Old Personal News

(starting with the week ending 8-15-04)

Sunday 9-5-04

The rest of Sunday 8-29 was much more productive. I did laundry and worked out on my new green ball. Talked to Mom, Dad, and my FCP. In an effort to not displease my girlfriend, I combined many trips into one run of errands. This included finally having dinner at Ray's New York Diner in my neighborhood--good food and atmosphere. 99cent store, and we found another pinball machine, "Simpson's Pinball Party" not too far away. Back home for Sportscenter. Then it got interesting around 10 pm Sunday night when the quiet fire truck showed up; no lights or sirens, and 3 firemen walked around to the apartment below us. Usually that's a drug overdose; I mean, that's how it happens in these apartments--I've seen a few. Then the Fire Rescue truck showed up, and they wheeled out the guy from downstairs, motionless, strapped to a stretcher. You must learn your limits with drugs, people. Tv is still stinking up the place here, but I had the Sunday paper to read, too. And the Olympics do end tonight. I like having this free time, this very temporary between-job status. It gives me time to contemplate and expound. Is expound a word? Hope so. Slept in
until noon on Monday, nice. Talked to my FCP again, I talk to her almost everyday--I'm so spoiled right now. Whatever happens today, I'm going to play that damn pinball machine later--this much I know. Wonder if overdose-boy made it home. Oh well. FCP motivated me to go donate plasma, you know, get out and do something. Sure. So I go to the plasma center, and it's shut down. Great. So I tried to go get my last paycheck--they haven't cut them yet. Okay. So I headed back home, having accomplished nothing. But it was nice to get out and sweat a little bit. And my stomach hurts from working out yesterday; good pain. Pinball is waiting; new pinball. Started cooking up some ricey beany with hearts of palm; this house likes hearts of palm. Good dinner; Static Girl was pleased. We watched some tv, and soon enough it was snuggle time. I like snuggle time; and new pinball is waiting. Life is good. After a Crystal Method shower, we're loading up for new pinball. The little Mexican Steverino's type place is called IL Primo. And they serve beer in frozen glasses; cheap beer. Are we playing pinball yet? Yes! First ball, I got it stuck and had to tilt. Boo. But what a game! Pinball Party rocks! Won a bunch of games, even got 40 million once. I had fun. I drank, I smoked; I left games on the machine. Wow. Guess I'll go to the bar now. Good choice. TPG and Pool Guy have been partying all day apparently. We golfed. It was fun. Then it gets blurry. I don't remember so much, until I got to the kitchen and decided that I MUST make drunk nachos. I remember dancing. I played new pinball tonight, and kicked its ass. Life is good. Woke up
after noon on Tuesday. This is pain. I am not so happy feel good. I need coffee. I need help. Then my FCP called again, woo, and I feel better. Now it's 3 pm, and I'm barely awake. Scrubs is back on tonight. Man I am so unmotivated. I need some of that hangover prevention stuff; RU-21. This would be a long day of intense thought and little action. So I wound up doing almost nothing today. Nothing; and I'm proud of it, too. Sometimes action is way overrated. That's my story. Again, it's hard to get to sleep when you haven't actually done anything to be tired for. So I was up until dawn Tuesday night. Slept in
until after 11 on Wednesday. I'm calling other plasma clinics, and doing paperwork. Lots of paperwork. I dropped the living room phone, and it worked better for a couple of hours; called my FCP to brag. Her new exercise kick is jumprope; cool. Eventually I would try to go and get my last paycheck again--still no luck; they say it's in the mail. Sure it is. Grrr. So I came back home to cut up veggies for a nice tray that my girlfriend would appreciate. Well, sort of. She did appreciate my giving up the last caramel crunch bar in the freezer. I mentioned jumprope to my girlfriend, and she says that I 'don't use enough of the equipment I already have'--that's cold. Paid rent and checked mail. And, again, we have great snuggle. Then I had to go get more bread and chocolate--it's my duty. Yeah; we lost 2 loaves of bread to mold this week--go figure. Decided to not go see Barney OR the pinball machine that's calling for me. Back home, and all of a sudden I was tired. Fine. Went to bed at like, 9. Woke up
