Old Personal News

(starting 3-14-04)

Sunday 4-4-04...

TPG may have beaten me for the 1st time ever in golf on Sunday night. Got home before 10, and to sleep soon enough; up
Monday for work. More people got canned; management got shat upon by corporate for being loose with the rules, so they came down hard on us labor folks. We have to start wearing ties 7 days a week now. I figure it might last for awhile, but I ain't wearin' no ties 7 days a week forever; not for $7 an hour (hmmm). No Lead. Post-work, it's workout time. My weight fluctuates between 208 and 214--depending on my intake of the last 24 hours; today it was 212. Okay. Then home to cook veggie crumble taters. Yum. Standard above-average snuggle, and then I'm going to the bar to be THE Man. 4 games with TPG and Pool Guy; I killed them both 4 times. TPG beat Pool Guy for the 1st time ever. I won games on pinball too. I am the man. Home for a crash
to awake Tuesday with a 10 am alarm set. 1 hour of "snooze" with the Mexican radio station is funny. Ha. Slowly up to get going, but then I turned into a cleaning machine. Reading the paper, MCI DID close its call center here; that's 1000 phone people looking for work near my job. Dust, glass, vaccum, and then I turned 3 tubs of leftovers into a burrito dinner that my woman loved. We sat and watched Ellen, and then I started planning my early romp for tonight. Yes; and I'm defending champ, too. Pool Guy is broke again; I have to treat. Can you believe this crap? I won 2, lost 2, and won the rubber game; so I'm still the champ. And broke. Home fairly early. I ate everything, and then had a slice of cheese, too. Crash, to awaken
Wednesday morning before 11 am. I have much tv to watch. Still can't find a lawyer; sorry Mom. Talked to my FCP; she's good. Went to workout, and then to the grocery. Live Wire Mountain Dew is back in the house. Cooked ramen and veggies for my girl. We ate, and told Equity we'll stay for 1 more year here. Back here for great snuggle, and now we're just waiting for the world to end. Later, I must conclude that I am now depressed. Life sucks; it's only going to get harder to keep doing my job--with 1000 ex-MCI people also looking for work (Phoenix), and a recession of out-sourcing (nationwide). We're all walking wounded now; sign up to be a Wal-Mart greeter today. Pinball and poetry just don't have the "oomph" to drive me through anymore. I've even got Static Girl to help me appreciate the moment. But I'm just too disappointed with it all. Look at this mess; a day off, talked to my FCP, worked out, cooked, snuggled my girl, got some Live Wire...and now I'm depressed? What gives? Popped pills and passed out...
Up on 3 alarms Thursday for work. I wore a tie; so? Thank goodness for Verifier "S"; she is nice, and helps me to see things better. I had a hard day; but in the last 5 minutes I got a Lead. During the day, however, I started thinking about what I can do right now to make my life better. Maybe I need to shoot to be a Verifier--it has helped many before. Mo money! A 6 day work week would be tough to do for the old me, but what about this upgrade? So I have been thinking about what I can do better, rather than how the world is out to get me. This is the new me. That slip last night (into depression) was not totally unfounded--because I was thinking like a victim. Today I thought like a soldier; big difference. Ran all of this by Static Girl; she's not so sure of big changes in general, but she likes the way I have thought it out from many angles. Cool. Stayed in and was good. I planned on getting some answers on Friday. To bed early, although there was trouble gettting to sleep. Up
for Friday morning on time. A tie again, woo. It's raining. At work, I got a Lead before 7:30 am. Night shift showed up and worked--they don't need Verifiers today. Turned in my request for April 27th off, the day of my deposition. Post-work, I went to the gym to get some answers. My Dr. will get her money, it has already started. I can call back to AIG and ask what they will settle for now. This is all good news. Home to fry up potatoes for my baby--it's cold enough outside to cook! Good dinner, and then short snuggle, and I'm out to meet up with Pool Guy, who had another good day at the casino! He won 2 of 3 games, but I'm ahead in strokes for the tournament. He gave me a few $ for helping him through the past week. Yay. Unfortunately, I did not party responsibly. Hey; we were having fun. Home in the rain, after being lost in his apartments for a few minutes. Crashed hard, work was iffy at best...Up
