Our Tiny Townhome--2005

Pictures...Check out Static Girl's couple of pictures, because I don't have any. Or you can just read about this quaint little apartment here and visualize a virtual tour with my hairy White ass. Wait; I can draw.

The original plan was to let Static Girl have the big bedroom, but that didn't work out. Since I have the big bed, and (and the college dorm furniture); a dresser, desk, computer desk, and (the running grand total for now is) 8.5 crates of CD's, I wound up in need of more floor room. She conceded the big room to me; my wonderful girlfriend. I get a bigger window and much more traffic noise; she gets peace and quiet over there.

My room, baby!

And I set my room up incorrectly; sunlight hits me first thing (What the hell was I thinking?). But those of you who know me already know that I don't move furniture anymore. It's set-up, and it ain't fucking moving now. Finished my artist's rendering of my room (Static Girl approves); I'm a damn artisan. Look at me with all these big words. Hope they're spelled nearly correct. Correctly. Sheeit. Where am I?

In our tiny townhome! We went from having over 1400 feet in AZ, down to 1000 feet here. But it's really neat here how you can store stuff indoors under the stairs--that's a full walk-in closet's worth right there. Plus, there's the outside storage (the spider factory); and right now our dining room is all storage, too (no spiders there). We're not completely moved in yet, but we're pretty close. Let me tell you about...

Our kitchen! Tiny, little, one-person kitchen thing; with about 5 feet of counter space (half by the stove, half by the sink). It may sound like I'm complaining, but I'm not. It looks like the idea by the builders of these places was to create the elements of a dining room and kitchen in very limited space--and then give the kitchen a huge, 6-shelf pantry. This kitchen wasn't DESIGNED for counter-space; unfortunately, counter-space is the way most kitchens are judged. So; by common standards, our kitchen is very small. But what I say is that you can't judge all things by a single standard; clothes do NOT make the person, a person is NEITHER their employment, NOR what they drive. I could run with this, but not right now. I like our kitchen; I'm usually in it alone, and all is good. So we have to pull the coffee-maker, crock pot, bread-maker, or the toaster out of the pantry; so what? We can "rough it" a little bit. Hmmm, what kind of vegan chaos can I cook in a crock pot?

Let's talk about our stove! It's brand new, and it's digital electric. It has a clock, and it tells you how hot the oven is; it even has a little noise to let you know when the bad boy is all pre-heated and ready to go--and then there's a timer that will sound when the cooking is completed. Cooking should be this easy! Cool! I've never had a high-tech stove before. Our fridge door holds four 2-liter bottles of Code Red and Mountain Dew by-products; very nice. We have a good-sized freezer. The dishwasher also seems to work--very important for my Static Girlfriend.

The living room is about half as big as the one we had before. This room could turn out to be the only real problem, because there is not room for both the recliner and the warped tour futon. We eat on the warped tour, and that's our one tv in the house. Space in the living room is not an issue yet, though, so we'll just cruise along until I screw something up.

And that's pretty much our new little apartment! Static Girl seems happier inside this apartment than she did in the other place. Good. We have a little park that's about 200 yards away; lots of insects, birds, and frogs, too. Static Girl is still in the planning stages of a small, lush garden in our little back patio area. This is getting boring, huh?

Are we done? Sure. Maybe I'll add more later. I haven't puked in here yet--but I'll let you know. And we're about to order our first Chinese food delivery; it's going to be a carbon copy of the food we got at the motel room a month ago--I puked that night! Keep hope alive!

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