Old Personal News

(starting 7-28-03, for the week ending...)

Sunday, 8-17-03

(verified by TPG--I have NO idea what day it is),

I lost the brilliant Bluestone golf match by 1 stroke; absolutely trashed, and then it's Monday morning; jeez. After waking up on the bathroom floor at 3:30 am with the water running, AGAIN, Static Girl had to come and check on me--so it was time to get up and be late; yes, she saved me, AGAIN. Raced to work, got there good enough, and started as a phone rep. Got to play Supervisor some, too, and they all say I'm doing a great job. The hangover never took over, and that's good, so we somehow got through, AGAIN. To work out with Mike; awesome. Then home to make healthy rice for my ninja-stealth-alien-goddess. We watched Pretender, 'coz there was no Highlander. Snuggle, and I'm still awake, barely. I'm doing some paperwork, and chores that are overdue. Yes. Sleep at 10.
Up Tuesday morning early, and got to work early. Set everything up well, got my new "Assistant Supervisor" nametag, and played Supervisor all day. I got to work, motivate, and go to 2 meetings today, too. It went okay. I have a little trouble changing lines out. Then to pocket money to weigh 208 again. Yay. Then for Star burger dinner, groceries, gas, TPG's to steal a few DVD's, and then home to hug on my hot pale princess. I'm guessing that I went out and played some golf and pinball; call it a hunch.
Up Wednesday for work; got there on time--barely. I was worn out from that "hunch" thing. Played Supervisor, and was on the phone, too. Didn't blow anything up either. Very tired. Then to go work out with Mike; very strenuous. Home to cook veggie chili for my baby doll. Spicy, but still good. Snuggle, then she said I should take a nap. I did. A couple of hours later, TPG and Pool Guy call me from the bar. HEC is there too. As soon as I hung up, E-Rock calls me--also from the bar. So; allright dmmit! Bar! Walk in, and E-Rock buys me a beer. Then he and J-Man make their pitch to have me be their phone guy for the new music service. We're going to start it off part time, but it will get bigger. Golf and beer, home late; I'm killing myself over here.
Barely up again, jeez, for work Thursday. The hammer dropped at work; lots of people were demoted (not me), and I lost my Supervisor M. The good news is...I get Laura back! This will be the 3rd time I get to have her as my Super. I tried to train newbies and run things. Got one of my newbies a Lead; too bad he's an idiot. After work, no pocket money. I came home to cook and leave food for my honey, change clothes, and head to my new 2nd job of phone promotions. A few good calls later, and now I'm home, getting ready for a business meeting. Al might need to blow some stress later, too. I have to run the Sector by myself tomorrow. Wish me luck...TPG again is prepping to wear a suit to the meeting, but not making a call to see if there is a meeting. He's starting to get pissy with me and The Business, too. I can only defend myself by proving that he really HAS been scatterbrained for months. I've been waiting for him to get EITHER his brain back on track, OR his finances; but he ain't there yet. And the fact that there was no meeting AGAIN (3rd time) helped to prove to TPG that he isn't quite as sharp as he intends to be right now. But he is getting better. It monsooned on us as we drove back to...Bar! Serious freakin' rain. So we're golfing, and VIN the golf pro shows up. Wow. So much for partying responsibly. It's a 4 beer free for all, TPG and HEC both learned alot from VIN. I apparently have not mastered the 2-beer limit.