in horrible shape Saturday! No work today. I slept until 12 noon. I still feel groggy, and I'm sure that girlfriend is very upset. But I can't worry about her right now. She may NEED to be upset with me for awhile; I've been pretty damn good to her lately. So it was silent in the house all day. I watched Freddie Adu's debut playing soccer, but I still felt horrid. Ga Tech won their semi-final. Later I got a phone call from Pool Guy; he said we should do it again. I did want to play some more golf, and the time changes 2maro, so I went for it. I felt extreme guilt during my first hour there alone; then he showed up. I won all 3 golf games in our tournament; then other people showed. UConn trailed Duke all night, and then came from behind to win in the last minute. Then I won $4 in the big competition golf game. Home before midnight to set my clock ahead an hour, because I'm a dumbass. So I woke up
an hour early on Sunday without realizing it. I was ready to leave by the time I remembered that we don't set our clocks ahead. But I can't lie down now. So I just killed time until 6:15, and headed to work. It was a short talk with God; he's a busy deity. I got the feeling that everything might be okay--workwise. It was. And I got a Lead before 10:30. Many more big thanks to Verifier and classy babe "S"--she's fun to talk to; she even thanked me today--maybe I'm fun to talk to. It was a strange day, just like all the others; a little drama, a little humor, another canning, another rumor. Maybe I should just break down and write a poem about a day in the life of a phone room. After work, to the 99cent store, and to Autozone for a battery check. Gus' (alien) battery has now failed 3 different tests, but it keeps on starting the engine. Autozone guy said maybe I have a good alternater; he's right. So I came home, changed clothes, and went back to buy a battery for $45 ($35 discount for my old Autozone battery). I am now beyond broke. Big thanks to Pool Guy--or I wouldn't even have a new battery.

Sunday 3-28-04...

Got to bed by 11:30 Sunday night; decent sleep and up
on the 2nd alarm for Monday morning. I was out of the shower at 5:30 am. Nice slow wake-up time. Kissed on my woman, and headed in for work. "C" says that we will fix the weight problem; cool. I was loud and funny. Got a Lead before 9 am. I was "hard" at work for a couple of hours; ha. The rest of the day had some moments, but overall went well. On the ride to workout, I heard Van Halen's "Little Guitars" on my 98 (corporate, but okay) radio station. Then, going home from the gym, still on 98 I heard Radiohead's "Creep". Nice (Van Halen and Radiohead on the same station; welcome to Active Rock). Brought home some Mexican food from the gym (Does your gym feed you?). Cooked some garlic taters for my baby while my FCP called me to talk frisbees. Life is good. We even saw the band Live on the Ellen show. And then there was intellectual debate: me against the smart one. Turns out I was correct about when to change the faucet filter--not her. And it turns out that (I'm right again) cats walk easily on the balcony ledges (I don't win many intellectual debates with Static Girl, so winning 2 in 1 day was sweet.). I love hearing her say 'you were right'. Standard great snuggle; and now I'm going to go try an experiment at the bar. This should be interesting...Experiment successful; limited beer, and I am golf champ over Pool Guy. Home at 10:30; unfortunately it took hours of work to get to sleep. Up
on the 2nd alarm again; I had a "Naked Nacho Breakfast", which would also be a great band name. Early to work for a very slow day. I hate these slow days. Bleah on these slow days. I clapped alot. Post-work, I rushed home for some more "quickie nachos" (or nacho quickie) before going to see the Dr. about my X-Rays. Are you ready for disappointment? New record; 2.5 hours after my appointment time (3 pm) before I would see the Dr. (at 5:30). I had to watch Dr. Phil (puke) and Oprah (wretch) in her waiting room. All this, just to find out that she can't read my X-Rays--I have to have a radiologist do that. No lawyers will represent me because this is so small. And all my Mom says is that 'you need a lawyer'. So I'm going to call 1-800-LAWYER and have them send my Mom their damn bill; it's HER freakin' idea. Home; exasperated, broke, low on gas, and hungry. I saw my Static Girlfriend...and she smiled at me...and we hugged...and it felt soooo goooood. She is really incredible--even without trying. See; it's pretty easy to be incredible when you're trying to be--we've all done that. But she's "naturally" incredible; and I'm a lucky guy. We watched some comedy and animal shows together, and now she's in bed. It's 11 pm, and I'm not tired (some things never change). I have drugs...so I took some. Bed by 12 or so, and up
