2004 USA Olympic Basketball

Let's get straight to the point: I was watching some Olympics today, Saturday 8-28-04 maybe. I came across the "gold-medal basketball game" between Argentina and Italy. Huh? Should we refer to them as "Basketball Powerhouses" Argentina and Italy? You tell me. Let me ask you; did you see any of this shit? I watched about a minute, maybe 2; 5 trips total across the court--that's 4 changes of possession. I saw NO POINTS scored. 3 shots taken were so bad that they would have gotten any high school kid benched. One guy, after making a decent defensive steal, tried to "wrap" the basketball around his own body, evasively, and got his hands stuck behind him with the ball--I'm not fucking kidding you; a complete retard klutz, okay? (This guy should have been wearing a blue vest and helping Wal-Mart customers reach items on the top shelf--there's some free career advice.) I'm looking at this shit on tv, and I started giggling. 'No fucking way did either one of these teams EVER beat any group of NBA professionals. None. Never-ever.' I was thinking to myself. But wait; Argentina did beat the USA team. Right? That's why THEY are IN, and WE are OUT of the gold-medal game; right? Ha. Now that's funny.

I quit caring about pro basketball at least 10 years ago--right around their last strike; it looks like there may be a rush to join my bandwagon here really soon. But I'm far too cynical to be objective about the state of sports anyway. Here's my 2 cents; USA Olympic Basketball is done. We can't get these little millionaires to care enough to beat lanky Wal-Mart geeks from Argentina? And I'm happy for them but could not actually care less about how the Americans "came through" in the bronze medal game and looked so great; that's too little too late. Thank God for pre-season football. Maybe Scrubs will be back on by Tuesday; I sure hope so.

This is my ending? Okay, yeah, this is my ending. I am not as dumb as your typical Arizona high school kid; I can find Iraq on a map. I even know the basic shape of Iraq, and where it's sandwiched, sort of. I also know that Italy is that little piece of land in Europe that looks like a boot. Are you with me? Do you see where I'm going with this? As far as Argentina goes, my GUESS among the 7 continents would be to START looking somewhere in South America. And I would have to "search" from top to bottom; I don't fucking know where Argentina is, don't know what its shape is, or anything about its people or history. Do they even have basketballs in Argentina; well, obviously they do. They must have some impressive college and pro leagues down there in old Argentina, too, huh? Now, next Olympics, if we Americans put together a Soccer team that can beat Argentina, then I will obviously have to shut the hell up. But I am ashamed of USA basketball in 2004.

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