Old Personal News

(starting 1-4-04)

Sunday 1-18-2004...

Sunday was lazy for me, baby! I sat around in my underwear and just laid low. Near perfection is how it is for me and my insanely awesome girlfriend; we can stay at home together, and still be alone, seperately, for 95% of the time. It's not even worth trying to explain to you; so just sit there and be jealous. Hmmm. I got to watch some great football, too. And later, I watched some "Mythbusters" with my baby. She's also whining about how I need a savings account (she has 3?). And pretty soon it was closing in on midnight, so I headed for bed. Ate some pain pills to get me in the mood for sleep, and I was in the mood for sleep (I thought), and the sleep never came. I just laid there. I got up
after the 1st snooze Monday, ready to go to work early and set up for my 8 Days of Influence. Today through the 20th; I have a plan to be a good boy. So we wrote it out at work. But the evil forces are tricky and smart; remember this. The spiritual warfare was on--and I didn't even realize it. Either they tripped me, or I slipped, and out of my mouth came words to easily insult a co-worker. Darn. That was the ONLY part of the day where I stopped paying attention for a minute; I was verbally reprimanded. Later, "C" and I further discussed (quietly) house-shopping; front balcony, carport, back patio, and foundation. My ears cried for some kind of reggae version of Boston's "More Than a Feeling". As you might imagine, I was exhausted. But I did well to keep exercising, and I stayed awake. I even started a "jealous" commentary; hmmm. No Lead for me; as if I cared. Post-work, I'm too tired to workout; I need a nap; but my watchband is definitely at the end of its days, so I went to get a new one. It's $8 for a new watchband, or $10 for a new watch. That was easy; my new watch is an Armitron. Then I thought I'd go ahead and start a savings account at my bank--you know--while I'm walking around like a zombie anyway (ahh, the good old days). Thanks "G". Where was I? And then I shopped a little, and headed home. Called my FCP (to talk about losing my spiritual battle, and) to brag about still being employed for now; that's better than her man did today. She encouraged me to stay awake--which is working out so far--stay tuned. So I started cooking my garlic taters. I am so tired that--TRAILS! I'm seeing trails; well that's entertaining. So it's food, and a walk to get the mail (and see sky trails!), and we're back home to get ready for some really good snuggle. Then I took a long shower where it was decided to go ahead and write out some stuff. So here I am...And I wrote alot. I even woke up more as I kept writing; that's messed up. But I was still exhausted. Then I realized that my "Jealous" commentary is TOO good for you idiots; sorry. Had more trouble getting to sleep, but I did sleep some. Opened
my eyes at 6 am Tuesday morning; did I sleep through 30 minutes of alarm? Hope not. On the drive in, radio news informed me that 11% of people admit to eating food while sitting on the toilet; I can't believe so many people admit to it. I brag about it; and just look at my pretty new watch. It helped me get to work on time. Still way tired, though. I worked pretty well, and remained aware of the battles all around me. I tried to think before I spoke; and did so, almost without exception. I apologized to the girl I made uncomfortable yesterday, and she's all cool with me. Still very tired, though. I decided to bring Code Red to the rescue! It worked; I perked up! Even with some good conversations, it's another day with no Lead for me; but the whole room is slow, and I decided that I need to keep being productive WHILE I am being productive. That means I'm going to get pocket money (weighed 214; not great--not bad), mail letters, buy groceries, take laundry up to TPG's/cook dinner, and call my Mom. Yeah, baby. Now I'm home at 9:35 pm; clean sheets on an again flipped mattress, and I'm all sweaty. Productive sweaty. Mom is proud of me; 'specially for the savings account. I need more productive days. I was hoping for some better sleep...
