6 Years And Counting

Somewhere there's a girl who is drama-free
(An) easily-amused, busy little bee
No silly games, no agendas to fill
(An) eco-friendly tanker; no oil to spill.

She's quiet, by choice, a shadowy form
No need to be noticed, not like the norm
Bored, disappointed; yet still very kind
Social introvert with a brilliant mind.

Volume or silence? She'll take the latter
With mature thoughts and minimal chatter
Using brains AND morals to choose what to do
With well-thought-out decisions, she rides through.

Scholar mentality in goddess frame
Highly underrated, and much the same
As spectacular flowers in the shade
Unobvious, but of very high grade.

Holding her hand's like a long, yummy kiss
And when she hugs back, it's romantic bliss
I'm her biggest fan, and will always be
6 years and counting, she still "muses" me.

W. C. Davis


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