Brave New World / Slave New World

Maybe you already know this about me, but I don't do many things the "normal" way--whatever the current interpretation of "normal" is. I believed in aliens and missing time since it happened to my class back in grade school (early 70's). I always thought that marriage was not smart because you shouldn't put a contract (marriage) on an emotion (love). There are so many things that just don't "click" in my brain the way they apparently click for other people; having children, job loyalty, credit cards, cell phones, rent-to-own, driving a ritzy car in traffic, body piercings, drinking $4 cups of coffee in the afternoon, wearing uncomfortable clothes + shoes; and the list goes on, but not here.

Did your parents constantly preach to you about getting a good education so that you could get a really good job? Maybe I was just rebelling against the whole study hard/work hard/get married/have kids/buy a house, but none of those things appealed to me. Sorry. I did not set the world up this way in which it was set. I'm just going to help redecorate it.

I've said for years that Static Girl and I are in the relationship of the future, and it's true. I've got a fantastic job right now--I'm actually very lucky, but it's JUST A STUPID JOB. It's not like they're investing me into their future or anything like that. And as soon as I'm making more money in an alternative way than the effort involved in going to that job--I'll be done working there. That job exists, like other jobs that still exist, because most people don't realize that they have choices. Or maybe they think that because their job is a tiny bit better than somebody else's--they'll just keep on doing it. Do people keep on working because they like it? With a current 52% rate of divorce, people sure aren't staying married because they like it. I strayed from my point there. Let's stay with the "job" idea for now.

I don't work because I like to (with the possible exception of being the Overnight Guy), I work because I have to pay for rent and beer. Got it? I don't like humans overall (there are limited exceptions here, too), so I don't communicate with people much at all. And I don't communicate because I want to (you could all learn a lesson from my Static Girlfriend here). Perhaps I'll get my first real cell phone soon, in the aim of increasing my alternative business. I can't imagine carrying around a constantly ringing cell phone with people just blabbering on and on about nothing; I MIGHT carry around a cell phone to help other people in my network make more money. See? That actually makes sense to me; I'm a genius.

So; argue with me. Tell me how I MUST like people--because I am one, and we're all social creatures anyhow. Are we? Perhaps. But I have firsthand experience, literally--yesterday, that I enjoy playing pinball while listening to Caviar more than any conversation I had that day. It was in a bar; that's me being social, right? I don't have to actually talk to other people, do I? Oh wait; yes I do--that's your pathetic point. How about the quick-and-painful conversations with my girlfriend; where we try hard to get to the point--so as to not waste each others' time. Sometimes I do babble on; usually it's to myself, or to inanimate objects. (Static Girl sometimes role-plays as an inanimate object.) If my throat doesn't hurt, sure, I enjoy the act OF speaking. People with lifetime-jobs, children, and pierced body parts mistakenly assume that I enjoy talking to other people--simply because I enjoy speaking. And I do see how they get to that point; they're not dumb, just wrong.

And then there's this whole other thing with me speaking; something about how my voice is a compelling one. Ever since the voice changed in my early 20's, nobody has accused me of having a poor voice. I still have trouble listening to myself, but when I can get past that, sure, I have a decent voice. In the weird realm of verbal emotions, I do score really high as a story-teller. So then comes the argument that I should be happy to use my decent voice to promote things for an employer. Huh? That's not how I see it. I see it as: an employer can offer me work using my vocal talents. But employers aren't out there recruiting people with good voices. Want to know what employers do? They sit around and wait for people to come and APPLY to work at their place. Why? Because then the employers have the upper hand: "Hey; you came and asked to work here." I'm straying again. Here's my point; if my voice is so darn groovy, then why hasn't some company come along and offered me a job promoting their swill? All they would have to offer me is, what? $12 an hour? I've never made that much money. Nobody has offered to pay me a living wage for use as a verbal promotional aide because...nobody cares! See? The employers don't care about me, or you, or anybody else because there are millions of replacements just waiting to replace you. Now I'm swimming in circles.

("Darn groovy"? Apparently I am trying to NOT use harsh language. Great.) Let's go for a wrap here, because life is too short to swim in circles! Loyalty needs to be earned, and things you do should make sense to you. And some of you...just aren't making alot of sense right now. Trading your time for money, like at your job, maybe it's okay for the here and now; but their pay stops when you stop working for them. So; do you want to work forever? Wouldn't you like to be already making money so that you could CHOOSE to work, or not work? If you've read this far, then you finally read (and will read again) the question that I wanted to ask at the start: To work, or not to work; that is the question. I've found the vehicle to provide all of us the chance to make this choice. Unlike other expensive vehicles, this one is very affordable, and does not require any persuasive or sales skills. You don't even have to talk(!) if you don't want to. If you have ANY interest at all, and honestly you should want to at least get some more information, then figure out a way to e-mail me and ask.

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