Who Knows: Part 2

The Explorer; looking for worlds to name
The Conqueror; battling for his claim
But it's not so intense; this road I tread
No warriors, no wars, no river red.

I'm seriously running out of ways
To profess my thanks or dedicate praise
Mystical metaphors are almost sweet
But anything in writing's incomplete.

We've tried goddess, princess, and treasure; yawn
Clouds in the sky; blades of grass in the lawn
I even broke down and did "2 leaves drift"
Natural wonders fall short of my Rift.

Static Tomb Raider; Final Fantasy
My personal Angelina Jolie
Princess Fiona, and my Dark Angel
My "Bionic" ideal woman, as well.

In real-life, my best friend (who's not named Paul)
My room-mate, my girlfriend, and best of all
She appreciates how hard I do try
To make sure she knows that I'm her perfect guy.

© 2001 W C Davis

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