Old Personal News

(starting with the week ending Sunday June 26, 2005)

Sunday July 10th, 2005

Sunday 7-3-05 continued: The evening was going quietly and calmly here; I was being a good boy and everything. Then big C (who has already won $20 playing poker today) says we need to go play some pinball. I came up with the master Twilight Zone attack plan that would lead us back here to the neighborhood bar later. Another initialed game for me; you'll now need 1.8 billion something to knock me off; ha. Big C scored a 1.4 bil, as well. Back to poker around here--they're closing in 20 minutes. New plan is to go to this cool Joe-Dirt guy's house for another poker tourney. Crazy, huh? D and I trade assets; that gets me some beer, a taco, and $10 to play cards with. Wow. Would you believe that I lasted until 6:30 am; actually, we all did. 7 of us. Ha. The sun comes up early here; like at 5 am. That sucks. Home to scrub and crash; alarms set for 2 pm. Up
at noon Monday when my celebratory FCP calls for a July 4th check-in. She says I should get up and drink coffee--so I did. And ate my last can of Castle shit. The Twilight Zone marathon (on Sci-fi) is fun; they should make a pinball machine out of that thing. Yeah. J is throwing another poker tourney here in the neighborhood today; I'd like to go, but perhaps keeping the peace here would do me better. I'm not going. We may go see fireworks in Springtuckey tonight--that could be fun. For now, I'm just trying to stay awake and not shit on myself. It's not as easy as it looks. Somewhere around 4, it became snuggle time. Let's call it "smooth". Hours pass; warped tour tv, and soon it's time to go. Took my girl on a tour of the mess that is Springfield. Saw some bike-mumblers. Took her by my Gold's Gym, old downtown, the Twilight Zone pinball bar, and over to the high class parking lot where we would watch shit blow up. We got a nice set-up spot, and hey--look at these millions of insects. Big C finally showed, and got to meet my girlfriend--he was impressed. He also brought me a chicken breast from his family bar-b-que; yum. I was impressed. The fireworks show was good, but short, and then I'm heading back home. Static Girl and I watched some taped UFO shows, then she showered and went to bed. I watched more UFO's, all dug into that conspiracy mind-set, then took my 3rd shower today, and I'm in relaxation mode. At 1:30 am here, there are still random fireworks kabooms out there. Sleep was easy because I was tired. Up
Tuesday for work at 8:30 am. Called a couple of other places at 9 am, and I liked one of them. Going off to show Gold's Gym how to set appointments. Well; that's what I thought. This is a complete scam operation run out of the back room--on 4 cell phones. not my style. So I quit that crap, and I'm heading back to town with no guaranteed job. But I will NOT be denied; I WILL have another job before I go home today. No problem; I went over to the other place (I liked) and got on there. Start Tuesday next; yay. Then I went shopping for cheap-ass groceries and girlfriend gifts. I'm a pretty cool boyfriend. Home; called the job I quit Thursday to see about coming back as a part-time idiot, and I can--2maro; then to take my girl to get her G. I. Jane-style hair cut. She looks damn good. Back home to call my FCP; she's doing well--after a very long day. She's giving me time limits now; 2 years. Okay. Hung up with her and called my Mom. She's doing great. Okay; all the calls are in. Watched my PTI, then I got tired. Took me a nap--because I can. Up after nap, and now I'm anxious. Girlfriend has the tv going. I decided to go out and be stupid. Big C will join me later, after he ties for 1st in his other tourney. Down to the standard kill poker tourney in the neighborhood. I'm just hanging out. Played some blackjack for free, and then played a little poker. We're going for breakfast later--which means I won't be going to work 2maro. Great. Home at 3 to crash hard. Up
around noon Wednesday--the phone rang. It's the radio station P D wanting a voice tape of me. Okay. So I know what I'm doing today; making a crappy voice tape. Had to go get some tapes, and did, then came home and started digging. Found enough stuff to make said crappy voice tape. Great. Phone calls determine that there is no Twilight Zone pinball today, so I'm staying in and cooking up potatos later. Then for some tv and light back pain depression. Great. I'm having fun now baby. Decided to go through my pile of failed money-making schemes; dreams of what might have been. Why am I still alive; am I just a glutton for punishment? Apparently. Bed. Up
