Old Personal News

(starting with the week ending 4-24-05)

Sunday 5-15-05; 5:15!

"Out of my brain, on the train, on the train..." Sunday 5-8, Five Eight, Mother's Day; gee, would I go to the bar on Mother's Day? What kind of worthless, looney, drunk, loser would dare go to...never mind. Um, new subject! So I left at 3, and we had the quietest game ever. No screaming or yelling. And I won the 2nd tourney. 8 hours in the bar; on Mother's Day? Actually it was more like...hey, 8's good; let's go with 8 hours. Home to make the best nachos ever, and then crash like an unemployed loser. Makin' my mama proud. Up
at 10 am Monday. Did I even call in to my phone job? Will I? My tummy hurts, probably from all the bad-boy nachos. Tv and newspaper; where is the coffee? Man this is complicated. Okay, I got it. I don't feel well. Am I hungry? Did I mention that this is complicated? Called my phone job; they still love me. Got me an interview with DirecTv 2 maro, and am on call at another phone place. Get it; "on call"? I am fucking hilarious. So I'm not quite a totally worthless slob today (yes you are), and then I got to talk to my FCP for almost an hour. Woo-hoo! Now I'm failing at setting up hotmail, but grooving on lots of Meatloaf. Then I would go out to see what could happen. It was a Sunshine birthday party. Hockey S showed up, too, and brought friends. So now it's going to become a nudey bar adventure. Wow. You'd think that I would have had more fun at a nudey bar birthday party. But I left at 12. I took care of S, too. Then came home and ate...I don't remember. Sure. Then I'm passed out. Up
at 11 am Tuesday. Went and had my DTV interview; that went well. Then it's lunch at Papa's Soul food. MMMmmm. Then a cruise through the Dollar Store, and I'm back home trying to figure out what to do with my life. With 3 major options in front of me, there's no clear winner. And it will require some deep independent thought...let's go to the bar! So now it gets weird. They all love the way I play DJ and swerve the jukebox from bubble gum to classic rock to techno; I love serving it up. A poker game will ensue; for once I am not the drunkest guy in the building...Best Buy boy got ripped, cut open his hand, puked, and almost broke even. Good for him. I came home and ate everytning--I'm good at that. There's something brewing...something important. Hmmm. Up
at 11 on Wednesday. Girlfriend announced it: "Happy Birthday to Me!" Okay; so I'm going to go get the dozen roses, and buy her some Cozmic Pizza. Going to get the stuff, great store runs (I would be fun to shop with) it turned into a beans-in-a-bag adventure (for crock pot cooking). Then I was driving to get the roses, and I had one of those epiphany things. Dead flowers ain't gonna get it, dude; we need something alive. I got hooked up at the Petal Pushers independent flower place; a hanging basket with 4 pretty kinds of flowers; I am a fucking genius! And the beans, and the pizza; oh, this is going to work out so nicely! Yes! Then I took her to the grocery to get her cake. Back home, I started the first bean soak in big O. Cool. Man. Static Girl is happy with it all. I'm just going to have to eat Chasers and go play some poker or something. Okay; if you insist. So it's Wednesday night low-key poker; I won about $40, and played well. Yay. Then I'm coming home and eating the best sandwich ever. Crash time, and up at 10 am Thursday. Going to talk to people about work, and e-mail for work. Will also head down to the slightly better phone room. Might have to grocery shop a little, too. And we called this company with this idea to save small business owners money; they're Fed Ex-ing me their kit. Got some stuff done today. Then I went for the last Thursday night poker game, and lost my ass. Got lit, too. Home to crash hard. Up
at 10 am Friday, and I'm hungry. I love these sleeping-in days. I love my bed, too. I wanna work for that cool company. I'm gonna cook...ramen stuff, with bean paste on top. Yum. Dinner good. Girlfriend has major lower back pain--perhaps even worse than mine. And she does not appreciate green-ball therapy like I do. I love my green ball (sitting on it now). So when it came time for snuggle, it was low-impact. Tried to name the best thing in the universe "Get Fuzzy" (after the great comic strip), but I don't know if she liked the idea. Then I'm getting called by poker people. Went in with zero money, and actually made it to the break, for a change. Went out soon after that, though. It was fun, and I didn't get sloppy. Yay. Home to fall asleep on the warped tour. Oops. Moved to the bed at 5 am.Up
