What I Have to Do

(mid-April 2003)

The corporate greed monster is out of control. The common man obviously doesn't stand a chance, and the small retail business is a dying breed. That's already a poem, but I'm not here to chase rainbows. I have to get my act together, and I have to do it right now.

I still live in a world where children are taught obvious lies; not my problem. In 3rd grade (2nd?) I learned how a siphon worked, and BOOM, I saw potential perpetual motion. Later, my idea was proven by how a Chicago hydro-electric facility operates; and still teachers teach us that "there is no perpetual motion". Sure. There's no magic either, and hard work will get you to the top in this beautiful and honest world. Grumble grumble.

Don't worry, kiddies, I really do have 2 other plans for perpetual motion, and neither of them involve liquid. Take the (simple) "siphon" idea and run with it yourselves; if I could figure it out at age 7, I'm sure you can figure it out now. Darn, I got off track. I just love talking about energy direction.

While seeking alternatives to the "good education leads to a good job" crap that my parents were still pushing on me in my early 20's, I learned about network marketing. It is a fantastic idea that gets shot down abruptly when it is attempted by ignorant novices. It is a fantastic idea that often gets manipulated by false "leaders" who, in turn, use this fantastic idea to drain a few hundred dollars out of new people. But the simple fact still remains; it is a fantastic idea. Have you been burned by a few network marketing plans? I sure have. But I keep an open mind because I know this fantastic idea will work if it is applied with a good business development team.

Most people under the age of 40 already know that reality means having more than one job. If you disagree, then you are either very fortunate, very stupid, or simply living "paycheck to paycheck"--like 85% of Americans are now (and that's "very stupid", by the way). Okay, and we've now burned through 5 paragraphs; perhaps I should get to the point.

You need a decent job, and you need a side project, too (notice I did not say a 'second job'). And your side project must have the potential to wind up being better than your job (a 'second job' is just a second job). You need a paycheck--so that you can live "paycheck to paycheck", and then you need a home business (definitely better than a 'second job'). You need it (your home business) to be low-investment, and you need to not only run it, but OWN it. You need to be an "independent business owner". Who am I talking to here?

I am starting at a new job in a week or 2; a good job with a big company. I am also starting a new business within a month. I am motivated for both, positively, and I'm going to be successful. In order to change THE world, I'm going to have to start by changing MY world.
This is what I have to do. Stay tuned.

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