Old Personal News

(Starting 1-25-04)

Sunday 2-15-2004...

Hang on; before the bar trip we called Mom, and checked in with Barney. In fact, Barney came through for me again. Then it's to the bar at 7. Pool Guy is there, but he has tooth problems. He needs drugs; badly. Lucky for him--he knows me. I came home and raided my good pain pill stash--many of them came from Pool Guy's friend, anyway. I was excited; 'oh, we're taking some pills tonight'. And we did. "Painkiller Golf" is fun; very relaxing, and relaxed. I even got Pool Guy to laugh a few times, and he hadn't laughed since the last time I saw him. Then we went around the corner; like old times. I clap and cheer alot, as you may know, and that got me cut off (like old times). Took Pool Guy home; he still had a pain pill left. He'll be okay after some surgery; I need a new pain pill stash--I'm down to my emergency reserves, hmmm. Of course there were Whoppers, and I'm at home giggling and crashing with no alarm (yay). Up
with crusty eyes Monday at 9 am. This is how Mondays should be. I'd like to get the business going; wish my sponsor would come out of his stupid coma. Coffee! Thick, grainy cheap coffee is good. Called my FCP, and while talking to her I found my pinball--the actual pinball that mechanic Bill gave me from out of the Addam's Family machine at Steverino's, back in like, 1995. Wow. I haven't seen this thing in Phoenix; it's powerful. Now I'm going shopping and to the bank. Pool Guy still has tooth problems and needs my help. Okay; so now I'm cleaning out my entire good pain pill stash; reserves and all. I was saving a couple for a special occaision--but that's what this is. So after running a couple of errands for him, we went and had round 2 of the Painkiller Golf Tournament; this was fun. No, I mean REALLY fun; dizzy, drooling, giggling--all before 3:30 pm. Static Girl's going to be pissed, but my buddy's tooth's hurting. I also got 2.5 billion on A-13 pinball, but some other punk (TMR) has 3.2 billion; I'll kill him. We finished early, thank goodness, and I'm home with Whoppers at 8:30. Went to bed; got out of bed to go eat chips and Superbowl dip, 'coz I'm just stupid. Onion yum, woo. Up
at 7:30 am Tuesday, getting ready for my ear Dr.'s appointment. I have questions, and I will get some drugs today. So I go to see him, but he only pulls some of the packing out of my ear (half of it); I can't hear any better. He prescribes me some ear drops to dissolve the rest of the packing. Dissolve? I said "Screw 'dissolve' doc, and rip that shit out now. C'mon, make it hurt." And he laughed at me. These "drops" should dissolve the packing over the next 3 weeks. I told him I needed help sleeping, too, and he laughed some more. We got out in the hall, and I asked him loudly "Do all of your patients want to grab you by the throat and shake the crap out of you, or is it just me?" And, yes, he laughed some more. And this medicine ain't free, either; I had to pay for it. Crap; don't they know this is my 99cent store week? I'm about to have to downsize into roll-your-own cigarettes, and my hilarious Dr. wants me to pay for ear drops and a mild sleep aid. What we need here is some tweezers and some valium; problem solved. What the hell is that date-rape drug; rufinol? I want some of that; not for dates, mind you, for me! I gotta get some sleep, dude. Shit; this ain't funny anymore. And when can I go work out again? I'm going to add the visual of "choking Dr. D" to my index of motivators while I'm working out. I ate at the New China buffet in my neighborhood; they have some vegetarian stuff now--girlfriend will be pleased. Discount Tire will be my new tire store. And (on my Blockbuster cards) I bought a couple of DVD's at Blockbuster; "28 Days Later", and 1 called "Gacy"--which should be about one of the greatest killers in the 20th Century. I'm considering getting all drugged up and watching the Gacy movie; at least I have a plan. Well, not drugged up, but I did watch that lame movie. I kept waiting for good blood, and cannibalism, but we saw nothing. I thought Gacy ate children; you mean he's just gay? It gets played off like he's just a molester of male teens who buried 30 bodies under his house; no big deal. At least the doc says I can mildly workout now. I may mildly workout AND go to the bar 2maro. My ear's going to itch for 3 more weeks; maybe I should go on a killing spree to calm me down. Or back to the bar. I could go alone--like a true alcoholic. Sadistic, and verging on a rampage of cannibalism. Or I could go play some pinball. You people are lucky that I'm so easily amused. So after TPG called, I was inspired to go to the bar alone for some pinball. 2.7, 2.6, + a 2.5 billion, but still no 3 billion game. Over on Golden Tee I scored a -20 and a -22. What a great solo run! Home to crash after 11. Up
