Old Personal News

(starting with the week ending 11-7-04)

Sunday 11-21-04

And I woke up
Monday morning to drummer boy's music. He's starting to piss me off. Now this whole site is late; it's Monday. Crap. So I went to work in blue jeans; it was okay. No H. It's a great job--even in its low moments. Payday; wow, I like the checks here. We trudged through the day, and then it was over. Went to workout, alone, and had a small blast. Then I came home to call in the newest noise complaint, and cooked up ricey stuff for me and my baby. Girlfriend update; she's not too happy with life, and not sleeping well at all. I want to fix her up nice, but she has to want to get better. 'Nuff said. There was snuggle, and then girlfriend went to bed while I was doing laundry at 8 pm; that's early. Cooked up fishy pantry wipe out while she was asleep. Barney should hook me up 2maro; says he's working at another pizza place now. I'm laying low and quiet here. Cooked some more pantry wipeout, watched a little tv, and now it's bedtime.
Tuesday a.m. had more morning music downstairs, but I slept all the way to my alarm for a change. I felt rested. This was a nice little bonus. Got up, made lunch, and got ready in good time. Off to have a better day. Fairly weak prayers on the way in, but I was thankful. I wouldn't be doomed from the start today. I was not. It went slow, but had a few good moments. I'm pumped because my stats are coming around. 4 people have already sold enough products for the entire month in (8 teams of) the marketing department...all on one team--my team; I'm #3, and I'll take it! We'll be given prizes 2maro. That's nice. I tied for a movie-trivia bag of candy today--never mind. I hat-tricked, and got the most products today. After work I stayed around and signed up for direct deposit. Then I headed for the 99cent store and shopped. Home to make another noise complaint, and more pantry wipe out. STT called from Ga; I whined about my gray sideburns. Girlfriend was late because she went grocery shopping, too. Look at us go. Then I was off to see Barney. This turned into a fiasco, but complete, and his X-Box Tiger Woods was sweet. We were going to go to the business meeting, but the story unfolded that Barney's car was stolen. Okay. So I drove him around looking for it (I used to live like this, but I'm glad that I don't anymore). Eventually I would come home and do more laundry. Trying to make a semi-positive out of this missed meeting. Caviar updates now, and Scrubs on tape is waiting. There's ice cream and strange food, too. I'm going to gain 20 lbs. when my Mom is here. Man. Sleep somewhere; up
for work Wednesday--no music downstairs! I was so happy, apparently, that I shit on the bathroom floor after my shower. Shouldn't we have done this IN the shower? Never mind. I dressed up pretty for the final day of dress-up this week. The phones were weird; and we learned first-hand how calls go to certain reps. H ate lunch with me; and that was nice. I got 2 out of 3--this was a tough day to hat-trick. After work, I'm working out alone. Good workout; on the hip-abductors (thigh-masters), I'm up to 110 now--that's alot, and we're doing H's tricep terminaters. Sweaty. Home to find girlfriend claiming that she'll never eat again; they had a food day at her job. Ate some more of the leftover pantry wipe out, because I am so cool. There's a week of newspapers to read 2maro, and I also have to go back to work for the huff-and-puff smokeout walk around the building. I'll smoke so much tonight that I won't want to smoke 2maro; I'm a genius. Back to sitting on the couch with my girlfriend, watching Will and Grace, which is sweet. Then we agreed to boring, effective snuggle; again, I'm a genius. Then I called Barney; his car came back; good. Called TPG; he and Pool Guy are up at the Nudey Bar. TPG's still sick. They'll meet me later. Up at my bar, E-Rock drags me to the jukebox to show me the Caviar CD. Wow. Now in some versions of my own reality; having the cool, new, obscure (it's sold less than 10,000 copies so far) Caviar CD on the jukebox at my bar might be enough inspiration for a poem--shit--we're talking about Fig Dish at my bar! The first song I heard was Lioness; then I paid for my 4, 10 and 15. Tied and beat Pool Guy at golf; slapped them silly at pinball, too. Then the left flipper died; that's new. It gets fuzzy after this. Home to eat just about everything. I left a little for breakfast here on
Thursday; where I set my alarm for 11:30 am; now THAT'S sleeping in, baby! Catching up on my beauty stuff. Man my arms hurt; I must have worked out yesterday. My legs are all trembly, too; it hurts to look this good, ha. So we're slurping Cafe Bustelo, hearing Garbage, and prepping to go for the smoke walk. I don't wanna go wheeze, but I'll do it 'coz I'm a team player now. Yes. Went and walked with my workout friend "S"; I was a good boy. Decided to come home and eat more pantry wipe out stuff--I did NOT go get bar-b-que (and smoke) like I wanted to. Made some potato stroganoff thing from 1999 today. Also started reading the newspapers; apparently our subscription ran out, but they still deliver it. And today is the Rep's Best Guide for 2004; that'll help for me and Mom next month. Good. Static Girl says I am not allowed to smoke or go to the bar today; damn. So I did some cleaning, and it's now 7 pm with some evening coffee and more Caviar. Here I am, loving an album that is very obscure. If everybody else loved it, then I'd go like something else; I'm weird like that. Sleep.