at 3 am Thursday morning. Okay. The overdosers downstairs are apparently back home and dosing; having another party--good for them. In a few hours we will be at the new job. I'm kind of excited. Fuck that; I'm major excited. Watched my tape of last night's "Rescue Me", a good show. I got to hug on my babe girlfriend this morning. I'm ready...So we're off to the new job. I'm in this room with lots of people half my age; many of whom could not pass a sobriety test NOW, and it's just orientation. Very slow. The cafeteria and fitness center were even better than advertised; wow. After 6 months of employment, we can post to move elsewhere; big company. They truly believe that a happy workforce increases productivity. We got out at 3, but still get paid until 5. Came home to try to get some "paid" snuggle from my girlfriend--she would have none of it. Called my FCP, and she sided with me on the "paid snuggle" idea, but still no go here. Screw all of this; I'm taking a nap. Then it was time to go see Barney's solo apartment. Nice. His neighbor came over, and we went to go play PGA tour golf. I schooled them with my -15, ha! Then I went back to my Sam's for another -15 and some pinball. Home to be a good boy, but then couldn't sleep, which led to garlic/jalapeno tamales at 3 am. Up
before noon on Friday. The mini-vacation is almost over. Eating food at 3 in the morning is probably bad for health, but it seems to help with not being hungover; hmmm. Maybe we'll experiment some more with that tonight. There is so much exercise I could do right now, and laundry, too! Why am I playing Gran Turismo? No worries; I got productive. We did laundry, and worked out on 3 different pieces of equipment. Choose the music ("Bicycle Song" by Orbit, on repeat; that song moves me)--and aim the fan at your head; I like working out at home. My gut hurts, and I'm not so hungry now--it must have gone well. Working out at home could be another commentary; wow. I made yummy ramen crumbles for my baby. We ate and watched Judge Amy's stalker get killed. Pretty soon I'm heading for the bar to meet up with Pool Guy. I only lost 1 of many golf games. He gave me $20; better than nothing. Bill showed up, too. I got pretty sloshy. Home for amazing nachos, yum. Then to crash hard.Up
noonish on Saturday and my stomach hurts. It's all stretched out from exercise, and then hot garlic nachos were dumped in it, My poor tummy. But it does feel strong. Now I wonder what to do. College football has begun. Oh we watched some football, and we started over some Gran Turismo, and I'm just hanging here. It looks like I'm doing my new thing where the world can kiss my ass. I may go see Barney, but he has something for me. Other than that, make me an offer. Agassi looks good in this U. S. Open--he needs to win it. Talked to my FCP, which is always nice; she agrees that I shouldn't worry about my south Florida Mom. D. O. beeped in on that phone call. He got fired after 5 years with a company; just fired. He never had a bad review or anything. He's celebrating joblessness by doing some drunk camping in Virginia--ya gotta respect that. And Barney never called me back. I wound up starting over GT2, and then watched some Sci-fi stuff; "The Aliens Attack", woo. Around 5 in the morning, I came back here and wrote If I Had A Gazillion Dollars. This is fun; I've been dicking around with it for hours. Went to sleep somewhere right after dawn, and got up
around noon on Sunday. College football, and Planet of the Apes movies on Sci-fi; wow. Well, at least girlfriend made some yummy bread. I'm still playing with the commentary. Can't get Mom on the phone, but I'm not worried.