Wednesday at 5:30 with no problems. The ear drops may be doing some good. I asked for a good day again. At work, I got a Lead! I'm yelling, I'm clapping; my ear is gurgling a little bit, yes, but I can hear a little in it. Wound up with 2 Leads, and I'm wearing my headphones correctly for the 1st time in 3 weeks. After work I got a craving--so I went to the new Albertsons and got some okra. Home to make an excellent dinner for my baby. I also fed our new back porch cat; have named him "Nosey". Shaved for the 1st time in a week, and there was some good snuggle. Then I'm off to meet Pool Guy for an early run. Early; like 5:30 pm. My ear is starting to open, and it's going to get UGLY loud soon. The only game Pool Guy won was the 1st ; I won all the others. TPG showed; he also got to witness my domination. How did it get to be 11:30 so quickly? Erp. I mean "oops". Well, that's certainly Whoppers, and crash after midnight. You see how we're setting up for a bad morning, right? Up
after a couple of snoozes on Thursday. My head hurts, my face hurts, and my inner ear is like a roller coaster in a wind tunnel. And this is all earssues. Had I been hungover, too, I wouldn't have tried to go to work. I argued with myself on the whole ride to work--nobody could blame me if I did go back to bed. The ride to work was very complicated, and I had no chance to pray. But I persevered, and made it to work on time. My ear is a mess; ticking, tickling, tingling. It's yelling at me "I'm itchy, you're scratchy; scratch me baby!" At work, during the first hour, I headed for the bathroom to puke and shit. Now it at least LOOKS like a hangover, but this is still just earssues. And before there's any suspense built about whether I can turn this dismal day into dynamite, yes, I had 3 Leads before 11 am. There were only 3 people with as many as 3, and I was one of 'em. So then I started to try to figure out if I was being rewarded, or if I was being tested to see how I would respond. I responded by remaining calm and focused; I even did some old time exercises, and planned to go get pocket money later. After work, I got to talk to my spiritual advisor "X", and he was pretty darn impressed with me. He said that my "test" was the ride in to work this morning--where I was being argued with about how I should just go back home to bed. The fact that I was on the responsible side; arguing how I SHOULD go to work--that was my test. He advised me to be thankful for the test, AND the 3 Leads; both. I can do that. To pocket money; and we know that I haven't been to the gym in weeks. I was scared of the scale, and I was even wearing my big heavy black boots. I jumped up on the scale KNOWING that I would weigh 220 or more. Um, no. 212.6. Wow; that must be another reward. Read 30 pages in my book, yay, and then headed out to find the relocated Pinky's bar (they have Monopoly pinball). Found it, and then we headed for that neat little Mexican food place at Cave Creek that was cooking out in the parking lot this past weekend (it's called "Birrierria Obregon"). I ate a fine shredded beef burrito meal there for 6.50--with a Mexican Coke. Then the 99cent store, and to pick up my first big can of American Spirit roll-your-own tobacco. Home to check on a slightly sad girlfriend; she's mopey. I watched 3 days of tv tapes, and rolled some smokes. When I cleaned out my drug drawer, I found the fuel for what will be round 3 of Painkiller Golf--2maro night. Aww, girlfriend went to bed at 9. I hope she feels better 2maro. I ask her if there's anything I can do for her, but she's just staying in her mopey place. Got to bed in good shape; before 11 pm. And then up
Friday for work. Shower! (Showers are highly underrated, by the way. Try going without them for a couple of days--you'll re-appreciate them.) Coffee! (Even 99cent store coffee is heavenly nectar.) If you can't tell, I am really appreciative today. It was a busy ride in, what with all the thanking for my test yesterday, and passing it, and then getting 3 Leads. I let God know that I was happy with Him, and promised him these things. I don't even care about getting a Lead today--other people need them more than me. I am going to be louder and cheer even more than usual. I am going to entertain and amuse everybody. I'll be creative and generous, too. In the end, sure, I'd like to get 1 or 2 Leads myself; but I don't need them after yesterday. (I don't remember if these words were my EXACT words, but these are very close.) Let's get to work; oh my voice is strong today, baby. Oh, and I am funny. This is it; this is me. This is what I do. I actually got close to a Lead a few times, but they always fell through--and that was okay. I had 1 lady who was ready to sign up and go...in Montana. But...we don't have an office in Montana; we can't help Vets in Montana. Why on earth would we be calling people in Montana? But this is no time for dumb questions, W C, this is a day to amuse + entertain. Right! Closing in on 1 pm, I had been writing out some other things--being very productive in between yelling and clapping fits. And it dawned on me that I certainly "could" write a Valentine's poem for the greatest Static Girl in the world; mine. Nothing fruity or flowery, mind you, just me thanking my girlfriend; how