War Protesters

This all started when my SCF agent was switched to this new "female" who has some kind of attitude problem; she accused me of lying, and made some mean comments about my Dr. Pirie. I was at physical therapy, explaining this to my trainer, Mike (who is also employed by my Dr. Pirie). There were a couple of other people there, too, so it wound up being a group discussion about how people respond to other people who have bad attitudes. I was telling Mike:

"If I walk out of here, and there's some guy on the sidewalk bad-mouthing you (Mike); saying you're stupid, or unqualified, or full of shit, or something, I'm going to get right up in his face and smile. Now; you might be less worked up. You might be thinking 'oh just turn the other cheek, or, this guy's not worth it, or, maybe he's just having a bad day, so I'm just going to walk away'. But that's not how it works for me, okay?

If I want to bad-mouth you, or anyone else, then that's my business; and my "business" may very well get me in trouble with many other people--BUT I ALREADY KNEW THAT before I started bad-mouthing the first person. See? If some other moron starts bad-mouthing you (Mike), then that just became MY business, too.

And then the conversation turned to those cute little war-protesters. Peace Pussies; that's what I call them. Well it turns out that not all of the peace pussies are so peaceful. According to new members of my panel of experts, there was a lady in Peoria wearing an Air Force shirt; she was stopped and asked by another lady if she was in the Air Force. The first lady replied "No, but my husband is, and he's overseas supporting the war.". The second lady then spit on the lady with the Air Force shirt; SPIT on her. (You have NO idea how much I wish I had been there to see this. On the spitting bitch, I would have broken both her arms and legs, dragged her off to the bathroom, and peed all over her face. And then I might get really ugly.) You think, possibly, that I may be over-reacting? Check this next one out:

At Safeway, a military guy was wearing his uniform, and some lady just walked up to him and spit on him; no conversation, no warning, just SPIT on him. Now I have been known to occaisionally show a chauvinistic side, because 90% of women ARE stupid, evil, and have no fucking clue as to how the world works. And don't you say a goddamn word to me about it because the 10% of women who DO have a clue AGREE WITH ME about the other 90% of the stupid-assed females on this planet, allright? Where the hell was I?

She SPIT on a MAN in UNIFORM! That fucking ungrateful dicksleeve; why didn't some casual observer, possibly even another woman, knock this unpatriotic whore into intensive care? What the fuck has happened here? Are there no sane people left; spitting on a defender of our country? Please God, let me find one of these spitters, and LET IT BE a woman. I am enraged far beyond foul language and html files; I don't know what else to say.

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