on 3 alarms for work Wednesday. I was dragging a bit--I don't know why. On the ride in, I was actually sarcastic during my talk with God. That was weird, and it can't be helpful. Remembered to bring a "Before X" copy in to work--just in case they want a music change. After a couple of slow hours, I got a lay-down call--my first one in months. When I got up to have it verified, Tower played my disc--so I got to dance and sing to "Rough Night in Jericho". Life was good for 4 minutes. After I sat back down, I felt guilty about being prayer-pissy on the ride to work. It turns out that God does have a sense of humor; who knew? X-man told me that the pissiness in prayer was because I was not totally focused on it (he's right), and I was being tormented again. After work, I'm heading to workout. Sweat and strain--then I weighed myself; 214. Huh? I need to cut back more on soda and night time sugar. Crap. Home to make yummy ricey/beany/crumbles for my girlfriend. BAG's still out there. So is TPG. Good; I'm in here. Snuggle, then a Cure shower, and I should be okay, right? No. I'm still in a funk. Watched last night's Shield and today's PTI, and now I'm in here updating. Static Girl won't let me go buy her a new light bulb for her room lamp; so instead of shopping I am staying quiet at home. I just can't believe how much extra time and work I'm going to have to do (again) because people cannot be expected to do the simplest of their own tasks. AIG is screwing me out of hundreds of hours of MY time (and messing up my credit now that some bills have gone to collection)--for not doing their job. I'm sick of being the good-looking and charismatic White guy that everybody wants to make trouble for. It has gotten old. I'm going to ask God for some guidance on this crap, and if he doesn't shine a nice, bright light for me--then I'm just going to take life into my own hands. People need to die; let me help. Yeah, I got your Dark Angel right here...Someday I will regret this tirade, but for right now I am venting; kiss my ass...Set my alarm, and then forgot to turn it on. Opened my eyes at
6 am Thursday and thought 'I don't remember any alarms'. Mild panic, and then I dealt with it. No shower, no coffee, out by 6:10, and to work at 6:40; pretty impressive. The day at work was horrid, but I got there okay. No Lead. No frisbee. So it's a post-work run home to get ready for an oil change. Called BAG and TPG. Oil; added cool oil treatment, and will add cool gas treatment 2maro. Back home to arrange with Barney. Went and played 2 games of PGA golf at the old Pub + Grub. 2 rides to sample 3 varieties. Then I'm back to Sam's. It's a party, and I was already gone by 8 pm. 1.4 billion warm-up game of A-13 pinball. Pool Guy killed us in game 1 of golf, then I reclaimed the throne. Then there was a 3rd game that I don't remember so well. HEC and SAL were there; TPG showed too. I was apparently a complete character. It all gets fuzzier and fuzzier. And then I woke up
Friday around 11 am. Coffee, and this. There is much to do. But I'm starting slowly. Um, it looks like I came home last night and had nachos. Got a great parking place, too. Wow. Today I finally got out; dropped off prescriptions at Walgreen's, worked out, bought the killer gas treatment, filled up, 99cent stored, and came home to cook ramen for my robo-babe girlfriend. She also brought groceries home. Saved the ramen and made a veggie tray. Great 'self-induced punishment' snuggle. Then TPG's phone went crazy on us. Now Pool Guy is up at the bar, possibly waiting for an apology from me. We'll see...Pool Guy ruled golf tonight. I'm home at 11:30, trying to be responsible--after partying on both possible days to. A little guilt, maybe. Bed. Up
