More Old Personal News

(for the week that ended somewhere around...)

Sunday 11-2-03, 2003...
More like Tuesday night, 11-4-03, 2003

Back from the Wild Oats (based in Boulder, CO, according to Static Dad) lunch, I felt profound in Gus with my baby. Home to try to call everybody; did talk to my Dad--he weighs 205 now? Dad and me, at the same weight; I bet that he looks BIG. My back is killing me, or maybe I'd be up at TPG's breaking copyright laws and doing laundry. Even with all the sleep, and lots of coffee, I started passing out on the Warped Tour. So I came in here for a little nap. Nap good; pain better, but it still hurts. The rest of the world had a time-change today, but not us. Thought about a bar trip, but the urge just isn't there. I did very well last night to play so many hours of pinball that the "pinball bugs" just aren't biting tonight; and I'm still golfed out from being pimp-smoked by Pool Guy. To me, the bar has many values; it's a dream-world, escape, beer and smoke hall, pinball and golf arena, big-screen sports encounter, and place to coordinate my rides around the block from. But UNLIKE my days at the old job, if I don't feel the urge to go, then I don't go. My job is okay; and I have a beautiful home life with an incredible woman; the rest of you idiots should be so lucky. As I tucked in my baby, I told her that I wish there was something I could do, art-wise, that no man has ever done for a woman before; she deserves that. What a gorgeous concept, though I have nothing but pain pills and droopy eyes to work with.
(In this semi-lost space here--cut and pasted elsewhere--I began an attempt of short-atention-span "trick-lines", also known as "doubles". I'm not going to sit here and try to explain to you how hard it is to write WELL when you're zonked out; you writers should already have some experience with that. There were more than 2 GOOD incomplete and incoherent "flashes" during these 20 minutes of soft focus. Wait until this Tuesday, 10-28-03, my last day off of this writing season, and SEE if I don't have something decent for her/you then. In between now and Tuesday will be some back pain, a workday, and a party night--just as it should be.)
Crashed hard, pretty darn dizzy Sunday night, and up
Monday morning with an extra hour of sleep. My back hurts, but not as bad as yesterday; good. I even wore a tie, a clean one, and made it to work on time. It started well enough, I got a Lead in the first 2 hours. On my 2nd Lead, I got to spin the wheel and win some $. Talked to Cert, he's going to help out. After work, later now, I headed for the gym to tell them that I just don't feel good enough to exercise. My new trainer Z-man understood, and I'll come back strong on Wednesday. Then to get groceries for my baby's dinner; I'm broiling mushrooms in butter, then adding mixed veggies and crumbles. Dinner was excellent; ask her, she thanked me like 5 times. FCP called; she says that another package is on the way--cool. Then the tiredness hit me. I foresook all (what?) to go have a couple of hours sleep on my side. Awoke close to 7, and I felt much better. So maybe we miss snuggle, and maybe that's okay in the bigger picture--maybe I want to redirect some of that energy. Now it's a tad after 7, and the Chargers are playing football in Tempe right now, trying to give the fire victims a rest in California. I should go up to the bar and see a little...Oh yes; this worked out well. I got my pinball fix in early; paid $1.50 before winning my first game. Then it's golf time with Pool Guy. I was tired of losing to him, so I beat him. Then we played on the card, and he's now unbeaten in 4 games on the card--I don't want to talk about it. It's going to be an early night, and it was; I chose to burger boogie on the way home (again). Watched a little tv, and crashed. Up
before 10 am on Tuesday. There are so many things I can do today, but I wanted to go back and look at Sunday night's pain pill pairs. With coffee, I go check...hello baby! I wrote all this? Did we know that I had already finished the hard part (flashes; remember the flashes)? I mean, we're almost already done. With incredibly minor tweaking, we have By Design. Next! I mean, well it's only noon. What else do we want to slap around? No, wait, I don't know if 6 hours of pinball is such a good idea. Oh bad. Oh very bad. I need some sense of reason to come through quickly here. Perhaps I'll call my FCP and see what she thinks. No; more bad, she'll say I deserve some pinball. No wait. She'll ask me if I'm really happy with what I wrote for Static Girl. She'll ask me to grade it, honestly. Okay, hang on. More bad, because those 6 pairs are exceptionally sweet; sweet in the "awww" romantic sense--which is