hard could this be? Well that was easy; 20 minutes later, I'm done with it. It's called Thanking Her. Go me. Perhaps writing this poem is another reward for being such a good influence today. So then I was scribbling in my daily notes about how cool I am to be the loudest cheerleader, and still write a poem, and...I got a Lead (with 20 minutes to go in the day). You have got to be kidding me. And that lady was so nice on the phone, too. I didn't even have that killer sales instinct going, I was just talking to her. So now I'm pretty much Doug Flutie--I can do anything. I'm ready to play drums for the Barenaked Ladies, too. After work, I headed to Safeway to get a couple of chocolates for my woman. Then I'm home to create awesome ramen crumble soup. Then there was some wow snuggle, and then I'm getting ready for round 3 of Painkiller Golf (I had valiums hidden in the bottom of my drug drawer--go me!). This went well; we're talking nearly pain-free golf; Pool Guy's tooth was no prob, and neither was my ear. We bet money on 3 games (suckers), and I won them all. My "tube" cigarettes were a big hit. Perhaps we stayed a little too long, and my ear started doing some kind of new scream-whooshing. Great. Home to crash, and up
Saturday with new earssues; loud and prickly in there--like the gauze packing is loosening. Yes, it itches like crazy, too. Girlfriend thinks I'm just hungover and lazy, and has downgraded me from SO to "pet rock". Whatever. I don't feel like dealing with her baby drama when I'm in here making a nice new copy of her brand new poem for her. I'll be the best damn pet rock that she's ever seen. Pet rock. My ass; pet rock. Grumble grumble. She should try out my ear for a day; no, ALL of you idiots and inbreds should try out my ear for a day. This shit will make you cry for your mama. There's only so much consolation in the idea that 'that itch means it's healing'. And then you add these little sporadic sonic booms like we have today, and the prickly poking way down deep, and guess what? I'm NOT going to work today. And if it's like this again 2maro, I ain't going then either. I could even see my going to the bar again, in between. You don't like it? Kiss my hairy white ass. And suck my pet rock, bitch. And I'm sorry to be so mean here, but this is a whole new set of inner earitations, and I'm not Mr. Happy Guy right now. Where are the drugs? Find me some more valium, dammit...Okay, we had a short talk with Static Girlfriend. Now that she's heard me yelling about my ear, and crying, she sort of understands my pain a little better. She's also pretty impressed with her poem, and isn't so mad anymore. I cooked and cleaned the kitchen; so let's hope I have surpassed "pet rock" status. I also did a load of laundry. I hear the bar and the bong and the valium calling me; hell, I even hear that mystery pill calling me. I have been a sterling example of maturity and discipline throughout my spiritual awakening, and current ear crisis; and ALL of that shit is about to take a little break. I was going to do a Commentary about how I want all of you to kiss my ass; no really. Instead, I am going to go drown, dissolve, and puff my fury away. Here's some advice; don't fucking talk to me. Smile, nod, and stay at least an arm's-length away. Thank you...Unfortunately, I did burn through about $5 in quarters playing pinball. It got harder as the valium kicked in. But then I had the 3.028 billion game; and since the scores have been reset, that is the new high score. Ha. TPG showed, 2 hours late, whatever. And he left; did I say 'whatever' already? But I was in the mood for some...Whoppers, baby! Oh I may hate life 2maro, but I'm eating tonight. Home and to bed. Up
a few minutes late on Sunday. No big deal; I rode in and asked for a good day. I got a Lead, wrote some on a letter, and finished writing this other thing. I yelled and clapped, too. I felt good. They played Chevelle's "Send the Pain Below", and I almost freaked--I can still shake my head like a college kid. Then I left work and headed for the great "B.O." Mexican cookout place--in my neighborhood. Oh man! I can actually top the grilled chicken quesadilla from the Taco Stand back in Athens. How? The weekend grill for "B.O." is out in the parking lot; a real, live, outdoor grill. Yum. That was the best quesadilla I've had in Phoenix. Then to my 99cent store for real Soy milk and candy. I'm in a great mood; let's hope that nothing/nobody super stupid wants to try to screw it up. I could go out, I could stay in, I could take a nap. Girlfriend made yummy bread--I hope she starts doing this on Sundays...Okay, I took a nap. This Mexican heartburn I have; all spicey and cough-inducing, this is the best heartburn I've had in Phoenix. You rarely hear me complain about heartburn that comes from good eating. Hell, you rarely hear me complain about heartburn at all. I watched some of the original Terminater with my girlfriend, and then we watched "Mythbusters" together on the warped tour. This has been a good and full week. Smoke a bowl for me.

