Old Personal news

(starting with the week ending 6-20-04)

Sunday 7-11-04

On July 4th, we headed out to (and were the first people on) the big Glendale field at 5 pm. The last song we heard before getting out of Gus was the Crystal Method/Prodigy "Smack My Bitch Up" on 103.9--this was a good day for radio. Frisbee didn't last long, and it was an hour before any other people would show. It was extremely bright, even if not unbearably hot. I've had enough of this "life in the 1000 watt ashtray". People eventually flocked to us, just like always, and the ants (billions of them) were having their impact. By 8:45, and fireworks, the field was full. Pretty good fireworks show, and then we're in the traffic jam out. The ska punk show on my 103.9 station absolutely rocked; it was "cover night", as punk bands did metal and pop radio (we just missed Less Than Jake's version of "Surrender", damn). Rode home and decided to watch the final Jurassic Park movie, #3. I enjoyed the movie muchly. Pretty soon it was bedtime. I wound up sleeping almost 10 hours.
It's noon Monday, and I'm over here typing. I'm going shopping soon, and there may be a bar run, too. Yeah, I went shopping. Got stuff to make salad, and 99cent store supplies. I was being good and productive. Made lunch, and then put a good quick snuggle on my girlfriend. Then I was off to the bar to meet up with Pool Guy. This was fun. ACE showed up early, too. TPG shows up to let us know that his brother Spud had a heart attack. Home by 9ish to eat a couple of small buritos, and crash. Thought I slept well enough, but maybe not. Up
and on time for work Tuesday. No shower. To work, where I would continue falling asleep. Eventually, I made friends with "S"; she and I talked about different job opportunities. I knew that I'd be going back to talk to the other place after work today. What I did NOT know was that they would hire me on-the-spot today, and I get to start Monday with no orientation--just training. Okay. On the drive to get my watch fixed, I may have run over something on the highway with the left front tire. So I came home to tell my women about the job thing; girlfriend first, and then a call to my FCP. It all looks like a "go" here. I had a celebratory nacho dinner. And I'm still tired. Why am I so tired? I'm sleeping okay, I think. How early can I go to bed tonight? Are you proud of me for not being at the bar? Place your bets on whether I go drinking Saturday night. Okay; as I went to bed Tuesday night, I remembered that I am scheduled to have Wednesday off. Bummer. But I did not get out of bed and go to the bar (I wanted to, but...). However, when the
alarm went off at 4:30 am Wednesday, I wasn't getting up. Slept in until 10, which was nice. Got up and drank coffee while watching the movie "Wild Bill". Now it's noon thirty, and I'm stir crazy. Let's get online and screw around. Well, I started screwing around, and then I started writing a "low carb" commentary. I also see that Cox Communications is having another job fair on Thursday night. I would stay in all day today, and wait for girlfriend to come home. We ate ramen and then snuggled. Talked to Pool Guy on the phone about all of his problems--somwhow that made me feel better. I felt strange, too, but also felt like some solo pinball. So I headed for the bar, almost. My driver's front tire is flat; bummer. I will need a new tire here. Fix-a-flatted it and headed for an open tire store; Pep Boys saves me again! Done before 8:30, and at the bar before 9. Oh and I would have fun tonight. It was a pinball and golf romp. Stayed too late, and then came home for a balcony dance. Couldn't sleep, either, and I started wondering if I would have to call in and quit 2maro. Luck woke me up
at 6 am Thursday to call in. They didn't fire me yet. I woke up at 11, and drank some coffee. Then I planned my lunch, and a coffee mailing to SC. And here we are. Did some good cleaning around here, too. To bar, or not to bar; that is the question. I went. TPG showed up, and we played some games. I stayed till almost 12, then came home to have trouble sleeping again. But I woke up
at 6 Friday morning, called in to work and QUIT! Enough stress; especially all of this waking up in the dark to call in. Back to sleep, and up around 11. Maybe 12; I don't know--the clock carries too much importance anyway. Coffee. Called my FCP for a verbal back-scratch. Then went out for lunch and shopping. Eventually my girlfriend would come home. She wants me. I gave her the best ride she's ever had, and got ready to go to the bar. It became quite a romp at the bar. What little I remember was fun. Crashed, and we're up