at 11 am Saturday. I LOVE sleeping in; maybe I should turn pro. Gonna go get some groceries to make a little pot luck thing for my current bar owner's going away party. It's complicated. No it's not. I made a garlic/crumble/veggie thing that they all LOVED. Girlfriend liked it, too. And it was a nice going-away party. I finally sang "Flagpole Sitta", about 6 beers too late, but I did it. At poker I only lost $3. Ha; that's a good night for me. Got to talk to both C's some; one's a cool big guy-he loves the Crystal Method disc I made for him; the other has now turned me on to the book Natural Capitalism. And it was fun. Home at 3 am, and I feel good. Sweaty. Yick. Crash. Up
at 11-ish Sunday morning. Indy car pole-qualifying; go Danica! She's 4th right now--but only because of 1 little wiggle--she clearly has the fastest car. Me? I'd KEEP inside of the 2nd row, set up for the race, and I would not even CONSIDER going back out there. But that's just me. She kept her 4th position, and good for her. I may have to go blow this shit out--it's Sunday, right? Right. So, it's the last day of the old owners of the cool little bar I go to. Steve's in Athens, Sam's in Phoenix, and now Sher's in big O; if there's a cool little "S" bar, then I will find it. I decided to try and OUTDO last Sunday; 5-8. Stupid. It starts with a pair of Jumbo Jacks, and then goes completely downhill after that. 1, 2, 3, 4 trips outside; I was on tilt. Found: Chromie's missing cap! Chromie will be so happy with me. Made a couple of dollars in the cash game; after losing my ass in the tourney. I did okay, and was entertaining. 4 trips? 4.5 maybe. I was having fun for awhile, too. I would come home and eat leftovers that didn't seem to sit well. Whatever. I'm crashing now. But I partied tonight like it was 1985. When you speak of me--speak well. G'night.

Sunday 5-8-05...Five Eight! Mother's Day

Wound up down at the card game; I'm an addict. Home at 2; lost all that I was up. Zonked. Up
a little late on Monday. It took some coffee and a bagel to get me going. Went out to 2 places I could work, and the people I needed to see were not in. Okay. So I go try for pocket money here, and after 2 trips there for paperwork, they still need to talk to the old pocket money place in Glendale. Okay. So I come home with nothing. We'll get 'em 2maro. I cooked some excellent ricey mushroom stuff, and then there was snuggle. Started writing a really pissy commentary, and will continue it later. Soon enough, I was out looking for trouble. No trouble down at my bar, so I went to the O bar to play PGA golf. -17 on my first game; never missed a putt. Also put up a 20 mil on Elvira pinball. Poker Ja was there; he (won big at video poker) bought me a beer. Said he would go by our regular poker too, but he didn't. We got a 3-player game going after I played DJ on the Touch Tunes for a bit; Caviar and Crystal Method. I spent $15; good for me. Home and bed. Up
Tuesday to the phone ringing; it's pocket money saying that they were wrong, and that I am welcome to come and help them out. Sure. Out of here, looking for work before 11. Got lost 2wice on the way to the second city. Finally found it, it's gorgeous like my girlfriend, and similar to my old college town. Found the phone room; stinky, grungy, hand-dialing--I love it! I start 2maro. Drove back to my town, looking for bar-b-que. Had to settle for another sports bar with both golf games. Bartender called me "Hon", and laid out easy directions to find the big mall and the radio station. Too bad this great radio station is owned by the 2nd largest chain of kudzu radio; mine is a wasted resume. Hey; I turned in the resume--I am not obligated to do anything more. Back by the baffled minions at pocket money--who said it was all good, NOW they want documentation of however I developed the anti-bodies in my blood BEFORE they'll let me donate. Oh hell no. I'm trying to do them a favor; right? Watch me walk out of here. Bye. Should've left them a resume, too. Home to brag about employment to my girl and my FCP. Made a killer dinner, even though I only ate a little. Then we sat and watched tv on the warped tour. Reading through the newspapers, there are tons of places to e-mail resumes. I didn't know that girlfriend was creating my pair of e-resumes when the gang called from the poker game. So now she's pissed, and I'm leaving. Oh well. Boy am I in trouble. It was a weird card game; lots of drama. I was up about $70 when the fight broke out. Lost a beer, and chromie's cap, but I survived the free-for-all. Jeezus. Home and quiet. Up
