I will freely admit to being incredibly lucky--having found my Static Girl, and eliminating the need to date for now, and ever after. Others may say how because I don't "need" to date, that I certainly shouldn't point and laugh at the retarded and pathetic situations tolerated by the people who do choose to date.

How nice it must be (for you people) to have so much energy that you can waste it by being invloved in an intimate relationship with a person who lies, cheats and steals from you. You people are not drama queens; you're drama freaks. Why would you choose to live in a train wreck where "the revenge factor" is one of your primary perspectives? There's a song on the radio now (January 2004) that has a line about how these 2 people have been so disappointed in their relationship for so long that there's "just no more anger". I have even seen that "just no more anger" thing play out, for real; recently, in my own neighborhood.

And then, wait--no, I'm not nearly done yet. And then, after months or years of disappointment, let's say that you get out of said bad relationship. You are back to "flying solo"; possibly the single most romantic perspective available--and RATHER than be happy about (let's just make a list, shall we?) #1 getting rid of the problem, #2 controlling your own destiny, #3 totally singular decision-making, #4 limit-less possibilities, (oh and I'm JUST getting warmed up here), breathe--dammit--breathe; okay, rather than be happy about so many different things, you'd rather whine about being lonely--or worse--try to rush in to another realtionship without doing any homework.

Why; why would you NOT take a little time to enjoy yourself? Have you forgotten how to enjoy being alone? Are you simply not complete if you don't have something to bitch about? (I want ALL OF YOU to read that last question again, 5 or 6 times, like I just did, because it DOES appear that the world REQUIRES having something to bitch about--constantly) Why is that? I mean--no, stay with me--if you STRIVE to be unhappy/have something to complain about, and your relationship sucks, then you ARE being successful, right? Have you examined the reality of your own conundrum? I don't think you have. In fact, I know you haven't.

A person should be willing to do some work FOR you; to earn your attention, to keep your attention, and provide the foundation for future attention. If a person is NOT willing to do such, then (pay attention, ha) YOU are a moron for wanting to be with an ungrateful person. And apparently you're all happy morons, too; because you keep doing the same silly shit over and over.

Wait; no, oh my goodness. Have you FORGOTTEN how to be alone? Can you NOT keep yourself entertained? Do you require another person to annoy/be annoyed by? If so, then I want you to do me a favor: leave my website. Go away, and do not come back, because there is NO hope for you. With any luck, ALL of you will leave. And then it'll just be me; here, all alone.
Thank you.

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