on Thursday at noon. Why? I don't know. Coffee is as good a reason as any to keep breathing, I guess. Was going to go take my tape to the radio station, but now I don't feel like leaving the apartment. Big shock. Back pain are us. Feeling depressed AND feeling pain are at least feeling a pair of somethings, right? It's not like I'm actually numb here. Would numb be better? Just killing time; waiting for the ticking to start back up. Later, after a nap, big C would call and say 'let's play pinball'. The game is back on, so let's go. So we met over there. Won a couple. Back to the neighborhood to watch them play poker. It was fun to watch. Afterwards it became a breakfast run next door; thanks W. Yum. And we're home at 3 to scrub and crash. Up
at 10 am Friday; big day! Dropped off the voice tape, picked up another paycheck from the neighborhood place, deposited Mom's check, groceries, and back home to cook. My bean soup is going well--and now it has a shitload of garlic in it, too. Avocados and fried rice dinner for my baby, and then it's make-up-for-Wednesday snuggle. Yay! Now we're getting ready for some pinball. Big C came and got me, and we headed down to the neighborhood poker game that's supposed to start at 7. Except; (at 7) the table is already full. So we wait a few, then promptly lose our first $20. Shit. So then we head over to Springtuckey for some Twilight Zone. How often do I complain about pinball? Well I have 1 new complaint; I hate earning a free game on my first ball, but then not doing a damn thing with the rest of the game. I was in a pretty good mood. Cool. So then we head back to our neighborhood poker scam. I was allowed to get back in for $10, yay. And I turned it into $120. Bought 4 breakfasts, and came home to pass out. Doing the Fair 2maro. Up
around 11 am Saturday. Coffee. Called big C at noon, and he said to get ready quick--he was already on his way. Okay. So here I go with no shower, and in last night's clothes; C and his only semi-obnoxious 10 yr. old nephew "ch" come to pick me up, and we trek out to the Fairgrounds. Ch is a Greenday fan, wearing a Greenday shirt; so he may turn out okay. 15 mile drive out west, to park in tall grass, then walk through tall grass for a mile to get to the thing. It was pretty cool; all natural--no cement, and no rides. There were bands, improv actors, the drum area, lots of topless women, tons of food and recycling bins, people getting high everywhere, too. Met C's mom; she's a very cool and pretty ex-hippie chick--working the Fair as a volunteer. What an experience! I liked the interactive chess set-up, too. We walked for miles--everybody does, and ate some cool burgers. I had some barbeque chicken, too. And corn; the best corn ever. I went a little deaf by standing next to one of the stadium speakers while a good band played (that's what people from Athens do). I kind of danced with this really hot older woman (my age), but never actually talked to her (I need the poetic inspiration more than I need to know her name.). It was fun Fair experience. We left 30 minutes before shut-down, trying to beat the traffic--smart move. Drove back to the neighborhood bar, and they were already playing poker and arguing. I guess these are my new peeps; alcoholics and losers whose lives revolve around trips to the bar (yeah, that's me). I'm hanging on by a thread here; it would terrify you to know exactly how close I am to just waving this whole worthless life off. But I played what? 5 hours of poker. Even if it cost me $50, it was kind of fun. I mean, to play for 5 hours you have to win at least 9 or 10 hands--and I did. Met some new people, too. I may even have a new beer; check it out, the nickname is "Heffer". Is that fucking great, or what? The beer is actually called Heffeweizen, or some shit like that. But you just tell the barkeep 'I need a Heffer', and you get one. Cool. It is also made locally here. Sure. I outlasted all my rides home, so I wound up doing the stagger mumble; I can make an adventure out of just trying to stay on the sidewalk, motherfucker. Scrubbed, shit, and passed out. Up