Sunday 2-8-2004...

I watched the end of the Superbowl at the bar, alone, and then came home. I even got some fair sleep. Up
Monday for work. On the ride in, I was thankful for the good Sunday, and asked for another good day. Got a Lead early! Another good day. Home to make calls Monday afternoon. I cooked ricey beans AND potatos--to give girlfriend a choice; she came home with tons of groceries. Pool Guy calls from the bar--while we're eating. There was a little snuggle, and I'm heading out to play. Golf and pinball; gee, imagine. Home to crash by 11. Up
Tuesday morning with no major complications. I asked for another good day. Doing my part, I wore a tie and looked sharp. There were 2 other girls who were supposed to dress up WITH me; they did not. I stayed in a good mood, even through some weak calls, and would eventually zero. I asked if I could work one of my days off, and they said I could! Some other people have been denied, so this is more proof that work loves me. Post-work, I drove to the furniture place. No free bed, but they were cool about giving me a discount on future purchases. A 99cent store stop, and home to fry potatos. Later I also went to Wal-Mart and Big Lots to get the last couple of things we needed here. Do you see me being good? My plan was to go to work 2maro; that got blown out when Pool Guy called to say he had won some money playing pool. So I loaded up the last crumbs, and headed for games. This was fun, until we broke the pinball machine. Out at midnight; that's Whataburgers. Home to watch the taped "Scrubs"; now on at 8:30 Tuesdays. Crash + burn. Up
at 10 Wednesday; no alarm. Turned my computer on for the first time in days; hello. No work, ha. But at least I will work 2maro, right? I did some cleaning, and some cooking. There was a little snuggle, and I got to talk to my FCP for the first time in weeks. I am in a bit of a downward lag, and I feel a tad emotional--it's not all my fault. Pool Guy called to cuss me out--that's always nice. He asked if there was any chance of another party tonight. I should have said "NO." Instead, I went and found an emergency $20 bill, and shuffled my pocket money around--I miss REAL pocket money. So I wound up at the bar with stems and resin scrapes. At least there is good news; I won 4 of 5 golf games. I am the dart champion and golf wizard; again! TPG shows up in his Arby's clothes, complaining about how we have been partying without him. He's right, actually. This party went on until 11:30; then I had to leave and go get Whoppers. They tasted like victory, by the way. I actually set my alarm (ha!), and almost debated getting up
and trying to go to work Thursday. After 3 snoozes, I shut off the alarm and slept till almost 10. So much for working 1 of my 2 days off. Hey I have issues. But I'm up here, computing and listening to the new "A Perfect Circle" CD. I'd like to re-mention that it was my Dad who sent me this CD; and (as predicted) I did own it before Christmas. I've already started cooking dinner, and made lunch for 2maro. My back hurts--a new pain placement; that's always fun. From "Thirteenth Step" to "Lateralus", Mr. Keenan's voice sounds good today. I would type alot of stuff to my FCP, and then go shopping at the 99 cent store with change. Home to cook potatos and make Overnight Guy cole slaw (with ranch dressing, lemon juice, and pickle vinegar)! Cole slaw good! Girlfriend was very impressed, and ate a nice pile of it. We watched Ellen, and then I watched "Bowling for Columbine" alone. Wow. No wonder this movie ruffled so many feathers. And then I remembered where to go when I am hurting; into my inspirational milkcrate. I got in there and dug out "Old Learning". Hey I know where to go when I need help. And, as such, I'm sure that the crazy downer lag is now over. Maybe. I ate a can of 99cent store clams, and drank hot sauce out of the bottle. Tasty. And, feeling overwhelmed, I went to bed before 11. Got some good sleep too. Up