But I got up, or did Static Babe wake me up? Like I would know...but I got to work, "good and hungover" Friday morning. I am the boss; and this was quite a day. Running the full spectrum of emotions, deflecting emphasis; coaching my renegades, rejects, and rookie, I did well. I had help, but it was awesome! I even got in trouble; day before AND day of (tomorrow too, but just wait), and I handled it well. They want me to wear nicer clothes; duh. My energy carried the room; this was SO much work--but also gratifying. Without the gratification, today would have sucked. But it didn't. At the end, out of 20 Sectors, I had the 2nd highest-producing one. We were #2; thank you. I was EXHAUSTED, and SO ready to get out of the spotlight. Talked to Serta about his band's show at the Buzz the night before; he likes the "Got You Covered" music service idea, too; that's a free CD for me Monday (yes!). Finally got to go workout with Mike; we declared that I had what is known as a "full" day. Then I had a full workout, and came home to eat rice with my sweetie. Snuggle, and then Bar! The old (bad idea/never works/what the hell were you thinking?) plan of going out early--so you can come home early; with Pool Guy--TPG had to close his store. This is where I lost it. After 6 pitchers I was thinking that 'they can only fire me once'. Stuff. Then 2 guys wanted to play for money; I saw Pool Guy's eyes light up. I should have gone home hours ago, and then the bets start rolling. "I'm not just an alcoholic; I like to gamble, too." Crap. So I lost $5. But it focused me so that we could tie the 2nd game. Left at last call; I was starting to feel guilty then. Next thing I know, I'm waking up on my bathroom floor AGAIN at 3:30 (How many times is that in the last 3 weeks? It's SOME kind of record. At least I didn't pee in the hall this time.).
Static Girl came in to save me, AGAIN, so that I could remain employed. I like her. I hugged her good, too. With no lunch prepared, I headed off for work. It was pretty obvious how hungover I was, and IF you've been waiting patiently for some kind of break in this routine, I have good news. During the first 2 hours (I got the 1st Lead today), on more than one occaision I said that "I'm never drinking again.", and while looking down at my (new) brown left-handed birdie finger I also said "I don't need to smoke any more cigarettes either." I couldn't yell like I wanted to on the floor--my throat was hurting from all the smoking in my life (do ya think?). At 8 am, for lunch I speed-walked down the street to Burger Burger for some grease; I miss my bland turkey sandwiches and cardboard wheat crackers. Over-priced cold tater tots just don't ignite my passion. But the walk was good punishment. Later, after some other hiccups (cute pun), I screwed up a line-change, as well, and hung up on an irate customer (oops). I just wanted to crawl under my desk and dissolve; not a chance. But I got better by noon, yay. I even got a good handle on the paperwork. Took my paycheck to the Safeway bank, and then I got some good vegetarian groceries and came home to thank my goddess and offer her many different treats. The garlic portabello fake burgers rule, by the way; they are worth the extra $. Then we watched TPG's Highlander DVD. I almost passed out many times; but I'm still kicking at 8 pm, and still never drinking again. I have much to do; like go make lunch for 2maro. Bed around 11.

Another week will end on 8-10-03

Up early for work Monday. It's a rough day, but I was good. 3 Leads would get me a paid Sunday off. I got 2, and late in the day I was told that somebody had hit my van in the parking lot. We went out to investigate, and nobody had hit Gus. Some other guy (Joe) was trying to convince security (and me) that my PARKED VAN had hit his car (I'm not making this up). Luckily I can prove that my car does not move while I am at work--I'm in a security camera view, duh. But this stress led to my not getting a 3rd Lead, and I ended the day with 2. Over to physical therapy; working out while you're frustrated is fun! I kicked ass. Home to cook ricey beany, hear from S. Cackalackey, snuggle, and go up to TPG's for a little "figuring out" of what happened to me today. He convinces me to take the high road. He is smart. Bar! Golf and broken pinball. Then TPG leaves. I'm playing my final game of pinball when Dude comes up and challenges me to a $5 game of golf. Okay. With an audience, we were tied going into 18; I choked the tee shot. He choked the 2nd shot. I chipped in for a birdie and won. Yay. Home after 12.
Girlfriend had to wake me up again, but Thank God she did. I got my first Lead right before lunch, then got 2 more--I had the only 3 in my Sector; I was the only person in the room with 3 Leads. At lunch I told Tower my 3 points from yesterday's parking lot incident (my van doesn't move, I'm disassociating with Joe, time on the sales floor was taken away from me). They agreed, then they pulled me off the sales floor to get...promoted. More hourly, but no commission now; going by my last huge check--this is kind of like a paycut. But at least I'm being noticed; "Assistant Supervisor W." has a nice little ring to it. So it's a pretty good day. Weighed 210 at pocket money, then we're 2 Star burgering and heading home to talk to a frantic Mom about the missing birthday package. More later. And the party is about to begin. Pool Guy even made it out to play with us; golf, pinball, fun. $80 later it's time to head home. Apparently I gave Static Girl some problems (very bad) in my super stupor (Sleeping on the bathroom floor with the water running? That's good.). So she's pissed; left me a note.