exactly what we were going for. I don't like to give myself "A" grades; hell, in almost 6 years of radio, I only gave myself 2 or 3 "A"-grade shifts. By Design is a short but strong B+; that's all we can give it. Now do we want to try to write more, or go trash the day? You tell me, Mr. Last Day Off in October; Mr. Just Wrote Another Poem, what is important to you? Boy do I make bad choices. Talked Pool Guy into meeting me, and it was an 8-hour adventure in the bar. I left Static Girl a note, bragging that I even wrote her a poem, but she saw it all as my not wanting to spend time with her. Bummer. (And SINCE my girlfriend is so incredibly wonderful, and because we usually DON'T have lapses in communication like this, I am going to take the FULL blame here. I chose to trash the day--I did not choose to miss time with my baby--that was just a by-product of bar games. Bad W C; bad.) I got home after 10, and went to bed soon after. Up
Wednesday for work. This was interesting--and I finally got a water bottle! I got in no trouble, and even calmed down a couple of people who were wound up. 2 Leads will keep me employed for 1 more day. Cert couldn't come through for me, but I gave him a ride home, and he gave me a shampoo sample. To the gym by 3; I was worried about trying to get home to my baby--I don't even know she's mad at me yet. With my back hurting, I decided to try to "work it out". Good idea; very good. Until Captain Crash slapped the 180 lbs. on the leg press; what was I thinking? But the overall workout idea was good; it's almost 9 pm now, and I'm almost pain-free. So I got home at 4 today to get the note from my Rift that I am now "Mr. Whatever", and I didn't want to spend time with her. Boo. I started cooking and cleaning immediately; perhaps I can save myself. Ramen crumbles to the rescue. She came home after 5, and we got to talk. She's still a little disappointed, but she liked dinner, and there was hump day snuggle! Yay. Going to start back at pocket money 2maro; the record label is as disappointed with me as I am with them. Huh? Hey; I wish E-Rock and friends the best. I haven't said it in a couple of years folks, so here you go--for the record; it ain't me who needs the music business--it's the freakin' music business that needs me. Buh-bye. I took Gus out for a fill-up and some cool engine treatment from Checker. Now I'm home with hours of UFO shows and PTI to entertain me. how can I be hungry again? Another sample of ramen crumbles couldn't hurt, and we watched most of the tv stuff--lots of repeats. Crash and up
in fair shape Thursday; why does my back continue this dull tinge of pain? It's like the first rounds of heartburn; yuck. But I dressed nice for work, and sat in strange positions trying to not let the discomfort be the focus. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I did get 1 Lead though, so I guess I still have job #1. Left said job #1 and headed to pocket money. What a fun little distraction it can be. I need more books. 2 Star burgers for dinner; we picked up some Halloween candy, and headed home by 6. More back pain; I even tried to go to bed at 7 pm because I just didn't want to be awake anymore. Can't sleep. I've been to bed 3 times now; still can't sleep. This is getting ridiculous. Asleep? Deranged? What? Up
Friday morning, Halloween, for work. If you had told me that I would get 3 Leads, be top-producer in my Sector, putt twice for a total of $13, and have almost no back pain (comparitively), I would have laughed at you. But since all of this happened, I don't know what to say. It was a good day. Then we went to workout--no leg stuff though. Home to cook up more yummy mushrooms, and rice this time. Good snuggle, and I'm heading to the bar to meet up with Pool Guy. TPG shows up, wanting to go to the more expensive bar. I wanted money, and to park Gus--thinking that they wouldn't comply--but they did. Damn. 5:30 am my back was hurting again; too much for work. Static Girl tried to save me, but oh well. I'm going to need a Dr.'s note; not a problem. I did a load of laundry, then it rained on us. I cooked some excellent fried taters; Static Girl would have none of them. Decided to go to Kinko's and make Dr.'s note copies, shhh. Then I went to the bar. It was meant to be a solo pinball adventure; just me and the 2nd half of the GA/FLA game. Pool Guy showed up with his kid, "L", and then TPG showed up, too. I get no solo time. Cold french fries. Pretty soon it's time to come home--after lots of deep thoughts (special thanks to waitress goddess Amy)...I need to talk to Mom, TPG, and get the business going, all while keeping up good energy at work. Okay. So I came home at 8 and went to bed at 9; heavily medicated. Heavily. Zzz. Up