Friday started without much fanfare. Blue jeans! I already forgot most of it, and it was yesterday! So; my guess is that I did okay on the phone, but not great. This would lead to...wait! Since our team is so good, our Leader gave us all $5 lunch coins, AND she bought us pizza for lunch. So that's like, 2 lunches we got today. Oh I ate too much damn pizza. I was daring the heartburn to come and play with me. It didn't. Wow. So I really didn't feel like working out, but that's not how it works. I went to the gym with H, and we pumped. H added another tricep thing to my list. I got to learn proper procedure for the crunch machine--I thought it was a little too damn easy; it was. By the time I left the gym, I felt pretty good. I would come home and cook for my girlfriend, then I would offer her whatever kind of snuggle she desired--and I'd just be happy to be with her. It was great, because she suggested full Friday snuggle. Wow. And there was even a little variation from our routine. I was happy. This was considerably more than I was expecting. Cool. Then came the dilemma; Friday night. Do I want to go to the bar? Decided to go--even though I figured to be alone. This was a very special night at the bar; this was my first time playing Caviar early in the evening. Cool! I met couple M + J. J, a chick, plays decent golf. We also played darts, and failed miserably at basketball. I offered to take them around the block, but they declined. After doubling my intended intake, it was time to come home. I did NOT eat anything, although I was hungry. Would there be some sleepwalking tonight? Yes! I moved lots of my dirty clothes around, peed on the floor, and uh, never mind. Twist of luck? How about this; Overdose drummer boy started cranking up
his music at about 5 am Saturday. Normally this would have really pissed me off; but THIS strungover morning I needed help getting out of bed. His crappy bass bumping wouldn't allow me to get back to sleep. I was forced to get up, on time, and get ready for work. Static Girl was all proud of me for waking up. I sure wasn't going to tell her it was drummer boy's fault. So I go to work. I wasn't expecting much; this was one of those 'just happy to be alive' mornings. But my team is a great team, and they were all alert. So I had to fake it. Great. Then I started to wake up a little. I started knocking out products and money, too. Decided to try the vending coffee at work. This ain't like the mid-90's yum-scorch coffee at the Athens' Dialamerica. This was actually very tasty. So the best vending coffee in the world might be here at my new job. Yay. I had 2 good cups. Turns out to be a really good day at work; a triple hat trick. Don't try this at home. To celebrate, I must have an animal style double double at In + Out Burger. That was tasty, too. Home to find my wonderful girlfriend watching the tube. Now I feel lazy. I usually nap right about now. Yes; it became nap time. Woke up in an hour to more music from downstairs; whatever. Think I'm going to the bar to play Caviar on the jukebox. Yes. God lives a little vicarious play time through me; that's my story. I now have all the reachable high scores on LAH; between 455 and 585 million. It is a fine pinball machine that doesn't work well; weak and inconsistent flippers, sticky ramp, drop targets that don't register (I love this machine!)--if it worked right I'd take down that 1.7 billion set score. Hey I can only work with what they give me. The truck mechanics showed; so I had to beat them at golf--while listening to Caviar. All of a sudden it's time to go home and watch more of the sports fights from yesterday and today. Food; starts with carrots and ends with chocolate; ice cream in the middle. This just in; I don't make good food decisions (drunk) when there's a bucket of chocolate in front of me. So it's time to crash. Wooo. Pretty much all of tonight's pee made it to the bathroom; pretty much. There's still a wet towel in the floor from Friday night's adventure (I don't think it's pee now--so what is it?). Like clockwork, at just after 5 am, drummer boy's bass comes thumping through the floor--and it's way loud. Okay; they've been asked, told, and warned to stop doing that. At this point, they now WANT noise complaints, and to find a new place to live. I can help with that. So I get up,
happy Sunday everybody. 6 am, jeez. I pull in the paper, brew coffee, make breakfast for the guinea pig, a grilled cheese for me (How are we still hungry?), and now it's me and Crystal Method.