Up Wednesday morning; I slept a bit better. Yay. A tad later than usual to work, but I got to sit next to cool older sweetie "M". Another pathetic slow workday, but I did well with 'thinking before speaking'. It's neat how we get to work in a place that takes background noise seriously (that's what I used to do, you know). I'm compiling a short list of some of the more obscure songs on the compilation discs at work--for my next Sidebar. No Lead again (boo), and at the end of the day the big boss asked why I had been so quiet today . I yelled "I was sober!" (more on the big boss later). Already I was thinking that I might go out tonight. Went to the doctor's gym to workout, and then to see the doc. She popped my back, and prescribed more meds and back patches for me. Got them, and then came home to cook yummy garlic rice and pinto beans; we also got another package from S. Carolina. Then there was some late snuggle, and I turned Pool Guy down for a visit to the bar (that's a first). Static Girl sat on my leg while I read her my Jealousy Commentary; she liked it--you'll never see it. Wound up eating ice cream, and we're getting ready for bed early. Let's hope that the drugs DO provide the REM sleep they're supposed to; I want some good sleep. Can you believe that I didn't go to the bar? Wow. G'night. Up
Thursday after some pretty good sleep. A hair late for work; the room was full--so I had to go sit in the shark tank. I got to sit next to another live one; more on that later. First we had a noise contest to win free lunch Saturday; well, that was easy. Next. Let's talk about the princess sitting next to me. During the 1st hour, power hour--when you're supposed to focus--she's whining about her chair, she wants a smoke break, she wants pen and paper, she's putting on her make-up, she's complaining about her baby's daddy; she expects preferential treatment. (She'll have a great career at Infinite Marketing later!) Wait a second; okay, she's friends with a Supervisor--she WILL get preferential treatment. Right; so she gets an extra 10 minute break, she gets 30 minutes of calls done for her; she gets to cross-talk and be generally disruptive. Life is so fair. I'm observing; not complaining. Well, even though I was pretty frustrated with work, my mind was operating okay. Do you see where this might go? Right; if I can't get a freaking Lead, then I might as well scribble. A couple of trick lines appear from nowhere, decent ones, and all of a sudden I'm writing a poem. I swear that I said to myself 'wouldn't it be funny if I could write a GOOD 5-verse poem and STILL not get a Lead?'. Yeah, well when the whiney princess next to me got her easy, lay-down Lead, that was about all the motivation I needed. And folks, we will not have to wait until May for Static Girl's first poetic tribute of 2004. When you're ready to be impressed by what a frustrated phone pro can squeeze out between some really worthless calls, go check out 6 Years And Counting. Talk about a positive redirection of energy, and I STILL get a free lunch on Saturday. Post-work, we went to search for the Crooked Sky Produce stand. Nothing. Oh well. Time for pocket money (I read 35 pages of the book my FCP sent me--she'll be so proud), and then home for garlic jalapeno clam chowder; garlic is my friend. I am already at the bar, since I'm going to be put on probation 2maro; no Leads in 5 days usually gets a person put on probation. So I'm loading, packing and calling Pool Guy out for some quality bar time. Oh, and it was. We drank, and I smoked my filter-less American Spirits through my little gay cigarette holder. We had fun. Do bar-runs ever end early? NO! So I wind up pulling through the Burger King drive-thru and yelling for 5 minutes at the speaker; it was 12:30, and they had been closed since 11. Ooo, I was pissed. So I went and got Whataburgers. Bed, finally, around 1:30 (remember, I'm planning on getting AT LEAST probation 2maro--and that's only IF I show up). Sleep was good; all 3 hours of it.