on 3 alarms Saturday morning; no problem. To work quietly. I wasn't expecting much, but I had 2 Leads before 11:30 am. Go me. Came straight home, but I'm frustrated about this workers' comp. crap. And my Mom won't be any more understanding. I just want to kill some people. You want some stability and sanctuary from me? Bite me. You might need to die, too. Maybe it's better there. So; okay, maybe I'm alittle grumpy. So I'm hibernating. Girlfriend said 'let's watch Ice Age', so we did. That was nice. Sitting on the warped tour all up close and friendly--that's what was nice. But I feel a tad better now. Drank some of girlfriend's "sleepytime" tea, so maybe I'll get tired soon...Fat chance; maybe I'll pop some pills and pass out. Did that, bed before 11, and with an extra hour of sleep, up
Sunday morning on the 3rd alarm. I felt good and rested. Static Girl got up early, too. Big hugs. Good mood. Very different from yesterday, this is. Loud ride in to work; lots of thought organizing. MCI may have just closed their Phoenix call center. Got a Lead before 10:30. A good day, for a Sunday on the phone. Post-work, we're to Walgreen's and the 99cent store. Home to call Mom, and do some housework. I need to e-mail, but not yet. It's such a beautiful day that I want to drink a little. And smoke. I just have to get some more stuff done really quickly.

Sunday 3-21-04...

Did some laundry on Sunday night, too; whites. Maybe I can do colors 2maro. My frist experience with disengaged call-waiting was at 9:30 Sunday night: a big grey window opens up on the computer screen and says 'you have an incoming call from "name" + "#"; you may pause yourself online and take the call' or something like that. Pool Guy was calling from the bar. I talked to him. The party demons made a good effort, but I resisted temptation to go out. Yay me! In fact, I got to bed around 11. Woke up to go piss at 1:15 am, saw the clock and thought 'yeah, I'd be getting home right about now--sheesh.' Up
early again for work Monday. I am so cool. Kissed on girlfriend before I left--she's feeling better--and going to work today. I had a good ride in, and did some "thought organizing". At work, our Sector got moved--from Egypt to Mexico; so we were in "Mexegyptico" (MY word, duh). I had 2 Leads before 9:30, and was kicking butt. I helped out my team, and was witty and charming. After work, a great workout. Added some weights, and a new exercise, too. Home to create veggie/garlic/crumbles for an appreciative girlfriend. Then there was fantastic regular snuggle, did a load of colored laundry, and now I'm going to meet Pool Guy up at the bar. More later. Yeah; home at 11:30 pm, ready for some sleep...When the alarm went off, I already knew there were problems; up
Tuesday morning barely able to breathe. With a swollen throat making it hard to swallow, I called in to work. Static Girl was pissed, and rightfully so. "Gobs of resin" finally came back to bite me in the ass. So I slept in until the roofing guy came to check on the ceiling at noon. Crying over the spilled milk that was happening in my throat, maybe we learned another new lesson. My attitude toward partying on a skool night MAY have gotten better lately (I got home just after 11 last night), but my approach still needs some tinkering. No more gobs. Gob-less. It took hours to be able to talk. I can't do this anymore. So I had a very quiet day filled with guilt. What the hell was I thinking? I read, worked on my new poem, and watched lots of tv. Made a nice dinner for me and my very upset girlfriend. She ate with me, but otherwise she wanted to break up with me. Bad. So; here in the doghouse I will stay for awhile. But I do need to think more like a 40 yr. old; even if an immature one. Later, I worked some more on, and finished my new poem, This Imperfect Life, and got some good sleep. Here's to hoping we can talk 2maro morning. Up