at 6 am Wednesday to wash dishes and go to my new job. 3 hours of sleep; it ain't easy, and I haven't done stuff like this in well over a year, but I got it going a little. Ate lunch at the Busy Bee; best burger in Oregon so far. I produced, although not very much. It's tough. Home to find my Blahgirl not so upset. And she put my resumes on my computer. I like her. So I e-mail resumes out to everybody and their bosses. Also got me an appointment/interview with the place that would be my first choice for car sales for Thursday afternoon. Good; 'coz I'm fucking tired. Bedtime at like 8:30 pm. Up
and ready for a Thursday. Made my own lunch, and took some stuff to represent my cubicle. But I just wasn't feeling it. Cinco de Mayo says that we won't have to work 2maro (phone room people hardly need reasons to get all ripped up and miss work the next day). That was actually smart; I won't be here 2maro; I'll be holding an ice pack on my hungover head (oh just wait). So they let those go who wanted to go at noon. Bye. I'm driving back; looking for bar-b-que and Hunky Dory. No food, but we got a new cap for Chromie, and met "Nat". Then I'm home, and dragging girlfriend off to get gas, groceries, and Big Mart stuff. Back home, and I'm hungry. But it's time for my interview. Shit. So I go to the interview hungry; this is car sales. Usually I talk way too much; today I talked just a little too much. I also said good things, and impressed the Hell out of (who turned out to be) the guy I needed to impress. Sure. So I leave the interview, walk out to Gus all proud and stuff, and impressed guy comes out and says that I should shut Gus off and come back in and talk to the big wig. Oh absolutely. Ha. So you could say that this went pretty well. Back by the Dollar store for a couple of items missed, and this shopping run alone would have been enough to go drinking on. I got it all, and more. So I'm on the verge of screaming "I'm the Man!" now. Came home to a concerned Static Girl, and she knew immediately that things went well. Kick ass. Not enough bragging yet; I have to call my FCP. Oh and she's happy for me, too. Consensus is that I need to go to the bar--need to get away from my girlfriend at least--I'm way too annoying right now. Right. Cas calls and says he's at the poker game; I got there in 5 minutes, and he was NOT there. Fine. All seems to have cooled from the big bar fight; isn't that special? It's a slow poker night; not even 10 people. Let's skip any drama; okay? Let's get to the bottom line; my FCP said I had to make $30; as if. Then...I took 3rd place in 2 different tourneys. 3rd place, 2wice, mutherfucker. So I made like, $50 at poker--after expenses. Can you believe this day? I am the man. So I came home and foolishly ate everything in the house; meats, chips, jalapenos, chocolate, cheese, potatos--a true drunken feast. What a great day--my best Cinco de Mayo ever, I think. So I give out at 4 am, finally. Up
after 10 am Friday. My head hurts, and I already shit 2wice by 1 pm. How much did I eat last night? I'm kind of glad to be living with my girlfriend, rather than any roomies of the past, because my day yesterday would be the main topic of discuss all day with anybody else. I haven't even told my girl about coming in 3rd twice last night; she'd just shrug it off anyway. I'm thinking about being a car salesman, and how THIS is the town to do it in; wait'll they get a load of me. Today started with hours in front of the tv--in between shits. Now I'm up here playing DJ in between my 2 computer disc drives; why haven't I done this before? It's quiet and does not bug my woman. This reminds me of 1995; the Fig Dish Toaster helps, too. It's all Crystal Method and