at 11 Saturday again--and at the computer. Will the madness ever end? No. I rolled around here, trying to figure out what I should do. Somewhere there is an Overnight Guy dedicated to written and verbal praise for all of his blessings, but not here. I'm downloading "Fred on Everything" columns and planning another bar run. Why? I don't even really want to go--just stir crazy again. Ooo, and I'm on an empty stomach--this is all very bad. Logic said that it's been awhile since I went barring 4 nights in a row--wait, THAT'S the premise we used to go drinking last night? I wound up having a good time with KAS and his new woman; I am the golf master, dart champion, and pool shark. 2 more 3 billion games of A-13 pinball (wizard), too. The energy seems to be strong, but it's not as directable as I'd like it to be. Home at midnight for madman nachos; we need chips again already. I'm up
early Sunday, like at 8, coffee and Everclear. I'm finding chunks of jalapenos in places on my body that they just shouldn't be--gross (I called them madman nachos). I'm going to get some stuff done here.Writing, thinking, reading; this should be the start of the new me. Horoscope says that 2maro will be a great day.

Independence Day
Sunday 7-4-04

After my small fit, I came back to my room and called (who else?) my FCP to get a check in on the real problem. Of course it was I who should have known better--and I should apologize. Static Girl and I would eventually make up, and all was well enough in the house. Should have known better, ha. That's good. Yeah, so I went to the bar; alone. This was actually a smart move--there was nobody there to tempt me to be a bad boy. Pinball! A-13 may be permanently broken, it may need to be replaced, and that will kind of suck; maybe I'll do a commentary on it. I was forced to play Southpark pinball. On one game, I got the multi-ball 2wice, my first ever super jackpot (you just have to slam the shit out of the Kyle ramp, and get lucky enough for it to register), Spooky Vision, AND the Volcano. Wow. Forget the 550 million score, this game took about 45 minutes to play. And my arms were hurting. Made the decision to play some golf, and did well. Drank 3 beers, but didn't get sloppy. Came home and did good pre-sleep measures. And like a teenager, I masturbated 2wice before going to sleep. That comment leads to a follow-up on Monday evening (where we are now--you'll see). Made it up
for work Monday. Lots of prayers on the ride in, but it was going to be a slow day. I was still in a good mood though (wait for the follow-up), I made noise and cheered well. I also fell asleep a few times. Whatever. Post work, I headed for the gym. Expecting to weigh at least 205, my weight has not increased at all; cool. But I'm not under 200 yet, so you get no details. I worked out strong; back up to 80 on the butterflies, and 60 on the push-downs (wow--and wait for the follow-up). Home to make the promised salad for Static Girl, and a side dish of garlic/lemon rice, yum. While cooking, my FCP calls me to let me know about the big shake up in her family--and this was the final push for the upcoming follow-up. Dinner was a wild success, and dessert chocolate, too. Leading up to vigorous snuggle, which is active follow-up, so let's reveal it. I'm writing fairly well here lately, even with no surge of the writing season, but I have forgotten part of my true nature. In a word; this latest stuff is "boring". Fuck this shit, man. This is life; and it's more than just life--it's MY life. There won't be so many more 'motions and following through'; we don't have enough time for that, man. I've got to make this stuff smoke; work, working out, sex, everything! So I cooked a STELLAR dinner--a dinner that would guarantee sex in ANY culture, and followed it by showing my girlfriend as wild a sweaty ride as she could stand--on clean sheets, baby! Then I took another shower (with the GT2 music of Crystal Method's "Now is the Time"), and shit for the 4th time today. 