early Wednesday morning, and with a voice! I feel alert and rested, too. A nice, long shower was great--I can do these when I get up 30 minutes earlier. A good ride in, with lots of "thought organizing". I asked for a good day, and to be a team player. An 850 call day with no Lead, but I was an excellent team player, thank you. Seriously; even as a zero, this was a pretty good day. The sleep demons tried to get me 2wice, but I laughed them off. To the gym, baby! Adding more weight, walking faster, sweating more. I'm already sore, and it's only 9:30 at night. Came home to cook hot and cold for...she's still my girlfriend! Yay! It's a long road, yes, but she likes this "upgrade" of me. Then we had standard above-average snuggle...and now...The pulls are coming; yes, 2 different phone calls trying to get me to come out and play--but I resisted. Go me! Capital furniture's phone seems to be disconnected, so I may be out of a $50 bed. I watched last night's "Shield" and today's PTI, then unloaded the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen all while making more green tea. Now I will check e-mail, and try to get to bed soon. Today went well. Sleep and up
early again for work Thursday! Good mood, and good voice, too. I got to sit next to "C", he mentioned frisbee the other day--that may require some further discussion. We were loud and productive, even with no Lead again for me. There might even be a way for me to get some shampoo today. After work, in fact, we headed that way. On short notice, too, that's always nice. Then I aimed for Capitol furniture, and found them. Joe will switch out my mattress for $60 Saturday; not bad at all. Back to my side of town for the old motel furniture store, to the bank, and then the grocery. Good groceries, and home without any of the hypnotic smelling fried deli chicken. Ate carrots and turkey at home to stay in budget mode--like a good boy. I felt the urge to take a nap, so I did from 6-8. Now I'm up, flipping mattresses and typing. I have Saturday off, so get ready for 2maro night. Sleep by 12, and up
Friday morning for work. As I was there in bed with the alarm going off, the "lazy's" were trying to get me to just stay there; 'you don't have to go to work today'. But part of my (self-induced) punishment was to be working BOTH of my original days off, and I was able to get up and in to the shower. Not much pain? My mattress only has 1 bad side, hmm. Blue jeans and my Mountain Dew shirt--I'm dressed up! Decent ride in, I asked for some help, and to be a great team player. Told "C" about the tiny weight problem with my poo, he said he'd check on it. Cool. I had a good day of being funny and charming. Verifier (and classy babe) "S" thanked me for helping her get over her headache; she's great. Came close a few times, but I never got a Lead. After work, I'm racing to the gym for a quick workout. Then it's to the 99cent store, a pack of American Spirits, and to Subway (I'm picking up dinner for my Static Girlfiend and me) for what was the best sub I've had in Phoenix. I tipped them, and came home to a hungry and appreciative girlfriend. Then it was golden snuggle time; this wasn't "self-induced punishment" snuggle (that's next week), this girlfriend-worship was for the great care she took of me during my ear crisis, and the continuing new computer tutorial. She was happy. I offered to stay home, but she knew I wanted to go party a little. So I'm off to the bar. I was seconds late to get in on a 4-player golf game with ZK, KAS and ACE; so I went for pinball--good move. First game since the 'Monday Demon Night' lemons which led to the (punishment) upgrade lemonade. That was amazing! 3.111 billion; new game high score. Won 2, played them and won 2 more; proving that a person CAN make money by playing pinball. My warm-up game of golf lost, but I won $6 on the 2nd game. Great party night; TPG showed, too. Didn't spend too much $ either; good boy. Maybe I shouldn't have gone to Del Taco, but I was celebrating. Yum. And then it was bed time--with NO alarm. Sleep good. Up
a little before 12 noon Saturday. I'm not getting rid of a mattress that I can sleep THIS well on--at least not yet. Girlfriend and I could go to Fry's electronics, or to the Sprouts Farmer's Market, or throw frisbee in the park...or she might decide to be lazy today. Okay. So I may go do stuff by myself soon. I still haven't mastered CD burning yet; it's frozen up as I type here. Damn...So here's a twist; the Symphonic Pink Floyd disc may have some special copyright deal on it that keeps it from being copied. So why don't ALL CD's just get made with this "deal"--to eliminate piracy? Whatever, dudes. The record companies are just stupid. But the "Before X" disc copies well; that's a great early Alternative sampler. Talked to my (yummy) FCP on the phone...Home at 11 pm Saturday night; we did: a haircut by Christina, then golf and pinball--TPG showed, Cool. Made lunch for 2maro, now...bed before 11 pm. I'm kinda groggy; oops...Up