Sunday morning in fantastic shape. Huh? No; really. It's almost as if I ate real food yesterday, and drank no beer, and um, I felt good. No; really. Went to work; wound up with 2 Leads--tops in my Sector again! I explained back pain problems to my Supervisor--he's all cool with me. This was a fun day at work. No; really! You're waiting for a punchline about drunk boy losing 3 hours in the bathroom, or waking up on the floor for the 20th time--or not waking up until 11 am or something; but this was actually a pretty good and coherent day. Then to the grocery, and home to call Mom. Would you believe...a great talk with Mom! Unfreakinbelieveable! (when you make up interjections--you can spell 'em however the "freak" you want) Then I'm heading to TPG's to talk and do laundry, but...he's not there. He's with Pool Guy at the expensive bar. I did my laundry and came home. Now Pool Guy is at the cheap bar, and I'm going to go join him. Guess I'll have to finish this on Monday. Sorry; 2 bars from now I may regret this...
No, we got to sleep by 1 am, so on Monday we awoke with no major difficulty. To work, and work was hurting even worse than my back--'coz my back only hurt a little. More zeroes than heroes, and I was no hero. Erugh. I was at work when I discovered that today was 11-3-03. Then to workout, still being gentle with my back. Then home to create a new vegan yum-yum dish. Mushrooms, black beans, and leftover hash browns made the most wonderful meal ever. Clean sheet snuggle, too! Then we opened our big box from S. Cackalackey--lots of cool stuff. Afterwards, instead of writing a commentary about the 21st anniversary of my big car wreck, I went looking for Pool Guy at the bar. Nope. But we had a great football game. I even said 'hello' to E-Rock; I still like the guy. Home, feeling guilty, and to bed by 12. Up
early to lay there and contemplate. Then we went to work. Took a road rather than a highway, and it may actually be faster; confirmed by Verifier "S", who is apparently also my neighbor up here--by Del Taco. I did get a Lead, so that dropped the back pain a bit. Hey...we remembered that Tuesday is "Taco Night" at the Del; it became a chant at work. Then to get a little pocket money, and a stop at home to thank and kiss on my incredible woman, make lunch, and then go to...Taco Night! 9 tacos would make any guy happy to crunch. Then I'm coming home to try to catch all of this computer stuff up. What; have I been drunk for the past 4 days? Wait; don't answer that. Yeah; let's neither ask nor answer right now. Quick; change the subject.

Sunday 10-26-03, 2003

Yes; tv time. Wound up watching alot of the "Taken" Sunday night show with my girlfriend; that's a great series. Then I crashed. Up
in good shape for work Monday. Unfortunately the calls were pretty weak. I tried to stay positive, but it was tough. Somehow, in the last hour, I wound up with 2 Leads--proving that "anything can happen at any time" (let's try to remember that a single phone call CAN shape the entire day). Then it's time to go workout. I jumped up the weights on the 2 pulling exercises; from 105 to 120. That felt good (it won't 2maro). Then we're heading home to make dinner. Then it's great snuggle, and I'm heading for football at the bar. The original plan was to party responsibly. However, Pool Guy was there, and the blow-it-out party began. By the time
Tuesday morning happened, I was hurting inside and out; with heartburn, too. So I stayed in bed until 11 am. Went grocery shopping, and came back for light housework, and to cook more wacky potatos. Talked to my FCP 2wice again, which is always sweet. Life is not too bad, although it could be better. I'm having doubts about bar promotions, and who knows what's really up at job #1? But I did get my insurance card and bank statements in the mail, so maybe that'll help with my sanity. Who knows? Taped a bunch more alien/conspiracy shows, but quit watching tv to write a little, and went to bed right after 10. Up
Wednesday morning at 3:30, just laying there in bed. No more sleep for me. I'm actually typing at 4:30, wow. Coffee, too. Go me. To work a tad early. They want a Dr.'s note for yesterday, okay, but I explained that my schedule had no days off. This was another roller coaster day of emotions, sitting in between 2 new cool people. Rumblings of change, and talk of other employment opportunities stay constant in the labor side of MIC--management sort of forces us into that. In the final hour of chaos (flying stuffed animals), I finally did nail down 1 Lead. Thank goodness. Then it's workout time. I got a note, and did some sweating. Ow. Then it's home to whip up some fantastic veggie burritos for my baby and me. We watched Highlander; I cleaned the kitchen