It was just before Christmas; in December of 2000... We left Thursday morning with a MapQuest sheet and 2 atlases. With a great Subway stop, a picture stop at the Hoover Dam, and 1 stop for gas, we made it to the (here's a link) LITTLE A'LE'INN in about 9 hours. For those of you who may not know what the town is like; Rachel, Nevada is: 70 people, 40 trailers, and 3 businesses--all in one big field. Exciting, huh? We checked into our tiny room, and had dinner in the world famous restaurant.

After my Alien burger, Static Girl and I learned that each motel room had a VCR, and that we could borrow books and videos for free! This is because the individual rooms have no cable/satellite, and no phone. However, it was a cozy room--with no bugs--and it did have a 'fridge. (At the end of this story, I will list all of the videos watched)

On our first full day in Rachel we went to the (here's another link) Area 51 Research Center. Inside this trailer is an amazing amount of information; books, satellite photos, and compiled data. The HMFIC, Don, agreed to give us the standard tour.

Our tour was extended as we came across 2 Englishmen who had flipped their car on the old Groom Lake road. We helped them out, and then continued on with our story. We did get pictures of the 3 major elements; the "black" mailbox, the completely unmarked bus (of Groom Lake employees), and the warning signs/patrol guards at the border of the installation. Let the record show that I did not moon the patrol guards or pee on the warning signs--because there were cameras and microphones everywhere. Don gave us a very good tour, and he is a genuinely good guy. Because of the interruption, he wasn't going to charge us at all. However, I felt good about slipping him a 20 anyway.

Back in our second motel room, it was time to plan the attack for our next day. After all, we had now done everything there is to do in Rachel. My own personal "Dreamland" would be a world where I was shut in with reading, writing, and lots of videos. Imagine my shock when Static Girl said that we could stay one more day. Wow. More videos! And, this extremely lazy second full day in the room allowed us to take separate naps--in hopes of revelations/abductions/visions of other planet's surfaces, etc. It was a relaxing day.

Exit morning Sunday began with a nice final breakfast at the 'INN. Then we trekked back toward Arizona. While riding, I though it might be nice to try to write a poem about our journey, and it actually happened. Mind you, I would have preferred to throw frisbee with a couple of "greys" than to write a poem, but life goes on (for now). Look for a poem called, um, I guess I have to name it now; how about... "AREA 51 AT NIGHT". Along with a picture, it will be coming soon to this webpage. (Maybe someday when I'm not so hungover I will even create a link to it. Bite me.) It was a good experience to go to Rachel, Nevada. You should be so lucky.

Videos watched between Thursday night and Sunday morning (in viewing order):

1. UFO's: The Best Evidence
2. (movie) Close Encounters of the Third Kind
3. UFO's: The Hidden Truth
4. (movie) Independence Day
5. Waco: Rules of Engagement
6. Satanism + The CIA's Trafficking of Children
7. Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection
8. Millennium 2000: An Expose of America's Illuminati
9. Larry King's UFO show from Rachel
10. Farewell Good Brothers
11. (movie) Official Denial
12. We Are Not Alone
13. UFO's and the Alien Presence
14. UFO's: Need to Know

So; do you want to know what cool new stuff I learned from watching all of these UFO shows? No; actually you don't. But I highly do recommend those last 3 programs. They approach the subject a little bit differently than I am familiar with, and they drop a couple of BOMBS you definitely will have trouble believing. Happy viewing!

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