Sunday 11-14-04

Later last Sunday 11-7 had me talking to Mom; she's coming! Christmas in Phoenix for the silly round woman. I'm excited. My Patriots looked much better today against the Rams, too. Forgot to tell you guys; last week, on Wednesday at the gym, I realized that my favorite shoes--the black and green Air Corps Citadels street-hikers, had a hole in the sole. I've been wearing these unknown $15 shoes 5 days a week for pretty much my entire stay in Arizona. Not anymore. I checked the Big 5 sales paper Sunday, and for $18 my new shoes are now the Nevados Silverwood III's. They, too, are black and green. Also went by Walgreen's and got my girlfriend this cool little light-up waterfall thing. Turns out that this little light is the coolest thing in the universe, and a hexagon. I ate more pasta, and some rice-a-roni from many years past. Ergh. Don't worry about me. Also talked to Dave O. earlier today; his wife is going to check out my new business company's stock record. Look at me doing a background check--like the Diamondbacks picking out a new manager. Oh wait; they don't do background checks; never mind. These are not the same guys who won the World Series 3 years ago; trust me. Where was I; sports? The Cardinals beat the Dolphins; wooo. I didn't go to the bar at all today. I cooked lots of old food and was a good boy. Boring, perhaps, but I can't be exciting all the time. Talked to my spiritual advisor X, and he's doing well, too. It seemed like such a good set-up for Monday...Up
for work Monday morning; I can wear my Bills shirt--since they beat the Jets yesterday, ha. But I'm grumpy; I could feel it on the morning drive prayers. Why was I so grumpy all day? I was a little tired. Produced a little at work, it wasn't a horrible day--but I was still so pissy. It's a great job with good benefits, and I'm staring at an incredible opportunity. Is it my friendship unrest; could that be it? I claim that I don't care about friends anymore, but then I obsess over such trivial moments. Wow; that is part of it. Shit. Oh; and my elbow that has the ligament damage is now stretching down to my left wrist, as well. Is the damage growing? Is it bone cancer now? I bet that going to the gym isn't really helping it, but I'm gonna keep working out, mutherfucker. So I finished my day and headed for the gym. To be honest, there's only 1 exercise that aggravates my left elbow/wrist. Here's a thought; maybe I could put that exercise on hold for awhile. But I couldn't think straight at the gym either. Finished early, and I didn't stay for abs class. Bummer. But I came home to cook up garlic taters for my baby. She was nice to me while I continued grumping. Then it was snuggle time. More wrist pain--not good. Then I was falling asleep. I'm so messed up. Now it's almost 9 pm; I should be thinking of bedtime...Actually went to bed before 10 pm; had to call in another noise complaint for the overdose drummer crowd downstairs. Up
for work Tuesday. I knew I had to do a better job of being in a good mood. Mission accomplished! I was singing The Refreshments' "Banditos" all morning (which is cultural, almost, since Roger Clyne lives in Phoenix), and I would not be shook today. Trying to rename Crack Boy, I called him Hairball; maybe I'll have to keep trying. My dislocated, stress-fractured, bone-cancered left arm didn't hurt nearly as much today, either, and I wasn't fool enough to over-stretch it or poke it with a sharp stick (Georgia logic: if you leave the bee's nest alone, then the bees usually won't bother you. I oughta write philosophy; never mind.). Post work I'm heading home to cook the lasagna that's been in the fridge for a year and a half (That's actually true; Static Mom made it in May 2003). Yum. Static Girl even ate some, but shhh, don't tell any of her vegan Peta freak buddies--they're nuts. We have to dress up 2maro; new clients are coming. I remember this at Infinite; but we probably won't get high in the parking lot first over here at the new job. Watched some tv with my girl, and now it's all quiet here. If I go to the business meeting, I know I will go to the bar after--just like last week. So I'm saving $ by staying in tonight, like a good boy. Boring, but good. The phone rang, and it was Lil J calling from Ga. Not so little, she's married and pregnant now. Okay; good for her. Am I supposed to feel like I missed out on some life or something? I don't. My plan is to catch up on life with the new job and the new business, too. Hope you guys are enjoying this; it ain't gonna last. Let's go to the library and floss. Decided to go get cheap apples and bananas on the last day of their sales; did NOT go to the bar. Look at me go. It's before 9, and I'm not too tired. Got to bed before 11, and sleep before 12. Up