Woke up around 9:30 Wednesday, starting to call post offices. Maybe there is good news; be right back. Yes. We got the birthday box, and some groceries, too. Now we're cooking and cleaning; trying to get back into girlfriend's good graces. Wish me luck. Called work, and I'm not fired for missing my day off today (yay). Called Mom, she's all happy that I got my box (shirt, book, and hot sauce!). Wanted to mention that Code Red's cousin, Vanilla Pepsi, is making a visit this week; and I'm not JUST kissing the cousin--I'm trading licks with her--and she likes it. I vaccumed and made potatos, also gave Static Girl money for Tuesday, and all was forgiven--I think. Snuggle, then the bugs bit; Bar! After last night's 1.490 billion, and tonight's 3 scores, you now need 716 million for my lowest score on JP pinball. Good luck. I have to go be an Assistant Supervisor 2maro. I drank Pepsi for the last 1.5 hours. 'Sponsible; 11:37 pm.
Got up Thursday with no problems, and made it to work early. It was going to be a slow day anyway, and nobody was rushing me to learn anything. I just sat in the first seat and kind of watched. Then to pocket money, and to do a little shopping for Superdupervisor Laura, who's birthday is Friday. Star burgers, and then home to be tired. TPG is going to a meeting; looks like Bar! Pool Guy met me in the parking lot. He's playing pool (duh), so I got some quality JP time in. The game actually started working almost perfectly again (ideally?), and this was fun. My plan to drink Pepsi after 10 fell through; oops. But I did drink some water, and got to bed by 1.
Wake up Friday was the problem. I'm already late; now rushing. Drove like a Phoenix native (maniac) to get to work 10 minutes late. But I got to do some supervisory-type things today. I verified my first sale, and got to walk around and give advice to people. "Class clown becomes teacher's pet--film at 11." 2maro should be fun, too. Then I went to workout with Mike; that went well. Home for machoroni, and snuggle so good that girlfriend thanked ME for it (there's a change). Now Pool Guy just called; I need to kick his ass for keeping me out so late last night anyway. Now my head's hurting again; I have to quit thinking. Oh; uh, Bar!
That was Friday, right? Partying on a school night; what was I thinking? Up early on Saturday; the new 'sponsible me is going to be running my Sector today. Wow. And hungover, too. In fact, I want to submit a NEW term for the day after a party night: "Good and hungover". The term "hungover" has an element of 'oops', an implication of surprise; 'I didn't know I was going to feel this bad' is the connotation. But when you're "good and hungover" you feel about how you expected to--after drinking a gallon of beer and smoking a whole pack of Camel Filters. You KNEW the next morning was in jeopordy, your job was at risk; there was even a good chance that you could wake up on the bathroom floor with the sink water running at 4 am (still trying to figure that one out--2nd time this week, too). But you freakin' deal with it, and you give it the best you can. Cotton mouth, triple vision, shivers; there's no surprise here--I was good and hungover. Did I mention that 3 different Supervisors, AND my new floor boss all said that I was doing a great job? At no point did I get frustrated and say 'I can't do this'. Also; there was a huge dramatic whole soap opera thing going on between my Supervisor M and the Tower. When I saw M crying, I wanted to defend her honor and smack somebody. When little problem doo-dads come up I deal with them as I see fit. I fix things now. My only problem is that I get all jumpy (You made MY Supervisor cry? What the Hell were you thinking?); a good Assistant will always remain calm and centered--I ain't there yet, okay? Paperwork isn't too difficult--it pretty much makes sense. And I'm out at 1:35. Wanted to check and see if T3 pinball was at C+C, but they want $7.50 just to walk in; a cover charge at the arcade, so I cussed 'em out and stomped off. Got some groceries, and came home for yummy leftover machoroni and some good old Gran Turismo 2. Hugged on my wonderful woman, we watched Scrubs, and then started getting ready for party night. A party night it would become, too. Broken pinball replays, and golf with ACE (I'd been wanting to meet him). Beat him 3 straight. TPG shows up, we park the van, and then roll around the corner. Fun!