I SO did not want to get out of bed Friday morning; but rather than face the ridiculic rath of Static Girl, I got up just barely in time to make it to work--with no shower, no food, nothing. Where is my reprimand; huh? C'mon; I'm ready for a strungover showdown with some kind of well-dressed authority figure. I'm set to demand an all-out suspension, throw a hissy fit, roll around on the floor, maybe even get a written warning. Instead, nobody says a word, and I get to sit next to X-man. Wow. This is actually going to help. I woke up a little, and played cheerleader. It turns out that they still love me (you fools!), and am in no trouble because I'm still trying (I got wasted and yelled at an innocent Burger King speaker for nothing!). More drama at work; our big boss is now apparently our FORMER big boss--or at least shipped off to another state (g'bye "D"); this means that talking to me at the end of Wednesday was the last thing he did on the microphone at work/west. Perhaps my lack of production is trivial compared to the in-house shuffling that is being dealt. X-man explained some spiritual stuff to--me with the faith metaphors (out on a branch with Satan sawing it off), and spoke of fleshly pleasures as trying to live by eating just candy and cookies (momentarily enjoyable, but unfulfilling and deadly over the long haul). Good stuff. I have now initiated the phrase "a bunch of hooey" (that I got from the "Pickles" comic strip) as part of my vocabulary. I am entertaining, baby; X-man gets credit for bringing me out of a foul mood. Post-work, I forget when I decided to do it, but I promised my girlfriend a salad feast for Friday dinner. A salad with so much tomato and mushroom that there won't be much room for any of that sissy lettuce crap. So I went to find an Albertson's, 'cause they have milk on sale right now. I got some money, some great groceries, and headed back home to start whomping. I also officially made garlic a salad additive, woo-hoo. How 'bout; NO ROOM for lettuce?! What a salad; I am amazing, you know? This is the type of stuff a person has to do to lose weight; not midnight Whataburgers. My girl gets some pretty good treatment here, and this is all before the snuggle ride. And get this; even though she is being shown some amazing appreciation this week, she is actually in a grumpy mood. Hang on. Yep; still grumpy. But it's okay; she knows that I would still do anything for her. And I'm staying in--like a good boy, and hopefully will get some sleep...Yes! Went to bed before 11:30, and got at least 5 hours of sleep. Up
a tad late, again, for work Saturday--no shower. I said to myself that getting 3 Leads would be pretty cool; just wait. And, we get to work in blue jeans; remember that, too. Early in the background noise we heard "Papa was a Rolling Stone", and that helped. Then it happened; at 10:05 Saturday morning my drought ended. I did a little dance. I didn't even consider that there could be another one out there--at 10:40. Then it was lunch; but there was no free lunch today. I was a little frustrated about that. So I went and bought a burrito. When I got back, a few minutes late, they could tell I was a bit furious; so they were monitoring me. I get on the phone with this timid guy who doesn't want to commit, and I PUSHED this clown right into the deal. After this one got verified, they said 'good job' and called me "vicious". 3 Leads; wow. I took "E" a tape of "Atom Heart Mother Hits the Road"; he brought me "Obscured By Clouds" on CD, to tape. I was happy; right? Not worried about anything...in my own little world...doing my exercises...Boom! Here comes #4. So I end up tied with Rocky for tops in the room. I can honestly say that I did NOT want this day to end; I wanted 5. Oh well. Walked out with X-man and thanked him; he's the one who got me out of my funk yesterday, so he is directly conducive to my good day today. I headed back up north here to get gas, and home for the remains of my monster salad. Static Girl is in a better mood, and she has bread cooking! Wait'll I read her the poem. Let's do that now. I am a pretty happy guy today; great job, great woman, great music. Get outta the way...So I sat her on my knee and read her the poem; she likes it (Duh, who wouldn't?). And then I tried to call my FCP, Pool Guy, and TPG; nobody wants to talk to me. Fine; so now I'm going to the bar for the1st of 3 days. Bye! Actually, Pool Guy called, and he accompanied me to the bar. He was all depressed and unhappy with life; I cheered him up well. We were done early enough THIS time to go get...wait for it...Whoppers! I wasn't even hungry; I just did it because I could. Later, I would erp in bed because of it, but so what? Up
Sunday in good enough shape; coffee, and wearing my obnoxious '94 Pink Floyd shirt. I'm too cool. And I don't even need a Lead, right? I'm just going to be a good cheerleader today; no pressure. Well, I was the best cheerleader, and still got 1. Ha! And I'm not cocky; I'm appreciative. It was a great day; "F" gave us all some good attitude advice--like writing out your dreams and goals. Cool. So when I get home, TPG is already leaving me a message that his car has died again. I also find out that he STILL hasn't paid off the best mechanic in Phoenix for the LAST set of repairs. TPG wants to drive 30 miles to go look at a Bronco; so we did. My Patriots won while we drove; cool. The Bronco is sharp, but it has to be paid in full before it can be taken away. Oh well. Then he bought me dinner at the New China buffet in our neighborhood. Poor guy. But I told his ass 2 years ago that he should do WHATEVER it takes to KEEP working at the restaurant in our neighborhood--so he could walk to work, if need be. Nobody ever listens to me, and I sure don't want anybody to start now. I am thankful for the wonderful things in my life; Static Girl, Gus, and the ability to walk into ANY sales job and perform adequately. So now I'm home, and the Panthers just humiliated the Eagles in their own yard. No more football for 2 weeks, and the last game won't be much of a contest. Called Mom, and she's doing well. 2maro is my last day of work before surgery, and Rift says I will NOT be going out. So I guess my 3 bar nights are/is really just going to be 1 bar night; last night. What a neat week; I got tested, passed it, only went to the bar 2wice, and my main pick for the Superbowl is in. This is the type of improvement I was striving for this year. Let's load this up!

