Women and Babies 2007

There was an article in our local paper up here about how hard it is to be in public now with all the misbehaving children; parents don't seem concerned with teaching their kids discipline. I remember the 70's; when wife-beating and child-abuse were part of our daily lives. Now that the women and children are not being hit, they spread and contaminate like a virus--what's to stop them? This commentary was completed in 3 sentences--thank you.

Actress Sienna Miller (25) wants a baby. I don't know who she is, and don't care. She is a typical, 20-something female in this dumbass world, and she thinks she is capable of deciding how to apply herself. Etherzone reports she was quoted in Life Magazine as saying that a baby would help her life "make sense". Yes; of course. Shitting out a baby, alone, will certainly help you to "make sense" out of your life, dear. But wait; she has 'so much love to give'. Of course she does. She never mentions giving love to a relationship (hetero-, homo-, or self-), and she never mentions any love for the planet she lives on; she never mentions any love for being alive either. No. But she is ready for motherhood--right now! That fuckin' dumbass cunt; women are so cute. Why should she wait years to build a loving bond with a man; why should she wait for anything? I've got $20 that says she will NOT adopt a kid, AND she WILL be pregnant before the end of this year. $10 says she'll be pregnant before June. Is anybody dumb enough to take that bet?

See; I think 90% of women are hilarious. And I love seeing proof of it in the news! Ask any kid what it wants, ANY, and it will say that it wants its mom and dad together. But don't bother trying to explain this to any fucking woman--women who want babies are not to be rationalized with. A woman will say that she can raise a child better than a couple can--and that kids don't know what they want anyway. And if you poke her with the "obvious stick" long enough, she will eventually recoil into "it will be different with me" mode. Sometimes it can be fun to watch--because it's so illogical. The problem is that these baby-seeking women honestly believe that they will be the perfect mom!

Yes; those college dorm dumpster babies are tragedies. And Andrea Yates drowning her kids to save them from some other evil--that's a classic. There was another Andrea, in Phoenix, a crack ho who by 2002 shat out 4 kids in 4 years. People wrote news articles questioning her tactics and practices. People openly questioned if taxpayers should have to pay the $1000 per day to keep each of her unwanted crack babies alive; and, what was her intent, anyway? That's good. But nobody took her to a clinic to get her goddamn tubes tied. Why not? See; rather than debate--I would fix these problems. We're all used to hearing stories of women using babies to link themselves to some man somewhere (Tom Brady's ex-girlfriend?). 2 months ago (3-07) I read in the paper about an east coast woman selling off sex and porno with her 7 yr. old daughter to get mom some drug money. Nice.

Front page of the newspaper; 3-29-07. Perhaps you have heard your own news version of the serial baby-dumper in Orosi, CA (60 miles south of Fresno). 3 babies left in vehicles over a 33 month period (1 dumped every 11 months) had DNA tests to prove that these 3 babies all came from the same mother. The first 2 dumped babies survived, and are now wards of the state. Police said the mother "could face criminal charges". No; really. This bitch is brilliant! She's not going to give you the chance to stop her. She's going to keep testing her body's ability to "create life" (women are so cute), and she'll keep dumping the babies in the pickup trucks of Orosi. That's free state health care for all of her unwanted offspring! Talk about 'beating the system' here; I think this woman has it all figured out.

The argument will be made, and, the argument SHOULD be made that: safe sex, and the avoidance of pregnancy is a 2-way street. Yes it is. But it is not the guy who gets pregnant--it's the girl. The "bottom line" in this pregnancy equation is the female's body. Take responsibility for your own body, you dumb, fucking dick-sleeve. Speaking of dick-sleeves: If that is too much to ask--personal responsibility for yourself, then you can just suck my dick instead. This stuff seems so easy to me; honestly, I don't know where you idiots get so confused.

It needs to be said over and over--so here we go. Birth control is readily available for any woman who wants it. It's free, or at least very inexpensive. Therefore; any woman who is not on birth control is looking to get pregnant. Maybe you should read that sentence again. Right fucking now--it's baby time! Any woman who is not on birth control is saying that she is "ready" for motherhood. Guys; think about that before you do anything that might allow a girl to impregnante herself. (90% of...) Women are psychotic, serial life-dumpers; and they are not to be trusted. You have now been warned; again...And good luck to that stripper Sienna Miller. Actress? No; she's a stripper. She's called "Sienna"; so she's either a stripper, or she was named by a stripper. Hey--I think we just found part of the problem. Is she pregnant yet? $5 says she will be pregnant, and still single, here in May. Let's Google the bitch on June 1st, and we'll see how many weeks she's into it. Argue with me; c'mon, I dare ya!

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