Sunday 8-29-04

The rest of 8-22 was fairly quiet. Someday I will learn that taking a nap makes it tough to sleep at night; but not today. So I tossed and turned all night in bed. Up
Monday morning ready for work. I would have a good day. Well, that was the plan. It sucked. My ear hurt from holding the phone, no sales, and morale is still low. But I kept a decent mood; I have stuff to look forward to. Finally off, and it's home to make nachos and do lots of kitchen work. Then it's snuggle time. Some more Olympics, and now it's already 10 pm. I hate the way these days just disappear. But everybody is proud of me for going to work and trying to keep it going. It'll just be a half-day 2maro. Bed. Up
for work Tuesday. It started slow, and didn't get much better. Wait, but then I got one right before lunch. Who knew; I also have a Dr. at work, well today was his last day, so I had to stock up on painkillers. He taught me about the soma coma, too. Of course, I left at lunch--for my "dentist appointment". Sure. Instead of that, I went to the piss lab for my test. I pissed all over it, too. Then I came home to load up for a bar run. Oh and a bar run it was. Glug and puff. Good golf. Pretty soon I was hungry. Some bars were open until 2 am starting tonight, but I was home with Whoppers before 8:15. Bedtime followed that. Lots of good sleep, I think. Got up
to go to work Wednesday, but then thought better of it. I'm taking a day off. This may turn into the rib-fest. I'm listening to this sample disc of All Comedy Radio; Phil Perrier is on it--cool! So Wednesday became a play day. Tried to download some media/music stuff, but I just got more viruses--now my computer is scewed again. Went out to the bank, mailed stuff to Dad, and came back here for the feast. Then I got busy cleaning. Dusting and vacuuming, then loaded up excess newspaper and old phone books for a dump run. Dropped off some shorts and smokes to my homeless buddy Rich. Gas and more groceries, too. Home at 2 to have radio wars with the downstairs neighbors; see, now girlfriend isn't home to tell me to NOT play my stereo obnoxiously loud. So I treated the people under the stairs to about 250 watts of Orbit's "Bicycle Song"; they got the message. Speaking of; called (2wice) and e-mailed my FCP today, and she called me back; she wants me. Girlfriend wasn't too happy about my not going to work today; imagine that. But she softened up for some really nice snuggle, and then she fixed my computer again. Yay. So I was all happy and feeling nice about being a semi-good boy, and we tucked girlfriend in at 9 pm...and then I got the phone call from the bar. Uh-oh. So I wound up partying hard and partying late Wednesday night. Oh I will be in so much trouble 2maro. Home to foolishly set the alarm to try to get up
Thursday morning for work. It didn't happen. And now I'll be in trouble for playing snooze button boogie, too. Trouble everywhere for me; so what can I do? Let's go to the New China Buffet for lunch. Okay. Yummy. And then we walked around Wal-Mart for awhile. Now I'm at home with GT2 and a fixed computer. Talked to my FCP again; even she is disappointed with me. So I cannot win today. I am evil and bad. Stay away from me. I'd like to make better files for my older writings since I have 5 seperate annual files right now. 3 would make more sense; 1 for poems, 1 for commentaries, and 1 for other shit. It's something to do. Then I stayed up late, drank "eavening coffee" and watched tv and movies. Crashed hard. Up
at 11 am Friday to go brew coffee. With perfect timing, again my FCP calls. This is sweet. We talked and bonded for over an hour. she convinced me to go and get my paycheck--good choice. Stopped at the store, and I'm back home to cook ramen crumbles. Woo. It was nice to be home and cooking for my girlfriend. Good dinner, and then we had some incredible snuggle. Pretty soon I was heading out to meet up with Pool Guy. Party! We got trashed--almost like it was Friday night or something. I came home and ate everything. Crashed hard, and didn't get up