Sunday at noon to make coffee and start cooking. Saw some Mitch Hedberg on Comedy Central; I hope Mitch is doing good mushrooms with Bill Hicks up there somewhere. Called and had a decent talk with my Mom; yeah, fuck, I'm amazed about it, too. We talked about the Fair, the hurricane that just missed her, and touched on the terrorist crisis in Europe. She's got her whole "happy to be alive" thing going, and that's fine; it just annoys the shit out of me. I became the mad prep-for-the-week cook in the kitchen; beans, rice, and potatos are all set for the next few days--it makes the fridge look pretty and full! I had some, too, yummm. Couldn't do laundry, but I still have 2maro. Had to catch up lots of this 'puter stuff (3 strange days worth), and contemplate my life as a charismatic drunk. Maybe I 'll hang around a little longer; when I do go out, I want to go out messy. Eventually I called big C; he's down at another poker tourney, where he will end up in 4th place--and win a few $. I say that means we should go celebrate with some Twilight Zone pinball; he agreed. So we cruised by the Market of Choice, talked about Pink Floyd, and ate some of their yummy deli meatloaf. It was Metallica night at the bar; our pinball background noise. With a monstrous results to effort ratio (effort: results), I got another score right at 3 billion--in less than an hour! You will need 1.9 bil to knock out the lowest of my 5 scores. C and I decide that there should be a "Meatloaf" pinball machine; we're fuckin' brilliant. So then we head back to the local poker tourney. We even paid more money to keep the bar open an extra hour. I only lost $10. Then I'm home to wash dishes--like a good boy. Crash at 2; laundry 2maro. Haircut, too. C wants me also to check on food stamps; sure. Time to get almost 'sponsible.

Sunday July 3rd, 2005

Playing with web pages (still Sunday), and keeping to myself today. Nobody is paying me enough to pretend like I fucking care--so guess what? Stay the fuck away from me, and don't ask for my opinion, or else...Wow; I must've been upset. Tried to type some, and watched some dumb tv. Finally went and did the big load of laundry. Yay. Big C called and said we should go do something. I said we should not, and that I should be a good boy. Told him I'd call him later--after I thought of a good excuse to not party. Then it gets to be 8:30, and the power goes out. It's just around here; no explanation or anything--my neighborhood loses power. Great. Static Girl won't walk, so I took a walk alone. Walked down to the bar (you dumbass), and big C was there. He says we should go play some pinball. Hmmmm. So then I'm in Springtuckey, playing pinball with him, and Crazy D shows up. D is the most animated pinball player ever--cussing at everything; slapping and smacking--wow. I used to be like that. Why am I so subdued now? I had a few good balls, but no initials tonight. It was fun. Hey look; it's 1 am. Great. So big C drives me home; I'm not even sure if we have power yet. We do; good. So I have to program a few clocks. Fun. Need to go to bed soon. My head and throat will be cussing big C 2maro for making me party on a school night. Darn. Sleep by what? 3? Sure. Up
for work Monday. This is going to be a Fig Dish Monday--I decided. Wore my green shirt, and sang Toaster songs when I had a few seconds to kill. Dreamed of meeting Blake and Mike someday. Sure; it could happen. Got the first sale, and was first all the way up to 4; wow. Then a female teammate got her 5th. Good for her, and I congradulated her. I'd call this an amazing day--thank you. Our team kicks ass. Then I'm heading home at 6:30 to start cooking for my girl. Forgot what I was doing, and called my Mom. 15 minutes later, my starving girlfriend was unhappily creating her own dinner. I felt so bad. Now; calling my Mom was not a bad idea, but calling my Mom while I (said I was going to, and was) supposed to be cooking for my girl created a triple dilemma here. All my fault, too. Damn. But we got through it, and it became snuggle time. Yay. A good showing. Missed my UFO show and half of 2.5 Men because televisual starts so late here. All of a sudden it's 11 pm, and I have to choose between Family Guy and typing this update. Seth IS a genius, yes, but I'm typing instead. Bed soon enough. Up