Caviar, baby. And I might sing "Flagpole Sitta" tonight. Fuck I don't know. I'm damn sure eating some Chasers tonight. I should work out today. Ha. I should clean house today. Ha again. I might cook a nice meal, and beg for sex; yeah, that sounds more like me right now. Shit. Need to do laundry, too. It's just not gonna happen. Chasers tonight. It's after 2, and I'm still not hungry. Jeez. Took a nice little walk with my girl; that's always fun. Then I'm cooking what I called an excellent feast; girlfriend agreed. Then it was snuggle time; even our worst, with poor communication, is still better than what most people get. Yeah. And then I'm planning my poker attack. Dumped from the first one on the final table, but I cleared $70 in the 2nd tourney. No actual fights tonight, though we got close once, and I did not sing. My hockey guy, S, came down to play in the 2nd tourney. And we closed it down; I came home very hungry. Ever had a drunk pickle sandwich and 3 jalapenos? Yeah, well it seemed like a good idea at the time. Crash. Up
before 11 am Saturday. Ever had flames shoot directly out of your ass? Was I eating raw jalapenos and laughing about it? I'm sure it seemed like a great idea. Ouch. By the way; I am sitting here, listening to Five Eight, and writing. Mantione's voice is so hypnotic; mentally, it's like 1995 all over again! I'll take it. I'm supposed to do laundry and pretend like I care about stuff. Shit. Okay. Threw some laundry in, and then girlfriend and I walked to Subway. Good Subway run. Back to eat, and get clean clothes. Yay. Productive. Then we talked to dad, and then nicely to my FCP. I'm feeling pretty good. Computer-writing to the Cure's Wish, too; (a commentary and a tiny poem) now it's 1994--I'm going back in time. Pretty soon I was ready to call it a day here. There will be a poker game--I checked. So I'm heading down to the place. Didn't do so well, but it was still fun. Home to eat more of everything, and crash hard. Up
Sunday Mother's Day before 11 am. Man. I feel like crap. Let's put on the happy face and call Mom. Yay; she's doing well. Okay, let's load this shit up.

Sunday 5-1-05

At 3 on Sunday 4-24, after incredible Chinese food leftovers, I headed for the bar. We're going to play poker. Well, maybe. I didn't do so well. But it's okay; the fun was there. Closed it down, and headed home for a sandwich. Crash time, and then it's up
Monday before noon. Ha. Hearing some repeats on the Got Live CD, and now we're into Q Sign. E-mailed my awesome FCP with my coffee. Watched some Star Trek NG and Judging Amy while sitting with my girl on the warped tour. She says that I should check my spelling on my HTML page. Let's see. There were problems; just not spelling problems. It's up now: Tiny Townhome. Now hearing the Apollo's Salvage compilation put out by Atlanta's Ghostmeat Records. Then we watched that Robin Williams movie "Final Cut". Sure I cooked. We had fried potatos/mushrooms/and too much garlic--a house favorite. Yum. Now it's almost 8; I'm showered and shaved--what exactly are we waiting for? Turns out that we were waiting on me; I am in charge of communications here. If there's a breakdown, then it's my fault. So it became later snuggle, and then it was her bedtime. I figured there'd be another card game, and the bar is closing down soon, so I went for it. Yes. A double tournament, in fact. And 2maro is big Tuesday at B's place on 7th ave. Home after 2 again. And it became crash time. So then it's
Tuesday morning. I had plans to be productive. To the bank with my girlfriend to find out that I have less money than I thought--it was my fault. Then it was Mongolian Grill lunch; yum. Home to digest and fix up my resume. Also got to talk to my FCP on the phone. Then I was running out to get a haircut; got lost, and re-found myself, too. Cool. Then I headed back to CDWorld to drop off my updated resume. Then down to B's poker tourney. It was full. But I met some cool people, and hockey guy "S". There's a big bunch of folks going down to my bar for another game. Oh yes. And I was ON! Only won about $60, but I was fun. "C" wants me to come and try poker at another bar on Wednesday. Maybe. Closed the house down, and home to eat 2 bowls of salsa. I know it's weird; fuckin' deal with it. Zonk crash down gone g'night.