Sunday 1-11-2004...

Yes he was amazed. And TPG was at the grocery; so I had to convince him that we should do lunch together instead. We shot for the Great Wall buffet--my favorite restaurant in Phoenix. We sat front and center for the football game. Then back home to gather laundry and the Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD to take back up to TPG's. Pool Guy calls and says he'll be ready to party at 5 pm. Funny DVD. Then we're to the bar. Again; how am I the only person with money? But let's not limit it to there; I'm the only one with money, only one with a good woman, only one with a fun job; this could go on forever. Closed it down (10pm) with the mangled hand Pool Man. Home to mobilize for bed; my warped mattress. Got some good sleep in between bathroom trips.
Up Monday morning for coffee and a long shower. 39 degrees, and I'm in a t-shirt; go me! To work, shivering. Got a Lead in the first hour, and another one later. And I did start a poem at work; but it didn't go anywhere--it's just a start--no big deal. "B" slid me 5 pieces of her pizza, and I snagged a chicken breast. That's a free lunch, baby! I was thinking about how cool I was, with no heartburn and all. Got out, and went to workout. Still not approved for vasomatics. So; not lazy, I changed clothes, did my little 1-circuit workout...and learned about "delayed reaction heartburn". Physical exertion may have something to do with heartburn--hey that would explain some of it, actually. It was fun to groan, too. Hey; heartburn used to be a regular, daily, integral, necessary part of my life--and I miss the softer side of it. Bite me. Where was I? Working out, and then we headed for the 99cent store, and to Safeway--had to make sure there was bread in the house when my girlfriend got home--long story. 3 kinds of bread later, I'm cooking noodles in my underwear, to the delight of my Static Girl. Highlander, snuggle, shower, and then we turned the computer on. And somehow I have already talked to my FCP 2wice today; sweet. We are making subtle changes, because this is the first week of the new year. Mattress flip, then I swept and mopped, vacuumed, and did a trash run. PTI with chips and salsa. Girlfriend appreciates the effort. Bed and up
on time for work Tuesday. Wanna know what I like? I like walking into the cold kitchen--and coffee is already brewed. Thank you to the person who invented a timer on a cofeemaker. To work, and work is going okay. I remain thankful and in a good mood. Even got 2 Leads again, and could have had more. Then I scribbled through a poem, sort of, that I will discuss with my panel of experts later. There was magic in the room; I even fell asleep once. It was fun. Then I went to real physical therapy, and officially added the butterfly. Yay me. Still no approval from worker's comp. Bought some more bread mix from the specialty grocery, and rushed home to cook garlic taters for my baby. Then I left her to go to TPG's--she wanted to manipulate the phone line. I ate up there, and did some kitchen work for him. Nice. Then back home, even with the full moon messing with me to go out. But I washed dishes here, too, and am just quietly winding down now. These "spiritual" bloggie style entries are going to be boring--kiss my ass. Bed finally, and up
almost right on time Wednesday for work. I like the coffee being made--wait, you know about that. To work, and it starts slow. I get to sit next to a cool girl "K", and we get to talking about relationships and all else. I'm bragging about my girlfriend, and she thinks that's real sweet. We all got Leads, yay, and it was a pretty nice day. After work, I wanted to go get some electrode therapy, because my arms are hurting from yesterday. I STILL haven't been approved, but we went ahead and got some treatment anyway. Groceries, and home to cook rice for my sweetie. At home, called about my bed, my cigarettes, and kept the productive trend going. Now it's 7 pm and the bugs are biting. Bummer. I want to be good...I was good, and I had 2 bowls of ice cream, too. I even made a new 1st paragraph for a poem that may make it good enough now. Sleep...