No memory of the ride home, I barely remember wiping out Static Girl's drying rack, and woke up on the bed with all my clothes and shoes on at 9 am (he thinks he's still in college, or at least in college town). Up for good at 1 pm Sunday; I don't deserve to feel no pain like this. You're supposed to feel so bad that you never want to drink again, right? I feel okay. Then I looked in the mirror, wow. Working out is being good to me. So I feel okay and look good? Oh this is a very bad recipe. Pool Guy is already talking about the 'day after' party; now is that really fair to me? I can't even control myself, and now I've got people asking 'when are we gonna start it back up today?'. Pool Guy pisses me off; snicker. Even while mad at me, Static Girl bought me the DVD player I had been wanting (Samsung P-231), all Samsung, all the time. It didn't take long for Pool Guy to get whiney about partying without us, so TPG and I went and met him. It became a golf tournament; the people in my head were seriously freakin' on all 3 of us with their shot selections. Laughing, screaming; we were the life of the party. Then they threw us out. So we moved across the street (is anybody keeping count of the bad ideas here?) to smack a different golf game. Fun. And then it was midnight. Pool Guy wants to throw it all down for 1 last game of Bluestone; it's such a bad idea that...I agree to it. Home by 1 am, maybe, as if I could read a clock. Somehow set the alarm. Actually heard the alarm...

Sunday, August 3rd, 2003

Up for work Monday, new coffee mug from my old job works well. Unfortunately it's another slow day, another zero day in my world, but they tell me not to worry again. Whatever, but I'm digging out my DMS application, too. New supervisor Serta is a cool guy. Then I'm going to work out with the one and only Mike; fantastic, and home to cook potatos for my girl. Watched a weak, but still entertaining Highlander, and then it's snuggle time. And I was tired. Still am, in fact, but I've got work to do. This is already a day late...Uh-oh. I can't upload any new stuff until girlfriend fixes my computer. This could take days...
Up Tuesday morning to go to work and find out when I got drafted. Superduper Supervisor (mine) Laura was in the parking lot. She told me to not worry--that I was staying in her Sector 6. She even said that that I was 6th in the draft--she drafted me first. Wow. That's a compliment. Wouldn't it be nice to nail down 3 Leads, to almost make up for 2 zero days, and maybe even tie the Cisco Kid for tops in the room today? Yeah; that's me--I did that. Then I went to get pocket money and yell at the tv (shhh). Then I went for my 2 burgers, and to Aezra Reacords to learn about "Got You Covered" Entertainment Services. I may get back into the record biz after all. Now I'm home, it's 7 pm, and I'm itching...When I itch, scratching usually involves beer. And pinball. Yes. TPG and I destroyed the already messed up JP machine. The sound is gone now, too. He didn't want beer; I fixed that. Then we golfed with Hector; very cool. Pretty soon it's monsooning outside; dust, soot, and rain. I decided that I wasn't going to work early in the evening--so I could concentrate on having fun. We did. Around the corner; more fun. Home to wipe out the fan 2wice, crash, and get up to call in to work at 6 am.
Broken CD alarm clock, great, and then up at 10. Taped the wrong channel last night; no Nip/Tuck for me. PTI was good, though, and soon we're working out with Mike. Good workout; I'm really feeling the difference. Home to make more potatos for Static Girl, snuggle, no record biz tonight, and now TPG wants to go back to the bar. Why me? When your anchor, your rock, the responsible part of your life says 'I'm goin' to the bar.', exactly WHAT am I supposed to do? Right. I gotta go. And I'M supposed to be the responsible one tonight? Great. Wish me luck...I was a good boy. After some broken pinball, 902 million with NO rooms--which SHOULD be impossible, TPG tried to pull me over to the dark side. I stayed at the first bar. Home before midnight, and to bed.
Up Thursday morning for work; interest rates went up again. So we all try to stay motivated at work. Slow day. Zero day. Then pocket money, where we weighed 209.6, then 2 Star burgers for dinner, and up to TPG's to call back to my FCP on the east coast. Her week didn't go quite so well, but she has a good attitude, and is forgiving. TPG and I try to go to a meeting, but there is none. So we decided...I should just start typing in "Bar!". Mucho golf and beer. Alot. Then I'm home and crashing.
