I've been sitting on this for years, and it may continue as a work-in-progress. And before I say again that 90% of women are stupid (oops), remember that, also, 80% of men are morons, too. But with this new show on MTV, I am happy to cut loose now. As you skim through this, you will be reminded of some females you have known in your life. Hell; maybe YOU are one of the females I am talking about here (and I look forward to your e-mails). So; read slowly, and enjoy yourself. I'll wait.

Women Are Dumb:

#1: Abusive relationships? Women love abusive relationships; women love to get hit, and they love to hang around dumb, bad boys. Otherwise; why would dumbass women stay with those guys?

When a girlfriend hits a boyfriend, the guy either hits her back, or stops dating her. That was easy.

#2: Polygamy? It's also called "multiple wives". It's NOT called "multiple husbands". Why not? There is no number of men who will line up to marry ONE woman. There's no number of men who want to father a child with a woman, when that woman already has multiple children with other men. Simple.

#3: Letters to men in prison? Before I dig into this; there are probably MANY submissive men who write love letters to convicted females. You just never hear about those men...The typical, incarcerated convicted MALE murderer averages love letters from more than 50 women. FIFTY! Remember Charles Manson? Sure you do. His total numbers of "girlfriends" are in question (how many thousands?), but during his FIRST year in prison, more than 100 women wrote him letters proclaiming love for him. Women are fucking stupid.

#4: Female strippers living in cars with their kids? Yes; I actually DO have to respond to this. Why? Because every "stripper mom" claims to be a great mom. And as I used to ask on the radio; 'Can ANY stripper be a great mom?'. No; not ALL female strippers live in cars, with their kids. But there are ZERO male strippers living in cars with their kids. ZERO. Hey; tell me all about your kid during the lap-dance, baby.

#5: "16 and Pregnant" is a new tv show on MTV, yes? Let me guess; this is a show about GIRLS, correct? Sure it is. Because there are NO 16 yr. old boys who WANT to get a girl pregnant. NO 16 yr. old boys want to rush into parenthood. If it was the male's body that got pregnant, there would be almost ZERO teen pregnancies. Period.

#6: There are women who SEEK out married men to "date". Why? Perhaps because those men are "established family men". Maybe that makes those men more "attractive". Gary Condit was Chandra Levy's FOURTH married man. Monica Lewinsky was under the impression that Bill Clinton would "end up" with her. Why/How would a woman come to believe that a man would give up his own accomplished family JUST for sex with the new girl? WTF? Seriously? Women are fucking crazy; be careful where you stick your dick. A smart MAN would seek out married ladies, and try to provide any physical fun they aren't getting at home; but not with any plans to steal these married woman away--just for the fun. Hey...

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