Old Personal News

(starting with the week ending 8-24-03)

Sunday 9-7-03, 2003

Finishing up my Labor Day was a rush of emotions--a micrososm of the past week--where we've never been drunker OR healthier; we're talking to/about/for ourselves constantly. Some of us talked to Mom for an hour. Ate healthy foods; almonds, pineapple, grapes. Convinced Static Girl that she needed some good snuggling, and she'll never admit it--but I was RIGHT! Made a shopping list, and at Safeway we heard "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel. Also got drugs and G-T at Walgreen's. I'm just trying to figure out if I want to go to the bar--because it is apparently open today. Great. Monday night, Labor Day, the bar was open until 11. I would have gone earlier if I had known it was open. Pinball did not go well. TPG and I played crappy golf and called a truce. Cool. I'm feeling kind of woozy here at 11:30. Must maintain control...I did. And I went to bed by 12. Up
Tuesday morn for work. I'm up early; so I left girlfriend a cutesy note. First working day of September, 2003. In the first hour security came and took our Supervisor "L"; she's gone. I don't understand it either. She's easily the 2nd best, or (at worst) the 3rd best Supervisor, and now she's fired. Don't mind telling you that the whole room is terrified; who WOULDN'T be--when the company fires its BEST newbie trainer? She may have been the best overall; remember how she drafted me first? I would definitely draft her first, as well. There is no job security. So I'm torn between making jokes about how we're all still "dropping like flies", and how they can't possibly want to get rid of me. Hey; I got a Lead today--kiss my ass. Networking Javier is a Jesus freak, but I still like him. In a daze after work, scalded my left hand when I threw an outer truck tire ring out of harm's way (on the highway). Then I went to the bank--in search of answers about my balance, but got none. So I definitely needed some bar-b-que. Then I came home. After getting Subway for my Static Tomb Raider, we watched some tv. Later, in my underwear, I would call and possibly nail down a gig for a band again. Ladies; can your man make money, at home, in his underwear, while talking on the phone? My girlfriend was impressed! Now I don't know what to do. Called E-Rock, he's up at the bar, called him to tell him about nailing adown another gig, and he tells me that Pool Guy is up at the bar. So I call TPG, and now I know what I'm doing tonight, and I'm NOT working tomorrow. Fun central. We closed it down; I'm the golf wizard. Home for a balcony trip, and I left notes for Static Girl. It wasn't enough apparently, because she left me a grumpy note in the kitchen. She's very complex. Up
Wednesday at 11:30; sleep is wonderful. Coffee, and workout should follow...I'm digging around, and realize that I must've left my headphones at work. What?! And the bank is screwing me out of $43.80; must balance my checkbook. So I'm frustrated. Balanced my checkbook, and it looks like I am correct right now--not the bank. Go to workout, and called work to find that they HAVE my headphones, yay. Good workout (203 lbs. with no shirt), and now if I can just find out why girlfriend is all pissed. Okay; she's right. I had told her that I WAS going to work on Wednesday, and that she would NOT have to come in my room. So I sorta lied to her; oops. But I cooked her some fantastic leftovers, and then convinced her to be forgiving. Yay. So now I just need to confront the bank and the insurance, and things are looking up. I'm outta here; up to TPG's for laundry and stuff. Check. Talked to my FCP, too; she's still trying to be the good wife. I cooked and cleaned up at TPG's, and am now back home again. I am NOT going out; I did NOT go out. No out gone. See; alcoholics get drunk EVERY night. I take a night off every 10 days or so, sometimes. Hopefully I ate some pills, or shot up, or at least sniffed a highlighter pen. Boring, and to bed. I might have to make up for this extremely boring night on Thursday, you know...