for work Tuesday. I was a little pissy, but could control it for my presentation. And I got the first 2 sales. Yay. Then I was asked by a stupid girl on our team if I would switch seats with her. Being the perfect team player, I agreed to switch. I should NOT have, though. I was in a hot seat--I was producing. So I switched, only to find out that there's a crybaby girl next to me now who doesn't like loud people. So I got screwed by my own female teammate, and now I'm sitting next to a whiner. This is what I get for letting stupid females make decisions for me--isn't this fun? And people wonder why I bash the fuck out of silly fat girls; who wouldn't? Nobody cares, because we've got a monitoring session this afternoon. All I can do is try to have a good session now. I did. In fact, (found out later) I had the best score on my team (no surprise to me). So then I was fuming at lunch; although I shouldn't have been--this shit ain't my fault. Did my mumble-walk around the building at lunch, and actually saw a plane flying overhead--that's the first one I've seen here. I couldn't buy any more sales today because I was still pissed about moving earlier. I will pay more attention from now on. The day finally ended, and I stomped home. Poker people want me to come back and hang out with them regularly; awww. Girlfriend has cleaned most of the dining room; nice. I offer to cook/get dinner, but she says 'no thanks'. I...need to try the dip she made? Okay. It turns out that my girl has made the BEST avocado dip ever; all vegan. I ate 2 bowls of it because it was so good; I kept yelling "Yummy!". Yum There were many UFO shows on tv, and girlfriend watched some of one with me. I got tired, and decided to go to bed before 9 pm--what the fuck am I staying awake for here? Woke up
right before 8 am Wednesdsay. 2nd to last day of the month, and morale is low. I got a sale early, but that was all I could do. Threw a small fit, and got in trouble for it; that's me. Thank you. They kicked us out early again today; this is starting to piss me off. 40 hours a week--my ass. Tried to go to the bank. Couldn't turn into the bank because a big boat was sitting in the street. Yes, I said a "boat". No, I don't understand it either. Pulled out my absolute last $20 so I could go to Safeway and get my dip chef girlfriend some more avocados. Sold out. But I got us some carrots and cucumbers for the dip already made. Dollar store for strawberry newtons and fudge stripe cookies for my girl. Home to make the veggie plate. Mmm. Leftover ghoulash, and I'm boiling potatos for 2maro. I'll wash these dishes later; your roommate should be cool like this. Talked to big C; this is his last night before surgery. We need to pinball. Mentioned to girlfriend that this was his last night, and asked her for options. She gave zero options, and moved forward with immediate delivery--I was impressed. Quick and effective snuggle, then I'm piling up dimes and nickels for a pinball run. I remember doing this 15 years ago. Out to meet big C. We crashed and burned at our pinball; except for a couple of good balls I had. But it's fun to hang out with him. He left at 10, but I stayed and put up a 2.4 billion game on Twilight Zone. Nice. PBR's in frosty mugs; paid for with quarters. I remember doing this 15 years ago, too. Mmm. Left 3 games up for the strippers, and drove home to wash dishes. Bed by 1. Up
for work Thursday, KNOWING that it would be a very tough day. Why was I in such a negative mood? Well; I have figured out that there is NO part of life left that motivates me. None. Sorry. Be glad I have no access to lethal weapons. My job has no music, either. How can I be expected to spend almost 9 hours a day in a room with no music? Fuck you; fuck this. I couldn't buy a sale; and, I didn't care. Still don't, but that's another story 12 hours later. I threatened to leave, and did, at 3 pm. They want me to make up the time on Saturday; isn't that cute? I drove to get a hamburger; it seemed like a good idea. Maybe I was mad-cow suicidal; maybe I still am. But then I came home, instead of driving off a cliff or down the gorge. Girlfriend was concerned, and she had a right to be. I huffed and puffed my way upstairs, tried to call my FCP, and went to bed. Sweaty sleep, and I'm up around 7? Sure. Phone rings; it's big C! He lived through the surgery, and will be out to kick by Saturday night. Yay. Watched Rescue Me, then my girl took me for a walk. Why am I so suicidal? I don't want the day to end, even though I'm a wreck, but I sure don't want to have to deal with 2maro. It's a never-ending cycle of disappointment. I'm just going through worthless motions. Girlfriend smiles and says she understands. Maybe she does, but it doesn't help me any. Fuck. Back home; there's UFO shows, and I'm going through days of newspaper--looking for any kind of alternate employment. There ain't much to work with here. She finally goes to bed around 10. I'm trapped. What a wonderful fucking writing season this bunch of shit is. I may sleep in 2maro. Sleep. Up