Somehow up again at 4:30 am; let's go make some money!...Okay, so we made no money on the phone Friday. But we did get $10 early for clapping and cheering. I'm making friends with another older guy in my Sector; James. Slow, very trying day. I will persevere, though. No early payday; who cares? Then to go workout with Mike. Here is my stress release. I need this. Then home to cook machoroni for my girlfriend. $224 power bill; nice. And I'm almost broke. I was asleep on my feet, but trying to stay alert through some really wonderful snuggle. Where should we...Bar! 'Specially because Al is going to meet us. Tons of golf, and a little pinball at the end. We blew the "2-beer" plan before 9:15 pm. Wound up staying till almost midnight. Home to eat leftover rice, and pray to the alarmclock Gods for a little help Saturday morning...
The prayers were answered! I'm up, and alert (huh?), leaving the house only a couple of minutes late, AND in a great mood for work today! Yay. It was a very fun day; we all did really well. My 2 sales led the Sector, and Serta came in early for some more wisdom--he's a cool dude. I forgot to mention today is PAYDAY! I have broken into the $200 commission range! Let's just say that I'm fairly happy with my check. So then it's to the bank to flirt with Dana and sign up for direct deposit; I got a shirt, too. Groceries, and now I'm home to kiss on my Static Girl. I wrote her a verse at work, too. If I haven't said it, I am on fire today; thank you. Static Girl likes it when I am on fire, too. So it's a double-vehicle preliminary ride to Bar!, and the pinball Gods are just screwing with us now. TPG shows up, and while still earning replays, there are NO Control Rooms ("A" hole will not register). After we both gave up on it, 10 games in, THEN the "A" starts to register; but only once or twice. This is the most infuriating and engaging game ever. TPG started having chest pains, so we definitely had to go around the corner; if he's going to die, he wants to die in the nudey bar--it makes sense to me. Instead of going home, we went to Waffle House. So I spent way too much money, didn't eat enough food, and got home after 1. I need to start directing TPG; he's still not making good decisions. UP...
after an hour of alarms at 11 am Sunday. T3 (the movie) might have to wait. Perhaps at 2:30. Subway? Movie! I get to hold hands with and feed chocolate to my girlfriend for 2 hours! T3 was good; could have been better, but played to the new audience well. I got pissy later, up at TPG's, but managed to get laundry and e-mail done there (huh?). I was hungry, so we ate at home while making 2maro's lunch. Decided to Bar! JP Therapy. Since we can get a room or 2 tonight, I was able to "play 2 and win 4" (I love that!). Stretched and popped; had 4 scores over 500 million, left 6 games on it; came home by 10 and I feel better. Pissy happens; how do you deal with it? All I needed was a few "A" holes. Snicker. Now we have to get ready for the week.

Monday, July 28th, 2003

(We are trying to not cuss so much; watch for words like "freaking", "crap", and "stuff" in place of more colorful and familiar ones.)
Okay. Now it's 2:30 pm Sunday, and I've got stuff to do. And I'm hungry, and girlfriend doesn't want to go out in public (what a shock, huh?).
Girlfriend had bought an expensive "Amy's" vegan pizza, but it turns out to have red peppers and other things she does NOT like. So I get to eat the tree-hugger pizza while I wrote out spiff ideas. Not bad at all; and tell "Amy" that we need a "Static Girl's Black Olive and Mushroom" pizza for next time. TPG seems to think that we're going to the bar, so we can't disappoint him. Is 6:30 pm too early for the bar? JP pinball is back to working 'fairly well, most of the time'--which is all I ask. Mentally stumbling a little, I figured out that it is up to ME to write a Personal Ad for TPG. Before 9 pm, we dropped Gus off, and detoured around the corner. Heard Type O. Negative's "Cinnamon Girl", Smashing Pumpkins' "Eye", Evanessence's "Bring Me to Life", and 3 or 4 club songs I get to hear at work everyday. Nice. Broke by 11, it's time to head home. That's a balcony trip while pretty lightning flashed in the sky. Then I typed out some good stuff for the Ad, but it was a little too late to be really productive. Bed by 3.