for work Sunday with that extra hour of sleep, cool. I feel pretty good. Asked for a good day on the ride in. At work, it was weird. There was grumbling amongst my team; and some people can't tell time. After losing a couple of good prospects, I did get my first Lead in 5 days; yay. Maybe I won $5; I don't know--but I kept the damn money. After work, I headed to Wal-Mart to get a water filter. Also bought some other stuff, then went to get veggies to make a veggie tray for my awesome girlfriend; and some salsa for me. She didn't even look for our Sunday paper until noon, so somebody stole it. Oh well. At home; the Phoenix Indy car race was finishing. So I called Dad + left a message, then Mom--it's her 39th birthday, then Static Mom called, then Dad called me back, then Static Mom called again. Parents; geez. And people have the nerve to ask me why I don't have any kids. You people are so cute. So I'm home at 5:30 on what was a record hot day here in the desert. I may just hide out in here. Then I had the idea of walking with Static Girl down to the 7/11 and getting a Sunday paper; I'm too cool. Now I'm loading everything up...And I just realized that I ALREADY have 6 poems up; 2 of which are for my girlfriend--and it's not even April yet. I am amazing; you people should pay me more.

Sunday 3-14-04...

Up Monday morning for work. No problems. My Supervisor went to night shift, so I'm back to having "T" as my Supervisor again. We want to do well for him, so we start telling "resets" that we're going to beat them. We kicked some major league butt all day; I only got 2 Leads--should have had 4. We were the best Sector outside of resets--who beat us by 2. This is my Friday, for I have the next 2 days off. Went and had a great short workout, then home to wait for Static Girl--we're going to the grocery! That was a fun trip. Home for black bean/rice/corn with garlic, which worked very nicely while we watched some taped Mythbusters. All of a sudden, it's snuggle time! Then I was getting ready for the bar. I told those who needed to know, and Pool Guy showed! I won all 5 golf games! Then he left. I played some pinball, and came home. Crashed with no alarm, and didn't even think about getting up
until noon Tuesday. Coffee time! Lots of coffee. Talked to my FCP; she's doing well. It was a quiet day of typing out 2 Commentaries. No missing time or anything, but I was kicking back. Had a weird dream the night before, as well. Couldn't get my online stuff the way I wanted it--I may need TPG's help with that. Girlfriend came home and had pasta. I cooked potatos again; we ate together. Soon enough, she went to her room for the evening. I was contemplating to go to the bar or not (the original plan was NOT to), but after finding out that TPG also had 2maro off with me, I decided to go. Good choice! Pool Guy showed, it was a complete surprise! TPG showed later. Golf time. I won 2 of 4; ha! Home to...wait a second...the radio commercial said that Del Taco drive-thru's have .39 tacos after midnight. Hmmm. So I turned around and went there. Home with food; what a mess. But I had a blast, and that's what counts. Bed and up
Wednesday around 10 am. Called TPG, and got him down here by 11. Got my computer floppy and mouse working well, and then we were off! First to Savers; where I got a shirt and a pair of slacks. Then to the China Star buffet for a great lunch. Then to Fry's Electronics to walk off lunch. Then back by State Farm to check on Renters' Insurance. Home by 4. Static Girl came home and ate pasta. More on that later. I started playing with old files; man, there's tons of work to do here. I had no idea that we'd be going out again. Wow. So; an early run was decided. I ruled all golf, although TPG is getting better. And get this; we partied responsibly! Done by 10:15. I came home with Whoppers! I ate and crashed. While I was out, Static Girl ate some more of her pasta, and it didn't sit well. If I'm puking at 5 am, then it's no big deal. But it was Static Girl who was up