Up Thursday with coffee, and to work. I played Asst. in Sector 8; so I got to help, and I got a Lead. Sat next to cool, older Black guy, "C". We talked about bar-hopping and house-shopping. And there's lots of girls to play football with here--I like the football metaphor. Gave him a ride home, and then went to workout. I strained extra hard in my Doc Marten shirt. Home to cook the massive leftover feast. Then I decided to warm-up for the Friday party by partying Thursday. Pool Guy came out, and we blew it up. Fun. Whoppers, and bed around 11. Rough. Up
Friday morning, a little groggy. Not many people at work, and it was the slowest day ever. I sat over in 5 and got harrassed by little "C". He is pretty funny. The day dragged horribly. I got in trouble for cross-talking about Duran Duran; now THAT'S insulting. I watched a girl make a lunchtime phone call that ended in a screaming/crying fit; people are so cute. This weak day finally ended, and I went to find out that I'm still not approved for my 2nd worker's comp. case. So I called and threw a small fit on their answering machine. Maybe next week. Home to make yummy rice and black beans, really tasty. I even got to do some business inquiring. There was a little snuggle, and then I'm heading for the Friday night adventure. Pool Guy showed, and we had another blowout. After Whoppers, at home I apparently woke Static Girl up at 2 am with some kind of noise, and possibly even slept a little on the floor in the hall. To me, see, that seems pretty harmless. If I was banging on her door, or peeing on the floor, sure--maybe there's a problem. But a little noise, and a little hall nap, on a non-school night; that's no reason to be all pissy. She'll come around, because she is my amazing girlfriend.
I found out about my hall adventure after 10:30 am Saturday--that's when I woke up. See; I already planned to work the 2nd shift at work, so I could wake up at my leisure today, and drink 4 cups of coffee. The fact that I finished up my Brutal Honesty poem, and wrote my first Commentary of 2004, Relationships, that's all just gravy for me here. And the fact that I LOVE being by myself, and that I got to play lots of my weird little songs in my room, and do my air-guitar underwear dance; yeah, that's just me being me. And my girlfriend was a little upset with me--for waking her up at 2 am; yes, but she's over it now, and all is well in our house. And I'm in a great mood--it's kind of too bad that I have to take all this energy with me to work. But as I left, I kissed on my woman and asked her if she was going to enjoy her time alone today, and she said 'yes'. Unfortunately the room at work was full, and they had to send a bunch of people home, that's 26 miles round trip for nothing, but I kept in my great mood and went to the .99 store. Now I'm home, there's football on, and I'm just getting ready for whatever's next. According to TPG, tonight's game is the Titans/Patriots (TPG and I BOTH have the Pat's winning it all), so I'll be going to the bar for that. Right before I head to the bar update: Pool Guy should be there again, too; so this is going to get scary! It was, and it was fun, too. We threw darts! I did well, even. It's just a standard bar adventure on a Saturday. Whoppers! And we passed out.
Up at 10:30 Sunday. Football will happen soon. Girlfriend and I went to have our late Christmas brunch at Olive Garden. Yum. Then to Wild Oats; the grocery is closing to be remodeled and opened again later this year. Good luck to them. Home to be lazy and tired. Paid bills, and now we're updating here.

Sunday 1-4-2004!...

