(Hemp is not "pot") Fact: Industrial hemp does NOT equal the "smoking version" of Marijuana. Industrial hemp contains less than 3% of THC, the narcotic of Marijuana. It would be virtually impossible to smoke enough hemp to feel any effect.

(Hemp in our history) Fact: Every one of our founding fathers was a hemp farmer; the final draft of the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.

(Hemp is medicine) Hemp was widely used up to the passing of the Marijuana Act of 1938. The biggest opponent of the law's passing was the medical profession; the plant was used by doctors for treatment of many different ailments. Industrial hemp was also tossed onto the Marijuana pile. That may have been a huge mistake.

(Hemp is food) Hemp is the strongest natural fiber known to man, hemp is more nutritious than soybean and is second only to soybean in complete protein, but is more digestible by humans. Environmentally; hemp is very beneficial as it has no insect enemies (no more pesticides!), and requires little if any fertilization.

(Hemp is better than cotton) Hemp uses only a fraction of the water needed for growing cotton. As a fiber for clothing hemp is very advantageous; it is more isolative than cotton, less allergenic than wool, and holds less water than cotton--so it dries more quickly. The fabric is very comfortable to wear, and becomes softer and more comfortable with each washing.

(Hemp saves the green world) Hemp produces more pulp per acre than timber and can be used for every quality of paper. Also; 100% of the plant is used in production, so there is zero waste and zero pollution.

Okay; that's about all of the "just the facts" I can do. Why are we not using hemp for everything? That's my one question.

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