Up Wednesday before 11 am to a grumpy Blahgirl. Okay. Tried to go get hired at the cool record store; no chance. Got us a movie, Flight of the Phoenix, picked up some applications from pet stores for her, too--I'm a good boyfriend. Found a chowder house/Mexican food place; they have huge spinach tortillas, and fish tacos--I like the idea. Where the fuck am I gonna work? Talked on the phone to a commission marketing place; they want me. Cool. There would be great usual snuggle, and then I'm heading downtown to poker at Diablo's. Met the awesome purple-bloused bartender Allison; 22. She wants me. They also have Monster Bash pinball; got to win a couple of games on it because I was OUT of their tourney early. Fuckers. Back to my neighborhood bar for more poker--MY game with JB's borrowed chips. I ran a good game and lost to birthday boy's sister Missy--but made $6 for JB for use of his chips (I'm smart--just wait). So he'll be happy. Came home and tried to watch some Southpark's. More salsa. Gurgle. Sleep.
Up Thursday at 10 to go get productive. These hangovers are killing me. The Dr. bill came; it's $50 more than it should be. Great. Talked to a good potential sales job, and dropped off a resume. Wore my pimp Polo pink shirt and a tie. Cool. Went and bought my girlfriend the new Garbage CD at CDWorld.Then...I thought about bar-b-que, but decided to go to the grocery instead. Smart! Mushrooms, avocados, my crackers, Dew, jalapenos, bread, new chocolate; everything's on sale! Home to make avocado mushroom sandwiches and watch the movie with my now smiling girlfriend. Shhh. She wants me. I was ON; it was fun to be near me today. Getting ready for poker now; went and signed up, then headed for the nearby Overtime Bar with golf and pinball. It's PGA III, and Elvira pinball from 1985! It took 2 games to put up the new 11 million high score on Elvira pinball. Left 3 games for the hot bartender "A". She wants me. Actually she's kind of afraid of me; so never mind. Scaredy bitch. Back to poker; I suck. I should just quit this stupidity. Pocket Queens only earns me $2; fuck this. But JB showed up to play, and was kicking ass. He would, again, let me borrow his chips for a side game. JB winds up winning the poker tourney tonight; $300, and he gets the girl (we're all rooting for M and him to be a couple). I got hungry and had to eat a bar cheeseburger, ergh, which is still not sitting well at 3 am--maybe I can still puke. Soon I was done at the side tourney; those fuckers. Later; JB bought all of us a round of drinks; and after the game, JB tipped ME $10 for running the side game and keeping everything in order. That was very cool of him; normally I would NOT have taken his $, but he was up so big (+$300) already. MY $10. Free puke food for me. Maybe. This was a pretty good day. There's always 2maro...
Up Friday before noon. Drawing a blank here. My plan was to cook a wonderful dinner. This is what we did. Listened to the (good) new Bleeding Garbage while typing to my FCP. Pretty soon it was dinner time. I ruled the veggie mushroom feast. Then it was 3-way-combo snuggle time. Amazing. And then I'm prepping for poker. Picked up the Farenhype 9/11 movie for me to watch later. Lost my ass in poker again, but I had fun. Closed it down, and home to eat everything. Up
at 10 am Saturday. Need to be productive, so I started setting up my desk crates to 'Henhouse' Tragically Hip. Then kept cleaning and arranging to GLU's "Empty". Got to talk to my FCP, but she has no e-mail from me. So I tried to send again, no luck. Girlfriend wants to take a walk to the park; okay. She says that she's better at throwing the baseball than I am. I disagree. Home to cook fried potato/jalapenos; yum. Watched the Farenhype movie; they're all full of shit. Fuck 'em. Productive; then I went tot the grocery. Revving up to go lose more money at poker. I never quite got up to be in a really good mood, but I should've been. Oh well. Home at 2 to feast on salsa and sandwiches. Mmm. Crashing soon. Up
Sunday at 10 with no back pain! I will thank JB later. Today is the last day of vacation for me. I have shit to do. Static Girl is in there feeding the guinea pig a bagel. She never feeds me a bagel. We got sidetracked from the local/Ga music stack because of the new, quality Garbage. Seriously; the new Garbage is THAT good (gonna have to review it). Even if it takes my having a 3rd CD player to make it work--I can do it (my computer case jams up on it, and my big Sony won't play it--we have to pull out the bathroom box). One plug for CD's over vinyl records: people didn't use to have 3 turntables in their room; just 1. And if your turntable was screwed, then so were you.

