What Defines You

Perhaps you have sensed my frustration with the world systems in place. The government keeps us placated through a marketed mix of media distraction--when we are not chasing our own tails in anticipation of something that has been designed to appear important. We are forced to put trust in politicians with whom we would not otherwise be associated. We drive around on gasoline, and sit at home on electricity that is/are controlled within a network that cannot be trusted. Every single happiness is short-lived, and every depression is treatable for a price.

And there are smart people who realize how stupid this cycle is, but nobody can change it with a poem, song, or website. And so I look at my little webpage of wake-ups and watch-outs, and I wish it were more--but I'm glad it's not less. And it finally starts to occur to me...but it's been there all along...so it's not a revelation; not a poem, not a song. Excuse me; I said this was NOT a poem; thank you. Where the hell was I?

It dawns on me that the average victim must wade through, filter out, and decide on a few things that are important. That's it; that's all you do...But that's also EVERYTHING that there is to do. Use your intelligence, courage, trust, sarcasm; use whatever tools you are comfortable with--and find some "things" to align yourself with. Then you can dedicate yourself toward or away from extremes of behavior that coincide with what you care about...And right about here is when you realize that you have made another insignificant loop inside of the same (idiot) box that you have been/will be locked in for your entire life. But at least you realize it.

So; read books, roll bowling balls, and lift heavy weights with the intent to put them back down. Do new things, do famliar things, do whatever makes you feel better about being yourself. But do all of these things while knowing that what you do ONLY defines you as a person.

I am an easily-amused writer, and a purple webpage with many files. I am a well-played game of pinball, and a half-drunk beer. I am also many cups of coffee; melted cheese, and hot sauce. I am irony; once a pessimistic poet, I am now an optimistic nihilist. Happy to be alive, but I'm extremely disappointed with human beings. I am all of these things and more; just as all of these things are me.

Bottom Line: I like who I am; and don't give a rat's ass what you think about me. Sometimes I wish that I had more, or had done more, but that also keeps my mind open to other possibilities for the dark future. You don't see me dancing around here and acting like life is beautiful, or that this world is permanent, do you? No.

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