during commercials, then it's snuggle time. She got distant afterwards, and kind of disappeared into her room; she actually went to sleep early. I was kind of interested in watching Roger Clemens do his last ever start of a baseball game; it looks like he will get no decision--he did get a standing ovation in Florida after 7 innings; very classy. Went and hugged Static Girl awake and got to do a nice bedside chat with her, and I fed the piggies. It's the 11th inning of World Series game 4 right now; Pool Guy called; he is at the bar--pulling hard for me to come and join him--but not tonight. Somebody should be impressed that I denied the urge. Have I mentioned that my arms hurt? Yeah, ow. Okay. Go Marlins! Gonzo homers in the 12th, good job. I am bed-bound. Up
in good shape for Thursday morning--even enough time for some coffee. I wanted badly to be in "Top Gun" mode, and I did okay. Today will be our extended training, after I finish with 3 Leads--the #2 person in our Sector. The training was actually quite helpful, this should have been done after a month of employment there. So I was heading home in a pretty good mood. Found a damsel in distress in the middle of an intersection, and pushed her car out of harm's way--I'm chivalrous. Then to the bank for another printout of balance--I'm going to find the money tonight. Finally home after 4, Static Girl wasn't too worried. I explained the training, damsel, and bank; and then ate yesterday's burrito leftovers. Then it's off to my room for the big math encounter...I have to admit when I'm wrong, so I will. I found $67.01 of the missing $77.01 to be (possibly) my fault. In honor of being a dumb-dumb, I will write off the other $10 and proclaim that the bank has NOT stolen any money from me (but I really wanted to be right). And so it was going to be a solo party night; just me and A-13 pinball (or so I thought). The left flipper is completely messed up; I can still roll out decent scores, and I DO enjoy the skilled effort of only using the left flipper when obviously necessary, but this is now a waste of money with no chance of replays. As soon as I started to feel the disappointment, Pool Guy showed up. Now it's a golf tournament. He beat me 2wice on the card; I have no excuses. Beer, beer, and beer came to visit again. The Marlins looked good. As we left, the guy came to fix A-13 pinball, so maybe we'll check it out on Friday--the scores were reset, so I do need to go up over the 2.4 billion preset again. I wound up in "Whopper" mode, erugh, and spilled a glass of water in the living room; stuff happens. Sleep was wonderful; I woke up
Friday morning at 6:30 am, with my back hurting, and thinking 'hey, I'd already be on the phones now', and was glad to have the day off. I feel washed out. What was I going to do today? So I'm just wandering around in my underwear. Maybe I'm not doing anything today until workout time. Hey look; I'm on the computer. My back still hurts, too. Went for the final workout with Mike. Then home to cook tater veggie dogs for my baby again. We ate, and watched an hour of crazy UFO stuff, then it's good snuggle time. Called Barney to see about supplies, and then I'm off to play some pinball. It only took a game or 2 for me to get 3.933 billion; I like A-13. Pool Guy shows, and now it's another golf tournament. He won 2 out of 3, and he sucks. Home early, not Whoppers again; we taped the "Kecksburg" conspiracy show. Crashed before midnight. Up at
4:30 Saturday to brew coffee. Worse back pain--I don't need this. Gotta go. Off to work at 6 am. It started really slowly, but I had a good attitude. I watched as other people made incredible progress; I sat on a zero. Finally I got a Lead, had lunch, and felt a little better. By the time the day was over, I had 3 Leads; Cert helped me on the phone at quittin' time, and I wound up with 4 for the day. For his help, I gave Cert a ride home--got to see his closet of an apartment. He fired me up, and showed me his Liam Lynch DVD. Nice. Driving home I got caught in one of those "human sheep" highway stoppings. It took awhile to get home; I got off the highway and squiggled up 7th street. Squiggled? Okay. But I got home. Static Girl was vegging on the couch; get it? She's vegan; oh, never mind. I said we should watch the Kecksburg UFO thing; she agreed. That was a good show. I ate peanuts. Afterwards, it's already game 6 "Go Marlins" time. I asked her nicely, 3 times, if she wanted me to stay in/do anything with me. She made it clear that she didn't care to keep me around. So I'm loading up for a minor solo pinball party night. I will get more 3 billion scores; more orbit loop specials, more more more. This is almost too easy. I got another 3.814 bil, and a 3.609 bil. I guess that 4 billion is my next plateau. Well, that and getting past every feature on the board (8 of them?), to find out what happens next. I like A-13 pinball; TPG said he didn't think it would take a month for me to have it mastered, and it didn't. I never played golf tonight, so I didn't spend a whole lot of money (I need to remember this little "trick"). 3 nights in a row, Whopper me home baby! Passed out, and up