for the big Wednesday at work. I wore a tie, and felt pretty good on the way in. Took many bananas to work for H and Crack Boy--my way of saying thanks for their help. Unfortunately it would not be a banner morning. Maybe I need to concentrate more on what's going well for me, I don't know. But I wasn't having a good day. This is 2 bad days in the first 3 of this week; bummer. Only got 1 out of 3 in sales today, very dismal. The background music service at work today was very good, but it wasn't enough to help my mood. My left arm didn't hurt as much today, and H says that my vigor on 2 of the arm exercises may be the problem; he gave me a different way to do arm exercises. Cool. I was tired all day, too, that probably added to my discontent. After work, I went to the gym alone, and had a nice, short workout with the new arm exercises; not much new pain. Came home to heat up lasagna, and started to fall asleep beside my baby on the warped tour. Decided to chuck it all and go for a 2 hour nap. This caused me to miss snuggle, but my girlfriend was cooperative--I like her. Then I watched some tv, and it's looking like a calm evening with no bar run. I need to get out of this funk. Got some more sleep. Up
and ready for Thursday! I would do whatever it took to not be in a foul mood today. Good move. Got a couple of good calls, and made some money. I would eventually hat trick, but so did 4 other people. What a great day for a Thursday! For the rest of the day, after lunch, I was all alone in my area; I kept singing "All By Myself", which amused H and others. The music service at work does not play loud enough--that's my only complaint--today was a mid-90's day of music. My mouth did get a little loose, but I was still funny. I felt good about the impending business adventure; still do. Shit. My own website for $10 a month; sure. More later. I went shopping after work, avocados and bread. Cooked what seemed like a good dinner; yeah, well. We ate some more lasagna instead. Then talked to Static Girl about the upcoming business, too. Talked to Mom and my FCP earlier; yay. I seem to be getting ready for a bar run; the first of 3 days in a row. This should be interesting. So; have fun here in sober land...To the bar I would go. A-13 pinball is gone; in its place is Last Action Hero pinball, a decent machine. Too bad the right flipper is so weak and shorting. Still, I won a couple of games on the broken machine. The big news, though, was over on Painted Gorge Golden Tee, where I put up -22; my best yet on the new games. HEC showed up, first time in 3 months. He's (single now) been in Redmond, Oregon; working, parting, and doing girls half his age. Go HEC! He promises to be here Friday night, too. This was a good bar run. Came home and went to bed fairly early. Awoke a few times, but decent sleep overall. Up
for work Friday. Went in with a great attitude, not too hungover, and things did okay. I would hat trick, with 3 others; we're a great team. Heard ZZ Top's "Cheap Sunglasses" on the music service--that seemed out of place. H told me he had new tricep exercises for me in the gym. He did. Wow. Good workout with H and Crack Boy/Hairball. Hairy Crack? Crack ball? Shit I don't know. My arms hurt; but that's Saturday. Hang on. Post workout I headed home for a lasagna wipe out with my baby. Yum. This led to undercover snuggle (it's a little chilly here). Nice. Then I'm setting up for another bar run; gotta activate my new check card--if I have a new check card. Maybe they will have fixed the LAH flipper. No. Expecting to see TPG and Pool Guy before 10, 11 anyway, I just played pinball. New problem; anything less than a strong ramp shot gets stuck mid-ramp and forces a tilt--AND the right flipper is still weak. But I'm hooked. LAH has great noise. Somehow, and not just once, I put up 2 games over 400 Million. 2! Also had 2 other games over 300. When it comes to improvising on a pinball machine--I'm your guy. Wow. Honestly don't know how I do it. Alone at the bar, that's fine with me, I played one game of golf; -17. Home before I got silly. Crashed, but then got up to eat an apple. Then I found the chocolate again; thank goodness there's not much left. Oh well. Final crash around 2 am, maybe 3; I don't care about Saturday morning anyway. Up
Saturday around 10, it's noon now, and my arms hurt. We're hearing Crumb. This is such a good CD. 2 cups of coffee have only whetted my javappettite; be right back. Oh yeah; a little Code Red in between. Wow. Wrote my Credit Commentary, and now Auburn/UGA has begun. Auburn scored first; they suck. 4 cups of coffee down, talked to my FCP, and now my woman wants me to leave (something about me and downstairs drummer boy having radio wars). Maybe I should go watch the UGA upset at the bar. Wow; then my whole day off would be trashed. Do I really want that? I'll worry about that at the bar. So I went. 491 million on LAH pinball. Never lost at darts--to the cool car sales gu. Lots of football on tv. Home for nachos at 10. Yum. Crashed pretty soon afterwards. So much for the big social plans of Saturday; no Barney, no X, no 99cent store, no laundry, and no work on Gus. Oh well. Turns out that going to bed early was smart, because drummer boy downstairs cranked up his stereo and woke me up