Right; I got lots of sleep--almost 5 hours. And what does it get me? Yawns all day; I'm draggin' and dozin', too. I miss the shivers, and the headache. I can usually count on feeling that heartbeat in my face, too; it paces me. And the people at work are not blurry at all. Did I mention that this is boring? Yeah, we won't make this mistake again. I'm not coming to work sober anymore. Sure; I'm sharp-witted, clever, and hilarious. I look good; clean and dressed up all nicely, and I'm not drooling or wheezing like usual. But I'm TOO sharp; people are hanging up on me because I sound so good. No sales for me...Thank goodness "L" is back--she was only suspended for a couple of days...I'm predicting that I'll be sloshed and "extra crispy" by 9 pm tonight; yeah. Maybe we can have some more of the "mystery-soaked" clothing, as well. After this boring work, we went home to dress down, and then headed to the record label. Almost booked 2, but I probably still sounded too well. Then it's home to hug on the woman. I had cooked rice for her while I was at home the first time; she liked it. For my dinner; a Snickers bar (oh this is going to be a fun night). Then I'm loading up. Sure; there's an NFL game on tonight, and E-Rock and I want to corner Sam into putting a band in there this month too, but we're GOING to the bar for some BEER. Oh my goodness; Pool Guy, HEC, SAL, TPG shows up later--the gang's all here. Glug-glug-glug; puff-puff-puff; who needs 9? I was baked and beer-broiled by 8:30. Home at 11:15. Ate some rice and drank some hot sauce, apparently; that must have been fun. Set my alarm and went to bed. I was happy. Woke up to the alarm blaring; I was crumpled in a heap on the bathroom floor (yes!), with the light on (blinding me), and the water running in the sink (that's our boy!). Panicked about possibly waking up Static Girl (again), I staggered over to the bed and crawled in. I damn sure deserve a couple of 'snoozes'. Got up late; grrr what're they gonna do--fire me? grrr. Almost fell over in the shower, too, and then there were 3 of me in the mirror (allright!). I don't even care if my socks match; perfect. Drove fast, and got to work with minutes to spare. Everybody's blurry; I'm shivering, wheezing, and can't even sit up straight. Talking is "iffy" at best; I certainly don't feel like a phone pro. And then it happened; I got a Lead. In fact, I got the only Lead in my Sector today. Can you believe this? Well I've certainly learned my lesson; I can't come to work coherent. After work, it's time to go workout. Mike got to supervise me a little, and improve my form on a few exercises. He says I shouldn't be obsessed with weighing under 200. Then I'm cruising by the record label to let them know I'll be making some calls this weekend. Got some gas, then I'm heading home to whisk my woman off for an Olive Garden feast. Waiter Kelly was great; he earned his 30% tip. Then we visited the Wild Oats Natural Grocery--what a place! Then we came home for some smoochin', woo-hoo, and I'm getting ready to go to the bar and meet TPG. Would you believe; I had only ONE beer? Stayed till midnight, but only spent $15. Home to unwind a little, and to bed.
Up with the alarms Saturday, but then girlfriend came in for a hug; THIS is how I want to wake up in the morning! Off to work, and it started slow, but now I'm trying to sound a little sloppy. I'd love to get 1 coherent Lead. Wow; and then at 10:30, that happened. I made a list of productive things to do--but did not count on it raining today. I'm going home to take a nap. More later. Nap was good. TPG should have showed at the bar, but never did. BAG boy showed up and took took 4 people for a ride in a car with no turn signals; fun. Then I just played pinball alone all night. Does that sound whiney? I GOT to play pinball ALONE; all night! It was like being 13 all over again--(I got no friends, and I got no women, but I got my pinball smack ON). JP's flippers are getting weak, but it's still the greatest adventure. Home late, hell, we had a nap. Unfortunately I was still very tired on
Sunday morning. I was dragging a bit. Many people were. My eyes really hurt; maybe I have an eye condition? Some people got Leads, and I came close a few times, but it didn't work for me. I had a great final hour--finally awake, but still ended as a zero. Got groceries on the way home, and then it's nap time again--after some chili. Off tomorrow, we shall see what the rest of this night holds.