4 shits, and no underwear lost (at least not today). Hey; I like to shit, okay? The more I shit, the less I weigh; right? Sure. Eating the nutrition bars in the morning, and a multi-vitamin with them is going well, by the way. I'm doing double laundry now, and will keep you updated in a more devious voice from now on. Bite me. I will not go to the bar tonight; I will not go to the bar tonight. Wanna hear the banana story? Sure. So I've been busting my ass to make sure that there are fresh bananas on the counter every day for the past month; I've seen my girlfriend eat one, I think, and being a vegan--she HAS to appreciate bananas, right? Well it turns out that she DOESN'T like bananas; and seeing them on the counter everyday for the past month is really starting to piss her off, by the way. Huh? She told me this last night; now isn't this funny? Here I've been trying to do something nice FOR her, and I'm not eating many so she can have her choice of the really pristine ones. Turns out she doesn't even like them, and hadn't bothered to tell me. This is NOT me screwing up; this is one of those slight miscommunications that couples have. She's the most finickey (Morris the cat) vegan on the planet, maybe, but she's still my girlfriend and I'm crazy about her. Laundry's done. PTI time! It was actually 2 PTI's, and I ate 2 bananas, and now I'm about to do shit #5 for the day. I'm like "Fish" on Barney Miller; living in the bathroom. Where's the newspaper? Went to bed by 11, I think. Thought I slept well, and got up
for business as usual Tuesday. No shower, ha! All prayers on the ride in, and concluded that I need to do a whole big push towards high energy. Sure. On the phone, yawn, how am I tired? And these calls suck ass. I WANT to remain positive, but this shit bogs me down sometimes. How many calls before I snap? 200? 400? 600? It was around 600 when I almost lost it. Total of 850 calls today; and I'm a zero. (My disgust with TPG may be causing me more trouble than I realize.) We were surprised with the option of a volunteer extended training session today; sure, I signed up. It was a good training session; I did well and won the big prize of $20. Now that's not bad; I had a crap day at work; fell asleep many times, and I was all pissy, too. Then I go to an hour of extended training and win $20. Ha! It ain't how you start; it's how you finish! But, I have a slight problem with their wanting us to be on top of our game for 850 calls a freaking day. Their phone system is at least 10 years out of date. It's time to test other avenues; I may job-search 2maro. Don't bitch at me, either; I'm not the one who's not improving the conditions at a weak and deteriorating phone room; they WANT me to test other avenues. So I came home and made a couple of calls. Ha! Cleaned the kitchen in my underwear, and was doing so when girlfriend got home (she likes me). Ate with her, and now we're just delaying the inevitable trip to the bar. Mayonaise, Bicycle Song, and the Crystal Method mix of Stabbing Westward's "Save Yourself"; yeah, I'm about ready to drink and slaughter some pinball now...After 2 plays of the original "Save Yourself", I was on my way to the bar. Turns out that A-13 is fixed and working well; a couple of 2 billion games felt really nice (I call it pinball therapy). Then I had to kill ACE in golf 3 times. TPG showed, and I left! Ha! Hey, it was time. And after a balcony dance, I did so well about not eating anything--and went to bed. Woke up at 1 am, hungry. Oh this is bad. So we ate some pickles, and then we ate some chips--and sprayed chips everywhere, oops. Back to pass out and wait for the alarm at
9 am Wednesday. I call this "snooze button boogie" when I hit the thing for an hour. Oh I am so not going job-hunting today; maybe 2maro. I might play GT2 and just scratch for a few hours here. No. 3 cups of coffee, a nacho breakfast, and we're watching the movie "Falling Down". Wow. I can relate. Tried to call my FCP, and now I may go see Farenheit 911. What are you gonna do; disapprove? Bite me. Okay; my FCP called me back. She and I discussed my options with Wednesday; go to the movie early, or later. We decided early, and I did. It was wrong though; I can't do anything right for my girlfriend. The movie completely moved me; I am so mad at the rich people who run the world. Came home to find a very disappointed girlfriend--imagine that. So she's all pissed, and Pool Guy called from the bar. I can hang around, or go drink. This didn't take long; I went to the bar. Oh it was bad. I got loopy. Home at 1, and tried to set my alarm. Whatever. I woke up