at 5 am Sunday. I tried to sleep through; I tried to be a good boy. Not my fucking problem anymore. Drummer boy needs to learn a lesson. Should I go shit on his front doorknob? Noise complaints don't seem to be fixing anything. Grrr. I'll go to work at 9:30 this morning. More later. Okay; I went to work with an okay attitude--not great. Said some prayers on the way in--I was sincere. It got better. I would, in fact, do very well on my first Sunday ever. Bread store, then home. Lots of phone work to do here, and made some rice. Garlic is my friend. Now it looks like I may go watch the Pats/Bills up at the bar. Bite me. Yes I did. The Pats look really good; as I predicted. I even went for a nightcap across the street at 10. Woo. Home to listen to drummer boy have another late-nighter.

Sunday 11-7-04

Halloween night I was just playing with the boring webpage and listening to Caviar/Crystal Method (and that's SO different from all the other nights I just sit here on this boring webpage and listen to Caviar/Crystal Method). It will all make sense soon; not. I went to bed, and downstairs was still playing their music and shit. We'll get them yet. Up
for work Monday. Yay. New team, and new seats. It's not so easy anymore, and they expect so much more from us. Shit. I still have questions--I'm not ready to be the answer man. But I would hat-trick. Everybody hat-tricked; we're a good team. We get off at 2:30 now, which makes for a longer and better workout. Cool. Abs class was tough; it's always tough. Home to cook up the rice; yum. Then it was sweet snuggle under covers. I'm tired. And Tuesday looks like an even busier day, maybe a business meeting with Crack Boy. Stranger things have happened. Let's get through this shit.
To work Tuesday. By the way, it's been a couple of days here--we're just trying to remember shit now. Did morning drive prayers and asked for a good day. It was a fair day. No hat trick, but 2 outta 3 ain't bad. Got some good advice, too. Big plans after work; bread, bank, haircut, and later a business meeting. Get-R-done. Productive. Not bad. It took some work to find the business meeting, but it went well. Somebody said that Excel declared bankruptcy on Monday; wow. I may already be in the best job I've ever had, and now for the best business opportunity ever. Cool. So I went to the bar to watch the election returns--what a joke. Beer me. Had trouble sleeping later, but it was good trouble--thinking about the new business. Up
for work Wednesday. Took my killer voice and good attitude to the phone with me. I was in great form. Hat trick. You know, I died on this day 22 years ago--and yet I'm still here now. Crack Boy (might have to come up with a better name for him) had a couple of tapes for me, too. I won a locker in the fitness center for a month--just for working out 12 times a month, 2 months in a row. This day almost flew by; very nice. Then to workout; H continues to help me with exercises--I appreciate that. Home to whip up some ricey beany, yum. Girlfriend loved it, too, and then girlfriend suggested that we wipeout the rest of the food in the pantry, okay. Then we would have some excellent snuggle that could have gone much longer. Then I was preparing for a bar run. TPG and Pool Guy would meet me later; obviously they have a newfound special relationship together, and good for them. A-13 pinball is fixed!, yay, but owww, my left arm is hurting at the elbow--and pinball makes it worse. Is this a ligament problem? I did put up a 1.7 billion, but I need a 2.4 again. Then we split golf games. It's a weird feeling to know that the pinball machine is fixed again--but it makes my arm hurt worse. I remember this situation from times past. Weird. Home to crash and play fountain, but at least I didn't pee on the floor. Sure; I probably shouldn't brag about wetting the bed, but I sleep alone, so fuck you. Go me. Up
Thursday after 2 hours of snooze button boogie; nice. 4 cups of coffee, 2 burritos, and a short chat with my FCP. Kitchen work, laundry, and taped tv. All of a sudden it's 4 pm, and I'm listening to success tapes. The plan was to work on Gus a little, grocery shop, and then go play some pinball. We did everything but go to the bar; how's that for a change in priorities? Gus is good, groceries are got, and I'm saving $ at home. Remember "pantry wipeout"? Sure; so I made up some veggie lasagna from a mystery box in the cabinet, dated 1999. I didn't puke...much. So...what if you found a business so good that you knew it was the best thing ever? What if there were no way to shoot it down; what if they had an answer for every objection? The only thing left to do would be to start showing it to people. And I sure can't talk about it too much on this politically incorrect website--heck I don't even say the name of the new company I work for; and I consider it to be the best company I'll ever get to work for. "Heck"? Did I just fucking say 'heck'? And soon I won't have time for all this dicking around in here--sounding cool and bashing on stupid women. When money finally starts to flow, and it will, things will change here in purple website land. I will structure new ways to entertain myself and relieve stress--time will not be as free as it is today. May I suggest that you enjoy what this is now.