Monday 4-18 to Sunday 4-24-05...maybe

until afternoon on Monday. What a waste. I rolled around here...just planning my next adventure out. Called TPG; he seems to be doing well. My next adventure out would be Monday evening, we are working on the second stash now, and I'm heading back to the bar of my own bad planning. Chasers tonight; I have to go see the Dr. 2maro. We actually scared up a decent game, and it went for a couple of hours, and I only lost $10. Nice. That's Taco Bell on the way home. Stupid. I should have just slept in the bathtub, but I didn't. I'm up
at 10 Tuesday, getting ready to go find a new quack. I hate this. It'll be 3 weeks before any regular Dr. will see me--I remember this from Dr D's office back in 2002; my first run will be to Urgent Care--fun! But I get in there, and I'm all loud and happy. Made friends with this lady and her 5 yr. old daughter. I played babysitter, and then I got a cute nurse. Apparently the female Dr. on duty also saw me entertaining the waiting room, and she wound up being my Dr. And, again, I'm just trying to be nice and friendly; asked her if there was any generic (cheap) medicine I could get, and SHE hooked me up. Then I got sent out by the cool bouncer/nurses aid guy who also thanked me for helping out in the waiting room. Sure. Said goodbye to everybody, and got a website to help with a job search from the mother of the little girl. It ain't true ALL the time; but sometimes a good attitude can really get you through difficult situations. Today went well for me. We're hearing (some of) Bob Mould's '96 pre-release CD. Being so much of me me me at the Urgent care Center would lead to my ignoring of Static Girlfriend, who was a little extra grumpy today anyway. Well, she's out of Coke; maybe her grumpiness is warranted. I'm almost out of Dew, and I'd be panicking if my ego wasn't being stroked so nicely. I had kind of already planned to go be party boy tonight; maybe I should rent us a nice movie to watch 2maro, and possibly pick her up some soda (and Dew, dumbass). That would make me a good boy. Okay. So I am HALF of a good boy; got us I Robot to watch, but forgot to get Cokes. Then I went to many bars. The main guy for poker never showed, but we wound up with a nice little game in the neighborhood. I lost $10 at the card game, and had a blast. Cool. Maybe I can pay more attention to my yummy girlfriend 2maro; she might like that. Or she might just yell at me and close herself off in her room. That's okay, too. So I'm home by 1 am. Sandwich time; ears are popping. I can't believe how happy I am to have ears popping; after hating these ears for 30 years of misery-popping at least once a minute--now I'm happy to have the old frustration back. It's not easy to live in such ironic sensibility; don't try this at home. Sleep. Up
10 am Wednesday. Jeezus, it's already the 20th. This tiny vacation will be over so soon. Am I enjoying myself? Ear pop; cool. Potato breakfast, and 2 hours of Tuesday tv. PTI, a Scrubs, and the Shield. By going out I do miss House entirely; but that's the price. Groceries beckon, and then we'll have to wait and see. I can stay in tonight. Can I? Mumble mumble. Perhaps I have finally moved in here; just inflated my green ball. Happy green ball--I've missed you. Exercise might kill me. Hearing the rest of Bob Mould, and the still-not-fully-appreciated Dag Righteous CD. Just sitting on the ball is exercise; look at me go. Ha. Then I took my awesome and somewhat ignored girlfriend for a fun trip to the grocery. Cool; I dressed up. Later we would eat my yummy dinner creation while watching I, Robot. Then it's snuggle time. I tried to apologize for not paying her enough quality attention; she seems to understand my dilemma, as well. My girlfriend is so cool. There would be some manual GT2, and then I would go to change out movies; Garden State is next. Then I'm heading for poker. Weak, slow, expensive, and bad luck. When it was all finally over, I had come back to just be down about $10. Home at 2, and I crashed hungry. Up