Sunday at 9:30 am to...horrid, gruesome back pain. The type of pain that makes you buy a new bed; wait, I did that. So I looked at the current sleep surface, and we have a new valley of V-shaped gravel. My first chore was to flip the bed; now it looks better. I remember this pain; this is like heartburn pain. It's the pathetic, 'I'm just going to have to deal with it for now' type of situation that there is no escape from--so you just try to keep a good attitude and be thankful that you can move at all. Talk about profound pain, and at the end of the writing season, too. So we've got coffee, and we're listening to the STT-made classic rock disc from what, 1999? Sure. I so wanted for band promotions to go better than the mess they have become. That's another confrontation for this week. Goin' back to plasma may be the trick; plus, that helps out strangers. So what's next here? Food, clothes, shoes, phones; lots of choices. Man...Almost talked TPG into going to the Wild Oats salad bar; but it wound up just being me and the Static Chick. We ate cool stuff, and then shopped for cool stuff; we like the Wild Oats grocery. Now we're home, and the back still hurts--but not as much. Next.

Sunday 10-19-03, 2003

Stayed in Sunday night, leading to an early enough Monday morning for a little bit of coffee (yay!) and to work. The new computers messed up on us a couple of times; we got to take a few breaks. I never actually got a Lead. Oh well. I was more interested in going to workout--which went very well. My trainer is having some relationship concerns; he appreciates that I can be intelligent with advice. My arms hurt. Home to cook ramen crumbles, and then I got tired. Decided to take a nap, very nice, and have delayed snuggle; sweet. At 8 pm, Pool Guy calls from the bar, on TPG's phone, and says to come and party. Not my idea, but I went. Distant TPG stands around for awhile and then leaves--I'm going to quit worrying about his crap. It's a party. Fun golf, weak pinball. Last call; woo. Home to crash, and up
at 5 am. I could have gone to work, but decided to lay out because my stomach was not happy. Slept until 10, then had coffee. Decided to call my FCP, and she said we should talk in a couple of hours, so I got productive. Went to the bank to find out that I will need to call Customer Service to figure out my dilemma. Then to Quiznos for my first sub there; yummy. Then to go get my haircut short, and home to sweep + mop the kitchen. Figured out that my balance isn't messed up until after 6-1-03, so that helps a bit. Maybe we'll get all this money junk figured out yet; ha. During the 2nd chat with my FCP today, she got her birthday package (from me) delivered. Cool. We talked about how I need to go to an art museum. Okay. And now I'm sitting here at 4 pm. Ate leftovers with my honey, and saw some of the Marlins comeback win over the Cubs while taping UFO shows on Sci-fi. Later I had a nice talk with Static Girl about how we should do more in our lives. Crashed, and was up
for work Wednesday; more seat-shuffling. But this wound up being a pretty good day; 3 Leads. After work, it's time for a short workout and then the Dr.'s appointment. The appointment ran way late, so I didn't get to be home and cooking in my underwear for Static Girl. She made vegan machoroni--no real cheese in that; it was tasty. Then it's snuggle time; and then game 7 of Cubs/Marlins. At least I own a Marlins shirt to wear this weekend; poor Cubbies. I wound up at the bar playing stuck-flippered Apollo 13. Then the guy came out to fix it, and now it works well. Played alot of pinball; 750 million is a well-earned replay score. Home after midnight to make garlic cracker nachos; yum. Crashed, and up
10:30 am-ish Thursday for coffee and newpaper. Trying to figure out what to do now...Called the bank; they're sending out more statements--so we can try to figure out where they lost my money. Went to the grocery and drugstore, priorities, and then came home to cook vegan chili--very tasty. Now I will try to not kill anybody, and get paid to smoke cigarettes. Wish me luck...At least I didn't kill anybody. The big game 7 Yankees/Red Sox had started, so I went to the bar for some pinball before my trek to south Phoenix. Pool Guy shows up, and plans changed. The game was good, too, and we stayed and watched it while golfing. We just played way too late--especially if I plan to work in the morning. Came home and found it, so of course I gulped a big pile of chili. Later I woke up on the floor again. Then the heartburn kicked in; I was not one with the "visions of sugarplums", okay? How did I wake up