"Christmas in Iowa" follow-up. Yes, yes, I know; shhh. There was no spell-check, no proofreading, nothing. I RUSHED like crazy to lay down what I could to try to keep everything "timely" here. I (foolishly) figured that my fans would appreciate that I got SOMETHING up. Instead I have been treated to insults of my dwindling intellect and past-tense perception. On a lighter note, a few of you BEGGED me to start smoking again, heavily, to try and get back into form. Thank you. How crazy it was of me to imagine that a single run of my own type might actually be grammarsaurus compatible. Near the end, in fact, I apparently had 2 errors in 1 short word--which sent some of you into a muttering rage of e-mail that included the invention of a few new cuss words, I think. Bite me; oops, I mean 'bless you all', and I will try to NEVER again disappoint you with poor English.

Monday morning we're up, showering in my familiar shower again; getting ready for work. Wore my new blue shirt and tie set--I looked good. And it was 35 degrees with me in only a nice shirt to work, brrr, where everybody pretended to care that I was back; that was nice. I shuddered to find out who all got fired while I was gone; wow. I got a Lead; yay. It was a good day. Post-work, we're off to get some electro-shock.Turns out that the new worker's comp. people haven't yet approved the therapy I've been doing for a month now. I'll scream at them 2maro. My expensive phone card apparently costs $1.10 a minute--that's not going to fly. I'll scream at them 2maro, too. Then it's to the new bank, and home to cook for my very "blah" girlfriend. Checked Gus' battery; he may need some more water. A little more snuggle, yay, and girlfriend feels better. I have much to do; and many lost things to find. I've found a few, and there's still more to do. Listening to the new "3 Doors Down" that my FCP sent me for Christmas--it's good. Getting ready to go eat some chips and watch a week of PTI; life is good...there were only 2 episodes of PTI; boo.
Up Tuesday morning for work; coffee today. Wore my coat, but it was 45 degrees and felt like summer. I sat first seat in AJ's Sector 5, and decided to be a cheerleader today. I yelled, I clapped; I high-fived people. Met babe "J", and spiritual "W", and sat next to religious "C". She and I talked about how we're all imperfect, but we score points for recognizing it and trying to do better. No Lead for me; oh well. We did, however, earn the right to dress down 2maro, and we get to leave at noon. After work today I headed to workout with Z, where we found out that my legs actually got stronger during the Iowa trip. I only gained a couple of lbs. too (if any); I'm at a VERY acceptable 211. Then to the grocery to get distilled water for Gus; oranges and peas for the piggies, and 2 new cloves of garlic for me. Home to call MCI--set to cuss them out and demand satisfaction. Instead, they were ready for me--with credits and apologies; cool. Then I called my insurance, to check on the cost of my surgery--very affordable. This just in; I'm pretty good on the phone. We cooked re-fried and re-garliced rice and veggies for my appreciative girlfriend. Then my FCP called me--because she did well on a brainy e-mail forward (I did better than average--we'll just leave it at that. It's the type of thing that might end up on my webpage, hmmm.). It's obvious that she's crazy about me. Speaking of women who need me, then Static Girl and I called my Mom and opened presents on the phone with her. Nice loot, and a check. Breadmakers-R-Us! Then we opened Dad's presents, too. Get this; he sent me the new "A Perfect Circle" CD (so I DID actually own it before Christmas--HA!), and he sent me the DVD of "Clerks" (MY Dad!). Also a nice shirt + tie combo, and a check. I did pretty well this Christmas. Thanks all. Now it's 8:15 pm, and I'm heading up to TPG's to talk Quixtar, get a key, and check e-mail; after I kiss on my sweetie. Yes, and back home at 10--getting ready for bed.
