How People On The Other

6 Continents Think:

Hello again; you stupid, shallow, mouth-breathers. The concept of this commentary came to me when I asked my poker table of 9 people if ANY of them believed that we Americans actually went to the moon in 1969. It turns out that, amazingly, all 8 other players believe that we went there, 40 years ago. This got me thinking about stuff.

See; you can't tell standard American people (any of the following:) that they are stupid, that they are being totally scammed by the media, lied to by corporations, neglected by education, brainwashed into pseudo-superiority about the American way of life, and so much/so many more bad things, subtle and obvious. Now; some of the insanity involved in (poisonous) food production is coming to light, through books and movies of 2007 or later--and that's good. But that's the least impactual iceberg we're seeing the tip of; plus, you already know that factory farms are bad, and you should purchase your fruits and veggies at farmer's markets and such.

Disclaimer; I've never left North America, and probably won't. I have only sporadic evidence of what people on other continents believe. However, I communicate with people on a couple of other continents, and I know a few from other places, and still others who travel abroad frequently. So I know a little. Silly me. I thought that from an open-minded state such as Oregon people would be more critical of their own thoughts and processes. Nope. Screw this; I'm diving in now.

People on the other 6 continents KNOW that there is NO possible way that anybody has been to the moon yet. We have not gone "back" to the moon in 40 years; China won't get there till 2020 (or later), and Japan shows no interest in going. More? People on the other 6 continents KNOW that 9/11 was an inside job, set up at least equally by our own government, so that George Bush The Failure could start his war-dancing and oil-stealing from whenever and wherever he chose. Intelligent Americans are starting to see much of this now, but it's far too late. More? People on the other 6 continents KNOW that 6 million Jews never died in WWII. The actual number of terminated Jews, still devastating, winds up being closer to a quarter of a million (250,000). The death camps, like Aushwitz, have updated the numbers of those who perished within their walls (go look it up and do the math yourself). There is one more point to make--unfortunately it is racial. Remember folks, this idea YOU believe that 'all men are created equal' was dreamed up by White men; all slave owners (slaves were property), wife-beaters (wives were property, too), and hemp farmers. Most of them also brewed their own moonshine, and drank it daily. You forgot that stuff, didn't you? YOU thought the founding fathers were saying that 'every human body is created equally'. But that is NOT what they were saying. Ha ha ha, you silly random fuck. Whatever; people on the other 6 continents don't even pretend to believe that all "men" are created equally. And...that's enough for now.

I don't care what you think of me, or my thoughts above. But I bet you're angry. I bet that you want to yell at me about how smart you are, and how wrong I am. Exactly. See; that's what the mainstream media does to you. Rather than go do any research (work) to learn things for yourself, you would rather just have a screaming match with somebody you disagree with--especially a 40-something White guy. Yes. You feel angered, and you feel entitled to give me your opinion. But I don't want your opinion, and your opinion isn't going to change the research I've already completed. So I hope you're all riled up, you little tv-drooler. Now I want you to take that passion, that rage, and go do some research. I'll even help:

Pick your search engine, and go look up the NASA moon-landing files. Every picture or video you've ever seen that involves the moon's surface was shot in a Hollywood studio--NASA admits this. NASA also admits that they have lost, or thrown away every picture ever taken from the moon's surface (all 6,000?)...There are so many questions about the details of 9/11; imploded buildings, how WTC 7 was "pulled", reporters citing the crash of buildings still standing, missing debris, none of 4 black boxes were played, terrorists still alive, planes still in service, etc. Good luck backing the government's story...Go find pictures of the updated plaques at the entrances to the German death-camps; read about the diseases prisoners suffered, and the total numbers of the dead. Oh; and then find a calculator...As for the racial equality thing--this is a tough one. First you will have to get out of our American 'affirmative action' society. I mean; if the races are equal--with equal intelligence, then why is there affirmative action? Save your screaming for someone who cares--that ain't me. But a friend who travels abroad had a good story about one large European company's hiring practices. If the position to be filled involves math/computers/calculations, the company hires an Asian. If the position involves managing a group of people/negotiating with other businesses, they hire a White person. If the position is physically labor-intensive, then a Black person is hired. This practice may or may not bother you. But this is how people on the other 6 continents think.

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