Friday morning on time? Elephino, but I did. All that chili led to a waste-management seminar in the shower--I couldn't believe I was considering going to work. But if I missed work, I would lose my attendance bonus on the final day of the pay period. So I went. Damn the torpedos; full speed ahead. This was a tough day by any standards. Many good people ended with zero; I had company. I did not have to leave work early for any reason--and this is a good thing. So then it's time to workout; my trainer leaves next week to go sell furniture. Huh? Whatever. Then it's time to create the earlier envisioned (in a stirring mental tribute to my awesome girlfriend) "meat and potatos", which becomes 'hot dogs and french fries', which becomes 'fried veggie dogs with potato chunklets' (I am so cool). Yummy, and the food was good, too. Then it's snuggle time; unfortunately girlfriend may have been tense and frustrated--I couldn't complete my chores. But then it became the double snuggle of MY dreams; color me happily shocked. Later I got to talk to her about the mental tribute from earlier; I like to appreciate women. I need a woman who can just stop and enjoy being appreciated in little bursts. Static Girl fits that in most applications--because she hasn't been appreciated very well--and she appreciates being appreciated. This is such a subtle trick, but it does begin to explain the enviable natural cohesion that we have. I even think she understood it when I was telling her. So can you believe we're living this well, after waking up at 2:30 this morning on the bathroom floor again? Just wait, it gets even better. We loaded up for an extreme party night with Pool Guy; cocktails, supplies, AND reserves. He's at the bar waiting for me; we're going to rip it up early baby! The left flipper still sticks a little on A-13 pinball, but it can play. I was very proud of getting my new high score; 1.824 billion, the #5 score on the game. And on the next game, playing with Pool Guy, I scored 3.219 billion--blowing away the 2.4 billion preset high score on the machine. I got well over a billion in the "orbit loop" multi-ball; I was on fire. But what about the messed up left flipper? Don't worry about the flipper; pinball machines rarely work perfectly. Now, on golf, I did get beat 2wice in 4 games; my student has grown well. It was finally time to go home. A fairly uneventful sleep-preparation followed, you know, compared to all the other nights this week. I didn't cook, or clean, or tackle anything THIS time. And the next thing you know, I'm up
at 11 am Saturday. Man I am groggy. Wasn't I going to slow down the party train? I'm almost sure I was. Damn I'm having fun, though. Today I want to write a poem, and get 3 Leads at work (I'm working the late shift today, so I could party last night). If I CAN write 1 and get 3, then I AM the man. You understand this, right? I like a challenge. What do we want to write about? I have to go shower...Okay, so I'm not quite the man. I did get a Lead and write 2 verses, though. Heh. I can just stay in tonight, right? Good. I'm tired of having fun all the time; wait, what did I just say? Obviously we are near bedtime. Yes, and up
Sunday morning for work. Wow; all clear-headed, sharp-witted, and quick on the thought process. This won't last long. No, it didn't. I was falling asleep in my chair before 9 am. I couldn't even buy a conversation, much less an actual Lead. This day sucks; except for getting to sit between 2 girls who think I'm cool ("D" gave me a cactus burrito; did you know that we can eat cactuses/cacti?). Then in the final hour I had 3 phone calls in a row that any one of which would have saved the day earlier. Isn't this fun? So we did not end as a zero, yay, and I got home to my Code Red by 2 pm. Now I don't know what will happen, but there's tons of football, and baseball in another hour or 2. Decided to go to the Great Wall buffet with TPG, yum, and later I decided to not have the talk I thought I'd been wanting to have. Since he's on an upswing right now, a long overdue upswing, I'm going to hold off. And then I came home and told my wonderful girlfriend about my decision to remain non-confrontational, and she rewarded me by helping me to nail down my new poem, Fig Dish Became Caviar, which is actually 3 sittings all rolled into one small pile of doody. Now we're going to go upload everything and maybe get some tv time with my honey. Bye.