Monday 9-1-03, 2003

Up good enough Monday morning. There was extra security at work, but I had other things to worry about--like not screwing up. Turns out that about 60% of our workforce got laid off. So far, I was still employed; and an Assistant Supervisor (it won't last). I kept the energy up, and helped out alot. To workout, and raise the weights on almost everything. Then home to cook yummy Top Ramen + crumbles. Good snuggle, and I'm off to party with Pool Guy; TPG should join us soon. It winds up being a BOLD party night leading in to my 1 day off. Up
Tuesday at 10 am to the sound of maintenance coming to fix the A/C. Awake again at noon for 2 cups of coffee and a webpage update. Up to PBS to see Bob and get my back brakes worked on. Bob looks good, his divorce is almost final, and he's been working out, too. My rear axle seals have started leaking, and that's not good. Out and home for a mail check, then some HOT clam chowder, and then I'm up at TPG's doing laundry--still trying to join the business. Apparently there is still some major miscommunication about what TPG is supposed to be doing for me. What the hell ever, dude. If you want to screw me over on the money for the last couple of months where I carried you, then just say so; but quit agreeing to help me--and then later claiming you never agreed to. He's around $100 ahead, and is now upset with me; can you believe this crap? And I helped him right out of my pocket; there was no windfall down here. And he's yelling at me, while I sit there calmly. This is so messed up. Finally got home and to bed by 12. Short sleep again. Up
Wednesday early enough to get all dressed up, tie and all. Go to work to find out that ALL assistants have been demoted back to phone reps. I can't really complain; and we can choose to work 5 days or 6. Supposedly in a month things will get back like they were. Sure. In the meantime, let's dig out that DMS app. But wait a second...if I'm back to just being a phone rep, then I can talk to myself and write; yeah! The writing season is reborn! In fact, kiddies, I finished my almost pretty good 3-day tribute to Static Girl; Miss Apathy. So I'll get one check where I make a wad, and then it's back to being just a great job. Ask yourselves, kiddies; what is MORE important during the writing season--money or time? I don't mind telling you that the old "write at all cost" part of me has surfaced again. I've forgotten what it's like to have 2 days off, too. My new job kicks butt! I ask for a demotion, and they give me one. So I got out of there quickly, time to go workout. And then home to make rice and patties for my quiet companion. Snuggle, and now I'm catching up on my stuff here. Is there a new pinball where JP used to be? Hmmm. Okay; I called up there, and they say that the game has been fixed; a full report will follow. JP pinball rides again! Therapy! Music! Multipliers! T-Rex doesn't bob (insert cute sexual reference here), but everything else is thumbs-up! TPG shows up with BES; there's a shocker. My solo night of pinball therapy is interrupted, but it's nice to see TPG after he was such a moron last night. Playing golf with BES was fun, too. Then I schooled both of them. Moved to Pepsi eventually, and got out before 11:30. Up
early Thursday morning, dressed well enough to be a phone rep, and I'm in a great mood. We're now on the 4th belt hole of the belt that Dad got me for Christmas; now the 4th belt hole is getting loose--there's only one hole left before I have to go buy a smaller belt; I am seriously losing some size here. Yes; did my little thing where I got the first Lead in the room, and then cooled down. But I did get to play first-seater, and had flawless line-changes; thank you (other people weren't so lucky). The MIC soap opera continues; Phoenix Boss Chip has "resigned"; a night Supervisor was also "resigned" for boinking an evening phone rep; oops. I love my job; can't wait till I get suspended for something--and believe me, I will. Then I came home, forgot to eat, and then went to the record label to make some calls. Got paid my first commission, so now I am a professional entertainment broker. Left at 6, kinda disappointed that I couldn't get any other gigs booked. Damn I was hungry. Came home, and immediately walked with Static Queen to get mail. She seems sort of down today, more so than usual. Finally it's time for food, and I ate all of the leftover extreme hot sauce clam chowder. Then I decided to go have my solo pinball night that I didn't get to have last night. I was kicking it, too. I even put up a new #6 score of 780 million, woo. Then SAL comes over and tells me to come save HEC from some dunk guy; what? HEC can take care of himself anyway, but yes, there was some obnoxious drunk ass over there messing with people. So now I'm golfing, again, and losing to HEC on another night that was meant for pinball. Not a problem. SAL even bought me a couple of beers; she wants me. TPG shows up again, too, but I expected as much. It was fun; really. Then I excused myself and went to play pinball, but by then it was late, and my stomach was all messed up. Erugh. I made it home, and to sleep with my gurgling tummy, and then we're up