at 8 am Thursday morning--what alarm? Called in to work, and was told to either come in, or I'd be put on probation. Whatever. Went to work, and it is the most pathetic of all days, ever. 615 phone calls, and I never got to the 2nd page. This is a complete fucking joke. After work, I stayed for another extended training class; why? Then went to the other place on Camelback--they do extended car warranties. Talked to Jason, and we like each other. Will go back on Tuesday. Do you realize that my job is working on Sunday, July 4th? They expect us to call people, starting at 7 in the morning here. You're waiting for the punchline to the joke, right? There's no punchline. Here's my question; do YOU think that I'm going to go do 800 phone calls on Independence Day? By the time I got home, my mind was spinning. Static Girl is no longer mad at me, and loves the salad that I made for her yesterday. Cool. Got a piece of mail saying I owe Dr. P $400; 2 talks with "A" say I only owe $120. I made some "doctored" garlic/jalapeno clam chowder that was excellent and made me cry. Then I was ready to watch Jurassic Park (with my girl). How have I never seen this movie? Girlfriend's seen it a few times. Wow. Now it's 10 pm. I went to bed, but still had trouble sleeping. Up
and ready for work Friday. It was a long day, but there were a few spurts of good calls. I got a Lead amidst over 1000 calls. I wasn't happy, but not too disappointed. Sleepy, too. Monthly awards, I didn't get shit. My new buddy "D" got top-10 in his first month; I had more Leads, but he had more close. Offered "D" a ride to Thunderbird, but wound up going to the grocery with him, and bringing him back to visit somebody in our apartments. I'm home with my girlfriend and 1 sick guinea pig. She took Tess to the vet, and I took a nap. 2 hours later, I'm up, we're snuggling, and then I went to the bar. I was almost all alone, killing A-13 pinball, when old buddy Dan showed up. We smogged, and played golf. Cool. All of a sudden it's 1 am, and work doesn't look likely. Came home and set my alarm anyway, 'coz I'm stupid (naaa, really?). The alarm went off, and I was twisted death in bed. Ha.
Work; today, Saturday? Ha. And work 2maro, too? Ha. I called in, and maybe got away with that part, but I guess I'm unemployed again; ho hum. It ain't the first time, and it won't be the last. Yawn. Then I went back to sleep until noon thirty. Look at the fear on my face as I make another nacho breakfast and watch Lost World Jurassic Park with my girlfriend. Wow. There's still 1 more Jurassic movie to watch, too, but I thought I'd come in here and do a quickie update with some Crystal Method. Called my FCP, she says to act like I still have a job and GO to work 2maro. Oh I can imagine how disappointed everybody will be with me, later, but I may go back to the bar before all of that. Yes. I did exactly that. If I'm unemployed, or even if I still had a job, I was going out again. More pinball high scores, good golf games, I even helped to stop a fight before it started. And I stayed late. Home to crash and try to get up
for work Sunday. I'm up. I showered. I even dressed nice. And it was an okay workday; I got the only Lead in my Sector. We were pretty funny, too. Yay. And then I'm heading home, getting ready for the 4th of July in Glendale. I made some baby machoroni for me--it ain't my fault that Static Girl can no longer eat boxed 'roni. Yum.

Sunday 6-27-04

How can I still be hungover at 5 pm? I still felt hungover all the way until bedtime; guess I'm not 25 anymore. I sure had a rough day; all of this prep to go and get fired/laid off, and then nothing happened. Damn. In the evening, I did some revelation thinking out loud with Static Girl--she still likes me. And then it's bedtime...Up
and ready to go for work Monday. All prayers on the way in. I was in a good mood and very energetic (I had to make up for the hangover yesterday). I clapped, I tweezled, I whooped. Then I got a Lead. Wow. Then I got another. And I was 1 of only 2 who got 3 all day, and THAT is $20 for me. So it's an amazing day at work. Bummer. I SO wanted today to be shitty--so I could complain about it. But no. To workout; short, but effective. Then to the 99cent store and home to get ready to go grocery shopping with my girl. We went and had a blast. Home to wipe out the (now) edible doggieroni (although I had made rice and black beans as a back up plan). Yum. And cookies! Then it's good snuggle, and seperate showers. CD's to make, "D"'s movie to tape, tried to call Eric (formerly "E" at work) to see about trading off our Pink Floyd possessions. All of a sudden it's 10 pm, and I have to go to bed. Big day 2maro; new bar, new pinball, presents trading.