Sunday 10-12-03, 2003

I got to talk to Dad for a little while, and I had a short talk with TPG. I never let on my disappointment with anybody--that seems to be my SOP now. I want to throw a fit, but maybe I'm not quite as selfish as I used to be. I knew what I would be doing Sunday night; SOLO pinball therapy. Plus, we had the Braves/Cubs game 5, and Sunday night football. JP pinball covered all emotions; there was a 1.179 billion game, as well as a 28 million game that did not last a full minute. At times I felt a little guilty, and at others I felt really good. Came home and went to bed early--like a good boy. Up
for work Monday morning. Got a Lead early, and worked well. Sat next to Clarence, and learned alot. Workout also went well--the leg-press is getting easier. Then home to fix some ramen and crumbles for my appreciative Static Girl. She had gotten off work early to take Tegan to the vet--it's explained on her webpage. Tegan should be okay, and dinner was great; snuggle was also excellent. TPG had no car, so I wasn't worried about him. I was sleeping at 7 pm when he called from the bar. This turned into another major party night--with a twist. The Red Sox won their nail-biter game, yay, and right after the baseball game was over, the Colts came back to beat the Bucs. This was an impressive night for sports; so was last night. Getting another billion score on JP pinball seems so trivial now. This party night had it's usual ending, bad, with it's usual morning after, worse, and Static Girl needs a reward for waking me up
Tuesday morning. But first, let's get through Tuesday. We got some new files at work, and thank goodness; wound up getting a couple of Leads, but I felt rough. This may have been another wake-up call; who knows? So I headed for home, but stopped at the grocery first. While there, I came up with the idea for veggie burritos and avocados. I was cooking up a storm when my baby got home. I thanked her; when I said that this might have been another wake-up call, she laughed and rolled her eyes (she's heard this crap before). I wound up taking a nap; a good one. They tried to pull me out to the bar, but I refused. Maybe tomorrow. So I'm up at 11 pm Tuesday night, listening to the Caviar pre-release CD again. I need to write more. This life is interesting. Lots more sleep, and we're up
Wednesday morning for work. I didn't have good luck with calls. Finally got one Lead, so I didn't end in zero-land. We may all have to start wearing ties everyday--I don't know about all that now--this is still phone sales. Went and worked out, then cruised by the record label; they want me to go pick up a check from a bar. I did; Larry has "Creature" pinball at his Lagerfields bar. Finally home, to a worried Static Girl, at 4:30. I should've let her know I was going to be late. We ate her tricked out pasta (that's not a metaphor--she cooked), and then had wonderful snuggle. TPG's car thought it was ready, but apparently has more issues; he is still car-less. But that's not my real problem. My real problem is that JP pinball has left the building. It has been replaced with "Apollo 13" pinball, another good game--much newer, too. On my first night, Wednesday, I did score a 1.6 billion. But I'm going to need 2.4 billion (wait; let's make that 3 billion) for the #1 score. (TPG wanted me to go to the nudey bar FOR him, for free; he's so cute.) I may have to write some kind of commentary about the forsaken JP pinball machine. I will miss it, but really enjoyed the time I got to fondle it; and I fondled it well. Hmmm. Pool Guy won all but 1 of his many pool games. Home to crash around midnight. Woke up