until after 11 am Saturday. Started working on my webpage, coffee, and we're getting stuff done. Girlfriend appreciates that I want to take her out for lunch, but she declined. Oh well. Pretty much finished my webpage stuff, but still felt very lazy. Talked girlfriend into watching Little Big Man with me; a good movie. I would also witness some of the gold medal basketball game, which did not include the USA, and that led to my writing Olympic Basketball. Then it was dark, and she's getting ready for bed. Tv absolutely sucks; no wonder I drink so much. Wanted to do some exercise today, but it didn't happen. Oh well. This lazy day may help to motivate for a better 2maro. Watched ESPN's "Behind the Scenes" of the VT/USC football game--now that was cool. Later I would tape and watch the full movie "Office Space", and part of "Pulp Fiction". I can so relate with all these people who are not satisfied with their world. I'm staring at a very good opportunity for self-advancement, and it's not just all these real estate infomercials talking--but that's part of it, too! How many wealth-building courses are in my stack over there; 3, 4? And the Dalbey course, too. How much time do I have left anyway? Discover is an excellent company with fantastic benefits; crossover potential is high. It should be so easy to love this job, and that will benefit my ability to appreciate my world better. I want to spread like a virus, baby. Oh, by the way, it looks like we stayed up all night Saturday; girlfriend is even awake now, so it's officially Sunday. Yeah, shit, it's after 7. I need to call Javier today--spiritual advisement, maybe. Then girlfriend asked me if I'd like to go get the mail with her on this beautiful morning. I was up for it. Then I came back, watched a little tv, and took my nap around 9 am. Up
at 1 here on Sunday. Got a busy day here; stand back.

Sunday 8-22-04

The rest of Sunday the 15th went fuzzily like this; I played on the computer and uploaded my stuff. Then I called Mom. She and I got along great again. Told her about my pretty amazing week, and she was happy about that. Blah blah; are we at the bar yet? Well, eventually we were at the bar playing golf and Southpark pinball again. A-13 will never get fixed; of this I am sure. So I came home and went to bed before midnight. Didn't sleep too well, but who really cares? Up
for work Monday. A big day. Big Monday. I got a sale early, and then burned 30 calls into nothing. People are stupid. The job is okay, but I'm still putting up with too much bullshit from people on the phone. There was this one dumb bitch, oh never mind. We got yelled at after the shift, but I can't help what I can't help. So I left at 5, and headed home to see my baby. Cooked up some veggie machoroni, and then it was snuggle time. Short and sweet. Then I'm watching PTI, and I have no energy. Girlfriend goes to bed, and it's 9 pm already. I can't take this shit for much longer. Grrr. Went to bed around midnight. Up
for a full day Tuesday. As for my attitude problem; it looks like somebody has forgotten that he makes his own mood. Yeah. Sometimes I may need my own perspective altered. I was all pissed off driving to work, too, in the traffic, convinced that I would get fired today, and how I haven't had any of my killer 99cent coffee in days. Grumble grumble. How productive is that? Not very. So I got to work, and then tried out a new face. Cool and confident. I can do this. And I got 1 early. I need to speak with conviction at this shit; I don't care if these people like me--I'm not here to be liked. After the one sale, the rest of the day was just a wiggle-fest, but who cares? We're spending 10 hours a day in 1 room. I sure as fuck WON'T be doing this for long (look, he got pissy again), but like my non-party mentality of the present, we can enjoy this for a short run. Post-work, to crawl home for nachos and just a couple of hours to get ready for bed. Not enough time to do all what I want to. Sucks to be you. I wish there were time and energy left to worry about not writing so much this year, but there's not. In fact, there's only 1 person I want to write to...So I went and wrote to her. See? I will even leave this dumbass journal behind to go off and do something I feel strongly about. Yeah, I'd like to be listening to the new Caviar CD right about now, too, but it ain't gonna happen. Not yet. Up
Wednesday for work. Things felt really weird; it turns out that we will be moving to straight commission soon. I can already assure you that I'm too old to play "if you don't sell, then you don't eat"; and so far everyone agrees with me. A very long day of only 3 phone calls. I don't want to give up on this job, but I don't know how it's going to play out. When I got home, I definitely wanted to discuss it with Static Girl. She was so good--sitting there and acting like she gave a shit about my stupid soap opera, and I just talked and talked. Decided that I should really give this work some good effort, which is funny when you consider that I was already pretty sure I'd be going out drinking later. Yeah. So we had some excellent short snuggle, and then I was getting bit by the bugs. Turns out that this was a good (bad) night to go play. Pool Guy and TPG showed up. So we Southparked and then golfed. It was fun. I won. Woo. Home to eat leftovers and more chips. The only problem was that I wasn't so sure about work on Thursday anymore. Crashed. Up