a little after 8 am Friday. Boy am I feeling the weirdo emotions of job disapproval. In fact, let's call some of the places we wrote down from the paper last night. Yes. This is going well. I have another interview this afternoon--which will make going to my current stupid job pretty tough. Maybe my suicidality from yesterday makes some sense now. Maybe not. It wasn't my idea to be alive here--let's try to remember that. So I called in to quit my said current stupid job; they're having their own difficulties today. Great. I can go pick up my check after noon; so that's when I'll go. So I went. Got my little baby check, to the bank, gas, and back home. Then I would head over to my interview; I'm hired. No surprise here. Got on their scale; I weigh 208 with clothes on. Cool. We'll start Tuesday. Back by a close-out store to get chocolate, incense and Castleberry; then home. Watching haunted house shows with my girl on the warped tour. Then it would become snuggle time. Big C is back in business; he's going to 1 poker tourney, I'm going to a different one. Couldn't get in to mine; but headed back down to my neighborhood to lose $20. From the job I quit today, 1 of the bigger bosses, BJ, was also at my neighborhood bar; we talked about options, and I can still work there part time--yay. Great, actually. Hung around as long as I could, then came home to eat lots of crackers. Lots. Sleep. Up
before noon Saturday. After quitting my job yesterday, now I have 2 to go to on Tuesday--pretty cool. I have no major plans for today, but then big C said we would have to play some pinball. Oh, okay, but later. I watched a couple of Sportsnights and a Due South from my videos. And played some GT. I combat my depression with that "addiction to minimal amusement". Had to eat a can of Castlebury, too; wooo. I decided to let C come over and pick me up. I'm saving gas--this is a good idea, right? Bad idea; Static Girl doesn't want to meet anybody, ever; so she left. Okay. Guess I'll be in massive trouble later. Sure. So big C gets me, then we go look at what could be his new apartment, and then head to Twilight Zone. This would wind up being a great day for me; 3 more "initals" games. I have all 5 high scores; from 2.8 bil down to 1.7--good luck in knocking me off of there. But the real story was me talking smack to the pinball machine; yelling, cussing, and tons of crude sexual references. Those worthless weak-assed flippers make every shot an adventure. I had an audience that was entertained. Then we continued the liquid diet back over here to my neighborhood. I'm just going to have to stop playing that stupid poker shit. Home after midnight for another can of stew. DP has the pole position for 2maro's Indy car race in Kansas--I'll be watching that here. Bed eventually. Up
at 10:30 Sunday for the race, varoom. And strong coffee. This was an excellent competition with only one single-car wall-crash; no accidents! Pit strategy won the race--that's what I watch for! DP was competitive, but none of her 3 (4?) pit stops were stellar, so she's all pissed off (and she has every right to be) about finishing 9th. T. Kanaan won the 3-car finish. My possibly former girlfriend is not speaking to me; big fucking shock there. I turned down a chance to go lose more money in poker. Maybe we'll go play pinball later, he said. We'll see. I'm up here with Caviar at 1 pm, trying to find the concern to continue. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I don't hear that ticking noise anymore, and I am possibly breathing out the right side of my nose. How exciting.

Sunday June 26, 2005

The rest of Sunday 6-19? Already up on my site this year is the FACTUAL commentary on hemp. If you like it, then great. If you don't, then (even better) you're a fucking republi-nazi. Looking through the newspaper, trying to find some job or some thing that might make me want to care. The level of my current disenchantment with life is unprecedented--be happy I have no access similar to those 16 illegal immigrant terrorists who all got hired at that Tennessee nuclear plant. Want some good advice? Don't watch the news, and don't surf the conspiracy websites. I'm about as fucked up as shit gets right now...I go start a new phone job 2maro. At least I understand how a phone job works, and I'll get to harrass some strangers. Jeezus. And I can't sleep either. Oooo; chat rooms and online poker? No way; depressed I am perhaps , but not that much. Hey; fuck, if it gets too bad, then I can always crawl back into writing. Then I could be "profoundly depressed". Sure. Maybe I'm tired enough now; I e-mailed my FCP, and it didn't turn suicidal. Great.