Huh? Where are we? It all just stopped here. Yes we went to work Friday. Oh yeah, this was a big day. H and I competed for most products sold, and we BOTH got double digits! Wow. Strong voice day. Then it would become the best workout yet; upping the weight on triceps, and H taught me the super-set on squats. Ouch. Home to cook up (pantry wipeout) dirty rice with crumbles instead of ground beef; it's good, just a bit spicy for Static Girl--she appreciates the effort though. We'll dilute it next time. Then it was time for old-fashioned snuggle--performance art. I am the (quarterback) man; it would be fun to receive--but it didn't happen today. Then we heard from TPG and Pool Guy up at the bar; wow. So I went out after all, and whipped them. (Golden Tee) Got another -20 on the Gorge, ha! (That's 2 of them up there right now!) Home to crash and get up
for work Saturday. I wasn't loving the world with a little hangover and alot of sore body from killer workout Friday. Couldn't focus, couldn't walk; there was some drool and snot, but I could damn sure talk. How do I do this? Um; why do I do this? I had many questions for myself today. And I'm looking over at H, with his perfect little muscle body, and he doesn't drink or drug himself into hangovers, ever, and no way am I going to beat him in sales today, but I AM competing with him. Shouldn't I get more credit for being able to score some good sales while impaired? I mean, I came in 3rd on my team, hungover, and I call that a fucking victory. I finally got my shit together around 1 pm; the problem is that we were done at 1:30. I'm conflicted. Home to catch up on a little football; UGA apparently destroyed Kentucky, but I didn't see shit. Oh it is SO nap time. Yummy. Then I was up, doing a little cleaning, eating pantry wipeout leftovers, and planning my assault on A-13 pinball. Seriously; if the damn machine is working, then I need to have ALL the high scores on it. Period. Left arm ligament damage or not--this is quality pinball, so full speed ahead; priorities. First we'll get the standard 2.4 billion beaten, and then we'll see. Right. So I went early. Sidenote; I still need to learn how to drink slower. 2.4, 2.5, and later a 3.5 billion; I am Mr. A-13 again. Golf, too. I was thinking about how I could have used my time a little better on Saturday night, business-wise. All of a sudden it was time to get home. And we ate everything that's left; also learned it's bad to have a huge pile of chocolate on the living room table. I'm never eating chocolate again; I won't have to, I'll be shitting it out for 3 days--I can just eat that. Wait; that's today. Crashed; drooling--yes, but we did not wet the bed this time. Yay. Up
at 9 am Sunday. 10? As if I could actually see what the clock says. 11 now, starting to focus, and football might be starting. This coffee, right here, mmmm, Chock-full-of-nuts I think, it's strong and yummy. Thank God for my FCP; everybody should have one, but again, it's just me. Ha. So I actually turned the computer on for the first time in 3 days; I'm unstoppable. This is the week that things will start to change. Grip those handlebars tightly, 'coz it's going to be a wild ride; I haven't said that in awhile. Grip my handlebars, baby! Noon here on Sunday; I'm updoing web stuff, eating pantry pasta alfredo from the year 2000, listening to the obscure Island Records Caviar (also from the year 2000), and getting ready for Patriots/Rams at 2. Kiss me.

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