Friday morning for a new surprise: I didn't know I had enough hair to have a bad hair day! Cool. I put in another request for a good day; promised I would clap and be a good cheerleader, too. You guys should see how I do these "conversations". I even got close to a Lead a few times, but ended as a zero. However, I remembered to follow through with some kind of addition to "Old Learning", and we may have something. And my ear still itches, but I started hearing in it today! Very emotional day, again, but not all bad. Off work, I rode to find Pool Guy. He had already had a good day, and gave me some cash. Went home talked LOUDLY to my FCP. I'm still an emotional wreck; but it's not all bad. Cooked more ramen for my appreciative girlfriend; served it up with some more of that "Frankenslaw", too. That's cute; I like that. Then there was some way-too-brief snuggle, oops, and then I'm loading up gobs of resin for a party run. Yes folks; "Gobs of Resin" and "Frankenslaw". Oh this is such a bad idea. ACE, KAS, ALX and his drunk brother, TPG, ZK (Pool Guy), + UUC (that's me); we all had a golf tournament. This was fun; this is what a trip to the bar should be like. I could have won both games, but only tied one. I broke even on money. Took Pool Guy home before 11. I ate 2maro's lunch; oops. Crashed and slept well; even though my sinuses were completely clogged. Woke up
Saturday with no problems at all; early, even. Tryin' out the 99cent store coffee; it's drinkable. Stunned at how not badly I feel, I again asked for a good day at work. I promised, again, to lead cheers. It was going to be a weird day. It could be a bit of hangover, or black lung creeping in, but it just feels odd. Hell, I should be accustomed to shivers and resin coughs after 25 years of 'em, right? Yeah, something else is weird. Something is off center. Worked some more on the Old Learning update; wait, I was impressed with this dribble? This is crap. And now I've been talking about it for 2 days. 3? Great. I'm definitely going to need to go back to the 99cent store now. Yep, after work. That was fun; shopping therapy (I'm such a girl). Hell, I even bought some incense. Home to find girlfriend baking FCP bread; life is good. I ate chips + salsa while we watched "Seabiscuit" on the warped tour. Man, what a movie. I cried through the whole thing. My Dad was so right about that movie; it's fantastic. I'm still moved by it. And now I'm in here, after wearing my Fig Dish shirt, listening to Caviar. There's much to do...Yes. So we did some work on the computer, but then my poor little computer started making weird noises again. Went to sleep, and slept well. Up
early, again, for work Sunday. 99cent band-aids don't stick; bummer. The 99cent coffee is better if you make it strong (duh). I took 99cent clams and 99cent hot sauce for lunch. On the ride in, I asked for another good day, and promised to lead cheers. And after gargling some hot sauce at lunch, I got my 1st Lead in 6 days. Yay. And I kept on clapping and cheering. I cheered so much that I was called up for a free spin at $50. I didn't win it, of course, but just to have the chance was nice. Home for leftover ramen and a cheap bagel. Oh I am SO going to the bar soon. Can you stop me?

Sunday 2-1-2004...