Friday morning with ass trouble. This is not a drill. Static Girl came in to save me again (she's so awesome), but I had already been up 2wice, flushed 2wice, and had decided to take Friday off (being demoted, I can do this). Unfortunately Static Girl was not happy with my decision, or maybe I mumbled when I said "I have freakin' diahhrea and I'm not going to work today." Maybe TPG is not the only person I'm having trouble communicating with; whatever. So she goes to work all grumpy, slamming doors and stuff; left me a note saying essentially 'no snuggle today'. I woke up at 10 am feeling glorious. Went ahead and sent TPG the e-mail where I call him out on all of his selective memory episodes, and the neglect that I feel from him; then spent a couple of hours typing on this keyboard to my east coast FCP while drinking coffee, milk, and Green Tea (herein: G-T). Then I cleaned the kitchen floor, yuck, and got all set to go workout. This went very well. After working out, I got on the scale. With sweats and shorts on, full pockets, shoes, and a completely sweat-soaked Bulldog/Cure shirt, I only weighed 206. ARN said to take 5 lbs. off of that. I said 'no, but I'll take 1 lb off for the shirt'. So I apparently weigh 205 now; go me. Got some groceries, and came home to womp vittles. Maybe I'm trying to get back in girlfriend's good graces, maybe I'm just happy to have had some sleep, but I cooked doggie veggie AND garlic potatos; it was a feast! So good, apparently, that girlfriend has passed out on the couch; hey she might need some sleep, too. Just in case, I went ahead and shaved, showered, and prettied myself up for her. No snuggle, oh well, and now I'm in here typing again; wondering if I should even attempt to go have another pinball adventure that's sure to be interrupted. Man I have issues. Yeah I went to play pinball. And Pool Guy was already there. E-Rock came to tell me that I nailed down another gig for another band, and another commision. Pool Guy and I moved to golf again, and I ruled all. MCL, a potential future employer with MasterCard, also got in with us. Fun night; too much beer, usual. Home late, and somehow up
Saturday morning to feel like total death. Complete death. To work, even though I can't talk. My issues are that none of us are Asst. Supervisors anymore; yet our Sector Supervisors expect us to do all the things we used to do--even though now WE must get Leads to stay employed. I'm torn. No Lead for me today, awww. Then I went and deposited my check, and came home to cook more potatos. I like garlic-taters. I'll get my work situation worked out at work. I want to ravage my girlfriend and then take a nap; she'll have none of it. Damn her new little shiny game-book-computer thingy; a Palm? Is that what you morons call them? Palms? I'm going to hold out for the "crotch", okay? "Palms"; you people crack me up. It's early, but I could drink (famous last words)...Oh my goodness. So at 5 pm I went up to Sam's for some solo pinball; the same solo pinball that I have failed to achieve the last 3 days. This went well; including a 1.214 billion game. Then I went for a ride by myself, and came back for 1 game of golf. During this game of golf, Pool Guy shows up--the plan to go home early is in jeopordy. Golf and pitchers, then Pool Guy convinces me that we need to go to Big Daddy's and play their golf game. So we did. At Big Daddy's, where TPG has never been (as far as I know), TPG shows up! More golf, more pitchers. Are we really dumb enough to go to a 3rd bar, too? Apparently so. Remember how we wanted to go to bed early, and get lots of past-due sleep for a decent Sunday? Remember? So I got home at 1; don't remember exactly how, either. I'm just praying that Gus is somewhere close. Somehow up
Sunday morning for work. My head was squeaking, and I could hear my eyelids blink, ooo, and I was shivering and trying to shake it off. If I hadn't called in on Friday, I would have today; I'm a rational drunk. To work, and it's ugly. Not only is it a slow day for everybody, but I can't even talk. Somehow I got a Lead; and it was the only one in our Sector. My eyes hurt. I tried to be funny, but it was sad. Aww. Out, and to Walgreen's. Forgot the main thing I went for--can't even remember it now. Home to eat rice and vaccum; Static Girl will sit with me and watch "Sportsnight" on DVD; I was VERY smart to have bought that DVD set for TPG. Before I pass out again, I guess I should go up to the bar; right? I am a genius, you know? Pool Guy is waiting for me up at the bar--just like he's supposed to be. We only did 2 bars tonight. Fun, but 'spensive. I must have either fallen down somewhere, or gotten in a fight with the floor, 'coz I'm all scuffed up and bruised. Woke up naked
Monday, some freakin' Holiday, September 1st, at noon; all my clothes are soaked with...let's hope that's water, okay, let's hope I didn't play "Look, I'm a fountain" in my own room (again). Yes; who thinks I'm NOT an alcoholic? I have issues. Did I mention that my eyes hurt? I'm drinking coffee, watching more "Sportsnight"'s, and trying to do a massive update on my webpage. How did my ribs get all bruised up? Did I tackle Pool Guy? Maybe I tackled my fan (again). That fan hates me. Jeez.