Wednesday at 10 am. Coffee. I suggested we watch the movie, and it started slow but got better. Good music, too. Zach Braff is okay in my book. Then me and the Static Queen took a walk down to the Acorn Park to throw 5 minutes of frisbee. Back here for my 'dumb sports show' PTI, and then my FCP called to flirt with us. Want some bar-b-que, but I ate a boring sandwich here. Then I'm showering, updating and listening to Big Slow Wreck. These guys rock. I should be so much more motivated, but this is the end of my vacation here. I inflated my green ball, you know. Lucky us; now we're hearing Daily Dose Prozak. It's 5 pm, did a little arranging here in my room. Went to poker at 7 and lost my ass. Home late, and ate everything. This is so fun. Up
at 10 on Friday. Don't feel so good. Ears feel better, though. Daily hangovers get so boring. Shivers. Twitching. It's Friday, and I should cook something special--like that soy cheese vegan it's-almost-a-pizza thing in the fridge. I envisioned covering it with olives and mushrooms, and then Static Girl also suggested such. It was yummy; just a very small meal. Before we ate, another maintenance guy came and did out our moving-in checklist. Cool. We have rails again! Sat on the warped tour and watched X-Files with my baby--always a pleasure. Soon enough it's snuggle time! Regular excellence, thank you. Then I asked if I could go play, and she said ...well she didn't say anything. I offered to be a better boyfriend 2maro, and she rolled her eyes at me. And if she didn't roll her eyes, then she should have. So I leave my wonderful girlfriend...to go play bar cards (me; the romantic--not). It's still my vacation here. Lost in the first tourney, then won the 2nd tourney; won about $50 total. It was fun. Came home and ate a sandwich, then crashed hard. My head hurt; should've taken many pills. Up
at 11 am Saturday to a headache, and new mystery bruises. Remember "mystery bruises" from your 20's? 'Gee; did I get in a fight at the bar last night?' And then you mash on the mystery bruises, and you say 'ow, yeah, that hurts'. Okay; mystery bruises. Never mind. Slurping Hazelnut Praline coffee that makes the whole tiny house smell great. Coffee that my girlfriend's parents sent me--there's a message there. "When your girlfriend's parents send you gourmet coffee, maybe, um; they probably just want me to get out of bed sooner--but I'm saying that they like me." Where am I? Saturday. Sure. I should do some laundry, and take my girl back to the Mongolian Grill. Or the Vietnamese place. Or get some real fucking pizza; pie that drips--with some grease, charred animal parts, and jalapenos. Hey, look at that; girlfriend's fake pizza makes me want to go back out and get some scary heartburn pizza--the kind that takes 2 days to shit out. Too graphic? Sorry. I need some music, and some more coffee. Let's finish up this Prozak. Wish my girlfriend's parents would send me Zanax or some Vicodin; but I do like the coffee. And it's so cool and dark here; it's like permanently dreary. Windows are open, and I'm freezing. It's like, 50 degrees; ain't no sunbathing in this shit, baby. At night, you can hear both frogs and crickets. From Prozak to Mt. Pilot; Mt. Pilot is the Macon band that WonderJenn turned me on to...Valentine's Day 1994; I was going to go to my telemarket hell job and ask WonderJenn to be my Valentine. But "C" stopped me in the parking lot, and asked me to be her Valentine. C jiggled at me, so I went with what was easy, and wound up dating C for 2 weird years. Oh well. I love these rememory journeys...Went and wrote out most of my newest commentary--drew a picture for it, too. Then I ordered up some Chinese delivery, and Static Girl and I are currently watching some of the bug movies on Sc-fi. Right now it's "Marabunta" with Mitch Pileggi. Marabunta. Ha. Ooo, and then we watched "Mansquito". My ass went numb on the warped tour. May come back for "Fangs" at 1 am. Now it looks like I'm heading to the bar to look for a card game. Yes. There was a great game already going; expensive for me. I felt so incredibly guilty, and had fun; both. Home after 2:30. Washed up, and went to bed. Chinese food breakfast awaits me and Static Girl. Up
on one alarm Sunday. This is going to be a short day at home; more poker at 4. Hearing Joe's "Got Live (if you want it)" CD now. Coffee. I neither puked, nor shit on myself last night; mentioned because I may do both here this morning. 4-24 already. It all ends this week...

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