This Imperfect Life

There's always something missing; that's part of the plan
Scholars might not "get it", but we dreamers sure can
Falling short of perfect; lost details change the view
And then complete perspectives become something new...
A bit less, perhaps, but then we're left wanting more
That's the incentive, as creative juices roar:

Writers write for glory;
Not to avoid the thrill;
Painters paint the story--
When there's a void to fill.
Desire and depression
Often work hand-in-hand;
Artwork seen might well mean
"Spontaneous"; not "planned".

Some gorgeous hardwood floors may still have spots that squeak
The strongest metal chain could have one link that's weak
You might hit some potholes on your favorite path
Then try one less traveled; learn from the aftermath.

And back to the point; the imperfections we face
Pre-conceived notions, and the emphasis we place
Until disappointment is fully guaranteed
That's when you must "loop", and branch out from the bad seed.

Those loops; they're never-ending possibilities
Like how your thoughts wander--looking up through the trees
Let go of the logic, just cut loose with your mind
Blast off and leave this overrated world behind.

Understand this truth; most artistic expressions
Come from the simple fact that life has imperfections.

W. C. Davis


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