You're Being Watched

Don't worry about crossing your legs, ladies, because THEY'VE already seen you naked. Don't worry about pretending like you're looking for something in your pockets, guys, because THEY'VE already seen you scratch. Nose-picking is old news, too. In fact, there is nothing that THEY haven't seen before, and THEY'VE seen EVERYBODY do something (so don't act like you're some little perfect angel).

Welcome to the next level; THEY call it "surveillance marketing". You might consider it an "invasion of privacy" (I do), but that's just tough shit for us. Nobody has to ask for our permission; we walked into the store on our own--we walked right past those signs that said "test stores", and "your opinion counts".

As soon as you walk in, many cameras zoom in on your face and body for close-up study. Every facial tic is recorded and analyzed; 2-way mirrors have psychologists tracking and judging the way you move around in a section. Hidden microphones record your every "hmmm" of interest or disappointment. Each and every element of your "deciding" process is scrutinized, and available for sale.

Every company with an advertising budget wants insight on the decision-making process. Billions of dollars are being spent (right fucking now) trying to figure out the best ways to "approach" customers. This is not the future, okay? This is the manifest destiny of marketing; we are just marching the trail of tears.

Who knew that it could be in place before the millenium? You can't stop this type of spying; we all knew that it would come to this. The spying itself does not bother me; what bothers me is that anybody can do it now. These little 1-inch cubed cameras weigh less than an ounce, and good ones sell for about $200 every day in your local newspaper (cheap ones are $75). Does this bother you? I ask, because this IS what bothers me.

Surveillance marketing? Fine! Some of the alternatives to it are one hell of alot worse than simply "spectating". I'm offended by the "marketing" of surveillance marketing; the idea that it is necessary (it isn't), the idea that it is the business operator's RIGHT to spy on you (it's not), and the progression of it to now be affordable for EVERY business (it is)! In fact, 1 or 2 of the (total of 3) people who might come to this little rant of a website sometimes do it at their jobs. Well guess what, shitbrains? You're being watched!
(Quick; pick your nose.)

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