and puking Thursday at 5 am, and I felt horrible for her. She appreciated my attempts to be nice to her, and I promised to come home right after work today. So I reluctantly went to work; I offered to call her at my lunch; also offered to bring her back anything she wanted. She asked for nothing. So I was off to work for the first time in 3 days. Supervisor "T" is gone, and now we have "S". What a mess at work; it certainly was a slow day. I did get a Lead, but it was rough. We get to dress down 2maro; at least that's MY story. Let 'em turn me away at 6:30 in the morning--see where I go (probably Waffle House). I came home after work, just as promised. Poor Rift feels terrible. I cooked mashed-in-the-pan potatos for her; I figured they would go down easy and sit well. She just couldn't eat. We walked to get the mail, and came home to turn on the A/C (this is the desert, you know). I cleaned up the warped tour for her, and we made her a nice little camp out there, while I came back to my room and tried to make "things" on my computer. This is tricky; I may need more tutoring. Anyway, this is my night. I'm staying in. Some things work; some don't. Such is life. Crashed and got up
for work Friday. Static Girl is still in bad shape; no work for her. I kissed her goodbye--off to have 1 of the most interesting days yet at work. Slow as dirt; old files, bad calls, hardly any Leads. Some people were fired first thing. I kept falling asleep sitting up--why was I so tired? (I found out later that the sleep-demons attack when you are about to be successful; hmmm.) Soon enough, I was handed a write-up for doing something that I was trained to do back when I got trained. Okay. Lots of people got written up for stupid and silly things; I was just 1 of many. Sitting next to "T", I asked her if I should write a poem, and she said 'yes'. Then at some point around noon, a window in front of Sector 8 was shot (I sit in 7; so they had lousy aim.). The bullet didn't even make it inside; but that's the first time I ever remember getting shot at while working; it's kind of exciting, yeah. Later, paychecks would be handed out--with notes in them (mine was a standard "don't fraternize" copy--no big deal). Some people got upset; and I was a little miffed, too. I just stomped off. No workout--I want to go home and check on girlfriend, then take a nap. She's a little better! I took a 2-hour nap and loved it. Then I go to hug on my woman a little bit on the flattened warped tour. Then it was time to go meet Pool Guy for our Friday night. Stems and resin; hack hack hack. I ruled golf, and scored a 2.833 billion on A-13 pinball. Done at 11, I came home with Whoppers. Crash. Up
early again for work Saturday. Girlfriend came out of her room for a hug, awww. I came to work inspired. More people got canned. I fought off the sleep demons, stayed witty, and got a Lead. Yay! Sitting in between sweeties "S" and "A" helped alot; I gave away almost all of my candy to cute little girls (who wouldn't?). What a difference a Lead makes! I was funny. Went straight to the 99cent store after work. We now have 3 kinds of soy milk in our 'fridge, baby. And I did some crazy cleaning--very productive. Then I cooked some dinner for a girlfriend who could eat a little; yay. The only question now is...if...can we...um...snuggle? Yes! I took 2 loud showers; "Stranglehold" before and "Fascination Street" after. Then I came to work on "things". The old things from 3 years ago don't work as well as the new ones. Okay. Compilations to follow. Augh! I worked on a new poem for awhile, and I got tired. Bedtime came quickly, and we're up
after 2 snoozes on Sunday. Love that extra hour of sleep, baby. Girlfriend came out for a hug right before I left; cool. And I'm heading off in a great mood. At work, more people got fired on the way in--that's 3 days in a row. I was on; great voice, great mood, let's do this! I should've gotten 3, but at least I got the 1 Lead. No money, no balloons, no nonsense; but (unlike many) I still have a job. After work, I got quarters and a bratwurst at the new Albertson's. Home to womp salsa and chips, then in here to update--there's tons to update.

Yes, folks. I can't tell you what days were more special (Tuesday) than others. But, over the last 10 days, there are at least 2 new Commentaries up, and 1 poem soon to be completed. You'll have to figure out where the new stuff is all by yourself (hint: under the current Sidebar). I also got back in e-mail touch with an Athens person, and went from e-mail to phone touch with another. I'm the busiest drunk you'll ever know. How do I do it?

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