to my girlfriend sitting on the bed beside me at 6:30. My head hurt, and my throat, too. So I called off. Ha! Then I went back and slept until 11 am. Nice. I still felt a little groggy though. Time to be productive. Got on the phone to find a place to allign Gus' front end. Turns out that the best place might actually be the same place where I got the 5-minute oil change--Discount Brakes; cool. I like those guys. They did it for only $51; everywhere else it would have been 60. I also got to eat lunch at a neat little Mexican hole-in-the-wall restaurant across the street. Only 1 employee there spoke English; this strip mall area is connected to the day-laborer center where the illegal immigrants get picked up to do work--so I was definitely in the minority as the White guy walking around. Maybe they poisoned me. I still tipped 20%. In the end, Discount Brakes did a fine job of aligning my front end--no more pull to the right. I will do more business there. Came home to gather some stuff to mail to Florida and South Carolina. Safeway has my Advance smokes. Forgot to get my credit report at the bank, or to go see people at my Dr.'s office. They'll get SOME money from me, maybe $150, but not $450. Oh well. Girlfriend came home and suggested that I just quit my stupid job; you have to respect her word economy. Called Mom, and after such a great talk on Sunday, she's now back into her kick about education. Can you believe that bullshit? I may head back out to get more literature, and drive off a cliff. Look at me job-hunting--again. Yeah; I went out and got more job guides and such. Discover Card is doing another job fair on Saturday; and I'm off Saturday. Plus there are a couple of other places to call. It was a fairly productive day, even with no work. It's unfortunate that girlfriend is very disappointed with me; she says that I don't care about anything. She has a point; so? I mean, it's bad enough I have to stay down here in this stupid-assed physical realm with you losers--now I'm supposed to care about stuff, too? But I'll take her words seriously because she is the smart one. Sure; but I'm pissed. Let me give you fuckers some advice; shut up. Don't talk to me. If you're all so disappointed with me, then fucking ignore me. Write me off as a loss, and quit wasting your time. Thank you. I went to sleep with the attitude that if I don't wake up, great, that's just one less thing I'll have to fucking deal with. And then I woke up
Friday for work. I'm getting a sale today, or I'm fucking done. Grrr. And then I got a sale. Okay. Stayed late, too. Home to tell girlfriend that I didn't appreciate her killing my spirit. She didn't remember saying anything to me; sometimes her poor memory is a bonus. So I'm livid, or at least riled up, ready to kill or die, and she's all calm and quiet. She drives me crazy. So I calmed down a little, and we snuggled. Then I'm off to meet up with Pool Guy. It was a good night; I never lost a game of golf or pinball. He gave me a tiny bit of money--that was nice. Then I came home and ate chips and rice. Maybe some hot sauce; definitely some chocolate. Eventually I passed out. Got up
around 11 on Saturday. Started to read the New Times paper, looking at the jobs stuff, and there was that ad for the Discover Card job fair again. I decided to go to it. Good choice. They wound up hiring me on the spot, which is kind of rare. I start September 2nd. Well that's nice. Then I came home to brag to my girlfriend. She is very happy with me. So happy that she offered to buy me Subway. Have I ever turned down Subway? So we brought back food and watched a little tv together. Then I got lazy. So I'm just mellowing out here now. Oh and I mellowed out for hours. Couldn't shake the laziness though. Wound up vegging in front of the tv for hours. I'd rather be lazy than depressed and suicidal; sometimes we take the lesser of 2 evils. On and off the computer; yawn. Watched a couple of Behind the Music's on VH1, and went to bed around 5 am. Up
at 11 on Sunday. Coffee and bananas; now that's a band name. I need to go shopping today. Yes. Did that. Home at 3:30; now what? Talked to Mom, and then my Step-mom. There was a nap; naps are good. And girlfriend watched a couple of movies, then I watched some more Olympics. Boring. Bite me.

