To Catch A Predator

I spend so much time talking about how stupid women are. And I have many good examples; but then there are some guys who absolutely have no excuse...

This all started with just a blip on a Sidebar:

"(Speaking of perverts) Have you seen the MSNBC series on "To Catch A Predator"? 50 yr. old men driving over to a fake house with a fake underage girl who fakes like she wants sex. It's funny. Here's some advice; if an underage girl "chats" that she wants to suck you off and/or take it up her butt, then you tell the young girl to either ride a bus OR steal a car and drive over to find you."

Then, before you mess with her, you make her sign a disclaimer that YOU write out which states that she told you that she was of legal age in your state. Where I come from, we called this "CYA". If she really wants to play with you, then she will sign it. Watching the old "predator" men cry and get arrested on tv is funny. Did you see that Dr., from Georgia? Yeah; his days at Piedmont are over. MSNBC does all of this in Yahoo chat rooms; it's not like a big secret or anything.

Underage girls have been trying to tempt old men since the beginning of time. How dumb would a guy have to be to try to meet internet jailbait? Other shoe; other foot: How dumb would an underage girl have to be to honestly solicit some unknown adult male to have sex? The answers to these questions defy common sense.

What's the guy's name; Chris Hanson? The MSNBC guy; we're not making fun of him--he hosts the show. It's the Countdown network, and we like Countdown. The Overnight Guy has nothing bad to say about anything on MSNBC. Chris is good, and he talks to the old men in a very condemning way; 'you know that what you're doing is wrong, right?' How come Chris never gets punched? Do they edit those out? I'd like to work AS an internet 13/F for the To Catch A Predator show staff; how fun would that job be? "My little boobs are up to B cups, but I still can't unhook my bra; will you help me?" See; I'd be REALLY good at that, because I know how perverts think.

And then there's MySpace; the all-night ecstasy sex disco orgy for the newest generation of 'tweens and teens is now in some trouble for--here, I'll type out the national news brief from the Register-Guard newspaper:
"New York--Four families have sued News Corp. and its MySpace social-networking site after their underage daughters were sexually abused by adults they met on the site, lawyers for the families said Thursday.
The law firms Barry & Loewy LLP of Houston said families from New York, Texas, Pennsylvania and South Carolina filed separate suits Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging negligence, recklessness, fraud and negligient misrepresentation by the companies."

Wow. Okay; so let's get back to the babysitting: If a parent lets their underage daughter on MySpace, what exactly does the parent think is happening there; recipe sharing? Fashion tips? If there is something more important in your life than your own children, then why did you have children? When I go check my weak MySpace page, I've been slammed by girls all over the country; they all want to talk about sex--sex is all they want to talk about. I haven't been on the radio in 8 years; how do these underage girls even know about me?

I am happy to interject my opinion on this lawsuit thing; this ain't MySpace's fault. My girlfriend says the fault rests completely with the parents; I don't totally agree with that either. I say that the fault rests with the underage girls who are not happy enough to just screw around and do natural experimentation with boys in their own school or neighborhood; these girls WANT some dangerous, unknown, older male to have his way with them. And; then the girls got abused? Awww; life is so unfair. So; why did you ask the big bad man to come and play with you? Is that a fair question?

So; what have we learned? If you want to get some underage girls, the legal system is implying that MySpace is a great place to find them (I already knew of the curious girls on MySpace, but thanks for the news story!). If you want to be embarrassed on tv, then perhaps looking for fake little girls in Yahoo chat rooms is for you. Maybe you should be taking notes here.

Chat room whores, if they really are female, and if they are of consenting age, they are usually in the 300 lb. range (mooo). Have fun with them. Guys; if you jump at any suggestion made by some fake girl in a chatroom, then you've already lost everything. Fake or not, these "girls" LIVE to see guys get all fired up. Women are a constant source of amusement--especially when they are given free reign. Would a message in all-caps seem more linear? TALK IS JUST TALK; MAKE THE GIRL DO SOME WORK FOR YOU. If she's not willing to take some/most/all of the risk, then it's definitely not worth your time. Remember; she came looking for you. Right? It doesn't seem like rocket science to me. People are fascinating; horny old men, curious little girls, and clueless parents.

I'm going back to watch the predator show now; tonight it's military guys who send pictures of their shaved genitals to 13 yr. old girls--then go try to meet them. I couldn't MAKE UP stuff this good! "Show me your smooth noodle Mr. Army man!"

P S: Does "P S" mean "post-script"? I don't even know. The show that wiped out a few Army men was depressing, but that's not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about getting with women.

Hunting VS. Fishing

I rarely, but sometimes, see ads on tv for "chat-lines". I would recommend them over internet chat rooms, always. Back in my day, before the internet, we were forced to have 3 and 4 hour long phone-conversations with girls; it was our way of showing that we had brains, vocabulary, and lots of free time. Single-tasking. And if you had a decent voice, then sometimes the girls might even listen to you. This is how we "interacted" back then; it took real effort. Now you idiots have this psycho internet stuff, multi-tasking 10 conversations at once with fake prostitute robots (or MSNBC employees) IM-ing you as soon as you go into a chat room. This is SO far beyond any standardized insanity that I am not going to elaborate past this: ALL people in chat rooms are perverts and predators; even the real 13/F's--because they are stalking the rapists. Internet chat rooms are the sexual equivalent of "envelope-stuffing" scams for desperate, pathetic, singular idiots like you. Get out, now, and don't go back to chat rooms. Plus; the news reports above show clearly that MySpace is better for finding young girls, anyway. Here's what to do when MySpace gets old, and you want to get a little fresh air, too:

Get in your car, and drive to a parking lot across the street from a middle school or high school. This is where the kids come and smoke. Roll your window down, and hold a purple lollipop outside of your window. Wave it around a little bit. We called this "fishing"; because the fish has a choice--the fish does not have to take the bait (hunting is different). Eventually a little girl (or boy) will come close to your car, inquire about the candy, and you will have your big chance to talk to "it". This will be scary for you--because this is real, and not on a keyboard. But if you can speak well, and tantalize, you will eventually convince somebody to get in your car. Later on, when you're writing your memoirs, you can always say that parents should teach their children to not talk to strangers. I would say; "Hey I was just sitting there; fishing. YOUR daughter walked up to my car, you dumb parent--what did you teach her?"

I used to do this (fishing) on campus at UGA; picking up college girls (they're all at least 17) eliminates the need to have the female sign a disclaimer; so that's one less step before you can get to the fun and frolic. And the girls liked me; one day I had a crowd of 5 girls around my car, all asking for rides home (and to be spanked). Am I still a pervert if the girls are offering themselves to me? I think not; I think I am doing a public service. You're welcome--by the way.

And before you say anything to me about my past or present "hobbies", please remember that I am "fishing"; not "hunting". Hunters go after teenage girls with the intent to photograph them naked; I would call that exploitation. Hunters walk up to the high school victims, start talking to them, and wave $100 bills around; I just sit there wiggling a purple sucker, from my car, and let the fishies come to me. So you won't be touching my fishing pole OR closing my fishing hole until you've gotten Playboy magazine shut down. I have heard that they "hunt" in limousines--good luck with them!

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