I'm the guy on the phone
You were just talking to.
And I've got a very
Special present for you.

Yes, you did win the "battle"
When you hung up on me.
But this war is not over
As you will soon see.

700 calls, and
The power is all mine.
You dweebs still don't get it
And by me that's just fine.

I promise more fights
Coming in this verbal spar
The ultimate smart missle;
My power of "R".

It's called the "redial button"
And it does one thing;
It guarantees that your phone
Will once again ring.

And, another day you'll
Feel better than just now
There's plenty other people
to call anyhow.

You scream and slam hang up;
We just snicker and wink
Maybe one more call will
Send you over the brink.

We live to hear fits thrown
And smile while you yell
Your anger simply
Entertains us for a spell.

We're annoying? And intrusive?
Us? Is that so?
Tell us more, and with passion;
For we want to know...

But save some for tomorrow
When again we'll play
Redialing the retards
Who cussed us out today.

W. C. Davis


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