Up Tuesday for work. Good ride in; all prayers. At work, it was fairly entertaining. I got the first Lead of the day, and came close many other times. Put in the money machine for the first time ever, I won $17. Post work, took "K" home to see her boyfriend, Eric. Gave him my Pink Floyd poster for his birthday, and we talked conspiracies while we hit the pipe. Then I was off to play T3 pinball. It's tough. Didn't get my name up there, but I did win 2 games on points--which was enough to impress 2 of the Recovery Room regulars. And I put up an -18 on their Golden Tee. No beer here; first we would drive back to the neighborhood. At my Sam's, it became a pinball fiesta, and 2 more golf games. Home before 9 pm, and I wanted to stop and get Whoppers, but did not. Came home and grilled today's other sandwich while we made another one to eat 2maro at lunch. Went to bed before 10, but did not sleep extremely well. When the alarm went off at 4:30, I did not feel "current job glory".
Snuffed the alarm Wednesday morn, and slept until 10:30 am; nice. Up to call my FCP for some more of her amazing logic on music morals, employment, chips + soda, and file-sharing/anti-virus. I'd like to think that everybody in the world has an FCP that they can refer to for such impressive insight, but they don't. In fact, nobody else has anything like my FCP; she is uniquely gifted--and she's all mine. Nyaaa. I will need to work 2maro, but that should not be a problem with all of the sleep today. Let's get productive. Ah, the best laid plans. We were slightly productive, there was food, snuggle and Crystal Method mail. Then I went drinking. It was meant to end by 10, but that didn't happen. Home after midnight, and I had a burrito. Sleep. Up
very groggy at 11 am Thursday. Where was my alarm? Kept on sleeping. Got up at noon and had another burrito, and then went back to bed. I don't feel good at all. May have to take a break from all this fun--it's killing me. But I have much new music to listen to, yay. Boy these Crystal Method discs are good. I've talked to my FCP 3 times today already. Wish I had something to write about; it's hard to use "pure human disappointment" as a theme. And Thursday would eventually end, and then we're up
Friday morning for work. I was in a good mood, and let it show. I was the 1st person in the room with 2, and let many others slide away for future lay-downs. I asked nicely for my bonus to be saved, and it should be. After work we had extended training, and that went well, too. Home at 3ish, and girlfriend has decided that we are going to see Shrek 2. Sure. Snuggle, ramen + crumbles, and we went to see what was a very funny movie. Home, and a mail check reveals jury duty for my girlfriend. Then I'm off to go party. The plan was to party responsibly, but that never works for me. Pool Guy got some $, but not much. However, it was fun. The problem came when I tried to get up
for work Saturday. No way. I couldn't even call in until almost 9 am. And there are other details to this adventure that I'm NOT sharing, mainly because it was just alot of bad judgement on everything. So I rolled around here for a couple of hours, and then decided to go mail stuff, and eat a $6 Guacamole burger at Carl's Jr. Walked through the 99cent store, too, and on the drive home I passed a sign saying that it was 45 degrees Celsius out there. "Scholar mentality in Goddess frame" Static girl says that 40 C is already 104 regular, so imagine how hot 45 C is. I decided that we would be going to the pool, and she agreed. So we did that, for about 30 minutes, which means we did at least one thing that we don't normally do, and I feel better. Closing in on darkness now, we're going to watch my 28 Days Later DVD...Geez, what a junk movie. Am I going to shake my head at every movie for the rest of time and think to myself that I could have done it much better? Great. It's 9 pm, and I don't feel like much of anything. I wrote out a few lines of stuff, and it became after 11 pm. Dug out my Think and Grow Rich book--I was just reading it, so where did it go? Read a little, and went to bed. Sleep was not easy. Up
in plenty of time for work Sunday. A good ride in; all prayers. At work, it was slow. Many people tried my mood. Luckily, I never snapped, and actually got better as the day went on. I wound up getting 1, and some money. Post work, I took "D" home to his new pad (nice), and he loaned + gave me some movies. I will gladly give him 28 Days Later--he wants it. Then I'm stopping by Fry's for more CD's. Then home to find Static Girl cooking stuff. She and I miscommunicated somewhere on something, and I threw a fit and stomped back here to my room. I don't need anybody else's shit right now, okay? I have enough of my own. It's 5 pm, and I need a nap.