Up for work on Monday. Training; just try to stay awake. Sure. It was actually kind of fun, and maybe this won't suck as badly as 8th grade general math. Casual dress is nice. I'm ready to get on the phone, but there is more training to do. Not a bad first day. Done. Got some more Dollar Store lunch stuff. Home to a happy girlfriend; yay. She likes me. I re-heated up my cool dirty rice stuff. Then it's good snuggle time. I'm way tired, so I crashed for a couple of hours. Up at 11 to find that there's no tape in the VCR, so I missed 3 shows. Oh well. Hey let's watch the news! More death, more missing kids, more fondling priests, millions at risk for more newly-hacked identity theft; can reality make you appreciate a phone job? I'd like to drive a school bus, too. Fuck; I'd flip burgers at this point, and there's a Subway shop close, too. There will be no sleep before 4 am; great. Up
at 8 on Tuesday. Coffee, Caviar music, gotta get back on the Do Not Call list before I field anymore dumbass phone calls. Check. It's hard to get stuff done in the morning, but everything's closed when I get off work. Darn. Happy first day of Summer. So I'm off to work at 9 something am. It's a slow day for us training, but we did some good work. Long hours in that place. It will be a true test of sorts when we get there. And we're done. Home to try to get broadband phone; no luck. Tried to get the name of that satellite tv company; want to get some $ from them. Tried to call C, but he's never there. Dinner was more vegan dirty rice, and the UFO show from last night. Static Babe made some good bread with my last banana. House and Rescue Me tonight. Did some cleaning in my room, but still didn't exercise. I could be so upset, but I'm not. I am apafuckingthetic. Found another conspiracy book/website thing called "Above Black" or something last night, that COULD explain it all. Me, you, them, the hows and whys; all of it. I am saying now, at this time, fuck all of it. Fuck us, fuck them, fuck everybody. I am going to hide in my little nothing here, with my hot little girlfriend, and just fucking wait. Let the eye melt from the socket; I don't give a rat's ass. If they hurry their little green/gray butts up, then I will be more than happy to still play "exterminator", but it ain't my concern...After all the hype about the Rescue Me premier...it was okay. But it was also too metrofuckingsexual; no new dead people spoke, no new psycho plot twists, not enough sex; and playing off of 40 yr. old guys slapping each other a few times is just unnecessary. Has Hollywood caught up with this show, like the 4th year of the X-Files? Had to eat an elephant tranquilizer to make sure of some sleep. Damn those pills are great! Up
early Wednesday for--why is my right nostril all closed up? The thin passage is now even thinner. Thanks! Off for an educational trip by the DMV; it costs some money to drive legally here. $120 plus $60; that's like, $170. Shit. Not today folks; oh well. If I could sell THAT many CD's, I'd buy some...never mind. So I'm off to work. A good day there. I was sharp--only fell asleep a couple of times. I'm getting the voice back a little bit--this could get fun. We'll have to do a debate about: good bonus with crappy benefits in the phone room vs. set $10 an hour with great state benefits. Close to home vs. unknown placement. But that's all in the future. I'm back to eating cheap sandwiches at lunch--cool for me. And this slow training sucks; we're about ready to get on the phones--2maro definitely. The day dragged a little, but I can hang with it. Out at 6; home to start a dinner experiment of pasta and tater tots. Don't laugh; it was fucking brilliant, and my girl loved it. I had seconds. Talked to big C. No time to walk with my girlfriend, though, and that sucks. Late night workout? Maybe. First we watched some warped tour tv, and then it's snuggle time. Yay. And it's 9 pm already? Shit. This sucks. Back downstairs, and I decided that keeping this upward swing is up to me; so I'm working out. Big sweats. Nice. Watched some Pulp Fiction on Spike tv during/after the core workout. Read the paper. Then I washed all the dishes. Now it's 12:30? Fuck. Piss on this shit, man. Time needs to slow the fuck down a little. But I would call this a damn fine day! What do you want from a day, huh? I worked, cooked, cleaned, serviced, and exercised. Alot of girls don't get such a good performance from their man. Up