around 10:30 on Thursday--let's hope that I'm off work today. Oh well. I decided to take today off completely--no bank, no haircut, no brakes; nothing. There was some coffee, a final JP commentary--2 Third Balls in the Park / Farewell (10-9-03 Update), and some strutting around in my underwear--this was MY day. Cooked some good ricey deluxe for my incredible girlfriend--maybe I could appreciate her even more, God knows I don't have to put up with much of the crap that other guys do. Pretty soon the "alone" day is over, and I have to deal with people. First off, it's my babelet goddess roommate; she appreciated that I cooked for her. Then we're watching tv on the warped tour, and TPG calls to let me know that he still has no car--and I need to come and save him again. Walked out to Gus, and both my driver's side tires are flat. What? So I drove slowly down to an air pump, and filled them. They seem to be holding, so I drive 20-something miles out to pick up my best friend. I just feel so tired. He's convinced that we are going to the nudey bar tonight; I am not. Maybe it COULD happen, but I feel extremely tired. I just don't know. Now it's after 9 pm, and I'm staying in. Deal. Sleep before 11, and up
for work Friday. I made it on time; my Sector got to try out the new computers first. Everything is digitally recorded now--so I won't last long at this crap; oh well. But I got a Lead, yay. Bert made a big deal about how big my arms were--that was nice. Then I went to workout; fun. Home to create excellent ricey deluxe for my girlfriend. Everything in our world here was hanging and waiting to find out if we would be needed to go get TPG's car. TPG wound up getting his own ride out to his car, but didn't even bother to let us know; I'm telling you--the boy's mind ain't right. I planned for my regular Friday adventure; I figured that Pool Guy would be there--I was right. He's broke; his friend is broke--none of this surprises me. But, after tonight, I'm going to have to start finance control. It was fun, even though Apollo 13's left flipper is stuck. I got some drugs, even, but not for free. Home way late; wiped out Static Girl's pasta. Passed out, and woke up (again)
Saturday to my girlfriend sitting on my bed and tapping me. She saved me (again) apparently. To work, ugly, and it happened again. I can't even talk, but somehow wound up with 3 good Leads. My paycheck is messed up, but we'll work on that later. Post-work to the bank/grocery, and then home to make more "thank you" vegan burritos for my yummy girlfriend--this just in: she's crazy about me. Now it's 4 pm, and I'm tired. Maybe some coffee to go along with this Fig Dish? I mean; Caviar. Sure. I'm tired, but don't want to nap. UGA/Tenn is on tv. Go Dawgs. I could see doing some painkillers and passing out at 8 o'clock, but that's just me. But that was before UGA started putting the massive "whomp" on. Winning by 30 or 40 points, whatever it was, I had to put on a Guthries (Athens) shirt and head for the bar. Wow; hard to believe, huh? But it was fun. Apollo 13 even played fairly well--just no trickery with the left flipper; I scored a 1.761 billion. 2 became 3, then 3 became 4, and then there was a nightcap game of golf, too. Home by midnight, maybe, and to bed. Up
Sunday morning, no problem. I even felt good. Hugged on my girlfriend, and headed for work. Listened to GLU on the way, because Sunday morning radio sucks lizard balls out here. Pumped and in a great mood, I got 4 Leads--a fantastic Sunday. I was even funny and motivational, too. Now it's almost 3 pm, and I may want some bar-b-que...Okay; we called Mom--that never goes well; bite me. Then I'm going up to TPG's, so that we can go to Honey Bear's bar-b-que. My $20 got me about 10 minutes worth of eating; that's IT! I was still hungry, and I TOLD the guy I was there to judge the ribs; I hope he understands--from a business perspective--that he just lost a good residual customer. Jeez, people are so stupid. Then we went to Zia Records, where I tried to sing the song that's been haunting me to 2 store employees. They actually were not offended by my singing attempt, and one of them nailed it; it's Taking Back Sunday's "Cute Without the E". Thanks guys; so I bought their CD (Tell All Your Friends) for $10 (note to that idiot at the bar-b-que shack; if you work with me--I'll be a great customer). Then it's back to TPG's place to create some havoc/hear some music, and consider the night's possibilities. I'm still tired. It's 8:15, Tex. I have to stay in.

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