Last Sunday night, soon after typing out the last line of Personal News, my computer totally jammed up, and couldn't find an operating sysytem. Boo. Luckily, after watching "Mythbusters" with my girlfriend , she took my tower (not case) apart. Turns out that my dusty dinosaur fan ain't spinning correctly, my tower (not case) is too small, and it can only be rigged for right now. This means I will need a new tower (not case) soon. Very soon. Static Girl says that my present case has served me well, and she's right. Bedtime gave me some good sleep, even though the apartment got cold. Up in a great mood for
work on Monday. We kept the great mood, even through some crappy calls. Post-lunch, Tower (not case) played a dance version of Boston's "More Than A Feeling"; it's MUCH better than the reggae version. And with the calls being slow, I finished my poem Redial. After work, I'm home to call the Doc , talk to my FCP, and cook for my yummy girlfriend. Gotta go now. Girlfriend comes home; she's almost full-blown sick now--poor thing. Dinner was excellent, of course, then low-impact snuggle. Doc won't give me drugs, won't let me workout, and won't see me before the 10th--he's starting to piss me off. Then I got to talk to little "J" back in Athens; she's 23, so she's hardly that little anymore. And I'm off to meet Pool Guy at the pub. After I put 2 billion on A-13 pinball, he won 2 of 3 golf games; dammit. Early night. I came home, no Whoppers, and ate everything here. Well; Ramen and Reese's. Then I'm sleeping. Up
at 8 am with no alarm. We've got coffee and Crystal Method going; GT2 beckons me. Yes. And Pro Pinball, too. I was in such a great mood; living in a nice, clean place can do that for you sometimes. I decided to see about trashing the day. Pool Guy said he could around 2 pm. Okay. I did a little cooking and cleaning, then took TPG to Del Taco. Do you see this? I'm going to load up on cheap Mexican food, smog out, and then go drinking. My goal is to shit all over myself! It's been YEARS since I've gone out with the intent to ruin my own underwear. This is going to be great! At the bar, I was the golf master. I won the drunk game, the drunker game, and even the drunkerer game. I was unstoppable. I was amazing. I was loopy! There were Whoppers, and I remained non-confrontational. Home to eat and crash. I am brilliant to go for 7 hours of sleep! And then I even woke up with clean underwear; very boring. To celebrate
Wednesday morning, I took my first morning shower since surgery. Then I had to grind coffee beans and make lunch. Another great mood. I am ready to go. And I got a Lead! Boy can I yell loud for an old guy who smoked so many non-filter American Spirits last night. They wouldn't let me go to the job fair; they said I'd scare people. Yeah, whatever. A few others got fired today. Bye to awesome Verifier (and super cool chick) "N". After work, I went to get mushrooms and bread. Home to cook garlic 'shroom taters--yum. Snuggle on a still sickly girlfriend, and now I'm just sitting on my ass. She went to bed at 8; poor thing. I debated options and decided to go...to bed at 10 pm. Wow; I'm 'sponsible. Good sleep, and up
Thursday for work. Girlfriend feels a bit better; yay! And I'm early to work. Got 2 Leads. Cool. I yelled extra, and earned us a casual Friday; woo-hooo. Home with some groceries; cooking ramen, doing laundry. Productive. All of that ends when Pool Guy calls; ha. Bye! Yes, it was an early run; we finished by 9 pm. Wish I remembered some of it. Home and bed by 10; such a responsible drunk. Up
for a shower on Friday morning. Blue jeans and a Bulldog shirt; thank you. Girlfriend seems to feel a little more better today; yay. Maybe she's almost well? My right ear is popping like mad now--along with the itch in the left; is that good? At work I was offered another cactus burrito, and got invited to the Phoenix Open. I took the burrito. A very slow day. I got updated on lots of work gossip. Only talked to 19 people on the phone. Fry's has the "Bowling For Columbine" DVD on sale for $10; I went and got it after work. Also looked at computer cases; hmmm. Home to cook the yummy garlic 'shroom taters--excellent stuff. Then there was good snuggle, showers, and I'm just sitting here. I've made my calls, okay? If somebody wants to call me BACK and suggest a party--I'm game. Otherwise, screw all of you--I am MY OWN party, and I don't need any other people messing it up for me...Turns out that Pool Guy had been called out of town to do work--but we didn't know that yet. So we were just sitting in on Friday night. Was going to watch "Bowling...", but girlfriend didn't want to. So I just did some GT2; I had fun (MY OWN party). Bed around 11. It was tough to sleep. But I got up
Saturday morning for work. I wanted to be in a good mood, but I was being terrorized. I got really frustrated; I even threw my headphones once--and THAT'S not like me. Oh yes, baby, I was thinking that I might be going to the bar early on Saturday. I was even already thinking about how I was going to sell it to Static Girl. Got home and started hugging on her. I hugged on her alot, actually. Then I cleaned the kitchen; yeah, she knew I was going out. Then Pool Guy called. We were drinking before 4:30; I'll be trashed by 8. Took a ride together, and we ran into "B". Stopped at his house for a break; wow, we like "B". I was all dizzy then--for sure. Back to the bar to continue the pinball and golf slaughter, I think. I'll have to check with Pool Guy and see how I did after that ride. I was trashed by 8--just like I planned. Killer. Came home and made 'fake Triscuit nachos' (there's a band name for ya). Crunch, crunch, and crash. Up
Sunday for work. We're going to work a full 6 hour Sunday shift, and STILL get to see the whole Super Bowl. I haven't had a shower since Friday afternoon, and I still don't stink. Ha! I did some thought-organizing on the way to work, and asked for a good day. Then came the good news AT work: we got thousands of new #'s; yay! I got 2 Leads. What a great day! Let me tell you about my ride from work; no, read about it in the new Sidebar. Didn't come home though; nope, we went straight to Safeway to get a rack of ribs. Also bought some chips and stuff to make more dip. I might be staying here for the game. I have tons of stuff to do. With "Legion of Boom" in the background, I am signing off for now. Go Patriots!..Wow what a game! Girlfriend said "Don't you have to go somewhere?" (she didn't like my yelling at the tv--she never does). So after my excellent garlic/salsa/cheese dip experiment, I headed to the bar for the 2nd half. Called Pool Guy and threatened his life if he didn't come up there, but he never showed. So I came home after the game.