for work Thursday. We will get on the phones today, at some point; at least that's the plan. Sure. Boy it started as the same old waste of time it has been. My stomach hurt pretty good. Nice. I started doing my walks at break. We noticed a family of deer that play in the field next to work. They're not scared of humans either. I wave at them, and they wag their tails at me. Toward the end of this day, we did get on the phones. It was tough for me, because I had been training on new computers, but now I was working on an old one that was slow as dirt. I couldn't find my form. No sales, but no big deal--we were only on phones for the last 2 hours. Out of work, and home to call big C and CD stores. We'll be playing some Twilight Zone pinball later. Ha. First I met up with the other C, and got a check for the $20 he owed me. Then I drove to Springtuckey to meet up with big C. Watched the Spurs win the Finals; cool. We traded games of pinball--which is good for him (he got his first billion game). We left to come back for poker in the neighborhood, but our bar was closing at 10. Huh? Then we tried for a couple of other things, but it was all done. So we called it a night and cruised home. I played some poker online, conspiracy surfed, and stretched well; then went to bed around 2. Up
for a big Friday. Went to the bank early to deposit the little check. Then it's to work, where we are going to do a full first day. Yay. I tied for the lead on my program--we all had a fair day. I never got cocky either; this went very well for me. And I'm now walking on all 3 breaks; it winds up being about a half mile total. The deer family stayed out in sight all day today--I like them. After work I'm doing minimal grocery shopping, then home to see my baby. She just ate, darn, but I'm still cooking up some crazy ricey deluxified stuff. Then we're leaning toward snuggle time. Pay attention; we were off today; we just couldn't find our point of connection. But we still did fine. It's another example of how even our WORST snuggle is still better than what most people get. (Let me check and make sure she still agrees; yes, she does. Cool.) Showers, and it's already 10 pm before I can get down to the new neighborhood bar. New; as in the new owners officially took over--that's why it closed so early last night. No more dollar beers--should have known that wouldn't last. So I dive in poker with my $10, and got nothing. Lost $7 overall. My floor boss from work was also there, and he apparently said some really good things about me. Then big C and I headed out to play some pinball. The "Bride of Pinbot" bar was already closed, so we headed way over to the 'they made it way harder to beat' Twilight Zone. Big C took me to school; 2wice. He's getting so much better, and I'm no longer the obvious master. Oh well. So we head back to the new neighborhood bar, and they let me in poker for my last $9. I won 3, woo. So I'm heading home at 2 to eat too much. Watched a couple of PTI's, and went to bed. Up
Saturnday at 10 am. Washed dishes first thing, because I forgot to last night. Strong coffee, more Caviar (gee, imagine) and I'm staring at loads of laundry. I should get so motivated and stuff. Maybe I should play some new Garbage. Music news! Billy Corgan is all over the newspaper; he's going to reunite the Pumpkins, and put his life online--and in a book. I'm happy; but that will be even more CD's I'll have to buy. There ain't so much time to just sit around here. Right. So I had a great talk with my FCP; she's doing well. Then I took some CD's to a cool little Record Garden in Springfrield and got some $. Then it's (since we're so close now) over to Twilight Zone pinball to meet up with big C. My warm-up game, ha ha ha, was the new high score 2.8 billion, with a 391 million Lost in the Zone--it won me 5 games. So we didn't have to put ANY money in, ever; I KEPT winning games (and I am the master again). Over 3 hours of fun--for 50 cents, baby! Then big C went to some small poker tourney; I came back to get some gas and a couple of spicy chicken sandwiches. Now I'm home; too bad I have a headache now--but it's all good. Here's the Garbage I wanted to hear. Getting ready to go back for a Saturday night at the close poker bar. This is my blowout day, I guess. Woo. My head is killing me; this is going to take a nap to get through. And it did. To the bar! With the new owners, and different set up for everything, interest was very low. The poker game died. I hung out and drank, because that's what I do, but it wasn't the party I signed up for. Home to eat crackers and crash. Up
at 11 am Sunday. It's dark, gloomy, and beautiful. I need to do so much, but the laziness has surfaced. Wait; did you see that? I almost got productive, right there, but it didn't happen. Oh well.

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