Sunday 6-20-04

Yes, the bar called me. There's some sort of flow problem with this writing season. Part of it is easily explained, but part of it is just strained. Did that rhyme? Sorry. So I went to the bar Sunday night, and it was empty. I dedicated myself to an hour of pinball. Got a 5.1 billion game. Then TPG showed; he had talked to Pool Guy earlier, and Pool Guy is a mess. He has apparently been letting everything slide, and it's either about to go "boom", or it already did. Whatever. It's my 'whatever endeavor'. I have my own shit to wipe here. ACE showed, too, and then we got thrown out at 10. I came home then, and actually got some sleep. Up
for work Monday. I was good with the prayers on the ride in, and knew that I would have a better day. Okay; define better. No; this day sucked ass. Oh I remained confident and full of passion (please), and even got close a few times, but to hell with it. Zero. The trick for me is to vent my negative emotions as positive motivation--I can do it. I did it. I got a phone # for "E", and I'll be able to keep up with him. Post-work, it's a workout. Butterflies are back in rotation again. Weighed a hair over 203, and that's fine. To the grocery for more hint-o-lime Tostitos (yum), and home to fry potatos for my baby. Also called and got another dentist appointment, and finally learned how to use my "anonymous call rejection". Girlfriend was grumpy, but I made a yummy hot and cold dinner. She liked it. And there was good snuggle. Now I'm catching up on reading; nachos may follow. Yes; lots of catching up. Tucked girlfriend in at 8:30, and we're still in some kind of limbo here. Nachos were good, too. My newest commentary will be ready by the end of the week. I'm having the standard volley of wanting to either fit into 5 paragraphs, or just running as fast as I can with my eyes shut. Sometimes you gotta run--sometimes you gotta fit.
When the hell was that shit, Monday? Made it to work Tuesday to go dry all day again--this time in my new Sector 2. They comfort us by saying that we're lucky to have jobs, isn't that nice? The rumor is that day shift will be shutting down soon. Saw "E" downstairs after work, and he's doing okay. Then I went to the absolutely humongous Wal-Mart Supercenter on Bethany Home, to go to their deli and get some of this spiced turkey; "G" at work recommended it, and my FCP concurred that it was yummy. They were both correct; it's great. Came home and made a grilled cheese while I called my FCP to thank her. Delicious grilled cheese. Surprised my girlfriend by being home and having food ready for her. We watched a little tv, and then I got ready to go make the bar run. Pool Guy showed up, just as he was supposed to. We partied obnoxiously, and both of us almost hit a cop on the ride home. Oops. Then I re-established myself as the king of drunk nachos. Man they were good. Crashed hard, with the alarm set not go off until 9:30.
Up Wednesday to be running late for my dentist appointment. It's okay; doc's running late, too. At least I go to the dentist, okay? So I have 50 million cavities (12), and I DON'T have the good dental insurance. Huh? So right now the fix-ups are very expensive. Damn. Left there and decided to go get some good Mexican food at that other little restaurant I like. I had some roll-your-own chicken, rice and bean baby taco deal and a Mexican Coke. Yum. That's a great place. Went and made all the tellers laugh at my bank while cashing Static Girl's check, then came home and watched Tuesday's "Shield". Housework became my workout, and I did good; I even made a yummy rice feast for my girl--even though I wasn't hungry. Finished my Michael Moore book, and there was some snuggle, and now I'm thinking about the bar. This is bad. I went to the bar. And I partied hard. Maybe a little too hard. Home to crash.