Sunday 1-25-2004...

Sunday night had me staying in. As I went to bed, I could tell that there would be no sleeping. Pills didn't even help. Part of the problem is the bed, part is my back, and part of it is being on the front lines of the spiritual warfare. I did read some more in the 'Present Darkness' book; that's getting good. I asked for help, while laying awake in bed, and at times I felt some relief. Up
early Monday, 'coz you don't need to snooze if you ain't sleeping anyway. Coffee, bagel, and at work sitting next to cool "L" again; she and I have already traded e-mails once. Another slow day, with no sleep, and my temper was short again (gee, imagine). I wound up mouthing off at my great Supervisor "C"--even though it was meant to be funny. I have no excuse. X-man came to my aid, and I remained employed. Ended as a zero again, but I'm more concerned about surgery 2maro. Went to Zia and bought the new Crystal Method "Legion of Boom". Stopped by the gym to tell them that I was going home to sleep, also helped a sweet older lady find her doctor's office, and headed home to cook leftovers. Then it was nap time. After 2 hours, I got up to go help push TPG's car down to the dealership. But now he doesn't want to push the car; he wants to go down there and "talk" to them. I had agreed to push a car, NOT EVEN get out of mine, and come back home to be with my baby. I had not agreed to go down there and waste an hour of my life sitting around for nothing. This is the LAST and FINAL FREAKING time I'm going to let some other idiot's idea screw up my plans and waste my time; thank you. Now, from the pages of 'making the most of a dumbass situation', TPG and I finally did get to do some talking about HIS mental problems, HIS poor decision-making and planning, and HIS bad luck. We ARE best friends, and even though he CAN be a complete moron--to the 3rd power--frequently, part of my job is to help him through it. So at least THAT part was good. Then I'm back home, to snuggle on the greatest woman in the galaxy, and settle in for a quiet night. No food or drink of any kind after midnight; bummer. Have I EVER slept without a glass of water? Let's just hope I can sleep at all...
Yes, we slept fairly well. Up at 9:45 to get ready to go get my ear cut off. No coffee, no breakfast, nothing, grrr. I even threw a small fit in the parking deck--because we didn't do it the smart way I wanted to. But Static Girl is very tolerant of me, and we got me admitted to get sliced. When I woke up, all of the news was good! It was easy, not nearly as complicated as expected, and no more surgeries are predicted; it's about as good as news can be. I ate bread on the way home, then drank coffee, ate ice cream, and played some GT2. Now we're going to open up the latest box from S. Cackalackey! What a box! I got a yo-yo, and some killer gum; lots of fake CD's too. Static Girl cleaned up; chocolate and art supplies, and tea! Later; first Static Mama calls to check on me, and then Static Grandma called to check on me. That was sweet; they like me. Honestly I've already forgotten most of Tuesday. Answered some e-mails and cleared out about 30 dead addresses from my file. Wound up going to bed pretty early. It was tough to sleep with the football-sized gauze tumor on the left side of my head. It's loud in there, and it's holding back a gallon of ooze, too. This would totally suck if I wasn't conditioned for life-long ear problems ALL the time. But I slept, and I slept well...Up
Wednesday after almost 3 hours of snooze-buttoning. Coffee, computer, newspapers, washed dishes, cleaned some glass, and played a monster round of GT2. Slow day with no ear complications. Cooked some garlic taters, and REALLY tested Static Girl's garlic theory; she's right--you can't have too much garlic. That's why she's 'the smart one'. Highlander and great snuggle. Then the pinball bugs bit. I also took TPG up to (finally) pay off our mechanic. Then we headed for the bar. I gave him my first talk on stress release; he tried to twist it into me not doing the business (cute). Then it was time to play games with Pool Guy. I ruled everything; as it should be. There's no open and close in my left ear, but there is some noise. I have hums, buzzes, hisses, railroad crossing clangs and radio static; so it's exciting. We stayed pretty late; you COULD say that we stayed TOO late, but I slept until noon today. Ha! A little hungry on the way home, and you know what that means; Whoppers! What little sleep was groggy, and I'm up
