A New Rant About Women--Summer 2005

Hey everybody. By not dealing with so many people anymore, I am able to observe many things without actually interacting. It's not always easy for me to sit back and remain quiet, but I have been doing remarkably well at not confronting much of the stupidity that is directly in front of me. And now comes some real news (media stories, anyway) about teen-pregnancy in middle America. I was going to leave it alone--this doesn't directly involve me. Then I saw some more great stuff at my current workplace, another estrogen-based environment; it gets to the root of things. Now I have 3 reference points, again, more than enough fodder for another account of the trials that make up female-hood. Let's do it:

Timken High School, in Ohio; 65 of 490 teen girls at this education facility are either pregnant, or already mothers (13% of the girls, overall). Again; this is high school. How many of these girls are working jobs that pay enough to support both the girl and her new baby? THAT'S the first question I'd like to ask. What the fuck are silly little girls thinking when they are poor and get pregnant? Guys are undependable, irresponsible assholes--nobody knows that more than females. So...what were these stupid girls thinking when they got pregnant? Obviously many were trying to "trap" a guy with that age-old pregnancy thing. Undependable, irresponsible assholes--guys, and here are high school girls already trying to link to specific ones. This is fascinating, is it not?

Canton, Ohio (presumably near Timken High School); in the 2 local hospitals, 104 of 586 babies are born to girls aged 11-19. Apparently this is a shocking statistic to...somebody. 11 years old, and with a kid; ha. It is amusing; yes, but not "shocking" to me. Go pull some stats out of a pair of Arizona hospitals--then you'll have some real shock value. But that's also cheating; places like Glendale, AZ are metros of mass amazement for responsible people--and I would know--I worked there for over 4 years. 104 of 586; that's only 18% of babies being born to girls under the age of 20. hell; that's definitively responsible activity overall. 80% of the babies being born are to women age 20 or older; shit, those are stats to brag about! I promise you it ain't like that in Glendale.

At my current place of employment there is (of course) one pregnant girl with a horrible attitude. I do not talk to this girl; she is that type of female who thinks that she can just roam around and start talking about herself to anybody. She aims to be the center of attention, constantly referring to her pregnant tummy of 6 months or so...At lunch one day, she comes over and starts talking to me. Remember that I am trying to be a nicer person--more respectful of the stupid people and bad decisions all around me. So she starts in with me; 'yeah, I turn 21 next week, but I can't go out drinking yet.' I ask 'why not?' She says 'Because I'm pregnant.' And I said that if drinking was important to her, then maybe she shouldn't have gotten pregnant. And she starts in with the whole 'it ain't my fault, wasn't my idea, these things just happen' (You know the excuse; "I'm not responsible for my own body." It is, after all, one of my favorites.). I had 100 different responses ready for her; wanna know what I did? I smiled, got up, and left. Why even engage a battle of wits with somebody like that? Later on that same day, somebody asked her about her (bad) attitude toward this current job. She said "Hey, I'm all taken care of; my man makes $19 an hour--so I'm not worried." Is this great? Aren't women cute? Doesn't she...? Do you...? Never mind. Look at this kinder, gentler me.

I would like to say this to all females: if you don't make $30K a year, all by yourself, then you really don't have any reason to get pregnant. If you don't want to have a baby, then there are many things YOU can and SHOULD do to keep from becoming pregnant. My premise has always been that 90% of women are just looking for a reason to get pregnant--show me some stats that DON'T back me up. Is this too complicated; am I going too fast here? Let's try it with an "if : then" statement, just to make sure I get flooded with tons of e-mail again. If you depend on somebody else for your own responsibilty (a guy), then my guess is that you are ASKING to be impregnated. You WANTED to become pregnant; surely I am not the only person who sees something THIS obvious. Leave the baby-shitting to the trained professional strippers who are doing so well with it right now (at least they make enough money for motherhood and cigarettes). If you are not attractive enough to be employed AS a stripper, then you may want to consider improving upon your own physical appearance. Having a baby, especially as a teenager, is NOT going to improve your physical appearance--I don't care to even hear you try to argue that side (though many of you will--I'm sure). Whatever. Bring on the e-mails; you're just one quick click away!

Quick click to e-mail your "How dare you--you sexist, chauvinist, asshole; blah blah blah..." poorly spelled, bitter, venomous, and so very nurturing comments directly to ME, so that I can read them and giggle. Don't wait; click now!

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