Monday 8-24-03, 2003

Waking up Sunday was easy; I should go to bed sober more often. Yeah, so I'm going to work to be the man today--no more screwing around and making stupid mistakes. Well, that was the plan. I did not cut off another phone call, but the old bat claims I did, so I'll let her blame me this time. I motivated well, and had a pretty good time. We only got a couple of Leads, and none were mine, but it wasn't too bad of a day. Apparently they did not see me mooning the camera twice yesterday; they DID, however, see me pull my shirt up at it today, and told me to not do that again--but the Floor Manager laughed about it. I would NEVER moon a camera that was ON the sales floor; certainly not 2wice (snicker). Stuff. After work paperwork, and I'm heading home for chores. Groceries, made lunch, ate a frostbitten bagel (yum), and getting ready to go to TPG's--business. My website is back up! Hey guys; does your girlfriend like you enough to set up an FTP account for you? It took her a long time too; like 5 minutes. She's dedicated. I am very happy with her and her guinea pigs like me, too. Barney is AM/PM-ing? I don't feel like I want a beer... Wrong. Went and played golf with TPG; TPG beats UUC for the first time, on 8-17-03, at the 2nd bar we graced, playing the Heartland Creek course, with the counter-sunk ball. I had exactly 2 beers; Mr. Responsible. Home. After midnight now, bedtime...
Awake with a clear head early, dressed up with a tie, and left 10 minutes early for work. Too bad that I can't get on the highway, and half of Phoenix is sitting in lines at gas stations (our city has no gas) anyway. I wind up 10 minutes late to work, and nobody mentioned my tie. But we got things going, and I got 2 Leads before 8 am. By the time the day was over, my Sector had the most. We were #1; wooo. I looked good. Got out, and went to workout. Called TPG, and we should be partying Tuesday night--his treat. Cool. Home to cook vegan ramen noodles for my appreciative woman. Actually, she claims to be going vegan now; and I want to help. Snuggle, and I'm so tired that I can't go start a new music service tonight. In fact, after a failed power nap, it may be bedtime at 9 or 9:30. Is this what death feels like? Restful sleep seems like a great idea to me. G'night.
Up at 4:30 am Tuesday; way early. Hi. Lots of sleep, and I was feeling good about going to work. Took the smarter route; no hold-ups. It started out well, and then I messed up a line change. But Laura saw that I was having problems, and helped me to finger it all out. The day got better, slowly, and then I wound up with a Lead, and my newbie got one, too. So the day ended very nicely; thank you. Short meeting, and now I'm home--in between jobs, going to go to the record label for some more, maybe. Party night is coming soon. Up to TPG's to call back to my FCP on the east coast. She's dealing with life as best she can, and appreciating all that she can. And she wants me, bad; have I mentioned that? She definitely does. TPG finally gets home, and we get ready for the supreme party night. Pool Guy is even at the bar, cool. TPG was SUPPOSED to fund everything, and a trip around the corner too, but I somehow wound up spending $25 anyway. We didn't go around the corner, but we did have some fun. Nobody beat me at golf this night, baby. Got home to crash and sleep till
Noon on Wednesday. Up and calling TPG; he appears to have forgotten that he will be GIVING me $300 to $500 over the next 3 months--he's pulling his similar old selfish bullcrap again. What the hell is he thinking? Has he forgotten who has been carrying him for the last 2 months? He's not really that freakin' stupid, is he? Let's hope not. And then he gets all attitudey with me. He'd better recognize. I'll talk to his big forgetful butt tonight...In the meantime, I drank 2 cups of coffee, then went and worked out, and came home to make vegan doggie veggie for my #1 yum. It was great! Then some great snuggle, and it's time to get ready for the meeting, and the talk with TPG. Yes, TPG was trying to get selfish on me, but I fixed him. Things look okay now, especially after that awesome meeting about how to work with your new people. The links between my current job and this new business are really close, and THAT is a good thing. I do like my job, but it is just a job where I can be replaced--like any other job. To Waffle House, and then back to our neighborhood. Later, my lighter would finally die--after 10 years of sitting in a box, and 7 weeks of use. I finished the night by doing some type/writing to my FCP back on the east coast; I can't wait to read that again. Up
20 minutes early on Thursday, hi, and getting ready to go grind out one more day, and another big meeting tonight. This will turn out to be my first 3-job day since 1995. We worked but didn't get a Lead; on the way home I stopped at a new bar just outside our neighborhood--it looks good, then came home and changed clothes to go to the record label. Actually booked a gig, yay, and did some other calls. Then back home to change back into nice clothes for the meeting. The meeting went well, and then to Denny's--where they will exchange a Boca patty on any sandwich for no extra charge. Mini-burgers, and then we tried to find Al. I chose to NOT go to the bar, a very 'sponsible decision. Home to wind down and get ready for bed. Got some sleep, maybe not enough, and we're up