Thursday morning. No shower, of course (ear), and I'm not hungover--but I don't feel good. My limited prayers were answered at 8:15 when I got a Lead! Now I feel better. My ear is ugly; but nobody is grossing out. Maybe if I pick at it and make it bleed. The music is good today; wish I could hear it better. And can I have my taste buds back, please? I should just be ecstatic that I can talk with no pain. Later, with that Lead I feel so much better. I'm looking forward to doing some shopping and making a good dinner (could I be any more of a girl?)... I brought a new purse home--with some groceries. Dinner was great; another lettuce-less salad. And I cleaned the kitchen. I'm even gonna start "gelling" 2maro. Watch out; 'coz I have now taken a shower, too. Woo-hoo. We will eat some pills and get some sleep tonight. Pool Guy wants to party early. Watched Scrubs, checked e-mail, and went to bed by 10:30. Laid there and organized thoughts for awhile. Some things became clearer; like how important X-man's work is. Up
Friday for work; got to sit next to X-man again. I even had some decent sleep. Feeling pretty good, I even got a Lead early; yay. Started writing a poem about how telelmarketers DO get the last word; here's the problem: with 2 above-average poems ALREADY this month, I don't want to put up/write out just an "average" one. Even if MY average is considerably better than THE average, average still sucks. However, I will keep working on the telemarketer poem...but it's going to need a big finish. U2 and Peter Gabriel music at work; nice. Oh yeah, and when my ear starts itching, I want to cram some steel wool in there on a toothbrush and DIG! Grind, twist, thrust, scoop, and yell "HA!". They should have let me spackle it off months ago. But the itch may mean it's healing, and some pressure may have been released today. I left work, and went to get some groceries; no surprise cole slaw for my girlfriend. Boo. Then it's home to cook ramen, and talk to my FCP. Girlfriend isn't feeling well, so we had short snuggle, and then another shower! This just in; I like showers! And we're heading up early to meet with the Poolest of guys. It's a party; and he may have beaten me in the golf challenge. We rode and picked up TPG; then back for more golf. My party tolerance is dropped while my ear whistles and beeps. So we finished early; and even though I was hungry there were NO Whoppers. I came home and devoured leftovers. Went to sleep, woke up
Saturday, and now my ear is "whooshing" like I'm listening to a beach shell. Called in to work, I think phone work is going to take today off. My balance is messed up again, too. I don't like calling in on a Saturday; oh well...And I didn't even enjoy it like a day off. However, it was an off day. I couldn't get my mood right, and I felt really blah. Luckily I read an article in BottomLine Health that cheered me up. And I typed some stuff out. I never actually got to race GT2, but it's okay. And when bedtime rolled around, I did get some more good sleep. Up
Sunday in better shape; I will work today. But it IS Sunday, and I'm not expecting much. Had a great ride in to work, but then at work I couldn't get centered again. I was really confused. No Lead. After work I got busy. Went to Checker to get new wipers and fuses. And to shop at the 99cent store. While at the 99cent store, they played the "Pinky and the Brain" song. I'd never heard that song in public before. Now I'm in a good mood; where was this earlier? We are making the official jump to soy milk; now you know. Home to pay bills, clean in the bathroom, and TPG called a few times--because he's been trapped in his apartment all weekend. Say it with me; "awww". It ain't my fault, dude; but 'coz I'm the greatest best friend in the world, I took him to the grocery. Then I'm at home eating veggie chili and watching Mitch H.'s comedy special again; he's funny. With my wavy ear noise, now I'm in here trying to catch the computer up. No party tonight; maybe a party 2maro.

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