass. Really? In fact, I am glad that I got all pissy at work for awhile today; I need to remember how good I've got it. This was a test; this was only a test. I didn't do so well in class, but in retrospect I figured it out. I must not do battle; I must play superior. Right. It's just not so easy to remember when you're on the floor. So; this is my new left ear's attempt to be sickly like my old left ear--but it's not sickly anymore; wow. Post-work, I'm going shopping in a few stores; bread, underwear, vitamin C, and 99cent; go me. Home with lots of groceries. I made some kind of deformed ocean chili for dinner, and ate all of it (way too much). Called my FCP; she's doing okay. My girl is still loving the pasta I made Sunday; I like her. Revving up for a business meeting with M, and then my horoscope says to go out on the town. My sore throat isn't going to love that idea. We shall see. The meeting went well--that business is a go. Then I decided to go check on the bar. Got tailed by a cop for a bit; that was interesting, but it didn't stop me. E-Rock was at the bar, but we didn't see each other, so my playing Caviar was a surprise to him. He offered to buy me a beer, which is nice, but I played the music because I like it. One golf game is down, but I played with a couple of guys on the good one. A pinball tech came and put in a new right flipper coil on LAH; that was nice. Maybe I stayed a little too long, but came home eventually and crashed. My throat kind of hurts--work is definitely iffy. My ear is fine, though; wow. Up
with the alarms on Wednesday. I don't feel too bad, but my throat is pretty torn up + swollen, and talking is a problem. Bad. Girlfriend was brilliantly reminding me that laying out today may cause me to not get paid for Thanksgiving; she's so smart and cool, but sleep will be good for me. Left a message for my Leader, and she called me back around noon. We've worked out the scheduling concerns--no problems; cool. Now I'm doing coffee and cheap grilled cheeses. If you guessed that I might be listening to Caviar again, you would be right. I also watched 20 minutes of MTV; Green Day, Cold, Incubus, and Jimmy Eat World--I don't need the radio to be cool. Early afternoon; 4th cup of coffee, and last night's "Scrubs" was excellent. I could do some laundry. And I did; cleaned the kitchen floor, too. And I'm cooking potatos. Talked to TPG; we both have left messages with Pool Guy now. Girlfriend came home, and she's pissed; there's a shock. That led to some vintage clam chowder (what about the potatos?), we've decided to store the potatos for later. Wrote a little baby commentary about the top 10 albums sold here in the Valley. Now I'm just prolonging the inevitable. The inevitable has the new Caviar CD on its jukebox. First stop was by the nudey bar; yes TPG and Pool Guy are there. 1 beer, and I'm gone; back to Sam's. More LAH, lots of impressive games, and I left 3 games on it. I would see CJ and TNY for the first time in years before this night was over. CJ has turned his life around, bought land, and good for him. TNY, the cool bassist guy, may actually be gay, not that there's anything wrong with that. This was a fun night. Tied Pool Guy at golf 2wice, but he beat me at the one game on the card; we're competitive. Home to crash; never mind what time it was. Up
at 11 am Thanksgiving; I had visions of Waffle House in my head, but made a grilled turkey + cheese here instead (that's my turkey). I'm staying here in my sweats for now. Maybe I'll leave the house later. Girlfriend is making bread. Hey look; Fig Dish. I'm thankful for lots of things. Girlfriend may not be actually speaking to me, but she did grunt and say "hmm" in my direction; that's good enough. There is a tiny bit of anger inside me, and I don't even know why at this point. But I got out and went to feast at Waffle House; 2 double cheese plates for me, cooked on the nastiest grill ever. And I was full. Home to watch Starship Troopers with my girl, and then most of Spiderman. She says I'm grumpy; sure, what the fuck ever, even. So she went to her room; good. I'm getting tired of all people--not my girlfriend so much, but maybe all humans should just stay the fuck away from me now that "bah humbug" has officially begun. And I have to go to bed soon; work 2maro. My body is missing working out. darn. And I would have major issues trying to sleep. Overdose Drummer boy is still having his going away party downstairs; people need to die. Up
with about zero sleep Friday morning. Great. But I would ask for a good day on the way in, and that helped. At work, they're giving us pizza today. Okay; not healthy, but okay. Our team hit our goals early, and we were allowed to leave early. I like that. No; I lied. I fucking LOVE that. Home to stumble around, and then take my well-deserved nap. Yummy. Sleep good. Up and sitting with Static Babe, warped tour style, watching our new show (?) "Crossing Jordan". It's good. I'll eat some chocolate, too. Ha. Pretty soon it's snuggle time; yay. There was a trim reminder for me, a reminder of how lucky I am--maybe I'm even the happiest guy in the world. And now it's 7:30; I'm feeling like a little pinball. This is never good...but it's never too bad either. I'm going to hear some Caviar at the bar; you guys have fun. TPG and Pool Guy would meet me much later; I would do some real damage by then. New LAH pinball high score; 729 million, after my 3rd ever "World Premier", and that's even after 2 tilts when the ball gets stuck on the ramp. I'd like to see anybody else come close to that. First game of golf was a new best on Shadow Swamp; -21. This was going well. Lots of Caviar at the bar; it felt so good that even some stupid kids couldn't upset me. Sometimes I question my purpose in life; but not while playing pinball. We wound up getting pretty crazy, and eating nachos. Then I would come home and think there'd be no problem going to work Saturday; thought that my nap would save me. Close. Crashed, and got up
Saturday for work. Oh I am in pain. I deserve this, sure, but does it have to hurt so much? Jesus Jones and Seal as background music; it was a girlie Alternative music day. At work, I made it through 4.5 hours, and then left. Came home to take another nap. Eventually I would get up and cook potatos. Then watched Ever After with my Static Babe on the warped tour; it wasn't a horrible movie, but the couch makes my butt hurt. I'm taping "American President" tonight; never seen that all the way through. Now I'm thinking about going to the bar again. Somebody kill me now. Nobody did. So I went to hear some more Caviar. Took 3 solo rides, because I am a complete lunatic. Got another 724 million on the broken LAH pinball, and wrote a note about what's wrong with it. The 2nd multiball double jackpot may be worth 400 million, and I got it. It was limited fun, but fun it was. I was broke, and had finally had enough, and while leaving TPG arrived in the parking lot. Oh well. I came home to eat most of everything, and crash. Smart to go ahead and crash, so I could get up
before 10 am Sunday. Nice. Coffee, and girlfriend does NOT want to hear any of my music. Okay. Been hearing alot of Caviar lately, so let's mix it up with some Fig Dish; I'm a genius. Someday I will have a wall hanging of that bird-shooting Toaster cover. Laundry, and I need to clean something. First we'll hear the first full-length Fig Dish. Sure. Hard to get motivated, but I did. Dusting my crates took some work, and 2 bags of trash; call it streamlining. I'll do the closet soon enough. After cleaning, I wanted to watch the Patriots game at 2. Had to kick girlfriend off of the warped tour, and she didn't like that one little bit. Awww. My Pats looked good again. Tried to call TPG, and that's all I can do. Talked to Mom for an hour, as well, and now I may watch the taped movie alone. Go me.

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