With "Little Green Car" disguised as our trusty ship
In hopes of enlightenment, we would take a trip
Focused, believers, prepared for whatever may
To southern Nevada, for a semi-planned stay.

Maybe it was not a good plan to remain dry
Perhaps expectations were a little too high
But for 2 days and nights we were loosely in place
Ready for time travel, or a tour of the base.

This was an invitation to open the door
But it's not the occaision I was hoping for
Falling stars, Jupiter's glow, and one satellite
Were much less than hoped from Area 51 at night.

But now we've done something most people don't get to
In the list of "To Do's", probably many forget to
Though we did not see EBE's miraculous
The "Extra Terrestrial Highway"'s no longer 'alien' to us.

©2000 WetSpot Poetry

They liked my shirt
Here I am hanging out with a family of locals at the Little A'Le'Inn.

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