Sunday 8-15-04

If you can't tell, I was a bit "off" last Sunday, the day before my birthday. It's a combination of many things. Sure I'm frustrated. And it's a mess. And I'm missing lots of snuggle time. Bleah. Back to activities; I sat with girlfriend on the warped tour for some of her 4400 show. I'll watch it, with her, but I wouldn't watch that crap on my own. She's having trouble breathing, so I got busy with cleaning out the air filter and spraying it with disinfectant. I also vaccumed; this is me being not as selfish. She appreciated the effort. She could breathe a tad better at her bedtime. Eventually I got a little tired and went to bed, too. Toss and turn. Up
after 2 alarms for Monday morning. Happy Birthday. I got to hug on my woman, which is all I wanted this morning. Then I went to work. It would be a painfully long day; I only got 6 calls. Nobody qualified; that ain't my fault. Some more people got fired. Oh well. Not me yet. I'm just in a daze. We have to start wearing ties 4 days a week tomorrow; great. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the evening as I left work without a sale. Never told anybody it was my birthday, either. Got home, and my girlfriend has my big present wrapped and on the counter. She is so great; she got me a new soft briefcase (purse), and it's made of hemp! I have a pot purse, baby! Cool! Her parents got me one of those neat stylus 4-tip pens. I asked if I had suffered long enough with no snuggle, and she said 'yes'. So I got some long overdue affection, as good as ever, yay, and then I had to make decisions. I haven't been wanting beer or smoke hardly at all lately, and sure don't tonight. So for my big birthday activities, I will do...laundry. Many people called to wish me happiness; good for them. Neighbors begged me to go to the bar, but I...did laundry. Sure. After my girlfriend went to bed, I womped up some tamales with jalapenos and garlic, watched PTI and 2 + a half men. Why did the party animal disappear a week or 2 ago? I don't know. It's not like I don't have $ or supplies. Maybe this is just a short faze, or maybe I'm boring now. I told you people that you don't deserve to have me around; maybe I'm going away now. Fuck if I know. To tell the truth, it is kind of boring to not be me anymore. I'm still me for me, mostly, and still me for my girlfriend, but the rest of you can kiss my ass. Why am I still alive anyway? There had better be some answers coming soon. I'm pissed. Woke up
Tuesday ready for sales. I wanted this to be a great day, payday, and a day to get back into the swing of things. Got to hug on my woman early; yay. Then to work. Work is painfully slow again. Bummer. I didn't get a call until after lunch. Everybody is grumbling about how bad everything is--I fit right in with that, being all pissy like I am anyway. I got nothing, and even gave up too quickly on a couple of calls. Damn. Then we got paid, and the bank issuing our checks is a different bank from the bank that issued our last checks--kinda makes ya wonder. I was thinking that I needed a special dinner celebration. Bad wrecks made for a long ride back to the neighborhood, but then I went to the bank. Decided that my special dinner celebration would be...Waffle House. Good choice. I'm feeling better already. And after 3 cheeseburger plates I felt full, too! Went back to Big 5 Sports and bought my very own big green exercise ball. Ha! Now I'm at home, and we got to pay bills. You might wonder why I'm not at the bar appreciating payday like a normal guy; I might wonder that, too. But while the urge to party and get crazy is absent, we're going to make the best use of it. I'm going to price transmission fluid flushes, and plan on getting a front end alignment. An emissions test will happen soon, too. I need to keep at it this whole 'being responsible' thing while I can. Okay. Bedtime. Up
