Fig Dish Became Caviar

Fly in regular formation, or fly out from the pack
Fight with your battle plan, or spontaneously attack

You're going back to basics, or you're trying something new
These are the only options for whatever you might do
You're a poet, a salesman; a wild bunny acting tame
You're an artist, a showman, a band that changes its name.

Don't try to complicate it; there's only 2 ways to go
You trick a brand new adventure, or stick with what you know
The grass is green on either hill; and dry on both, they are
Traditional or transitional; you choose what you are.

Sometimes bands don't choose the fame; even when they're due
And then their fans misplace the blame; what else can they do?
Fig Dish became Caviar; and the best of old meets new
And this could be spectacular; both fresh, and "tried + true".

W. C. Davis

October, 2003

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