Over 3 different sittings I tried to pay tribute to my girlfriend, who makes apathy an unending ritual. It starts as a mess, then becomes a messy poem, and then ends as a real poem; with an Overnight Guy "zing" and everything. Turning trash into treasure, submitted for your approval, here is:

Miss Apathy

Taking apathy to a whole new level
Making apathy a way of life
Apathetic and proud of it
Static Girl.

More apathetic than you
Standard Apathetic Procedure
Definitely Miss Apathy
Static Girl.

She starts off pre-depressed
As she says with much stress
That she could not care less
Static Girl.

With no words--there's no lies
Speaking is a surprise
She'd rather roll her eyes
Static Girl.

If she were to speak, "I don't care." is what she'd say
With a shrug of her shoulders, watch her walk away
Her choice to not make choices is simple and pure
Thought I was apathetic until I met her.

To pick between options is never her style
Courting for 'yes' or 'no' is enough of a trial
A self-contained unit; very quiet and shy
She's as apathetic as the desert is dry.

And I'm not complaining; she let's me blab away
I end up talking for both of us; ev'ryday.
I communicate for her; she inspires me
My own apathetic, romantic fantasy.

(finished on 8-27-03)

W. C. Davis

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