Monday morning; the first alarm went off at 9:30 am (yes!); that's a little more user-friendly than 4:30 am--I'm already having a fine Monday; how's yours going? Shut up. The Ultimate Personal Ad for TPG is now finished, and it's not bad at all. My best friend deserves a poem, and I could easily write a very good one for him, but for right now we're going with the personal ad. And I've got stuff to do...I went to get money from Chris at C+R; went to work out, then went and bought oranges for the guinea pigs, and STILL made it home in time to be cooking dinner in my underwear for Static Girl when she got home. She appreciates me. Then we had more great snuggle, and I was all happy. Then Pool Guy appeared! My quiet night now looks like a party night. Yes. Pool Guy needed friends, so TPG and I took him out to play. And we played. Went around the corner and played some more, too. Has it been long enough to do the whole 'that's a pretty good job I'm going to get fired from tomorrow morning, yeah, I'm going to miss those guys'?
I was mastering snooze button laziness, skipping the shower, skipping all the foreplay in fact, just dress-grab-and-go. Girlfriend again came in to check on me; she is too cool. Made it to work; where it's been easy for so long that people are getting lazy; maybe it's time to stir things up. I'm sore, hungover, and feel like I could puke at any moment--like the radio days. Since I was going to drink a half gallon of water anyway, I dedicated myself to being a cheerleader (woo-hoo)--because that's what we needed today. And tomorrow will be my first day in my new Sector 6. And then I got a lead of my very own! Now I'm the loudest person in the room, a motivater, Mr. Clapping Hands, I've been promoted, AND I'm not a zero. I rule the universe. Yeah, yeah, we know I love this job. But can you imagine how much they love me? Then it's to pocket money, where I weigh 212.8--a new low record! Took pocket money to the grocery, then home to make 2maro's lunch and eat machoroni. Getting ready for a meeting with TPG now. Laundry? Yes, 2 loads. Great meeting, too. After midnight, must go to bed...
At least I wasn't drunk while I was trying AGAIN to wake up after 3 hours of sleep for the 3rd day out of 4. How old are you again? It's not that big of a deal; it's just my first day in the money Sector--there's no pressure or anything. So nervous, so exhausted, so ready to puke; aaaah, shut up and be the cheerleader. So I did. And then I got the FIRST SALE in my new Sector 6(what the hell?), then the 2nd (no freakin' way), and I'm yelling, clapping and chugging water (God my head hurts). Wound up with 4 (what!), and did not fall asleep once. And we can all thank the aliens, 'coz I had nothing to do with this kind of success. So we're in a pretty good mood to go work out with my trainer, and see the doctor (drugs!). More new exercises; I think Mike has figured out that I might be an okay salesman. Here's hoping Mike understands that if he DOES turn me into a new man in 3 months--like he says he will--I'll be the greatest walking/talking promotion for him who's ever been. In fact I will promote the entire North Phoenix Health Institute. Finally home at 5 pm, and I'm on the phone IMMEDIATELY; trying to help out a Founding Member of my panel of experts by talking her down through an emergency landing. It turns out that the plane may also be on fire, too, so there's only so much I can do here. And I'd just like to point out, AGAIN, how cool it must be to be ME--with my incredible relationship, and my great job--where I sometimes (like today) sit and stare (while smiling) at pictures of my girlfriend. Women at work see this, and rush to inform me that 'NO man sits and stares at pictures of his own girlfriend'; and I appreciate their jealousy. Ha! So, later, I try to explain to my girlfriend why I did not rush to pay her attention AS SOON as I got home...wait for it...and she shrugs it off! No big deal. Fantastic snuggle, and then I'm making 2maro's lunch and talking to TPG on the phone. Wait a second. What did I have for dinner? I haven't had dinner? How can I go drink and play pinball if I haven't had dinner? Did I mention that I'm having an alienly good day? It's 8:15, Tex...So we eat a piece of bread, and SWEAR that we will only drink 2 beers while playing JP pinball--it's cost-effective. Then TPG shows up. The game is iffy; the "A" hole sometimes works, and sometimes it just laughs at you. Cost-effective? It's nice when 2 best friends can "invest" $1.50 and "enjoy" 2 hours of entertainment. Since the last time the scores were cleared, I've already had 4 games over a billion. It's been less than 2 weeks, and already you will need 967 million to get my #6 score, good luck (Ha!). Home semi-responsibly (that means only 3 beers) just after 11 pm, and soon to bed...