Up for work Wednesday, NYE. Blue jeans and my "Baaa Humbug" sheep shirt. My plan was to get a Lead early--in appreciation of dressing down, and I got one during the first hour in AJ's Sector 5 (turns out it was the ONLY one in the Sector, too; go me). So then I became the cheerleader they love, clapping like crazy for everybody. The room had great energy, and they bought us donuts, too. Regardless of what I'm about to tell you, I LOVE this job. I like the people, the work is okay, and the rewards are amazing. You already know that they're letting us out at noon--we're happy worker bees. And then "F" up at the Tower asks me what my last name is. I told him, and he called me up there. It turns out that my # of signed applications in November was miscounted, and I DID make the Top-10. Is this cool or what? I have now accomplished the feat. And I got my Top-10 pin, too. I am Mr. Happy Guy. I sat at my seat and thought about it for a long time. I had been writing to my FCP, and I kept writing. I was really happy, but didn't get too excited--I remained cool. This is pretty mature for me--I hope you're catching this. After work, I headed for the gym to do 1 big circuit of training. Start with the butterfly, to the push downs, trunk rises, 10 lb. sit-ups, and the leg-press; now THAT'S a circuit--I will do this stuff again on Friday. To the bank, then home to cook more funky rice, and it's snuggle time. I ask my gorgeous hottie girlfriend "So are any of your other boyfriends Top-10 salesmen at THEIR jobs?" She smiles and shrugs--I like that. Post-snuggle, we're down to loading crumbs to go meet Pool Guy up at the bar. We both won pinball games, and tied in our 2-game golf tournament. Then we were forced to head across the street for more golf--I ruled the unfamiliar Golden Tees. Turns out to be an early night, Pool Guy has a toothache on NYE--that has to suck. Then I'm home at 10, making nachos and devouring candy. I was snoring by midnight, yes, but I was home and safe.
Up a little before 9 am on New Years Day. Changing out calenders, and brewing some more of that yummy "8 O'Clock" coffee. 3 cups weren't enough, and now we're hearing music. Most of Orbit's "Libido Speedway", all of the new and excellent A Perfect Circle "Thirteenth Step", and now the Depeche Mode tribute. You're just jealous. Top-10, baby! Me, me, me! Let's call some people. Yes! Called my FCP to wish her happy new year. She's very happy to hear from Phoenix. Bread was already cooking here. Called my Mom to let her know that Static Girl has taken possession of the breadmaker, and that her boy is a Top-10 producer. Mom's happy. I thought about getting out and doing stuff; naaa, I can be lazy. Bread! I'm not going to lie to you; I expected it to be good. The bread is incredible; half the loaf is already gone. We'll be making more 2maro. Talked to Dad, and to "K" back in Georgia, too. I spent some damn time on the phone today. Paid rent, and played some more music. I even plugged in GT2 so that I could hear Crystal Method's other song "Now is the Time"--millennium mix. We like Crystal Method. Dinner was veggie chili with tuna + hot sauce for garnishes. I am doing well at being thankful today.
Up Friday for work. Another slow day. I was even in a rotten mood early--for no reason. But I did get to talk to X-man and calm down. I even got a shirt--a big dressy blue one. Finally saw a schedule, and I have both weekend days off! A real weekend! Not that it matters; my attendance is already blown. But my plan is to get the dark spirits out of my system tonight. A laughable plan, perhaps, but at least I'm aware. Post-work, I'm off to do my big circuit workout again. Then I went and bought a pack of natural smokes, and potatos to cook for my baby. Home to brag about my shirt, and make garlic taters. TPG called to say he got an 88 on his big evaluation; that's excellent. Yummy dinner, and then it's snuggle time! I like snuggle time. Pool Guy, HEC and SAL are already at the bar; Happy New Year. So it's party time. Fun, and I ruled golf. However, I couldn't work the pinball magic. I already knew there would be Whoppers on the way home. Crash time.
Up Saturday at 9 am. Tons of stuff to do today, but it starts with coffee and some catch-up. Girlfriend just wants to hang out and be lazy; that's cool. I cleaned my desk off, and found my bed receipt. Waiting for them to call back, I called Barney. Headed over there; Barney lives in a place with a toilet that flushes blue--amazing! We went and played the hard golf game, I helped him out, and then I aimed for some pinball. A-13 pinball is broken. Pool Guy shows up with with a mangled right hand from a dog bite--he came straight from the emergency room; is that cool or what? He even beat me 1 golf game--while watching some football. And then we played some Southpark pinball. Whoppers, of course, and it's another early night--although we didn't mean for it to even BE a night yet. Crashed by 10? That might explain getting up
at 5:30 am Sunday. Lots to update on the computer, and there were a couple hours of GT2, as well. I'm getting hungry now at 10:30. We're going to have to check in with TPG soon; he'll be amazed that I'm up.

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