Women / 3 Parts

(1) In the Arizona Republic newspaper, they did a 6-part series on this real-life abused woman; Maria Montoya. I won't waste your time by summarizing this common and boring tale of a woman who keeps going back to an abusive male. I want to concentrate on what was part 2 in this series;

After marrying the man, and moving to New York with him, he takes her sight-seeing. While showing her the town, she mentions to him that she is homesick. He exploded in her face, and started yelling at her right there in the street. When they got home, he yelled more, and slapped her around for awhile. Then he threw her on the sofa and started choking her...Later, he apologized (gee, imagine that). He 'hadn't meant to hurt her'. The following are EXACT lines from the story:

"Why did she believe him when he said it would never happen again? 'I needed to believe him'.

Within a year, Maria had a son. Now her husband regularly belittled her, insulted her family and physically abused her."

Did you see that? This kid appears out of nowhere; the story just "jumps" 10 months into the future. This abused, terrified woman who knows that she has made a horrible relationship decision decides to have the child of a wife-beater--and THAT'S okay; that's just a little 'skip over' point in this story.

It bothers me that dumbass women can make stupid decisions, and then the world wants to make them out to be victims. When a dumbass guy makes a stupid decision, people point at him and say 'hey look at the dumbass'. This concludes part one.


(2) This is the part that was almost a commentary by itself; it involves "key elements".

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." A bit of family planning would eliminate much domestic abuse, many unwanted children, and most of the problems associated with a weakly-linked relationship.

Here are a few key elements that all of you people (I could have said "morons"; see how nice I'm being?) should take into consideration:

#1. Most males are confrontational; especially non-American males. If you women give a guy a reason to hit you, then he's probably going to.
You'd think that women would've figured this out by now.

#2. Most women are just looking for a reason to start having babies; especially non-American women. So if you tell a girl that you love her, or buy her a ring, or ask her to move in with you, don't be surprised if she winds up pregnant within the month.
You'd think that guys would've figured this out by now.

#3. People who are in love (or "say" that they're in love) usually are impulsive and incapable of rational thought. These people rush into marriage or parenthood (sometimes both) without even considering what their own lives will be like in a year. And, as crazy as this sounds, you either know somebody who has done this, or you ARE somebody who has done this.

Imagine if these key elements were all put to careful consideration, and all 3 were closely analyzed for at least a year before marriage or children were introduced; well, you'll just have to imagine it. You people are far too stupid to do anything this intelligent; especially you non-American people. This concludes part 2.


(3) Women have a right to be victims? Imagine my initial disagreement with this idea. I do not feel sorry for women because they are supposed to be SMARTER than us (try not to forget that). However, they do receive an amazing amount of mixed marketing signals. Advertising, like a soap opera, saturates the female senses with a mixture of fantasy and stretched reality that always seems attainable--even at its most outrageous.

From an early age, women are trained to believe that they can do anything a man can do. The media force-feeds the ideas that women are beautiful, special, unique, and completely in control of their own lives. Women are conditioned to believe that they will be educated, intelligent, and well-paid in a strong and meaningful career. ALL females (even the pregnant smoking strippers) believe that they will be excellent mothers in great relationships with a strong man for a long time. These women honestly believe that they'll have a nice house, a good car, and a purse full of credit cards. And if you're not laughing already, here is the kicker: women think that they can do ALL of these things in ANY order they want. Talk about a soap opera!

As you can imagine, I have many more comments to make about women and their (frequent lack of) logic. I will save them for later, so that you can mull over the 3 parts here:

#1. A stupid bitch who wanted to shit out a kid so badly that she did it with an abusive husband--rather than file for divorce, and go find a better guy (How selfish can 1 stupid bitch be?).

#2. Key elements for a successful relationship.

#3. Although more intelligent than males (in most cases), women are completely blasted by the media--to the point of ridicule.

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