Up on 2 alarms Thursday morn; let's go make some money! Yes! A 2-Lead day. Woo. Then we went and weighed 211.6 (a record, yes, but we were hungry) at pocket money. Cool. Home to kiss the queen, eat leftover machoroni and go up to TPG's for the Thursday night meeting. No meeting, so we're off to Sam's. JP time (a shock!). It's so nice to score 861 million--a fantastic game, and NOT beat my own 6th score. Ha. 2 golf games, and home at 12:15. Balcony trip, and I'm numb. No puking though. No alarm either. Up at...
noon on Friday morning. Noon is good; but I should have set the alarm for 10--I've got stuff to do. Pool Guy wants to party tonight, TPG will catch up with us by 10, I'm sensing a fun factor. First we need to work out, shop, and figure out what girlfriend will be having for dinner. Orbit's "Bicycle Song" on repeat for an hour is such a FINE way to start a day! Thank you. What a workout! Mike gave me a couple of new exercises, and we discussed the logic behind working out (quality over quantity). Then to get drugs! Home to make vegetarian goulash for my vastly underrated girlfriend. Cooked, cleaned, watched Highlander, and then it becomes a supreme surprise double snuggle, and I'm all dizzy now. It is Time. Always fun to do the drums, and then we're heading for the bar. Pinball first, and then to golf. I took care of Pool Guy--he's in a good mood (so am I after our Vicodin cocktails). TPG shows up in a good mood, too. E-Rock and a clan show up to lose some money at golf; then E-Rock and Jasin hire me (phone promotions specialist) to promote their new band business--I start Tuesday. This was quite a productive party night. Passed out, and up at
11am Saturday--I remembered to set my alarm for 10:30. (We are trying to not cuss so much; watch for words like "freaking", "crap", and "stuff" in place of more colorful ones.) Not much time for coffee, and then I'm going with TPG to the taping session. No luck driving. It was okay overall. Then my $5 dinner became a $20 dinner, because again I have to pay. TPG and his dumb...freaking crap stuff...had better figure his finances out NOW; he is going to be GIVING me LOTS of money over the next 2 months. LOTS of it. He'd better figure out why he's so "freaking crap stuff" broke, and his (charismatic but) pathetic and drunk best friend, a freaking telemarketer, has to pay the way for a restaurant manager. This ain't freaking right. I love the guy, but he's showing his lack of brains again. Full circle--these rewards will be coming back to me; I'm not the dip married to a lying and leaking bucket...If we're going to do this, then WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS RIGHT...I have some issues with TPG's ability to remember things that he has already agreed to. I may have to have him sign a document; I'm all the kid HE is going to need for the rest of HIS life, too, and I'm expensive. Saturday night I don't even pretend to remember, so let's move on to...
my 8th working Sunday in a row. I was sharp and on time. Unfortunately it was a really slow day, and I ended as a zero. Told not to worry about it by all the higher-ups, and to just come to work Monday. Okay. Home, or in this case, back to TPG's to make phone calls. Trying to set him up on another date, called Dad, and called the FCP Panel of Experts founding member back on the east coast. She's not too happy with her life; I'm happy offering her a new one--she's an inspiration of many different forms. So then I came home to eat bread, and go for some pinball therapy. A 1.6 billion new high score (dude I was centered) may actually lead to another commentary, like One Hour In The Park, and then home at 10 to get ready for bed. Hands-on (can you figure that one out?), and then we're sleeping.
Up for work Monday, new coffee mug from my old job works well. Unfortunately it's another slow day, another zero day in my world, but they tell me not to worry again. Whatever, but I'm digging out my DMS application, too. New supervisor Serta is a cool guy. Then I'm going to work out with the one and only Mike; fantastic, and home to cook potatos for my girl. Watched a weak, but still entertaining Highlander, and then it's snuggle time. And I was tired. Still am, in fact, but I've got work to do. This is already a day late...

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