Up to call in to work Thursday at 6 am. I should have gone to work, but chose not to. So I'm laying out, in a clean house, and the idea hits me to go to the bar. How perfect could this be? I would be drunk by dark, and I was--with ACE, and for dinner I had the taco plate at the bar. Came home at 9 and pretty much went to bed. Woke up
to go to work Friday. Good breakfast, good prayers, good ride in, and it's all for nothing. "X" was working day shift today, so I got to sit next to him and make him laugh. I earned a Lead, then it fell through in verification, not my problem. The rumors of the "end of days" continue. Other than that, it was 850 worthless calls. I am not being utilized to my full capacity. I was ready to go workout. And at the gym, I weighed 203 before starting. Good trunk + twist circuit, plus the butterflies, and I'm home to add more to the yummy salad. Yes. Then we chose to have shortened snuggle. Girlfriend was afraid that I was going out again. But I'm not going to go hang with a bunch of losers who owe me money; sorry. I'm in; talked to my FCP, and to "K" back in Georgia, she's doing okay. It's 9:30, and a load of laundry is done. Later. Went to bed before 11, and that was smart. Up
for work Saturday. My new rule is; no ties on the weekend. So I'm wearing my Top Gun shirt, no shower, and off to beg for a Lead. What a crappy beginning. But I got close a couple of times, and then I got 1. My first in 10 days. Yay. My pay stub showed good news, too. Work has declared a mandatory meeting 2maro, Sunday, Father's Day, after work. Now I may be a little green, but I don't think you can call a mandatory meeting the day before one (without notice), and you can't have mandatory meetings on a weekend day (without notice, or at least a chance to make-up for the missed info), and I think mandatory Sunday meetings might piss God off a little (and be illegal). So, since my day shift is going to be shut down at this meeting 2maro, after work I decided to finally go check out the bar that's about a mile from work. Not to drink, just to "shop" for pinball machines. The bar's called The Recovery Room (it's across from the hospital); it has T3, and Indiana Jones pinball. Oh I like this little place. And I'll have to go research T3 pinball. I have a feeling there will be more visits to this "Room". Came home and called Dad, no go. Called Mom, and she's still alive. Go Mom. I ate garlic jalapeno leftovers, and am feeling like a good bar run soon. What the fuck would you do if you KNEW you were going to be downsized the next day; stay sober? I think not. Bye. Wait, before going to the bar, I may have finished my children rant, in case anybody cares. We went to the bar. TPG and Pool Guy were there already. Pool Guy has apparently moved down to Bethany Home, and he's still broke and needy. TPG is just his regular junk. We got sloobostrofried, and it was fun. Finally got the Master Alarm on A-13 pinball--that was pretty disappointing. But I was drunk; Loopy and Blurry. This is the kind of drunk where a person can do crazy things, like the Mexican food drive-thru. Woke up
Sunday with food crumbs implanted in my forehead (how?). And there was no way I'd be going to work at 7 (but watch me be a semi-responsible drunk). So I called in to work and said I'd get there 'as quick as I could', and then I...wait for it...and then I went back to sleep for 30 minutes (HA!). What are they gonna do; fire me? So I'm all groggy and gargly and wheezing and giggling as I go to work 2 hours late. I think I called this "good and hungover" years ago. Turns out that there's no bomb scare, at least not yet. There's no meeting, nobody's fired, and there's not very much of anything. It's slow as dirt, and I won't be doing well on the phone today. So I started thinking of other things, other work, other opportunities. Residual, or renewable income would certainly work better for the long haul. I have some calls to make. After zeroing, I went to super Wal-Mart for more of the incredible peppered turkey. Then to the 99cent store for more of everything. Home, and girlfriend made home-made vegan doggieroni with olives. Nice. It's not bad at all, but she hates it; so I'll have to eat it. Tried to call Dad; nothing. This is going to be a pretty quiet evening here. Still hungover at 5 pm.

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