Friday for work. Why am I so tired? I'm just barely hanging in there. But it's Friday! Woo-hooo; and stuff. I pretty much stayed on the phone all day--still no Lead though. Darn. I started to feel better about going to workout with Mike; the strain does somehow energize. Working out, I realize that I need to increase weight on many exercises. And they had a chinese buffet catered--so I got to bring home some great free food. Really good; and now I don't have to worry so much about making lunch. Made some veggie rice for my Static Queen, watched a good Highlander, and then we had excellent me-snuggle. Then we're going out to meet Al, and maybe see E-Rock at the bar, too. Big party night; bars, drugs, people--there's alot going on here. HEC and SAL are at the bar, and RON shows up, too, it's a golf orgy. After some beer, I suggested the other bar. Pool Guy says 'let's do it'; so we did. Not bad at all; that's a better ball on their golf game--for sure. He won 2 out of 3; go Pool Guy. Then we squiggled home. It was a pretty rough run to be thinking that I might make it to work Saturday. In fact, again,
for work Saturday, Static Girl had to come and wake me up before 5 am. She is so good to me. I guess that I'm like her little drug addict boyfriend; he sometimes needs some help doing the easy things--like waking up, and not crapping on the floor. Well, and SHE says that I peed in the hall once--but I don't remember much about that night. Okay, you know what? I AM her little drug addict boyfriend; but gosh darn I can be cute sometimes--just not this morning. I was rough. It took me hours to wake up. Oh and I screwed up everything, too; pos, no Leads, cut off another call; bad. I'm lucky that they like me so much. And I did get $5 for having yucky shoes. I am not even me right now. I am so tired, and I am so--okay here's a microcosm for you: my eyes hurt. My eyes are burning--they have been since I woke up. Rubbing doesn't help (that's a Magnapop reference), eye drops don't help, sunglasses might help with the vision--but the eyes still hurt. I just rubbed; they still burn. I want to cry--maybe that would help. I don't remember my eyes ever hurting like this before; it's not fair. On the way home; since TPG said it earlier this week, and the next day Trainer Mike said it, and since it's a great idea anyway, I made my first ever DVD purchase: the special edition of Bull Durham. Girlfriend and I will watch it here shortly. We went and got mail; I got an excellent birthday box from my FCP on the east coast. I try to trigger girlfriend's jealousy, but Static just shrugs it off (it is SO hard to get a reaction out of my girlfriend). Turned down a chance to go trash the day with Pool Guy; I so want to be 'sponsible. Okay. That was nice. She liked the movie well enough. And then we realized that this was the only day to play with TPG. So we had to go out for awhile. HEC was there again, woo. They kept pouring me beers, kept bringing me beers, beer everywhere; and instead of telling them all to kiss my ass--I moved to soda and continued to win at golf. Can't touch this. Left at 11:30 because that's what 'sponsible people do. We also eat downers and sleep to the screensaver--but that's different.
Woke up on my own Sunday, although Static Girl was there for the save--if I needed her (she wants me). I made it up, coherent, and to work. I had to be loud and happy; and I was. I didn't just have to be there early--I had to be the FIRST PERSON in my Sector; and I was. And I had to not only get a Lead--I had to get the FIRST Lead; I did. The rest of the day went okay--although there were no more Leads for us. I made flawless line-changes, just like a good first-seater. I had energy and spunk, too. Why couldn't anybody else nail down a Lead? Today this was not my problem. Troopers say that those energy drinks are good for hangovers--we'll hang on to that knowledge. Out from work, and for gas; $41 worth of 2.05 a gallon, but I don't wait in line for gasoline. Ha. Home for domestic cleaning, falling asleep wherever I sit, and now we may go out to sponsor's for sign up. I'm freakin' exhausted. Still listening to the FCP mystery CD that she sent in my birthday box. I just sit here and stare at the screen--like a druggie in rehab; wait, exactly like a druggie in rehab. Never mind. TPG assured me that the computer would be working, so I went out there. Again, in my life, I'm ready to go, and I'm sitting around and waiting on others who are not; no computer. I wanted to go to bed by 8; instead I went home at 9. But I got to bed soon after, and got some needed sleep.

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