for work Wednesday. I dressed up, and was there early. Once again, it's slow as dirt. I can't worry about that though. All day, roughly 10 hours on the phone, I got 2 calls. Yawn. I'm tired. But I did stay awake for the whole thing. At the end of the day, I was excited about coming home to my wonderful girlfriend. I had told her yesterday that I wanted to buy her dinner. But now SHE wants to buy me Subway--it's part of my birthday celebration. Um, okay. I like free food--especially when I'm hungry. So we got 2 yummy subs, and came home to eat them in front of the tv. It started raining right after we got home--nice timing. Then it was snuggle time. Yay. It went well; it always does. I fell asleep holding her afterwards. So I took this to mean that I should go to bed...at 8 pm. Am I crazy? Maybe. So I went to bed at 8 pm. Good move. Sleep was excellent. Then I'm up
for work Thursday. Dressed up again. But it's slow again. But now I see that there is a little bit of a soap opera going on here. This may well be just a temporary interlude, but I'm going to start enjoying it. And I can do the work, it's just not falling into place yet. The calls will start coming soon. I plan to be ready for them. So it's another day of nothing. Whatever. Then I had the plan in place to go get Gus emissioned. I didn't really think he'd pass his first run in 2 years; I was wrong. Go Gus! Kick ass. All of a sudden, I don't feel so lowly anymore. And drinking heavily is never a great idea, but I do feel like some golf and pinball. I have a feeling that I might have to run some damage-control this evening. More later. Yeah, so I went out drinking. A-13 still isn't fixed, so I put the whammy on Southpark pinball. Then I golfed. Home to wipe out some lime Tostito's. Crashed, and woke up
a bit groggy Friday morning, but not a problem. It's denim day. I'm really getting tired of these crappy days at work. How long can this madness go on? I should have fallen backwards in to some damn sales by now; what's up? I'm good for entertainment value, at least. And I do show up, at least. Another zero day at the farm, and then I'm in Friday rush hour. Fun. Home to a tired girlfriend. I made some good ricey deluxe, twisted my mattress, and it's snuggle time. Yay. And now it's already 9 pm, and I have to be at work at 7 am 2maro. This time sacrafice is a monkey. I have tons of paper and taped tv to get through. Damn. Crashed before midnight. Up
wait a second. My girlfriend came in to my room and climbed in bed with me for a couple of snooze buttons before work Saturday morning. That was really nice--possibly a small reward for not going out Friday night. I was early to the office. Got to do a pep talk with H; he is a master motivator. But I just keep burning calls. They let me go at 1. I went and tried to get an alignment, but they were too busy--said to come back 2maro. Came home, and all of a sudden it was nap time. Sleep was my frined, too. Then my FCP called back to let us know that they were okay--no major water damage. Soon it was time for my pinball trek to the Cheers bar--where Tales From the Crypt pinball was waiting for me. Wow. This is no easy cabinet; but I won on every game I played (all 6). Got the #3 score with 966 million. This was a fun adventure. Next! Then we're heading back to the neighborhood for some Golden Tee. At my Famous Sam's, champ Steve Sobe was giving lessons. This sounds like some name-dropping joke, I know, but he was really there. I bought him a Corona, and we played a couple of games. That was fun. I also got a Steve Sobe Golden Tee t-shirt, and got Static Girl a nice pullover jacket; he was a really cool guy. I would have taken him around the corner, but he and his sidekick left. E-Rock was there, and he's saying how I need to go buy a copy of the new Caviar CD. Ha. That's cute. So then I came home and ate everything. Crashed hard, but that nap made it easy enough to get up
at 9 am Sunday and head back to get an alignment. Unfortunately they are way busy and 2 men short. I went shopping 2wice, and got a haircut; all pretty much before noon. Golf bugs are biting--no doubt.

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